Aug 23rd, 2013

As many of you probably know, Disney Infinity was released this past Sunday. I’ve been playing the game for a couple days now, and have featured my unboxing and early moments with Disney Infinity in the video below. This isn’t my full review, but more of an overview of the various aspects of the game.

Are any of you playing Disney Infinity? What are your thoughts on the game so far? Also, are there any questions you still have about how the game plays after watching the video?

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  • RyuNoHadouken

    total rip off…parents are gonna go broke!!

    • Clel

      Just learn to say no.

  • I actually have a Syndrome character I got from E3, I’ve been curious about this but not sure I want to pull the trigger since I have no children. Looks fun, though!

    • YogiGRB

      i’m actually 33 and unfortunately no kids, still … i buy and play these sort of games next to the so called “hard core” games.
      Act like a tennis shoe, and just do it (old song reference)

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    On another note guys, do you know Rayman Legends is released next week? I didn’t till a few minutes ago and neither did a lot of other people apparently. This wouldn’t have happened had Ubisoft be faithful to Nintendo and released the game when everyone was getting hyped up about it. Ubisoft might have to face some bitter consequences from their decisions.

    • Eduardo

      i just found out 10 min ago too.

    • Michael DeVore

      I could have sworn it was going to be in another month. Doesn’t matter, the money is already tied up in other things coming out.

    • Rafael Saldana

      On a more important note, I got a message from Snowyday on cod ghosts saying that the freefall dlc pic was taken off from the wii u pre order page on, I pre ordered it right after wiiudaily confirmed freefall for wii u, my question for wiiudaily is: is freefall still confirmed because that’s the only reason I pre ordered and I feel a bit lied to

      • blindtiger

        it definitely looks like the wii u is getting the shaft again… i wish someone would come forward and honestly explain whats going on with nintendo, the wii u and the industry in general.

        • parttimegamer25

          Looks like they took it off also

    • Jack5221

      Well… We could sit here and pout, or we can just buy the game and forget it ever happened. Besides, if they spent all this extra time on it, then its probably going to be better than the original.

      • Thomas Fitzgibbon

        I’m thinking of buying it…but I have money saved up for other games and to be honest, I’m…we are all still a bit sore at Ubisoft for treating Wii U owners like that.

    • Nintendo4life

      Im not getting rayman now atleast not till it’s cheap and used

    • Derk

      That’s awesome! I had no idea it was out so soon.

      To stay relevant, this Disney game looks a little childish so I am going to pass on it. This game can’t compete with Skylanders. Great video!

      • Levi Johansen

        It’s not trying to compete with Skylanders, skylanders is a stupid comperison.

        Search for Infinity Toy Box on youtube and learn why this game is awesome and a must have! 😀

        • Derk

          It seems like a legitimate comparison to me.

          • Levi Johansen

            Well, it is. But Infinity is so much more than that.

            The playsets are gid open world adventure games, and could have been sold as games themselves, they only have 10 hours of missions, but so does alot of other games.

            Also there is the toy box mode where we can download even more adventures made by disney or by gamers. and we can make our own.

            I’m gonna pick this game up as soon as possible, i’m super hyped for it. 😀

    • Sami Rautio

      Still going to get it 🙂 to my wiiu because you get rayman origins and Legends on same game disk ! plus the Legends must be huge game now because its delays are even more legendary 🙂 but i played the origins trough with my friends and now we can play both origins and legends 😀

  • Eduardo

    its a silent giant awaiting to wake up.. like Pokemon all over again.

  • RoboticLink

    This reminds me of Skylanders with those little figures

  • Nintendo4life

    Well im thinking of getting this game but the price you have to pay for the other figures is kinda high hummm what you guys think?

    • Justin Carlson

      Target = 50% off playsets
      Walmart = 50% off figure 3 packs
      Gamestop = $15 off starter set with coupon code GUST15. (I don’t know if it still works.I also heard of a code for free shipping.)

      • Nintendo4life

        I just got it today and it is awesome..Thanks man I got it at walmart

  • Justin Carlson

    Disney is trying to make an infinite amount of money off of this. The things are way overpriced in my mind. Having said that, there were some 50% off deals on the play sets and figures along with a $15 off deal on the starter set this week… so I pulled the trigger. I can see my 6 and 8 year old sons spending and infinite amount of time with this game due to the sandbox mode.

  • Javy G

    What I’m trying to figure out is if there any type story mode, treasure, or goal your trying reach? Does it have next stages, level ups or ANYTHING to keep us playing? It seems you just go around just fighting enemies in an open world with no purpose.

    • David Thany

      Yeah they have the main story modes. They are called play sets. What you see where it looks like you just do whatever is the Toy Box mode. That mode lets you do whatever including designing your own games.

      Here are some screens of some sprites I made in toy box mode.

      • David Thany
        • Javy G

          Damn!!! Awesome sprites!!! Thanks for clearing that up, I have heard of some the Disney IN lingo from “Toy Box” to “Play Sets” but didn’t exactly know what that meant. It seems developers expect you to know what they’re talking about. This game is a Disney fan’s dream. I seen one of the LPs and it shaping it up be a creators game with a little bit of decent gameplay.

  • Sonic

    disney, give me scrooge mcduck and some tron figures and i’m set

    • Sonic

      well tron stuff exists….

  • andrewjcole

    Bank doesn’t open ’till Monday. Still waiting for my copy.

  • Your money

    WE SHALL HAVE A POKEMON TOY GAME. (not pokemon rumble.)

  • dgallo911

    Does anyone wanna be friends on the wiiu as my kid would love to play this multiplayer. My account is dgallo911 and the mii is max power