Sep 21st, 2017

It’s been confirmed that developer Panic Button is in charge of porting both Doom and Rocket League to the Switch.

Unlike other platforms, Bethesda/id Software and Psyonix (developers of Doom and Rocket League, respectively) are not porting their own games to the Switch, but have hired an outside party for the job.

Both Bethesda and Psyonix are still involved in the ports of their games, but it’s Panic Button who are doing the heavy lifting of making the games run on the Switch.

It’s not unusual for big publishers and developers to hire outside companies to port their games to systems. In fact, some developers exist only to port games from one platform to another.

Both Doom and Rocket League will be released on the Switch this year, which means that Panic Button have their hands full right now.

Panic Button is based in Austin, Texas, and has previously ported games for Disney, Microsoft, EA, Zynga, and others.

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