Aug 21st, 2015


Retailer exclusive amiibo will continue with the next wave of figures, as we’ve already seen with previous waves where nearly ever retailer had an exclusive. Dr. Mario is exclusive to Target this time around, joining Jigglypuff. The difference though is that the amiibo is listed as “exclusive at launch”, which means Nintendo could be branching out in the future.

We know they’ve been working hard to make sure amiibo aren’t as rare as the first few waves that released last year with Super Smash Bros. Retailer exclusives are also a thorn in the side of collectors, who want to have them all but don’t want to have to shop at a million places to get them. We’ve yet to see a retailer exclusivity for an amiibo end, but if you don’t need the figures you can always wait for the amiibo cards that should be available soon.

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