Sep 10th, 2013

Movie licensed games are infamous for their typically low quality. Disney is hoping that by bringing many of their franchises together into one game, with some Skylanders style toys, so they can give Disney fans an experience worthy of featuring their unforgettable characters. I’ve spent countless hours exploring all of the various aspects in Disney Infinity, and you can view my complete review of the game in the video below. If you want more information on the game’s physical components, such as the toys and power discs, check out my unboxing and first look video.


Because it is so vast, Disney Infinity is sort of a tough game to describe. Is it a sandbox game? Is it an action/platformer game? Is it like Minecraft? The answer is, all of the above.


The gameplay in Disney Infinity is divided into two modes, playsets and the Toy Box. The playsets are where all of the story driven content resides. Here, you’re placed in a sandbox environment set in the world of one of Disney’s franchises and you must progress through the story with a character from that franchise, while collecting new toys and leveling up along the way.

Each playset features gameplay mechanics suited for the characters in that set. The Incredibles playset requires you to use superpowers to battle villains and protect the citizens of Metrocity; The Monster’s University playset includes pulling pranks, invading the rival campus, and perfecting your scare tactics; and the Pirates of the Caribbean playset features swashbuckling sword fights along with sea exploration and battles.

Disney Infinity is obviously geared more towards children, and this shows in the difficulty of the story missions. It’s relatively easy to not die, and even if you do, you respawn right in the area you died with unlimited continues.


But, this does not mean the entire game is a breeze. The more “hardcore” gamer will still find some difficulty in finding all the hidden toy pieces as well as completing challenges. All of the challenges have three difficulties, easy, medium, and hard. I must admit that I often found myself requiring several attempts before overcoming some of the hard mode challenges.

The other half of the Disney Infinity experience takes place in the Toy Box, where the player can use literally thousands of in game items and structures to build pretty much whatever they want. You can personalize your own area to play in and explore or make your own game with the Infinity tools. And, the Toy Box supports up to four players through online play.

Similar to Little Big Planet, users can upload their creations to be downloaded by other players, but what’s so cool about Disney Infinity’s Toy Box Share, is that it works cross platform. So, Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U owners can all share their creations together.

The Toy Box mode is where Disney Infinity really shines. Long ago, Disney coined the term Imagineers to describe the visionaries who designed the attractions at the Disney Parks. Npw, the player gets to take on that role as your game experience is only limited to your imagination.


I’ve personally had all sorts of fun adventures in the Toy Box. From racing around Agrabah, to surviving numerous traps in the Hedge Maze from Alice in Wonderland, the possibilities seem truly endless.

Also found in the Toy Box, is the Hall of Heroes. Here, players can see the embodiment of there progress in a amphitheater environment, adorned with statues of their characters. As you level up your characters, the quality of their statues will improve in the hall of heroes. The hall will also change itself, becoming more majestic as you progress through the game.

Another cool feature of the Hall of Heroes, is that you can examine the pedastal of a character you don’t have to view a short video package showcasing that character’s abilities. This can help players determine which other characters they may want to purchase, and there are videos available for the recently announced wave 2 of Disney Infinity figures.

The only major gripe I had with the gameplay was with regards to multiplayer in the playsets. To play two-player split-screen in the playsets, each player has to have a figure from that playset. So, if you want to play through each of the playsets with someone else, you will need three more figures.



As a Disney fan, I loved that each of the playsets in Disney Infinity featured a brand new story for each franchise rather than a retelling of their movies. For instance, The Monster’s University playset is set during Mike and Sulley’s early college days prior to the new movie. In the Incredibles playset, Syndrome has returned and also freed some of his fellow villains to help him reek havoc on Metrocity. And finally, in the Pirates of the Caribbean playset, players are up against Davy Jones and his crew in a race for a mystical treasure.

It was awesome that each playset came with a brand new story to share with both old and new characters, but I wish the stories were a bit more flushed out. They all have cool concepts behind them, but since they’re mostly told through short dialogue sequences, they don’t feel as epic as they should.


The toy like art style of this game is going to be a bit hit or miss for people. All of the playable characters in the game make it seem like the toys you bought have actually come to life. I could have used some more detail on some of the environments, and the game does suffer from minor screen stutters.


What people should realize though, is that this toy theme allows you to get away with some diabolical things in an E for everyone game. For instance you can take Mr. Incredible and terrorize Metrocity, sending cars flying in the air or smashing citizens into buildings, if these characters looked more real, the game would have likely received a different rating.

The audio in Disney Infinity really blew me away. All of the voices are spot on. You’ll likely be tricked into thinking you’re hearing the original voices for many of the characters, and, in some cases, you are. Several voice talents from the movies reprise their roles in Disney Infinity, such as Craig T. Nelson, who is once again playing Mr. Incredible.

When it comes to background music, you really can’t do much better than countless memorable Disney tracks. Some were from before my time, and some are only a couple years old, but they’re all classics

Wii U Features

With thousands of items and tools available to build with in Disney infinity, sifting through and managing what you have available can be a bit tough. This is why the Wii U GamePad is the perfect companion for Disney Infinity. The GamePad makes it much easier to scroll through your options as you customize your world.

Also, you can equip your character with various items, and only one item can be used at a time. Being able to simply tap the item you want on the GamePad to quickly equip it without having to pause the game, helps maintain the flow of the gameplay.



To sum things up, Disney Infinity is a great example of what Disney does best, taking an idea centered around entertaining children, and executing it in a way that captures the attention and imagination of all age groups.


+Varied gameplay that offers up something for everyone
+A variety of classic Disney melodies for background music
+Great voice cast
+Different mechanics in the playsets make each feel like a different game.


-Minor frame rate issues
-Story presentation feels weak
– Split-screen co-op requires characters outside the Starter Pack

Final Score 8.5/10

Have any of you been playing Disney Infinity? What are your thoughts on the game?

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  • CEObrainz

    I’m not too into games that require so many purchases afterwards for the “full experience” that the original money spent on the game seems like pocket change.

    • Gregg

      Skylanders is the only Franchise that really makes it worth it. The Figures in Infinity are too few, and do too little

      • yeah, skylanders all have individual upgrades and skill trees and even come with their own chalenge events that all your skylanders can play to boost stats. Plus I love the background they give characters on their site. I’m a sucker for lore

    • Ducked

      That’s why we buy Kingdom Hearts 🙂

  • Magnus Eriksson

    WiiUDaily is way to generous in their reviews. I didnt see a single review on this site ending up below 8.0. Its really not reflecting the reality of the quality of the games.

    New Super Luigi U for example, got an 8. When it shouldnt be more than a 6.5 at best.

    Duck Tales Remastered, 8/10??? Come on!

    Resident Evil Revelations, 8.5/10…

    Injustice Gods among Us, 9/10?

    Pikmin, 9.5. (good game, but this is near perfect score)

    Assassins Creed 3, an 8.

    So, what when the real blockbusters appear? Will they get 12/10, 15/10? Compare these reviews with other reviews. Its one, two or even three points less everytime.

    • Gregg

      OPINION. Many feel NSLU is a solid game

      • Magnus Eriksson

        You could say that about every single game in the world. The point is that those scores here does not reflect the reality. Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 are both the two strongest titles on Wii U until today. NSLU is a repeat of an already overly repeated game. It should be reflected in the score.

        • Gregg

          You prove my point. I finished the Wonderful 101 Demo, and thought it was mediocre at best. It changed my mind about picking it up. I didn’t really like it at all. My 2 girls spent 5-8 hour sessions on Infinity the week before School started. That’s a serious return on my $$$. They love it.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Did you do the missions in the demo too and at least tried to perform a 2.5x combo? Because if you didn’t, it’s like running around in mario without learning how to jump and then saying the controls are bad…

        • Rogerio Ap Silva de Andrade

          The scores reflect the reviewer reality. They´re not meant to reflect a particular reader reality.

    • Arthur Jarret

      New super luigi U is a 8/10 game in terms of graphical quality and sound – regardless of personal inclinations towards liking the style… but I dock it one whole point for being marketed as a hard game, while being ridiculously easy.

      So a 7/10 from me.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        I would maybe give NSMBU a 7.5. NSLU a point less because its simple bader in every aspect.

        • Arthur Jarret

          NSMBU gets a 7/10 from me too. Graphics were lovely, but the music wasn’t memorable and the difficulty to get 100% was way too low. A solid multiplayer game – but like the wii version, the levels are a bit too empty for a solo player

    • Michael DeVore

      Really, so 3 ,5, 6, 7.5 come after 8 now?
      Black Ops II – 7.5
      Buddle 7.5
      Nintendo Land 7.5
      Chasing Aurora 6
      Madden 2013 5
      ESPN Sports 3
      You’re argument is nothing but a selective troll.

      Now since I took the time to look at every review.
      Wii U daily is about 0.16 points above other critics on average, and about 0.6 points about users on average. This one single review is 1.6 points above the current average critic score of 6.9. For this even to be considered an outlier it would need to be 1.9 points above or 1.7 points below compared to critics.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Ok, check out those games reviewed other places. And you shouldnt be that quick labeling people as trolls. Its called an opinion. Metacritcs (both user and MC valuation):

        Disney infinity: 6.9/10 & 7.1/10

        New Super Luigi U : 7.6/10

        Duck Tales Remastered: 7.6/10

        Resident Evil Revelations: 8.0/10 & 7.2/10

        Injustice Gods among Us: 8.2/10 & 7.5/10

        Pikmin: 8.7/10

        Assassins Creed 3: 8.5/10 & 7.1/10

        • Michael DeVore

          I reviewed all of them. Unlike your selective troll self.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            You want a medal for not getting the point? Three games getting less than 7.5. 75% is a quite high score. Three games out of how many reviews? What do that say about your “basic statistics”?

          • Michael DeVore

            Do you want one for not understanding basic statistics?

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Its not about statistics you clown. Its about giving unreasonable high scores.

            Wii U Daily gives about 1-2 points higher score compared to basically every other reviewer on the internet. NSLU is clearly not an 8. Its 6.5 at best.

          • Michael DeVore

            Is 0.16 points above other critics unreasonably high. Because if it is I’m sorry the 20 or so reviews they’ve done isn’t enough to have 0.16 fall outside the margin of error needed to show that it’s high. Or are you complaining about the .6 points above the average user score?

            Again, your selective troll self doesn’t even understand basic statistics.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            If this site is giving a higer score than every other reviewer on the internet everytime. Yes then its unreasonable high. And it is.

            btw, do you get off to calling people trolls? Or is that some sort of master suppression technique you picked up on internet?

          • Michael DeVore

            Of their 20 or so reviews 9 of them are below other critics, and, in case you failed basic math too, the other half are above it. If they matched perfectly there would be a red flag they were giving false reviews since odds are more likely that you’ll be below or above the average.

            There there Mr. Troll. It’s ok to admit you’re wrong every now and then. I’m sure you had no idea some data junkie would call out your lie.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Nah,they really are not. And you really didnt call out anything at all. Your computer skills are at best a 5.5/10 if this is what you think. Of course im giving you a review in WiiUDaily spirit here 🙂

          • Michael DeVore

            Then prove your point by calculating WiiUDaily’s average score, and the average score of all those games on metacritic. I have the score right in front of me.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Good for you. Nah, I dont feel like I care to much about that. 🙂

          • Michael DeVore

            Then you admit to having a baseless argument.
            Check Mate

          • Magnus Eriksson

            No I dont have to do that at all. I could just say that you can do it yourself. So thats really not check mate, or check for that sake. More like you made a false move, mixing up the pieces and the rules with tic tac toe. You should learn the basic rules of chess before playing it.

          • Michael DeVore

            If you wish to prove that you have an objective argument and not a baseless one caused by selection bias on your part you do.

            So as long as your refuse to calculate the average it is check and mate.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            You can try to refute my argument by showing that three games out of 20 games have a score below 7.5 out of 10 and that its reasonable. How does that look on a bell curve? You who like statistics should throw yourself on the drawing board now.

          • Michael DeVore

            5 games are actually below 7.5, not 3.
            A bell curve would only apply if we were dealing with a random sample. Which means they would have had to select the games for review randomly. Also the bell curve only applies if it is normal distribution, but like chess rankings it’s only assumed to be normal distribution. It’s really more like log-normal distribution.

            However, your argument is very clear. You’re claiming that they are significantly higher than the average meta-critic reviewer. And to “prove” it you selected only reviews that complement your argument. Now you can ether admit you’re view is clearly false, or you can take the average of all their reviews, and the average of all the meta-critic scores of the games they’ve reviewed, and then compare them.

            That all you need to do to objectivity prove your point. However, since I know the answer, and I know it objectively proves you wrong beyond all doubt it is indeed Check Mate.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Nah, I just picked the first games I saw on Review section here. No selection.

            Also, you are not very strong at understanding what you are told. The thing is that you cannot put those games in a bell curve showing that most of the games rewieved get a decent-ok score, and the few games get either very good or very bad score. 75% of the games got a score of 75% or better.

          • Michael DeVore

            That would be the definition of selection, or do I need to define the word for you. Now, go do the foot work to prove yourself wrong.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            No, thats not the definition at all. It was quite random actually. And no, the proving wrong must be your burden.

          • Michael DeVore

            Sorry but random would require you to assign all their reviews values and have ether a computer or dice generate random values. What you have is selection, and order bias. It is as far from random as you can get. However, since we’re dealing with a small number of cases there is no need to do a random sample. Just do a census of all their reviews. The burden of proof is on anyone who makes a claim, and since your claim is still unproven, and I’ve given you the methodology to prove your claim go and do it. Or is that beyond your skill level?

          • DarkK

            In your opinion it is.

          • Rogerio Ap Silva de Andrade

            well.. check the sites you said and you´ll see that Wiiu wasn´t the only one who gave NSLU an 8

        • Rogerio Ap Silva de Andrade

          yes, its an opinion.. as the review is an opinion too. All this fuzz about scores don´t make any sense

    • BIG Franky

      sorry….but i think PIKMIN 3 is worthy of a 9.5….. its beautiful in every sense of the word, graphically, originality, control, etc…. i dont think many should grade out as high as it does, i.e., meaning it probably deserves a “near” perfect score…. obvi it isnt perfect (maybe difficulty – or lack thereof – being a possible issue), but then that is why it doesnt get a perfect score.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Pikmin looks great I agree on that. But an 8/10 is also an insanely high score. Its actually got inflation when a ok game like Ducktales get an 8. Or Luigi U gets the same. Injustice Gods Among os for example. 0.5 points below Pikmin.

      • Jake Doucet

        You are damned right Pikmin 3 deserves the 9.5….Luigi U deserved its score as well for that matter.

    • wober2

      meh… reviews are overrated 😛

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Haha! True!

    • I think lumping a site’s reviews together like that does a disservice to the individual who wrote the review. This is where MetaCritic fails. Game reviewers have their own opinions as to what’s good and what’s not. You should get to know the people behind the reviews and their opinions on gaming and therefore you yourself can accurately judge whether you think the score is merited or not.

      Of course the long time NFL fan who buys every Madden game each year will probably rate the next Madden game higher than I would, a person who does not play sports games.

      I reviewed both Injustice and Pikmin and I felt both were great games. I am not a fighting game player but my experience with Injustice was such that I really, really enjoyed myself to the point of me considering it a superb game. Therefore, the 9 is warranted, in my eyes.

      Once again, reviews should be taken as subjective, not objective. There’s no wrong way to review a game unless you flat out don’t play it and spout bullshit.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        If reviews only were meant to reflect subjective taste, then the concept of reviews would be totally meaningless. Of course it should reflect some sort of objective standard, at least try to be as objective as possible. Its very difficult to do of course, but it should still be the ideal. Otherwise you end up reducing art, literature and games for that sake, to a question about subjective preferances, a matter of taste. If its beautiful, then its art. That is real bullshit. Ending up saying that some random comic strip is at the level of Tolstoy, Goethe or Shakespear just because I feel that way. Then it wouldnt be possible to have meaningful debates about such things as literature, art and games. It would just be a fight about tastes.

        • Guest

          Nice people have trouble giving bad scores for personal reasons. If you want to be a reviewer and speak for the general public, you have to be ruthless enough to crush the dreams of hardcore fans.

          I see what you are saying… Reviewers should try to be as unbiased as possible when reviewing. If they know that their opinion is bias, then they should dock some points or try to find a second opinion… There are a lot more games that have a score of 5+ than there are games that have a score of 4 and under. Why is that? Are there fewer bad games in the world or are people just being generous with their scores? Is it their fear of being criticized from a differing opinion?

          I don’t play WoW because it is very addicting….. but there is absolutely no possibility that Pikmin 3 is a better game than World of Warcraft even though the reviewers say it is… People give games scores, but then they don’t compare previous scores that they had given… That is when this whole process starts to break down.

          Assassins Creed 3 got the exact same score as Ducktales remake… Are these two games really equal? Does that mean assassins creed 3 is a rip off because it is twice as expensive? That is an insult to Assassins Creed 3.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Agree! This is kind of what I tried to say.

          • TCar

            But why compare games like AC3 to Ducktales? Who gets to decide what part of the scale each type of game fits? Does a $50 game fit into the 8 to 10 mark, while the $20 and under fit into the 4-7 mark? The game shouldn’t be based on how much you pay for it, it should be based on the value of the experience. Both games may score the same but they are vastly different types of games. I haven’t played AC3 but I do feel that it is one of those games that I would play through once and than sell it. Ducktales however, mainly because I downloaded it, I have played over and over again.

          • Rogerio Ap Silva de Andrade

            The score is based on what a game proposes and what it accomplishes in those purposes, on the subjective point-of-view of the writer, and not about how it compares with other games. Comparing AC and Ducktales makes no sense. They´re completely different games with different styles and different pourposes. So in what they are aimed to be they have similar accomplishments so the score is similar.

        • Rogerio Ap Silva de Andrade

          But reviews and not meant to be definitive analysis of anything. They´re basically personal views, and since the experience people have with gaming, as well as they have with movies, books, music and everything art-related, may be different, their reviews will also be different. If reviews were meant to be just technical analysis of a product, in this case a game, then it should countain only technical data, like we used to use back in the 8-bit era when people talked about how much memory a cartridge had or how many colors the game used in its pallette. It´s pointless. In the end, tastes matter a lot and readers must learn that. You may like a game that a particular reviwer don´t.

      • Michael DeVore

        In general I agree with you. However, there is a catch. Statistically speaking if you take a large sample of reviews from someone and average them they should come close to the average score most people give.

        In this case WiiU Daily gives an average score of 7.55
        On the other hand Metacritic gives and average of 7.39
        This excludes Splinter Cell since metacritic still has Splinter Cell as TBD for critics, ZombiU since it has a review, but no score for some reason. That compares all the same games that both have scores for, and as you can see the statistical Regression toward the mean is shown in this case. In other words everything is fine with the reviews.

        There are two problems that can appear. If the average was significantly higher, like 2 points above, then I would suspect developers were buying reviews, and if the reviews were significantly lower I would suspect the reviewer of creating click bate.

        There is also a significant difference between user scores and critic scores, but this is because Critics seem phobic of giving any game less than a 3, and users will be brutally honest if a game is that bad. This is probably due to a number of high profile firings due to giving bad reviews over the last few decades.

        • Rogerio Ap Silva de Andrade

          Are you seriously saying that 0.2 points above is “significantly higher” ? No, it´s not, depending of how people experience a particular game, and their particular tastes, ranging 2 full points is perfectly normal. Besides, don´t take user scores seriously, because they, at the contrary, don´t tend to be “brutally honest”. Many users use those kind of aggregate-scores sites to actually bash games and companies

          • Michael DeVore

            You should read for full context I said “In other words everything is fine with the reviews.” because the overall average is inline with statistical regression towards the mean.

            2 full points on a scale of ten for an individual review would be normal, but 2 points over an average of 20 cases would be an indication of a problem, and over a hundred cases would remove all doubt.

            Just because some people use aggregate scores incorrectly doesn’t not remove statistically valid analysis. You’re final argument is an ad-hom, and nothing more.

    • Zakariyya Al-Quran


      • Magnus Eriksson

        They have reviewed Chasing Aurora. Gave it a 6

        • Zakariyya Al-Quran

          SO WHAT, I already know but just as an example, TBH I actually think they rate fine, Would you want a review for the game tank!tank!tank!

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Nah, but I wouldnt give NSLU or Ducktales 8.5. Or Resident Evil for that sake. Its clearly not the greatest RE games in the series, but with a score like that you kind of imply it is.

    • Btw, I reviewed Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge for this site and gave it a 6/10. And, the comments are pretty much filled with people calling me an idiot, saying it deserved a 7 or 8, but I stand by it. We don’t get free review copies, so we can’t review all the games that are available. As a result, we usually choose ones that more people are interested in, which tend to get higher scores. Disney also released Disney’s Planes about a month or so ago on Wii U and 3DS. I played a little bit of it, and I don’t think it’s good, I’d probably end up giving it a 5/10 if I reviewed it, but I can’t afford to spend the $50 on something like that.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        I dont call you, Ashley, or any one else, things like that. I have great respect for you, and shouldnt come here everyday for reading your articles else.

        However, I just think you gave those games to high scores. When Duck Tales get 8.5 for example, how will you show the qualitative distance between that and for example Zelda U a new Mario Kart, Smash or Mario 3D. Those games will probably get something between 8.5 to 10. But they will for sure be a lot better than Injustice, DuckTales or this Disney game. Decent games shouldnt have a score of 8 but more like around 5.

        • I’m sorry, but I think you’re arguing against the entire purpose of having multiple reviews. I don’t think DuckTales is an O.K. game, I thought it was great, and expressed that in my review. It brought me back to the classic days of the NES, this style of gameplay is something I rarely get to experience nowadays. Now you may not enjoy that NES style of gameplay as much, and would score the game lower, and that’s really the beauty of having different reviews. If everyone was mostly concerned with making sure their review matched up with Metacritc, then what’s really the point of having different reviews? In my opinion, if reviewing came down to that, where reviews were criticized for not adhering to the thoughts of the majority, I probably wouldn’t want to do this anymore.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Metacritic was just a random example I made. Most of the games WiiUDaily gave a score 8 or more got 1-3 points lesser in almost every other review.

            Hmmm… I actually bought my Wii U mostly for Virtual Console on the pad (back then I thought Wii mode could be shown on the pad too). And I liked Ducktales too, alot. But I wouldnt give it a higher score than 6.5. Rayman I would maybe give a 8.5. Or NSMB series before it got too repetetive. Mario Galaxy would get something like that, and Zelda Skyward Sword too. Great games, but not 10’s. Whats a 10 then? Ocarina of Time maybe? 9.5? Something almost as good as OoT, but not quite there for some minor details. A 9? Mario Galaxy 2 perhaps? Insanely good, but still much repeated from the first game. Are Ducktales close up to Mario Galaxy or Skyward Sword? Nah.

            Yes, of course reviews will differ from place to place. But I think you gives a bit to high scores that doesnt reflect the reality of the game.

          • Its all opinion, though. Who decides the “reality” of a game then? Opinions differ. You say you would give Ducktales a 6.5 and Rayman, maybe an 8, but what are your factors? Are you taking into account that Rayman is $60 and DuckTales is $15? If you don’t think Disney Infinity deserves an 8.5, are you basing that off the fact that the target group for that game is young children, and not adults? Different reviewers are going to put different amounts of weight into the aspects they feel are important. I don’t know what else to tell you.

          • Magnus Eriksson


          • sd

            ZombiU is probably the best example. One of my favourite games of all time. Some people gave it 9/10, others gave it 5/10. Reviews don’t account for individual taste.

            Also imagine as a reviewer if you reviewed COD, then BF4, the Killzone one after the other. Would you not be fed up at the end and maybe give a lower score because of FPS fatigue. Does that make your score wrong. No not really. But on the other hand review them with a decent break and the score might be different. My point is there are many factors that people need to take into account when looking at reviews. Its a guide, with a score based on the reviewers opinion. Sure if every reviewer has the same opinion ts probably accurate, which is where metacritic can be useful.

          • sd

            Where do you get 1-3 points lower from metacritic. Ducktales on metacritic received 76, this site gave it 8.0 (which would be 80) which is 0.4 higher. This is the same almost across the board for all of the Wii U games. Either half a point higher or lower. Look at the individual titles. Its close to the average.

      • Michael DeVore

        Was the final score changed after the fact to 9 out of 10? It is the only game showing as a statistical outlier above for the site, and Madden is showing as the only outlier below.

        • No, I see that is says 9/10 at the bottom, but I didn’t put that in. Must be a typo. The score is at the end of the video, which is a 6/10.

          • Michael DeVore

            Well correcting that changes the sight average to 7.4 which puts the site at 0.01 points from average for the same games rated by metacritic. As a whole the sites remarkably honest with reviews.

      • sd

        As I mentioned above I checked the scores on here against metacritic. I was quite impressed as for all the reviews mentioned above the metacritic score was 0.4-0.8 points away from the scores on Wii u daily. That’s pretty good going and it also highlights the consistency of these reviews. I don’t know of many any other sites with this consistency across the board.

    • NintendoNoob

      Have you ever heard of opinions? I hate the reviewers who never give a game a 10/10 despite having amazing games out there (SS, OoT, Skyrim, TLoS) Wii U daily rates on their opinions. The reason why all these games get such high ratings is because the staff at WiiUDaily probably don’t buy every game out there just to rate it, but just the games they think are potential of a high score. Wii U daily probably selectively picks the best reviews of games so their readers know what games out there are deserving to buy

      • Magnus Eriksson

        no, whats an opinion? Teach me on that subject, please.

    • sd

      All of the games you just mentioned are great games. Pikmin is worth 9.5 easily, one of the best games I have ever played. All your comment does is highlight the large number of great games on the WiiU. I would say all of these scores are pretty close to being accurate. Not played ducktales so I cant comment on that one.

    • sd

      Regarding these scores and your opinion. Its worth noting that almost all of these scores are within 0.5 points of the metacritic average. Pikmin 3 is the only one that is not, which is 0.8 away from the average. This is actually pretty good and would be something the reviewers should be very happy about. Its certainly better than most other site reviews.

    • TCar

      You do realize that every game gets rated based on different elements right? The rating is based on what each game brings to the player, not how it compares to every other game on the market.

    • Rogerio Ap Silva de Andrade

      I do believe all those games deserve those scores. They´re great games. The only one I think could be lower would be Revelations, I´d give it an 8. Besides, different people have different experiences with the same games, so the score is only a way to show the level of impression the game gave to the reviewer and not a definitive statement of what is better for you and what is not.
      Don´t take scores so seriously. Read the reviews to find out if the game has what may interest to you or not. Sometimes you´ll find pleasure playing a game that recieved only a 6 or a 5 from a particular reviewer

  • MysticDude97

    I’ve played it. But I have no idea how to upload Toy Boxes.

  • Justin Carlson

    This is a fun game, and you can get very creative, however, I don’t see much value in purchasing the figures that only work in the toy box.

  • sd

    Never played this or skylanders. If I were to get a game for my 5 year old, which one would be better this, or skylanders. Baring in mind it will be his first ever game.

    Just curious what people think.

    • I never played Skylanders either, but, as I state in this review, the difficulty is set so kids can easily pick it up and play, and I found it to be a lot of fun.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      I think Disney Infinity would be the best. Mostly because it has more recognizable characters than Skylander’s (Skylanders only had two, and that’s IF you played a Spyro game before.) Your son would probably like playing as someone he’s seen in a movie before.

      I honestly find Disney Infinity more fun than Skylanders. But, that’s just me.

  • Merrfn

    I have decided to steer clear of this game. The same with Skylanders, as these types of games make you WANT to spend your money, when originally you didn’t, and I end up emptying my pockets.

    • Smart man. I was originally planning on just buying the Starter Pack to do the review. Now, I’m only missing two figures and one power disc.

  • discuss

    Fun for kids but not for me 🙂

  • Scott Morgan

    Just a tip – I didn’t really like creating in Toy Box mode on the Wii U GamePad. It’s a tad blurry, the transition to spark mode is slow, and it’s hard to jump back-and-forth between screens. If you pause the game and hit “Play on GamePad,” all of the creation controls appear on both screens AND there’s no spark mode lag.

    As far as the review score – I think this game is even more open to reviewer bias than most. I love the Disney characters, and seeing them appear on screen is pretty magical to me. If you love to create – especially race tracks – you’ll love the Toy Box mode. If not, it might seem a bit pointless. FWIW, I can’t get enough of the game’s creative versatility – and I like the characters enough to trudge through some of the more mundane tasks.

  • Joel

    Should I abandon Skylanders in favor of Disney Infinity? I’m especially interested in the characters more, but I’m not sure if the full game will appeal to me.

    • I haven’t played Skylanders. So, I can’t really make a recommendation, but I do find Disney Infinity to be incredibly fun. There’s a lot of stuff in here for fans of action adventure and platforming type games.

      • Joel

        Oh, I almost forgot, I also have LittleBigPlanet 2 for PlayStation 3. And because LittleBigPlanet 2 just seems like an infinitley superior version of Disney Infinity, I’m now really not sure if I should get it. Your thoughts?

        • If you’re only looking for those user-generated levels, then yeah, LBP may be a better option as the game has been around for a long time, and thus, has a lot of content. I think DIsney Infinity has more going for it in the range of gameplay, though. LBP is limited to those levels, where Infinity has three completely different sandbox stories. And, besides making levels, you can use the Toy Box to create your own world, which feels more Minecraft.