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Disney Infinity is an upcoming platform game that features a series of toys that can be used to play characters from within the Disney universe inside the game. Characters can be mixed and matched, so that a character from one movie can show up in another set. The game also features a sandbox mode called the Toy Box.

Disney Infinity Overview

Disney Infinity features several characters and play-sets that can be brought into the game by purchasing toys to go along with the game. The starter pack comes with the game and three figures, including Captain Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible, and Sully from Monsters University.

Each play set features its own world based on the original movie or show the characters are from. Play set mode requires characters from that particular universe to be used, as each play set has a story line and campaign to be completed. Toy Box mode is a sandbox that allows players to mix and match their characters in order to create their own game. The Disney Infinity Wii U release date is August 18th, 2013.


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