May 24th, 2014


The Wii U has proven itself to be a great home for indie titles, and anohter one has just been announed by Helix Games. Their contribution to the eShop is called Dont Touch Anything Red.

This game was inspired by “The Impossible Game”, in which you play as a block that must jump over obstacles. In helix’s twist on the game, players can now control gravity and flip between the top and bottom of the screen.

Some of the features of the game include off TV play, five player multiplayer, versus and co-op modes, and two single player modes. But don’t just take my word for it, because I was able to talk with the lead developer at Helix about some of the features of this game. Here is our discussion:

Wii U Daily: Out of curiosity, how much do you plan on selling it for?

Helix: I’ve talked to some other devs, and they seem to think that $1.99 is a good price point.

Wii U Daily: How close is the project to done? Will it have snazzier graphics?

Helix: I’d say it’s 90% done. Just need to polish up the minor details.

Wii U Daily: Will there be touch controls?

For the 5 player multiplayer mode, I was thinking of having one player using the gamepad to place blocks to stop the other 4 players.  And yes, there will be up to 5 player multiplayer.

This game isn’t the extent of Helix’s abilities, though. They merely wish to test the waters of Wii U developing before they make bigger and better games. (Including one upcoming game that yours truly has written the story for).

If you’re still not convinced, try out a demo helix put together for those of you who are on the fence.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. I heard from a reliable source that Helix will be reading your comments and replying to a few as well, so be on the lookout!

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  • darkcreap

    I am not the kind of guy who bitches about graphics and all that, but this game looks a bit too simplistic. It seems made by amateurs. A bit more of artistic effort is expected even from an indie developer.

    • I believe they were trying to capture the graphical style of the impossible game, which looked quite similar

  • Suraj Alexander

    i would not bother to get this even if it was free.

    • Roaming Pear

      I would get this if it was free…

      • iamserious


    • HelixGames

      I understand that this game us not for everyone, but do you mind me asking as to why you wouldn’t get it? Did you try the demo? I’m always open to suggestions to help broaden the appeal.

      • PrincessKairi

        You seem really nice. Im gonna try it out, gotta be open to new ideas!

        • Christian Schoff

          I like your name.

          • HelixGames


          • Christian Schoff

            Not you Helix. No offense.

          • HelixGames

            Aw. < / 3

      • Nintendo Of North Korea

        I saw the game and it looked bad Helix, but when I tried it I got to admit that was really addicting! I’m surprised to say this you got a day 1 purchase from me!

      • Jason

        Where’s the demo? I can’t find it on the eShop.

        • HelixGames

          It’s not on the eShop, it’s a web demo.
          It’s in the article:

          • Jason

            Thank you.

          • HelixGames

            Well, you have my word that there will not be any clunk in the Wii U version!

      • Suraj Alexander

        I tried the demo, I have seen better on android phones and free online games websites like miniclip.

        • HelixGames

          Hi again!
          Well, that’s why it’s a free demo. There’s more content in the full Wii U version. I bet you’ve never played a Miniclip game with 5 player local 4 vs 1 multiplayer. But if you’d rather stick to free games, that’s your preference.

          Thanks for the feedback!

          • Suraj Alexander

            Sorry i believe my previous reply was not good so i edited it,

          • HelixGames

            I noticed, and edited mine also.

      • Pokémon Fan

        I’d get it… but I don’t have a Wii U. 🙁 But when I do get one the Wii U sales will be 4,000,001!

        • Pokémon Fan


  • condor87z

    It looks like an Atari 2600 game.

    • Jason

      You’re giving the Atari 2600 too much credit.

      • HelixGames

        I’d just like to say that the point of this game is not to have the prettiest graphics. In fact, I was going for a minimalistic art style. I understand that it may not be everyone’s preference, but I feel the gameplay is still very enjoyable. Also, about it being similar to an Atari 2600 game, I believe you might change your mind after seeing the multiplayer, which is only possible on the Wii U.

        • condor87z

          Yeah I know it’s supposed to be minimalistic, but does look like Atari graphics to me. That being said it sounds like an interesting concept. Just wish it was more fun to look at.

  • Yay…. a game with Atari graphics…..

    • How much was your score influenced by the fact that I work for the company? ;P

      • You work for the company? Wowz.

        • XD I don’t. I wrote a bit for one of their upcoming games, but I’m not paid by them at all.

          Kinda like WiiUDaily…

      • Not at all. Now that I know that, I hate this game.

        • XD I dont’ really work for them.

  • FutureFox

    You know what else I can play for free on my browser? Other flash games.

  • Christian Schoff

    Two dollars for a simple yet fun game and you all are still whining. Stop being a bunch of b****es. I’ve got 2 bucks in change in my couch. Big babies.

    • seriously. it’s not like he’s asking 10 dollars. not even 5

  • Jason arreola

    Very surprised I rarely comment here but read them frequently because they’re ususually about games and u can tell the commenters love games. Now we have a developer that’s speaking directly to the people I see the worst comments I’ve ever read on this site. Im shocked

  • Jason arreola

    I’m always looking for multiplayer games to show off(my Wii u) when people come over. So hopefully this will do well. Like the couch comment said 2 dollars is a no risk price point. Hopefully this will lead to a larger multiplayer Wii u game. Like a pikmin 3 ripoff but with online multiplayer

  • TheSkeletonMan939 .

    Guys, it’s not supposed to be anything more than a fun distraction. That’s why it’s at an estimated price of two bucks. It looks decent enough to me.

    • FutureFox

      To compare Gunman Clive was $2 as well.

      • Fred

        Gunman Clive was great! I never regretted spending that $2

      • Adrian Brown

        I love GC, so simple and fun at the same time.

    • seriously. it’s like people are expecting indies to make blockbusters

      • because some indies do. people don’t understand that some indiegames have a budget of 1000bucks or are done by single developers in their sparetime and other games like Double Fine products have some 3 Million Dollar budget and are featuring guys like Elijah Wood. It’s a very broad range.

        Still, hiring some graphic designer who would vamp that whole game a bit up, wouldn’t have hurt.

        • it wouldn’t have hurt, no. But it serves its purpose

          • to be honest, looking at the response here, it would’ve really changed much in terms of that title’s perception. Maybe it sounds childish or stupid if people make fun of that game’s visuals, but a visual revamp would have silenced these voices in first place. On the other hand, maybe that game is being more discussed and more interesting just because it’s obvious that you wouldn’t play it for its GFX and peoiple wouldn’t really care to look at it at all if it had some decent colors. But well, I’m a media designer myself and I had to mention that guys like me could get more out of those visuals. The problem is, that I personally would make everything far more elaborate and more expensive as I’d create some character for the green ball and a whole environment and so on and thinking of this, the game looks a bit like a prototype. I’m not really complaining, just saying that the gamedesign has some potential and but could really enfold with some good visual design.

          • Pokémon Fan

            What is Indie anyway? Is it a company? Because I saw something that said a movie was an ‘Indie’ movie.

          • it’s short for “independent”. not affiliated with a larger corporation

          • as zorpix said, it stands for independent and isn’t something videogame-specific. Independent music is kind-of independent from superhuge commercial labels, independent movies from huge studios and independent games aren’t depending on huge publishers like Electronic Arts. Since Crowdfunding platforms like kickstarter were invented, Indie-stuff has spread like a virus (but actually a good one) as it made small developers financing their projects possible like it wasn’t before. So if you buy a huge studiogame like Battlefield, it’s just like buying a Blu Ray of some Transformer Michael Bay movie and your money will especially flow into a huge marketing plan, a bunch of managers and so on, but the people who actually created that movie won’t necessarily see too much of it (it’s actually a better example if you look at the music industry as the artists don’t really earn too much money if their stuff gets sold, played, broadcasted and so on)
            By supporting Indie-Developers, chances are high that a far bigger amount of your money, depending on the distribution-model, goes to the guy who actually created that game and that’s why it’s quite a strong and interesting movement. This evolution of these markets are by the way something that has never went through such a dramatic evolution like it does these days. At least not for what I experienced. Maybe because the gap between commercial AAA productions and small development teams have never been that big.

          • Pokémon Fan

            Ah. Thank you zorpix and val berger.

          • I kinda felt that way, but I also understand that this game was inspired by a game with similar graphics, so they wanted to keep the feel by keeping the look

  • Nintendo Of North Korea

    HelixGames, the game did not look good but after playing I have to say you might have something special in your hands! I’m excited to see the multiplayer!

    • My initial reaction too. Playing it is super addicting

  • Greg Lanciotti

    go nintendo….

  • WiiUPS4

    That was a fun demo

  • Will W

    I can’t touch my own fingers!

  • Wooopigsooie

    Flappy Bird on steroids is what I’d call this!

  • I don’t get the guys refusing to do graphics, like Block Drop and to a lesser extent, Edge. There are plenty of jagoffs out there who’ll do your graphics for nothing. I’ll do your music.

    • They have another game with graphics, if you look at their site. This is a game that didn’t require them, I’m guessing

      • but I’m looking at thiiiisss siiiiite

        • but this site linked to theirs 😛

  • That was a fun little diversion. I spent abut ten minutes on the demo. I don’t think I’d spend money on it… Or ever play it again. Some might though. I did enjoy it.

    • HelixGames

      That’s fine, it’s not for everyone. I’m glad you were able to enjoy, I’d rather people enjoyed my games rather than make money. Thank you for the feedback!

  • discuss

    This is below all standards …

  • Elitepwnsface

    As long as its free i guess

  • beez1717

    Thus reminds me of an old device I had in which you used s special tape player along with a companion book. You pressed different colored buttons to select choices they gave you. One book was called “loveable furry old Grover in Please Don’t Push The Red Button” where he tried to get you to not push the red button on the device but you of course pressed it and pissed him off. He eventually colored an entire page red so you would never find the button. Lol.

    Here is the book and tape:,_Furry_Old_Grover_in_Please_Don%27t_Push_the_Red_Button

  • Chase U

    I used to spend hours on my old Xbox 360 playing the Impossible Game. I’ll be downloading this one no doubt!

  • MysteryT

    When is the release date?

    • HelixGames

      We are targetting a July 2014 release.

  • Docforexit347

    This us an indie that may be on the Wii U, if you ask me I think this looks like a much better title.

    • HelixGames

      Hi there!
      I’m also anticipating AHIT. But “Don’t Touch Anything Red” is not meant to compare to a game like that, as it will be priced much lower.

      • Docforexit347

        I understand that not trying to be rude but I’m tired of see titles like this arriving on Wii U I don’t see the eshop as a app store I guess I’m just waiting for a bit more than a little side scrolling runnner.
        I get bored easily 😉

  • felony211662

    i will prolly be getting this, $2 is totally fair and i can see the appeal! is there a set number of lvls or infinite randomly generated lvls. i like the 5th person being able to place obstacles a la nsmbu as well

  • Pokémon Fan

    Hmmm. It’d all depend on the dimensions of your figure. Is it a grid system?