Jan 2nd, 2014

Over the holidays, the Year of Luigi continued as Dr. Luigi was quietly released onto the Wii U eShop. If you still haven’t picked it up yet, you can check out the above trailer, which showcases some of the new modes available in the game that aren’t featured in Dr. Mario. The game is currently available on the Wii U eShop for $14.99.

For those of you in Europe, you’ll have to wait until January 15th to get your hands on Dr. Luigi.

Will you be picking it up?

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  • BIG Franky

    Already picked it up… its fine. Weird how much more difficult the classic mode is (with the standard Dr. Mario capsules) than the ‘L-Shaped’ capsules, LOL… you’d think it’d be the other way around… its a fun title though, and worthy of a pick-up if you’re into that sort of thing.

    • Jack5221

      The L-Shaped mode is extremely difficult. Its a lot of fun though, gotta love the new twist they made with this game.

      • BIG Franky

        starting at the same difficulty and speed on both modes yields higher scores and a longer playing time on L-Shaped mode consistently…. and that is the case across miiverse according to the leaderboards…. everyone is talking about classic being harder….

        • Mithiragi

          Classic is harder for me too. With the L mode, you can kill viruses more easily because the pills are already 3 across of the same color.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Fine yes, but this is clearly a handheld game while Luigis Mansion should have been on Wii U. Strange priorities…

  • Got this mainly for my wife the other day. I have not played it yet but it looks like it could be one of those fun games to play when you only have a short time to play a game. I usually like puzzle games like this too so I am sure I will enjoy it.

    • Jeremy

      I did the same thing. I picked it up for my wife..and she is hooked! She loves playing online.

      I on the other hand, I am terrible at it.

  • Laud

    In other news, Megaman X2 on VC.


    • cThreep

      Awe, that music brings me back to THE DAY. You know, the day where all nostalgia hangs around…beckoning me.

      • Laud

        Oh yeah? Well listen to this 😛


        • cThreep

          Erm…I haven’t played Super Mario Galaxy. But, I did just buy it a few weeks ago! Just gotta make time to play it.

          • Laud

            Well, it’s an instant classic.

            I love that game to death.

  • Jack5221

    Love the game! Its a lot of fun! My only compliant is the online gameplay. Playing against other people is a lot of fun, I love that, however. Having less than 5,000 rating and going against players with over 7,000 rating is really imbalanced. The online portion should match people of equal rating to each other, rather than noob vs pro. Other than that really fun game.

  • darkcreap

    No, Dr Mario has never been my cup of tea. Nevertheless, good to see more variety on WiiU. It is nice to see it releasing so soon. Hope that Hyrule Warriors is coming soon too.

  • RichM

    Not interested…never really liked Dr. Mario. But, I’d probably have fun anyways. That’s the beauty of Nintendo games.

  • Kuromad

    whats with the weird white background on the L pills?

  • erich80

    I’ve been hearing so many positive things about this game, but personally I’m not willing to spend $ 15.00 for this… A demo would make my decision pretty much easier.

    • Yoshi5081

      It is a little expensive maybe $10 was the right price for this game…

      • erich80

        Agreed. Ten bucks should be a good deal. I’ll put this game on hold, maybe we get a price drop eventually – hope in some months. Never know.

  • JeanPaul

    Does anyone really care for this game :/

    • Yen

      Hell yes!!! 2013 GOTY!!!!

    • Yoshi5081

      U must be a little kid…

      • JeanPaul

        I’m probably older than you. Especially with your conclusion, your reasoning skills must still be in its development stages. A simple “I am” would have sufficed.

  • devmiles

    i would want a luigi’s mansion 2 on wii-u.. but no forget that

  • Aamir Islam

    It was not “quietly released.” It was shown off in the latest Nintendo Direct…

  • jreed3842

    Eh… I can’t say I’m interested in this game. I don’t have enough money to spend on a game I’m not totally excited about. But it is nice to see that Luigi is finally a doctor. Haha.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    Not released here in Australia yet but I’m willing to buy it. I loved Playing Dr Mario on the gameboy.

  • Entropyguy

    Picked it up today. It’s pretty fun. And yeah, I’m finding classic mode harder than the new game mode.