Nov 2nd, 2017

Doom will be released on the Switch on November 10 and Bethesda has revealed how much storage you’ll need on your Switch to play the game.

Doom will require 13.4 GB of free space if you’re getting the game on the Switch eShop. It should easily fit on the console, unlike WWE 2K18, which requires so much space (over 32 GB) that the box art had to be updated with a warning.

While the initial Doom download isn’t that large, if you also want to play multiplayer, that’s a separate 9 GB download.

It’s still impressive that they managed to squeeze Doom into 13 GB — the other console versions can take up 50+ GB. And it wasn’t an easy job, as Doom developers recently revealed, saying that the game was “wicked hard” to get on Switch.

For more on Doom, check out some recent Switch gameplay footage.

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