Dec 18th, 2012

Little Inferno received mixed reviews upon release, but most people can agree that the game’s quirky soundtrack was a breath of fresh air. Fans can now download the game’s complete soundtrack for free, from developer, Tomorrow Corporation’s website.

The tracks were all composed by Kyle Gabler. Gabler is most known for his work on the World of Goo Soundtrack, which he also allowed fans to download for free.

The post for the free soundtrack download was written by Gabler himself. In the post, Gabler discusses his inspirations for the soundtrack:

“I’m a big fan of movie music from the 80′s and 90′s – like John Williams (1993 was his most amazing year),” Gabler wrote. “It was my goal with this soundtrack to write music that sounded like it could have been written in that time of VHS tapes and Stan Winston special effects, with clear, hummable melodies for each character and theme.”

For any curious musicians, Gabler also details the media tools he used in the creation of the tracks. Little Inferno is available on the Wii U, PC, and Mac OS X.

[Via The Polygon, Tomorrow Corporation]

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  • New thing to listen to on the bus, awesome.



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