Feb 19th, 2013

Dragon Quest X is releasing in Japan on March 30th with both retail and download versions, but the real story here is that Square Enix’s MMORPG will see its own hardware bundle as well. The game will feature 20 days of free play, while the Wii U bundle will offer a Premium set, the Pro Controller and a ¥1000 pre-paid card for use in the game. Five in-game super energy orbs and double Xp and gold collection for 30 minutes are also included.

The beta for the game will start on March 6th and there’s no word on whether or not this game will see release in the United States. It’s nice to see the game on Wii U however, as the art style looks superb and the Dragon Quest series has always done well among Nintendo fans. Would you play this game if it were brought to America or Europe?

[via GameWATCH]

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  • tomtank91

    Bring it to the Wii U

    • WiiUltra

      It is on Wii U

  • I would not play it, doesn’t look that entertaining.

  • I got hooked to Dragon Quest ever since DQ4, 5 and 6 where remade for the ds, never played DQ before these 3. Later got DQ9 also for ds, and I have heard and read that DQ7 will be remade for the 3ds, possibly 8 as well.

    So if this comes to Europe I would certainly play it, don’t know for how long though little bit done with MMO’s after to many years of WoW 🙂

    • I’m with you there. I started Dragon Quest on NES and recently got a 3DS and bought up all the DS games so I could play them.

      • So on the ds games which DQ was your favorite Ashley? For me it was DQVI. Such a great and yet very sad story with the two worlds and people which are split in two as well except for one  (I shed a tear in the end 😉 so sad)

        • I haven’t been able to play through them all yet, so I don’t feel like I can pick a favorite. I’m currently playing through Fire Emblem: Awakening right now. 🙂

          • I see I’ll shut my mouth on it then, I don’t want to spoil it for you 🙂 I’m considering giving FE a shot, will be my first game in that series, I always hear only good responses on FE, same for DQ (going back to the nes and snes days) which turned out the reason for me to try them on the ds and love them.

            Only things which holds me back on FE are the chess gameplay, I didn’t like it much in Final Fantasy Tactics and FF Tactics Advanced, and when a character dies they stay dead for the rest of the game, my luck in such cases is that the char should not die from one more hit, but in those cases it’s always a critical super effective and all that crap on me, making chars die un-needed and all I can do then is reload the game, that’s the other reason for me to doubt it, maybe I could get a demo from the e-shop…

          • You can start on easy settings if you’re not comfortable with characters dying and being permanently gone. In easy they’re just knocked out and you don’t lose them.

            The strategy aspect and very real danger of the battlefield in FE makes for great gameplay in my opinion. It helps that the characterization is top notch, too.

      • SoulSilverZero

        They are even making DQ7 for the 3DS.

    • Scott Duperree

      I would love to see a full rpg DQ game for Wii U, but I am pretty much MMO’d out too.  I liked WOW until the dungeons got too long.  Rather not pay a monthly fee for a video game either.

      • After the Archievement what a long strange trip it has been and downing deathwing with the guild my interest in wow went downhill fast, until I quitted all together last year. I’ve been playing from vanilla till high end cataclysm, it gets boring indeed, to much of the same stuff. I somehow fear a same fate for DQX. But DQ is incredible,for that alone I’ll definitely give it a shot if it’s ever released outside of Japan 🙂

        But yes, I too am all in 150% for a full fledged RPG of DQ for the WiiU, maybe DQXI who knows 🙂

  • bizzy gie

    I don’t live in Japan.

  • Ben Newcomb

    I’d really like to play it. It looks fun and Square makes good games 🙂

  • fireheartis1

    I’m really not into MMORPGs or MMOs so I wont bother with this game, however I know many people who would buy the Wii U if this game came to the states.  I say bring it over and lets see the Wii U sales go up.  The Wii U is an amazing console that deserves more love for sure.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    So umm… when can we get this game outside of Japan?

  • Justin Gray

    I would play it yes.

    • RattleGore

      same here bro…

  • C.S. Bailey

    Waiting to hear more on this game, especially the reviews.

  • Michael Jurado

     as if they didnt have enough god damn rpgs in japan >_< gimmie gimmie i want it for america please some one make it come to us