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One of the very first games I reviewed was Dragon Fantasy Book I for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. To say the least, it was the most fun I had with an RPG in quite some time. The humor that Muteki Corporation brought to the game was a refreshing break from the more serious tone that this genre tends to steer towards as of late. So when I heard that my good friend Adam Rippon was currently working on a 3DS port of the game, I had to know more about this version.

In short: Dragon Fantasy Book I is the best on 3DS for a while. I say a while because the changes that Rippon has made to the game will be coming to the PS3 and PS Vita version in a patch later on. The game makes good use of what the 3DS has to offer and doesn’t let much go to waste. For one thing, the map that’s usually only accessible by pulling it up in game on the other versions now populates the lower touchscreen outside of battle. When you’re in combat, the map is replaced by the battle commands, allowing you to issue orders to your party members.

Speaking of party members, Chapter 1 now supports up to four party members. Previously, Chapter 1 was solely about Ogden’s quest and getting him back into the swing of things. While that aspect of the story remains true, Rippon has taken fan feedback to heart (something I’m glad to see a developer do) and implemented the monster-catching ability that was toyed around with in Chapter M and later became a key part of Dragon Fantasy Book II. Now instead of traveling alone, Ogden can capture monsters to aid him on his quest to save the kingdom.

There are a lot more changes in Dragon Fantasy Book I for the 3DS so please, watch the interview and tell us what you think about the game.


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  • Jon

    Game looks interesting… but…. WHY has there NOT been any article about Codename Steam????????????????????????????????????????????

    • rp17

      They still haven’t even mentioned Yoshi’s Woolly World, Mario Party 10, and Pacman in Smash!

    • Wii U Daily has always been pretty significantly slower at posting articles and sometimes just strait up misses some news. It has always been this way since I transferred from WiiUBlog (which was slower and less frequent) I think E3 is just making that far more noticeable. Personally I use a different site to get the news and then come here to read people’s comments and opinions on it (assuming it gets posted).

      That is one thing Wii U Daily has above everyone else, their community is great. The other site I use and one more I rarely refer to just have absolutely terrible communities. So as long as there is something to view comments on, I can deal with that.

      • Jon

        the main one I use is Nintendolife.com. I used to use this site until I stumbled upon it once reading through reviews about 2 years ago. For a while I came here most of the time but…. Wii U daily is sloppy now…. in fact, I am beginning to think it always was sloppy.

  • Jessey

    Apologies for the delay in getting some of the news up. We’ve been incredibly busy trying to grab content for you guys at E3 this year. While I’m here though, what changes would you like to see from Wii U Daily?

    • Jon

      you should be able to tell what changes need to be done by the comments above….. why did you even need to ask?