Feb 10th, 2014

Quick Note: Before you hit that play button and delve into the video, be aware that there are minor spoilers about gameplay in the video and the article below. If you want to go into playing Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze with a fresh slate, you should probably avoid this one.

As the release date for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze approaches, we’re getting more first-hand looks at various levels of the game, the soundtrack, and even some of the technical features. The one thing we haven’t seen until now is what the world map looks like. The map in the Donkey Kong Country series has always been pretty vital in conveying how the levels work, so it’s nice to see that Retro Studios haven’t really strayed from the formula. YouTuber BitBlock takes us around the map and gives us a quick look at several new things for this game.

The addition of a visual indicator for secrets and how to unlock new levels is pretty interesting and is reminiscent of unlocking Star Road in Super Mario World. Overall, it looks like the team at Retro Studios have crafted a pretty unique game, especially considering each island has its own theme.

North America and Europe will be able to get their hands on this banana-slinging title on February 21st, 2014.

  • Mayoo

    Games done right.

  • long_dong_donkey_kong

    My favorite Donkey Kong Country level (and one of my favorites levels ever) is the level where it’s not snowing, then it snows a little more, and eventually it’s a complete blizzard and you can barely see what you’re doing. I’d love to see a level like that in this game with modern HD graphics.

    • LJay

      I love snow levels period!

      • SP-937-215

        I’m the opposite. I’ve always hated snow levels and ice dungeons, etc. My faves were the bramble levels. They made me feel zen and peaceful, as cheesy as that sounds.

    • GuardiansFan

      The Donkey Kong Country games looked awesome on the SNES to begin with but those snow levels looked amazing I agree. I still remember how much of a big deal they were graphically speaking compared to what had come before on the SNES.

  • Sdudyoy

    As someone who has never played a Donkey Kong game, does anyone suggest this game to me?

    • Shinigami King

      Definitely! It will offer you a challenge but as long as you enjoy difficult games and platformers, you will love this. If you are still unsure, I would recommend a used copy of DKCR as it is still a fantastic game and it will let you check out the series at a lower price tag.

      If you feel confident in this game go straight for tropical freeze as it looks as though it will be even better than its predecessor.

    • Skelterz

      Yeah it looks good to me man i’m gunna get it i like a good old platformer/sidescroller and apperently its got a decent amount of diffculty to it so it should be worth checking out mate heres a link to a couple of levels done by gamexplain on youtube so you can get a feel for it


    • darkcreap

      Yep, absolutely, but watch gameplay videos first to ensure it is your cup of tea. It is a bit challenging. Try, if you have access to them, to the Donkey Kong Country of Wii and SNES, which are pretty similar to the WiiU game. The Wii game is more like the WiiU game, since Retro changed certain conventions in the DKC saga. These games are good quality platformers and challenging too.

    • Leo

      You must play the real DKC and that’s DKC 1, 2 and 3 from Rare. The DKC Returns is a very watered down cartoon version, its a completely different game and in my opinion those new games are inferior, i will give a chance for Tropical Freeze though.

      • SP-937-215

        Those epic games are the only reason I hacked my Wii Mode. All of my other games are legit purchases from Nintendo. But by the time I had finally decided to buy the original DK trilogy, I found that they were all removed from the Wii Shop Channel. Bastards.

    • YayGs

      For Sure! As a child the only Donkey Kong game I got to play was Donkey Kong Land until it was lost. Never got to play more than just a few stages of the first SNES one. But even with those aside this is still a fantastic game, you don’t have to play those to appreciate these new ones. I just finished DKCR 3D and the level design is fantastic. The difficulty is just about perfect I think (the original difficulty), it actually offers some challenge as opposed to most games these days. Even when you die it doesn’t kill the fun (it’s usually amusing actually rather than frustrating).

      Some of the best platforming I’ve ever experienced.

  • Skelterz

    I want to watch it but i don’t want to spoil it…hmm if only i had an ocarina.

    • Skelterz

      So i watched it does anyone know the song of time?

      • Magnus Eriksson

        > A v > A v

  • AkaLink77

    To be honest… i wont be getting this game… :/
    mostly because i’m not really feeling it with this game and i need to save up for MK8.

    • nintendope

      Your avatar, LOL!, Zelda CDI

      • AkaLink77

        It tends to be so insensitive when I’m trying to be serious. X}

        • nintendope

          I imagined you saying that last comment with your avatar’s face (so further proves your point)

          • Shota

            well said slippy

  • Simon Stevens

    I’m not even excited, that’s what you get when you delay games, still buying it for my son’s birthday like 🙂

    • Skelterz

      My girlfriend is sposed to be getting my copy but im in her bad books lol at the moment hahhah.

      • Simon Stevens

        I remember the bad books, women hold such a grudge yet when the tables turn it’s all “what!? you haven’t forgotten yet? such a little thing”, I never let em off, buy me carrot cake and a game or go home, no wonder I’m single lol I’m such a jerk

    • Ducked

      Its a little sad when you have to delay a 2D game. Where’s our open world 3D games?

      • Simon Stevens

        It messed up Christmas, I was supposed to get him an android retro half ass chinese made console bullshit thing for all games, wii party u, mario 3d world AND DK, got every last one except DK, got him Mario and Sonic at the Sochi olympics instead, which turned out to be good, but not exactly your traditional Nintendo game, it really shouldn’t take so long for a DK platformer, I mean geez, Retro might as well be developing on retro development kits at this rate

        • Ducked

          lol. At least 3D World was out. Nintendo better have a new Metroid, or Animal Crossing before 2015. Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros will sure get a lot of attention from me, but other than that I can see me mostly on PS4.

          • Simon Stevens

            3D world was amazing, it gave me a smile on my face only a happy song could give me, like that song “why don’t cha like me” can’t remember who sang it but it’s an insanely cheerful song, personally I’m hoping for X and shin megami tensei x fire emblem, but somehow I feel my Vita tv will be giving me the most pleasure this year, Sony always have a year of jrpgs, me thinks 2014 will continue on from 2013’s form, I was hoping the Wii U would be 2014’s go to machine and as amazing as the upcoming titles are, I just feel the Sony machines will put it to shame, I hope I’m wrong though 🙂

          • Ducked

            Super Mario 3D world is an amazing game, but it’s chaotic playing with more than two ppl. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy are my two favorite gaming series, so my PlayStation gets a lot of attention. I’m also excited about the new Uncharted in 2014. I really hope monolith’s X is still in production, that probably interests me the most

          • Simon Stevens

            Played all the kingdom hearts, loved them all exceptdream drop distance, that was bullshit lazy ass developing, making Sora and Rikku do the same worlds, boring!, FF is a disgrace these days, anything upto 12, amazing 13, 13-2, 13- 2-2, 13 9786468746 just ridiculous at this point lol, personally I have my hopes high on a new atelier game and hoping that maybe there’ll be a new gravity rush game?, ps4 could do with one 😀 and I’m really hoping for another golden abyss sort o game from Uncharted, it was so charming to hear the prince of persia 2008 duo back together, there amazing together

  • Lil J Moore

    Shut up and take my money

  • Ducked

    I have my copy pre ordered. I take all the co op games I can get.

  • RichM

    I don’t think I’ll be getting this one. I play games with my boys and they seem to dislike platformers. They think NSMU is too hard. While I’d like this one for myself, I’m going to wait for MarioKart 8 and see what Nintendo has up it’s sleaves for E3. Plus, I got MH3U and that’s like what? 100+ hours of gameplay.

    • LJay

      500+if your commited 😉

    • Enumerating Wishes

      Might want to consider getting them to play Super Nintendo platform games. I think Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country 3 would be a good start, I think those two are the easiest in their series (IMO DKC3 had the worst music too compared to 1 & 2.)

  • fireheartis1

    Man I can’t wait for this game. I love DKC and I know this one’s going to rock.

  • Marlon Frijters

    Gotta love the trophies like Smash Bros Melee.. Were they in the originel DKCR?

  • steveb944

    I want this really badly now with all the collectibles.

  • NintendoFan

    Does anyone know how many worlds this game will have? Or hasn’t it been announced yet?

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Two more weeks to go..maybe three I think.

    • Skelterz

      like a week and a half, Man i can’t wait either my lady’s getting it for me as a valentines present which is sweet of her.

  • ZeldaFan83

    11 days to go…

  • Denvy

    I’ll probably pass on this game. I liked DKC Returns, but that’s just it, just liked it. Didn’t think another one really needed to be made.

  • matthew garcia

    I guess this is all nintendo has goin for it

  • The Wii U version of super mario bros u was much better designed then the Wii Version. I have a feeling the same thing will happen with this new DK country game 🙂 Its more then graphics that are recieving big improvements ^_^

  • Leefull

    Not sure if I will get this one TBH. Me and the kids are still working our way through M3D. I will wait for a review or two first, then make a decision.

  • palomino blue

    Toy Capsules. Shenmu style!

  • SP-937-215

    It’s sad and pathetic how desperate Wii U owners are for this one 2.5D platformer to release. It’s like we are being starved for decent games, but we have a death grip on this stupid console. BUT OMG I WANT IT SO BAD GIVE US THE PRECIOUS WE MUST HAVE IT!!!

  • Potemkin

    Looks pretty cool. If it’s even close to that of the Wii, then I will buy it!