Feb 11th, 2014

Noted Nintendo YouTuber BitBlock has put together a video comparison of load times between Donkey Kong Country: Returns for the original Wii, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for the Wii U. In this video we get a first hand look at the differences between graphics, but also something a bit more troubling.

The newer game seems to have much longer loading times than the original, which normally wouldn’t be concerning, but the player is able to get through the entire intro sequence in the older game and just stands there waiting for Tropical Freeze to load in. It’s likely load times have to do with the HD graphics versus those available on the Wii, but still it’s pretty crappy that load times are increasing. Still, we’re excited to get our hands on this game come February 21.

What do you think of the comparison? Spot any other differences in the video or anything that concerns you?

  • erich80

    Honestly, I don’t see long loading times as a problem at all.

    All I care now is that we are getting this game in exactly 10 days!

    • Michael Hughes

      Regardless, load times should improve following the next sys update. At least according to this Kotaku item from 23 January. http://kotaku.com/5978264/nintendo-says-the-wii-us-load-times-will-get-faster-this-spring

      • darkcreap

        Could you please cite the source? It sounds interesting.

      • Nintenjoe82

        that’s from 2013, the update already happened

        • Michael Hughes

          Ah, my mistake. I thought this referred to an upcoming update. I wonder which version the hardware in the comparison video was running.

          • darkcreap

            I don’t know if that update actually changed the game loading times inside the games. What I think it did, though, was making games load faster from the title screen. I say “I think”, because I did not measure the time, I just have the subjective perception that it was faster.

          • erich80

            Yes, the games now load faster from the OS main screen. It’s also true when you close the games or applications; the time to access the OS main screen once you end a task got considerably shorter.

      • sharlo galmo

        You right dude, but that load time is coming this summer, so we have to wait for it……..

    • and, in the video you can feel the 60 frames per second

      • erich80

        Fortunately I had the chance to watch people playing DKCTF last year during Comic Con (sadly I could not queue to play since I was in a rush that day) and, man… That made my day! It runs so smoothly and beautifully (the same is true for Bayo 2). I can’t wait to put my hand on it.

        In addition, having David Wise back to develop the soundtrack makes every DK fan expect this game the best DK game ever made to date!

        • val berger

          hm, thanks for sharing those impressions. framerates are something that can’t be sold that easily. I’ve seen those two videos of both bayo2 and dktf, but most people might just see the common 30fps-videos and just not getting it. With W101 it really becomes clear why 60fps should be the standard for all fast paced actiongames. And 1080p in WWHD demonstrates why this is also something, every adventuregame should be offering, but can’t be sold via screenshots but actual gameplay experience.
          1080p and 60fps both are reasons why games offering one or both of these features just have to be made available for playing in public places like resellers, supermarkets and so on.
          Let’s hope Nintendo can increase the number of available demostations.

    • Felix

      Well, you dont care cause u are a nintendo fanboy and you will probably buy any mario/donkey/yoshi/whatever franquise no matter how crap it is.

      loading times matter, its part of the quality of a game.

      • Guesty Pooh!

        I don’t care about load times because compared to load times in the 80’s when I had to wait for games to load on my computer on cassette, which used to take nearly half an hour, this is surprisingly quick!
        Seriously, you younger whippersnapper gamers today never had it so good yet you still complain. I’ve literally grown up alongside games (born in 1971) and watched them grow into what we have today, load times are a part of gaming, they’re getting shorter and shorter.
        Old games were awesome but took forever to load, it doesn’t mean the games were crap.


        Hey bro U want to talk about crapy games … The FIFA games are real shit, besides all that Sony and Microsoft games they run, those are real shit bro! Come on !! Nintedo is pure art !!

      • val berger

        You are right on loading games, but not right about their general role in videogames. If so, I would never have played Deus Ex (1) which took about 5 minutes everytime I died and is still one of the greatest gaming experiences of all time. You are right that in general, short loading times stand for clean development and add some major dynamic to any game, especially games like this one, where you may easily have to retry again and again and might get frustrated if it always takes you that long. BUT still it’s like saying a game without 1080p or 60fps is a bad game. these aspects of course add something, but their lack doesn’t ruin it. If you are a bit more into playing for the sake of gameplay, then you’ll get over it. In the end, those loading times aren’t that bad, only compared to it’s predecessor which just had very short ones. And should I mention this is still a Beta-version you’re seeing here as the final game hasn’t shipped yet? Maybe this is like the final version, but you can’t be that sure, can you?

        You should just learn and relax a bit, if you really got nothing better to do with your time than raiding through Nintendo-fanboards telling those fans how stupid they are because they like Nintendo, then you should probably get a job. Working can really help getting rid of bad characteristics. Cheers.

  • McBlink

    Those load times, oh dear! Here come the trolls.

  • jrob23

    DKCR still hold up extremely well. That is just a masterpiece. TF is looking splendid as well. Please please let these guys make Star Fox!

    • erich80

      Just being repetitive: let’s leave next Star Fox installment with Platinum and give Retro the next Metroid game.

      One can dream, right? 🙂

      • Mario


      • jrob23

        I think Retro feels ‘been there done that’ which is why they wanted to do another DK. I just think they ‘get it’ and are very talented. They might want a new challenge instead of going back to the same well. I do NOT want them to do another DK or Metroid if they aren’t passionate about doing it. If they are then great, but it sounds like they aren’t.

        • erich80

          I enjoyed the 3 Metroid Prime titles by Retro. I think they have an unique atmosphere.

          Something keeps telling me that one new Metroid installment is in the works by those guys.

          And for sure they will give DK a rest after DKCTF.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Agree Ashley! It shouldnt matter really. The hardware should be able to compensate the gap between the graphics pushed out in 480p and the one in 720p. Freeze also seemed to jag a little, but it could be in the video and not the actual game. I must admit that Im not too impressed by this.

    • lonewolf88

      it was the video because on my computer the gameplay is smooth also its 720p but the game runs at 60fps.

    • darkcreap

      I noticed a little jag during the Tropical Freeze load screen, but not afterwards. It could be a random issue. Nevertheless, the load times are notably high for my like.

  • palomino blue

    It looks great but this game is hardly pushing the envelope graphically. It’s very surprising that load times are this long when compared to a title like Super Mario 3D World.

    • DragonSilths

      But DK’s fur…its so amazing…

    • erich80

      It’s hard to precise the amount of data loaded in each situation. Maybe that particular DKCTF level was longer than DKCR one. If possible, the most fair comparison should be the amount of data loaded/time in both cases, which we don’t have. Also, we don’t know if the guy loaded DKCR on Wii or Wii U. That information would be helpful for the sake of clarity and as a proof of principle for the test, as the hardware may influence the loading times of one specific game leading to a biased result.

      • Potemkin

        That wouldn’t be right either, taking into account the amount of data buffering the processors can do.

        The right comparison would be the same game on different consoles of the same generation/horse power.

        • erich80

          Your experimental design makes sense, but does not rule out the relevant information provided by loading DKCR on both Wii and Wii U. The hypothesis to be tested would be “Can the superior Wii U hardware promote a shorter loading time of a specific Wii game?”.

          Of course, that aforementioned hypothesis would be only plausible once there was no bottleneck promoted by the OS that emulates the Wii OS on the Wii U. Anyways…

          That being said, I see that we agree that the amount of data that can be loaded per period of time in all possible scenarios would be very informative.

    • Wighead

      The difference between the two games will show on a big screen. This comparison is not fair for a bigger resolution since it is on small screens. The wii version looks great when its on a small tv, but TF will look a lot better on a big tv

      • val berger

        although it’s not coming in 1080p which I really think is very sad. If a game like bayonetta 2 can do this, a 2D jump&Run should be able to achieve that as well. would truly change the whole impression. think rayman, this game looks jawdropping. You just don’t wanna go back to 720p anymore.

    • val berger

      yes & no. I think that game needs to be seen on a big screen. SM3DW also didn’t look as beautiful as it does now when it got initially announced. And there’s quite some footage of DKTF that’s really gorgeous, so just wait and see. But in terms of loading times you’re right, it’s strange that Retro who belong to Nintendo can’t achieve something comparable.

      • justin476

        I agree with this. SM3DW looked horrible when it debuted at e3 but looked gorgeous when it shipped.

  • Skelterz

    I like what i see looking forward to it 21st seems so long away!

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Same. Pre-ordered it a week ago. Gonna give it a chance.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        A Wii U owner now Daniel? 🙂

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Unfortunately. Basically bought it so that I can bash it to my hearts content without the “you don’t own a Wii U and don’t know how great it is” routine on here. Jokes on you Wii U Daily posters.(Sarcasm)

          • darkcreap

            Excuse my English, but sarcasm or not, I don’t know what “jokes on you” means. Tried word reference, but to no avail.

          • ScrewAttack

            You’ve got a fair few decent games to play back through!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Indeed. No problem here, I’ll get caught up and continue to be negative about every Wii U game to date. The kids love it.

          • ScrewAttack

            It must be tough having two wrong sides to your bed :p

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Very. One side is sandpaper, and the other is needles. Two bad sides indeed.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            ZombiU, Nintendo Land, Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3 W101, Zelda WW HD, Rayman Legends, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 are quite good to great. I guess NSMBU and NSLU are very good too if you havent overplayed the series from before. Also not all ports are bad either, although many of them are a little bit disappointing. I think Need for Speed was a very good port, and many says Tekken Tag was good, but I had problems with mine. Sonic games seems to divide people between great and not so great. I didnt enjoy it, but many do. So yeah, there are some games to pick from now.

            Also Virtual Console is much better now even though its very slow. At least it got some games to pick from. Also there are some decent indies out there now. So I guess its a much better buy now than a year ago.

            And soon DKCF and Mario Kart 8 will be released. So indeed its a good time to buy a Wii U even if the future aint looking too bright – atleast you got some good games to chose from now.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Cool, Im happy you got a Wii U and likes it. Im sad to have lost a friend and companion in Wii U-bashing. But hey, lifes goes on 😀

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Not to worry. I’ll be bashing it no matter how good the games are. I’ve took an oath long ago to never let the evils of Nintendo influence my mind. Why did I buy a Wii U some may ask? To once and for all take down the big N and lure them into the third party realm. One day, Nintendo fans everywhere will thank me for waking them up from their horrid nightmares. ;P

          • Nintenjoe82

            If you want to play a game that uses the gamepad well but only costs a few quid, Deus Ex. It was my Wii U game of the year.

      • Skelterz

        Sweet man yeah it looks solid.

  • diqus sucks

    i know almost nothing about these games but to me it seems like the difference between them is a lot like Mario U and Luigi U. Sort of like add on content. Even though it’s a new game years later.

    Does it seem like that to anyone who has played DKC?

    • Ben English

      Eh, they’re not rewriting the formula, but it does have two more playable Kongs and HD graphics.

    • jrob23

      you have to remember most people are playing games on larger TV so when you play DKCR on a 50″ Plasma like I have, you can see the differences much better than a video comparison like this over the internet. I reckon in person there is a major difference. I could see it everywhere (but I am currently playing DKCR so maybe it’s fresher in my mind) like the background, flowers, barrels, leaves, etc. His fur is a major change too. I find myself marveling at just how far they were able to take wii graphics and I imagine that once you are playing TF you will be similarly amazed.

    • darkcreap

      No. I played the original SNES DKC games and also DKC returns (although I didn’t beat most of them) and I can tell you that there is a significant change from the SNES era to the Wii era. Of course, the new DKCs are loyal to the origins, but not completely repetitive as you imply.

  • Denvy

    I can deal with longer load times (I don’t even complain about Lego City), however, it doen’t really look all that different. Obviously I can only judge on the surface, but it just looks like rehashed DKC:R which doesn’t entice me to pick it up.

    • darkcreap

      Oh, Lego City. I also have it. Load times were desperating. Long load screen to see the title screen. Then longer load time for the city. I wanted to kill someone.

      • Denvy

        I usually go grab something to eat or drink. I can tolerate it.

        • darkcreap

          Do you also make coffee? Just joking, it was not that long :D.

          • Denvy

            Perhaps in my Keurig 😀

      • crocodileman94

        At least they had a neat soundtrack during the loading screen in that game.

        • darkcreap

          Yep, absolutely, hehe

  • Fierce-Deity Link

    it’s always amusing when people moan and complain about load times… i mean, you are going to play a game … God forbid you spend an extra minute waiting for it…. any who, TF looks nice… nothing much else to say

  • Sdudyoy

    It’s odd to me how much longer the loading time is for Tropical freeze, I’d think with so much more power in the Wii U it would be able to load faster, I guess the levels in Tropical freeze could be alot bigger, either way It’s odd, luckily I don’t mind loading screens.

    • Ben English

      A lot of things could be affecting it aside from the data load, including what build of the game the Tropical Freeze footage came from. Hopefully it won’t be that long in the final time, but I don’t think it will ruin the experience if it is.

      • darkcreap

        Since it is going to be released in 10 days it is unlikely that Nintendo would give BitBlock a copy with an earlier build, so I guess this is how it finally will be. I don’t think Nintendo would risk to give them a copy with a lesser quality since it is intended for review and would affect their image.

        • Petri

          Simple patch could shave off some seconds of loading times.
          I don’t think it’s the hardware, but not just properly optimized.
          There are simpler games that take longer to load than this one.

          • darkcreap

            I wonder if they load the whole level at once and if it could be optimised by loading it by sections.

        • Ben English

          Ah, I didn’t realize BitBlock had been given a review copy. Still… 22 seconds is acceptable as long as it doesn’t have to reload it every time you die.

          • darkcreap

            “Ah, I didn’t realize BitBlock had been given a review copy. ” -> I am just guessing, I don’t know if they were given a copy or they are using some video they found on the Internet. Either way, I don’t remember seeing much gaming footage that included load screens previously to these weeks, so I guess it is a release version, whether BitBlock got a copy or not.

            Yep, agreed. No, I think it will be unlikely that we have significant loading times after dying. It seems to me that they are loading the whole level or a big chunk at least, so that would probably mean respawning almost immediately.

    • jrob23

      11GB large Tropical Freeze is. That is massive compared to most Wii U games. Mario 3D World is less than 2GB. Though I think Lego City is like 22 GB, but that too has long load times.

    • darkcreap

      I don’t think it is a question of how powerful the WiiU is, but most likely that the optical unit (the disc) is a bottleneck. Since it has HD graphics, it is also more obvious because that means larger files.

      I am wondering myself if having it as a digital download would help.

      EDIT: Changed a word to avoid repetition in a sentence.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        disc is a bottleneck? lol…if you dont know what you’re talking about, then dont say anything at all…smh

        • darkcreap



          WiiU memory bandwidth: Around 12.8 Gbps.
          WiiU optical unit max speed: 22,5 Mbps.
          USB 2.0: 480 Mbps.

          Min(480 Mbps, 22.5 Mbps, 12,800 Mbps) = 22,5 Mbps.

          So, clearly, the bottleneck here is the optical unit bandwidth. The USB 2.0 is also a bottleneck, but not so much as the optical unit.

          If you have different reasons, please provide them, I will be more than glad to discuss them with you.

  • Superstick98

    I’ve never played any DKC games before but this looks really good! Anyone mind telling me how the previous games played out? I could get this or I might just get Zelda WWHD instead. 😉

    • jrob23

      I got the WWHD Wii U bundle and had never played much Zelda before except for the original when I was younger and a couple of years ago Twilight Princess. WWHD is stellar. Way better than TP imho. Now I have dl’d A Link to the Past and also want to get Ocarina of Time for the 3DS because WWHD was so good.
      I am actually currently playing DKCR and it is HARD!! Probably the best looking wii game I have seen and very good. You really can’t go wrong with either. I’d get WWHD and play that first because it’s Wii U so support that…but play DKCR before DKTF…maybe wait for a price drop on it.

      • erich80

        As an old-school platformers fan, I have to say that DKCR is a masterpiece. I could manage to beat it on the Wii in about a week, but still today I don’t have it 100% completed. I bought the 3DS version as well – which is simply awesome when the 3D is fully on – aiming to get it 100%, but I need to put this on hold due to other backlogged 3DS titles… But I still intend to accomplish that.

        On a side note, another jaw dropping Wii game is Epic Mickey 1. Graphically wise it’s also superb, although the gameplay has some offs (which, in the end, thankfully don’t compromise the game that much).

    • darkcreap

      DKC games are nice looking and have good music, but they are challenging platforming. I played DKC 1 and 2 in the SNES at a friend’s house and beat DKC 3 myself. I also played the Wii DKC, but I thought it was way harder than the SNES games (which is strange, to say the least, since videogames were usually more difficult in the past). The motion controls didn’t work for me and I did not beat it in the end, but it is good.

      I totally recommend this game (I am buying it myself), but be aware that it is a bit challenging, so you should try a demo, play it at a friend’s house or rent it if you are not sure. If you don’t mind that issue, then you probably will like it.

      You can try Wind Waker HD until you are sure about DKC. I played the gamecube version in my Wii (I borrowed it from a friend) and it is an awesome game. I picked the HD remake because I could never have it and it is top quality. The graphics are really nice and the gamepad integration is great. If you like motion controls you can use them to shoot arrows and other things. If you prefer to go classic, you can aim with the joystick instead of motion controls.

  • Aleksander

    To be Honest i dont think its looks much better than wii version :S they could have done this game so much prettier,well they probably took gameplay 99% and did not put back into it when they did the visual. just saying.

  • ActivesiN

    the game looks great, the 60fps is a nice upgrade as well
    those load times are a bit much, but thats a minor problem

    • RyuNoHadouken

      you’ve never seen this game in 60fps, so how would you know if its a “nice upgrade?”

  • person

    I’m sure this game’ll be great, but how did it take RS 4 years to make? It seems so similar to the DKC game before it!

    • jrob23

      Most people think that only a small team at Retro is making this with a larger team working on a major much larger title

  • Michael Hughes

    Glad that Nintendo and HD are finally on speaking terms.

  • Mario

    And just cause of a bit longer loading times that everyone is gonna hate the game? Only an idiot would ignore a game like this just for that!

    • darkcreap

      I am getting this game, but the load times are a bit long for a 2D platformer…

  • darkcreap

    Would having this game in an HDD as digital download decrease the load times significantly? The digital version is like 12€ more than the Amazon retail version, but I am starting to consider it…

    • Fred

      I’ve never seen a convincing answer to this question I’d like to know too because I buy almost all my games digitally.

      • darkcreap

        Which games do you have? I have AC3, AC4, Lego City, Call of Duty Ghosts, for instance. Those usually require quite long load periods.

        • Fred

          I don’t have any on both so I can’t make a good comparison. On HDD I have Mario U, Luigi U, Mario 3D World, Rayman Legends, NBA 2K13, Trine 2, All the NES games that were 30 cents, NES Remix, Castle Storm, Mario and Sonic, Ducktales, Game and Wario, Sonic and All Stars Racing, Wind Waker, Wii Fit U, Runner 2, Super Mario World, Bumpie’s Party, Coaster Crazy Deluxe, Mighty Switch Force,

          On disc I have Wonderful 101, Nintendo Land, Tank Tank Tank, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Madden 13, Rabbids Land, Sing Party, Wii Party U, Your Shape Fitness Evolved,

          • darkcreap

            I can’t tell you about Lego City, because for those who have retail discs, I bought the disc. I think we can compare:
            -Mario 3D World.
            -Mario U.
            -Wind Waker.
            I have all those in disc version. Because in-game none of them have very high load times, I think the only possibility is to compare the time the splash screen displays from the moment you press the button until the game boots (I seem to remember that Wind Waker’s was sensibly longer). Nevertheless, I don’t know if the difference will be perceptible.

            In AC games, COD and Lego City it is way easier since they have separate load screens that take long enough that you could notice a difference if the speeds are different. Try the following:

            1) Boot the console.
            2) Start Wind Waker (for instance).
            3) Measure the time (with a stopwatch if possible) from the time the splash screen appears until it dissappears. I think that for Wind Waker the screen goes blank after loading
            4) Repeat the measure 2 or 3 times (since it can be a bit random) after rebooting the console (just in case there are caches that make the game start faster after the first load).

            I don’t know if the difference will be perceptible enough. You could also try with the Rayman Legends level load times (except for online cases), but those were short enough even in the disc, so it will be difficult. I am researching on the topic, though.

          • darkcreap

            I have seen a couple of posts on it:
            -A user claims that Lego City disc version takes from 40 seconds to 60 seconds to load. Digital version takes 20 seconds at most.


            -This other guy claims it is only 4-8 seconds:


            -These others only speculate on what could be:


            -These have tried both and say there is no difference:


            -These say that not conclusions:


            -These say that for bootup it is between 15 and 20 seconds better. For in game, between 5 and 8 seconds better.


            -These ones see a difference of 13-14 seconds for several levels vs 28s for the video linked:


            Of course, it depends a lot if: you are using an HDD or the internal WiiU memory. The internal memory is probably faster for sure, but the HDD depends on your HDD and some other factors. Eg: if your HDD is not USB 2.0, it won’t be that fast. Also, it depends on the vendor and the model, so some models might not be very fast.

            The only way to notice a difference is for long load times, that’s why in Lego City the difference is so noticeable, because 20 seconds is sensibly lower than 40 or 60 seconds. For other games that have very low load times, like Rayman legends for instance, it is more complicated. If the disc version takes 3 seconds to load and the HDD version 2, how will you notice exactly?

          • Fred

            Thanks, those links are very helpful!

        • Fred

          So are the load times not that bad on Lego City if you download it?

      • NyallJodhan

        If you take a look at this video, you will see something of the difference in speed between disc and hard drive:

        And this video shows you the difference between hdd and ssd:


        So not only is hard disc faster, but how much faster depends on the type of disc you use too.

        I know this is not the Wii U comparison, but not too different technologies in terms of read times.

        • Fred

          That’s a big difference, but this is for the PS3 NOT the Wii U!!!

          • NyallJodhan

            The load times should be shorter for each technology for the Wii U, but the ratio comparison is what I was trying to highlight: disc vs digital. Digital is faster. By lots.

          • darkcreap

            The problem is that PS3 had a way slower disc drive. I think that the only way to notice it is with games that have long enough load screens where differences are easily noticeable.

  • Assassinated23

    I remember hearing the Tropical Freeze levels are 2-3 times longer than Returns, so it’s not unreasonable that it’d take a few more seconds to load that content.

  • LJay

    one day im going to find some news in here without a negative spin through it 🙂

    • Fred


  • Razo_E

    Is this the retail version or the download version of Tropical Freeze? A fast/slow Hard Drive would affect the loading times, wouldn’t it?

    • Fred

      I think the real question is which is slowest the read speed of the disc drive, USB 2.0 or the access speed of the RAM

      • NyallJodhan

        Just to enlighten you:
        The disc reads at 22.5 MB/s.
        USB 2.0 60MB/s.
        RAM 12,800 MB/s.
        So yes, digital downloads should load faster than optical discs.

        • Fred

          There you go. I didn’t know the disc read speed on the Wii U and I dind’t know which type of RAM Wii U has. Awesome.

  • Anthony Ank Mudshark Owdienko

    i didnt mind the long loading times in lego city, this dont worry me at all .

  • Thomas Vienna

    The only thing this shows is how similar the two games are. I sure hope I don’t feel like I’m playing the same game again.

    • Mayoo

      Personally, I am buying this game only because my Wii and all my games were stolen and that Returns was part of that.

      If I still had or would have done Returns completely, I am not so sure I would have bought the Tropical Freeze.

    • val berger

      on the one hand, it’s sad that after they didn’t reveal a new superfancy high-end metroid title but a new DK Game, it actually really looks like the old one so there won’t be any surprises, nothing really unexpected, nothing really new. On the other hand, that’s also a good thing as DKR stood out with its supercreative leveldesign and great gameplay mechanics. If they did something about those annoying motion controls, it would make me very happy, so I’m going to buy it anyway, it just isn’t the great Retrogame it could have been. Great enough tough 😉

  • Peter Rogers

    I own a wii u and a ps4. All these people who say load times dont matter clearly dont have a ps4. The load time here is ridiculous. Sorry but my wii u is gathering dust and that is just one of the reasons. Once u have a ps4 its very difficult to pick back up the wiiu gamepad. And I am gutted by the way. I wish that wasnt the case.i love nintendo but this system is so far behind wot sony is doing I just cant see any way back.

    • jrob23

      I had the PS4 for over a week and sold it. It just sat there while I played my Wii U. I might get one in the future if it gets 3d blu ray playback and also a price drop/bundle. There is zero reason to own one now. By fall there might be though

  • Kevin Sepulveda

    I guess to really keen on detailed players you can tell the difference but from my perspective a very general player I don’t see a single difference other than the Wii U loading time took forever lol

  • Dominicruz

    both look the same to me not a real differences .Hope this game boost wii you sells 🙁

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    My god that loading screen for Tropical Freeze took like forever to load on the Wii U…smh. There is only a slight difference in that the Wii U version has slightly more detail, but it’s not profound enough for people to take notice.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    I’ll get this game, but I’m not getting it day one. It will probably be a great game overall, so I don’t doubt that.

  • FutureFox

    They look practically the same. I guess it has more to do with art direction. TF does look a little sharper though.

  • It is longer but meh, as long as I don’t have to wait for it to load everytime I die

  • Enumerating Wishes

    Personally I like the darker/contrasting lighting in the Wii version (own it too). DKCR TF just seems have weaker contrast but it could be the level and might be different on an actual TV.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    this side by side didnt help Nintendo…TF looks like a Wii game…im sure it’ll be fun for a few hours, but the graphics suck…Nintendo needs new leadership

  • nexxus6

    “but also something a bit more troubling”….really? more troubling than what? Ahhhh, wouldn’t be a Wiiudaily article without taking that little stab to deflate a good vibe. How dare Nintendo make me wait an extra 5 seconds for the game to load. We spoiled gamers deserve more. All I can say is that I better not have to lift a controller or push any buttons to play this title.

    • SamusPrime

      I know it is getting pretty obvious, with the anti Nintendo vibe on this site.

  • Donaald

    They should do something regarding those loading times, it’s not lego city bad but c’mon the system has 4 cores and a GPGPU.

  • jrob23

    I count a 13 second difference between the two loading times. Wow, guess I won’t be getting it now lol. Also, for those people claiming there is no difference visually…just look at the background of the two. In DKCR you can see a muddled landscape in the far background, in TF that background is clear. Another difference is lighting effects. In TF as he goes through the jungle you can see subtle streams of light shinning through the overgrowth where there is none to be found in CR. And lastly, go to the end and the barrels are another perfect example of how much more detailed TF is. And those are just what I felt like looking for. I think the effects like flowers deflating, things blowing up, etc. are all substantially better in TF. Get glasses people. It’s a gorgeous effort from Nintendo and deserves a day one buy

    • realist

      are small details … that does not justify the purchase of the console.

      • NyallJodhan

        You’re not buying the console solely for this game alone, are you?

        • realist

          I will not be buying ‘NEVER this console. is a commercial failure and moral. rather I hang onto the wii

      • jrob23

        nobody said it was. Why does every game need to justify a console purchase? To me, the only games that have justified a console purchase for the Wii U so far have been Wind Waker HD and Mario 3D World. DKTF just adds to the growing number of stellar offerings. It really is about as good as platformers get

        • realist

          in fact, sales of wii-u give reason friend. or fans!

          • jrob23

            why should I care how many consoles sell. I am getting what I wanted i.e. Nintendo 1st party games..and in droves. And I get backwards compatibility so I am catching up with wii games. Off screen tv play is a nice feature too. Once in awhile there will be a decent 3rd party game and I might get it if it ever happens, but not even on my radar of things to care about. Sorry you aren’t happy with your Wii U, or do you even own one?

  • Gameonfool

    Retro should have made an open world donkey kong like dk64 whilst maxing out the hardware

  • realist

    the same as the Wii version. but … better the Wii version, it loads faster.

  • Overall just better graphics and water really

  • nigeriangamer

    both games look fantastic.loved DKR cant wait for DKTF

  • SamusPrime

    Ah, WiiU Daily doing everything they can to be negative on this game. Keep up the good work everyone.


    can’t wait to pick up my pre order that’s all I know

  • Leroy Adams

    I can see the HD difference with Tropical Freeze. I can really see it with the fur on Donkey Kong. Man, he’s one furry beast. Lol. The one cool thing is that anyone who wants to play DK Returns Wii can play it on the Wii U!! When I finally buy a Wii U, most likely when Mario Kart 8 is released, I would love to get this game, along with other really awesome games!!

    • GregoryTheRainMaker

      Yes. 😀

  • LJay

    Anyone spot the huge ONM typo in the DKCTF review? lol

  • WhataShame

    Because long load times only exist on the Wii U…

    Yet another hyperbolic, non-news bit of blogger vomit… enjoy the downward spiral of this ‘news’ site.

  • iamserious

    Dang the load times are pretty bad considering its a side scroller game. Both look fun, er and similar but now that I’ve seen the Wii version I think I will pick that one up as well. 🙂

  • val berger

    What I really hope is, that this game is a bit more optimized for coop-play than the prevoious one which practically didn’t really make too much sense for 2 players. It was a single player game that let you throw another one in, nothing designed to be played by 2 players. After SM3DW I’d really love more games with such a great 2-4player integration.