Feb 13th, 2014

During today’s Nintendo Direct, a brand new launch trailer for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was shown off. This trailer is only two minutes long, but it packs in several different locales and amazing new levels that you’ll traverse, including new mine cart levels, a blizzard level, and even what appears to be a massive sandstorm level combined with the traditional barrel shooter.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze releases on February 21 and this is the best look we’ve had at the game so far. Are you hyped?

  • Moreck

    It looks awesome!!!

  • TCar

    Stoked for sure!

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Nintendo made a good trailer…insane!

  • Lil J Moore
  • Nathan C.

    Reminds me a lot of Super Mario 3D World’s “comeback” trailer from last year. It looks good.

    But I’m still getting Mario Kart 8 instead.

  • Will the3rd

    It looks perfect. Great job by Retro.

  • Ducked

    I don’t wanna see more of the game, I’ve already seen enough. The game comes out next Friday for petesake

    • Shota

      well maybe one launch trailer. but this trailer showed more of the game.

      • Ducked

        We’ve had like a hundred trailer’s, especially last weeks one showed enough already.

        • Shota

          last week? do you mean with those real people? or a another one?

  • The Clockwork Being

    LOOKS HARD!! Really can’t wait to get my hands on this. DK: Tropical Freeze will probably my favorite 2D plateformer.

  • justin476

    Man I have it paid off already it looks like pure magic. Loved retro since the first prime.

  • The latest trailer is in 1080p… Perhaps they were wrong about it being native 720p, lol… Nintendo only posts 1080p trailers of games that are in 1080p so far, with SM3DW’s first trailer being the only exception 😛

  • Zzyzx

    I’m kinda ..eh….for this game just because I wish Retro would have spent their time on a Metroid, Star Fox or new IP game rather than Nintendo having *another* 2D platformer, especially one that doesn’t look very different the original.

    But if there is one thing that I am really really excited for in this game, it’s the return of David Wise doing the score. He had such awesomely atmospheric music and this trailer definitely shows he still has it. Felt like I was listening to a lost DKC track

    • Derian D’Intino

      Why can’t I look through comments regarding this game without every time there being somebody complaining that this isn’t another Metroid game? I know metroid would be good to push the limitations of the wii u but it’s really that simple, not only does Donkey Kong sell far more than metroid games, they are far easier to develop, do you really want them to rush out another metroid? That stuff takes time.

  • Schultz38

    Nintendo wants this to be a system seller but it’s just not. It’ll raise sales, but we won’t see a SM3DW kind of reaction. *sigh*

    • Fred

      No it’ll be super fun, but not a system seller. X, however, will be a system seller. and it will sell Wii U to the hard core gamers!!!

      • Schultz38

        Fun I’m sure of! My copy has been preordered for a few months now 🙂

  • DragonSilths

    I just realized this game is only $55 here in Canada anyway? ebgames.ca says $54.99…Also Watch Dogs Wii U is listed as June 30th and its $70 for the Wii U version???

  • Andre R

    i am sorry to say, nintendo only lives through old ideas, nothing really new.
    i heard rumors that a new nintendo console is in the makings.. and its going to be 8 core cpu, in the late 2015. but at that time, it will be too late..

    • Kevin Sepulveda

      Nintendo starts working on new console ideas pretty much the moment the current one hits the market. However, you are wrong they will not release a new one by 2015. Those are just rumors Nintendo will live out the Wii U a little more than 4-5 years even if it is not as profitable as they wanted it to be.

  • Fred

    YES. Before the Nintendo Direct, I was considering this game. Now I know, it’s inevitable I’ll be buying/downloading it as soon as it’s released (which is 10pm for us here in the Mountain time zone)

  • cAdvent

    This really changed my mind about the game! Wasn’t looking forward to another ‘2d’ platformer, but it really does look incredible

  • Oliver Barraza

    Some of those levels look down right amazing.

  • Andre R

    shitty game