Aug 13th, 2013

This past weekend, at Disney’s “ultimate fan event,” the D23 Expo, the second batch of figures for Disney Infinity were announced.


Front and center is Disney’s most iconic character, Mickey Mouse. To be specific, they have chosen his look from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice segment of Fantasia. This means it’s likely that the mouse will have access to some magical powers. I just hope I don’t end up with a bunch of possessed mops ruining my toy box creations.

Those who were lucky enough to attend the D23 Expo were able to get the Mickey figure at the show months in advance of its actual release. The figure is already going for around a hundred dollars on ebay (yeah, I wanted to try and get one).

Toy Story will be getting its own playset, making it the 6th one in the game. The set will come bundled with Buzz and Jessie, while Woody will be sold separately. This playset will take place in space and involve the gang trying to help aliens repopulate their planet.

Jack Skellington, Wreck-It Ralph, and everyone’s favorite glitch, Vanellope, have been featured in several trailers for the game, but now we know their arrival will be within the coming months.

Phineas and Agent P., from the Disney Channel series, Phineas and Ferb, will be the first Disney Infinity characters coming to the game from a television series. I’m glad to see Disney shows getting some love early on, but where’s my Kim Possible?

Rounding out the new editions are Rapunzel from Tangled, and those two other characters whom you don’t remember at all. The reason you don’t remember them is because they’re from Disney’s upcoming film, Frozen. The girl on the left is Elsa the snow queen, and to the right of her is the film’s protagonist, Anna.

The second wave of Disney Infinity figures are set to begin releasing in October and continue through part of 2014, while the game itself launches this Sunday.

What do you guys think of the second run of Disney Infinity figures? Which ones are you most excited for?

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  • Squid

    M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e

  • TheWinds

    I’m now imagining Kim possible back in action….

  • Shota

    sorcerer mickey mouse toy. Thats what i want!

  • AAAkabob

    Toy Story!! They got me

  • Mochlum

    Man, I’m tempted to buy the game just for the P&F ones, the WIR ones, and that Mickey Mouse.

  • BIG Franky

    Kinda shocked that Wreck-It-Ralph and Vanellope didn’t get their own playset… .I mean, if any movie was set up to translate well to this format, it would be theirs, right? LOL… yeah, a movie based on videogames… but oh well….
    Here’s to hoping that WALL-E and EVE get their own playset… i think that would translate over well too.

    • I completely agree. I think there will still be a lot of great stuff coming for them from Toy Box creations, though. I’ve already seen footage of solid recreations of the Bowser’s Castle track from Mario Kart 64 and the original arcade Donkey Kong in the Toy Box, so I’m sure we will see some awesome versions of Sugar Rush race tracks and Fix it Felix games made by the community.

  • RoboticLink

    To be honest, this game really doesn’t interest me, so I’m not excited for any of them
    It looks like a cheap game (sorry for all you Disney fans)

    • Shota

      i will buy only the mickey mouse toy.

    • Zombie Boy

      The game itself looks okay (the Toy Box mode is definitely interesting), but this thing about buying toys to compliment a game is a bad move. I’ve just been watching videos of Disney Infinity and, unless you buy the toys, you can’t do a lot of things in-game. Can’t they just be happy with the £40+ I pay for the disc? It’s because of this blatant money-grabbing exercise that I’ll be giving this game a miss. Shame.

      • Just because I don’t want people to be misinformed about the game, as I’m following it extensively. When you buy the starter pack, you’re given the three starters, Jack Sparrow, Sulley, and Mr. Incredible along with the playsets that go along with each of those character’s franchise. The playsets work like open world games with quests, collectibles, etc. Each one is said to last between 6-8 hours and 10 hours for the completionist. Every single thing in each included playset can be done with the included characters. The other characters simply offer a different style of play, the game content is in the playsets. As far as the toy box, you are given around 1,200 objects and toys to play with and unlock with the starter pack. I can’t speak to the quality of the game as I haven’t played it yet, but around 18-24 hours of gameplay, 1,200 toys and objects to use and create your own worlds and games with, and the fact that you’ll be able to download other people’s toy box creations Little Big Planet style seems like a good value to me.

        • Zombie Boy

          One of the videos I’ve just watched, taken from E3 with one of the developers, has him stating that you collect coins for power-ups in-game, but you can’t actually power up your character unless you own the corresponding toy to read from (and it was Jack Sparrow that he was talking about). I can link it if you like?

          • Um, yea… You can only power up the characters you have, but power ups for other characters are still in the game world. makes sense. I’m addressing your statement of “unless you buy the toys, you can’t do a lot of things in-game.” by telling you that you can complete each playset 100% with the included characters.

          • Zombie Boy

            But it was Jack Sparrow that he was talking about, one of the characters you get. Unless you mean that you actually get the toy with the game, then you can’t power him up, either. Here’s the link (skip to the 3:00 mark):


          • Yea, I’ve seen this video. So to get a Jack Sparrow reward, you have to be playing Jack Sparrow (i.e. have his figure placed on the pad). The starter pack comes with the figures of the three characters I mentioned. So, you’d be able to get Sparrow’s rewards.

          • Zombie Boy

            Ah, so you actually get the figures included when you buy the game? I thought you meant that you just had the characters in-game and had to buy the figures seperately.

          • Yes, those three figures are included. You can’t play any characters without their corresponding figure on the pad. The data such as rewards, leveling up, etc is actually stored on the figure itself. The retail box of the game looks like this:

          • Zombie Boy

            Okay, that makes more sense now (I just expected it to be a standard Wii U case like most games).

          • No problem. I know a lot of people still aren’t sure what the deal is with this game, so I’m happy to clear up confusion where I can.

        • BIG Franky

          just to clarify (and I may be reading your comment incorrectly), but the playsets can only be played by the corresponding characters for that particular franchise…. (i.e., Jack Sparrow cant play in the Incredibles playset and vice versa, so on and so forth….Lightning McQueen can’t play in Monsters U playset… etc etc… that is the only way that John Lasseter agreed to sign off on this Infinity project. The characters can, however, play together and interact in the Toy Box, which… lets face it, is what makes this game so interesting.

          • Yea. That’s all correct. It also makes more sense gameplay wise as each play set will feature different mechanics throughout the questing. It wouldn’t really work if you got to a ship portion of a quest in pirates, but were playing as Lightning McQueen. Can’t wait to see what people come up with in the toy box. On launch day you will be able to download a recreation of Disneyland in California to edit and mess with as you will.

        • blindtiger

          and cross platform! i think…

          • Yes. And, in many aspects. Since the reward data is stored on the figures themselves, You can take your leveled up figure that you play on Wii U over to your friend’s house who owns a 360 or PS3 and continue upgrading that character. Also, all the community creations are cross platform. So, you can download PS3 and 360 creations on your Wii U, though I’ve heard there are limitations with the original Wii version. Going back to the first scenario of playing at a friend’s house with a different console. If you both make a world together in the toy box while playing couch co-op on his 360 or PS3, you can download whatever you made on your Wii U when you get home and continue developing it.

          • BIG Franky

            i did read that this was going to be cross-platform online multiplayer. amazingness.

      • Justin Scott

        Skylanders is a $500M dollar a year toy line! Disney is a business with a very significant number of characters that they own, and millions of fans love. Why would they not want into this market? They are a for profit business!

      • greengecko007

        Apparently each character comes with their own content though, so you’re getting more than just a figure and a virtual paintjob. This game looks better than Nintendo’s response to these kind of games, i.e. Pokemon Rumble U.

    • BIG Franky

      i dunno… i could see it not interesting some, but “cheap” ? hmmmm…. i could also see people calling it a Minecraft ripoff…. (ToyBox mode)…. because it pretty much is, LOL…

    • Mr. J

      disney owns marvel they should have made a different game with marvel figures. THAT WOULD BE A INSTABUY FOR ME!!!!!!!!

      • aldo2410

        Disney owns Star Wars, exclusive collection figures + games, may would’nt be so good, but will it sold more than disney infinity
        P.S. Disney is going to ruin star wars, we need to save it, or at least save R2D2.

      • Kyle

        Well, there are rumours that Marvel and Star Wars Disney Infiity figures will be released at an unconfirmed date.

    • kevin nun—-

      It needs its own direct, epic trailer, and demo?

  • Clel

    They’re going to make sooo much money off this thing…

  • Justin Carlson

    So if you want to buy everything from the game it will cost… way more than your new console.

  • kenny Johnson

    So where’s the classics… uhh.. Mickey? Goofy? Donald? Scrooge?

    • aldo2410

      They are at Kingdom hearts !!!

    • Clark

      Mickey’s in it, I bet Goofy and Donald will be added at some point. Scrooge seems like a longshot though.

  • Jon

    still not going to get it, I don’t like the idea of blind packs

    • andrewjcole

      This is only for the power discs.

      • Jon

        yes, but it is still a blind pack, I don’t want to get a bunch of doubles, These aren’t trading cards

  • JBeauregard

    Is it ridiculous that I’m a grown man, and I’m looking forward to this game? I like the sand box mode. I also like the idea of playing with my little guy.

    • andrewjcole

      I’m younger, and I want this. This means they hit their target audience… everyone!

  • I don’t think this game stands a chance with Nintendo releasing their own NFC figure game.

    • Guest

      Worst game franchise in the history of gaming. This is even worse than the Atari E.T..

    • greengecko007

      This, along with the new Skylanders, looks leaps and bounds better than Pokemon Rumble U, if that’s what you’re talking about.

  • Nintyfan

    I still don’t understand what type of game this is. Lol, make up your mind Disney!

  • therealruben1


  • blindtiger

    the toy and disc prices must come down!

    • Mr. J

      I know there so expensive!

  • Matthew Stapleton

    With luck, they’ll add TRON to the line up.

    • Matthew Stapleton

      VINcent and old BOB from The Black Hole would be cool too.

  • If any for me I would say Phineas and Ferb characters that show is so funny.

  • andrewjcole

    Getting it! I can’t wait to get my hands on Sorcerer Mickey and Phineas!

  • andrewjcole

    Am I the only exited one for this game?

  • Dez

    First time I heard anyone really talk about this game. Thought it was just like: “Yeah, another Disney flop game coming soon.” I am not a fan of the uber cartoony style, but they could have at least given you better characters with the starter pack. Should have been Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, Simba, and Jack Skellington. At least then it would be more enticing to pick up the starter pack to begin with, honestly aside from Jack Sparrow I don’t think many people are going to jump at a chance to buy the starter pack just for Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles.