Mar 5th, 2013

For those of you who haven’t kept up with the media storm surrounding the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines on other platforms, the game is in dire straights. The game has been nearly universally panned and one of the development studios involved with the game, TimeGate Studios, has had to institute a layoff policy for people because of the poor performance of the game. So where’s the Wii U version?

Rumor Has It..

Shortly after the release of the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, a rumor went out that the Wii U version of the game was cancelled. This was quickly dispelled by SEGA, but so far the Wii U version of the game hasn’t seen the light of day. Originally, Wii U owners were told they would be receiving the best version of the game, as the GamePad would be used as the on-screen scanner that characters use to check for xenomorphs in the game. Now the rumor is that the Wii U version is the worst of all and that’s why we haven’t seen it yet.

According to an anonymous QA tester posting on reddit, the Wii U version of the game has “frame rate issues, texture loading, and horrendously misguided minigames thrown in”. The mini-games include getting damage bonuses for tracking xenomorphs using the GamePad motion tracker and keeping the welding tool’s heat at optimal when breaching doors.

Entire sections of the game were scrapped according to the QA tester:

The original story had some shit stuff too, but they made it worse. They were going to have stuff where you would free aliens, like empty the cages. They got rid of that. You also had control over your squads etc, and one of your squad would at somepoint come out as working for the enemy and try to fuck you over. The game came in super buggy, with lots of placeholder stuff saying what would come in. There was originally a cool opening where you go through the ship and actually take part in prep to go nto the sulaco. They changed that to a cutscene rather than bother polishing it. Numerous cutscenes were dropped too. We were shocked at how bad it was, but we thought it would get better, I mean how could they release it like they did?

The actual posts concerning the QA testers experience for the Wii U game have since been removed–likely due to breach of contract–but that still leaves the question, where is Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U? It’s been almost a month since it released on other platforms and neither SEGA nor Gearbox have stated when the Wii U version of the game will be available.

After this debacle, will you even be purchasing Aliens: Colonial Marines if it is released? Do you think SEGA has cancelled the game and just hasn’t said anything about it to Wii U owners? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Rafael Saldana

    Maybe they’re just polishing it up for wii U just like Ninja Gaiden, they used the older systems as guinea pigs

  • Alienfish

    I was excited for this game until I heard what the developers had to put up with just to make it coupled with the fact that pretty much every source says the game sucks major donkey balls. This game was set up for failure.

    • Cloud Windfoot Omega

      to make it they just had to put up with getting 60 million dollars that they used for BL instead. all while they put off mkaing this

      • I’m cool with that. Borderlands 2 turned out incredible.

      • tronic307

        SEGA should sue!

      • Alienfish

        I’m talking about all the outsourcing that I heard they had to put up with. The best games are made when the entire team can communicate easily and at a moment’s notice.

  • tomtank91

    hopefully they are using the consoles potential and not just giving wii u owners a bad port that we’ve seen plus I want to be able to use the Wii U control on the wii zapper and also using wii and nunchuck remotes that will be used as the guns and the gamepad as the motion detector and light.

  • A polished turd is still a turd. I doubt anything can be done to save this game.


      I played this on my Cuz’s Xbox and OMG the game is so lame doesn’t cut it, it’s like if someone else puked in your mouth and you still swallowed it, that’s how bad it was. I to thought this would be a great game after seeing the Demo and wanted it on the U. I thought nothing could be as bad/simple looking as the new “007 Legends” that came out last year, man that game is 5 times better the “Aliens; CM” was and it is bad too. They rushed this game and it totally shows. The acting (not so much), but the story/idea of this game is really pretty good (as they really follow the movie if this was it’s direct sequel). BUT the look and actual game-play is just horrible and they should be slapped from how awesome the Demo looked in HD and the final game is. I can not see this getting any better in a month and they will need to take some time to make it better on the U like “Batman; AC” and “Ninja Gaiden 3” has.

      I am not getting this game but might rent it just to see if they improved anything for the U, or even better we should demand a Demo be brought to the U to see for ourselves before any of us buys it.

  • jack

    I could see it being cancelled. The game has been slated everywhere

    • jcnba28

      I hope it gets cancelled.

      • Nintedward

        I don’t , I will buy this in a bargain bin for my wiiu baby 😀

        • Gamefreak361

          It’d be a bargain not to buy it at all.

  • Padiego

    The game is a piece of shit. Wii u owners will be better off without that piece of shit sorry excuse of a game.

  • ConCity Soldier

    Who cares! This game is old news! I want Deus Ex, GTA V, or AC4, Watch
    Dogs etc. Most Wii U owners have lost interest in this game, and future
    Wii U owners don’t want it or found out the hard way on 360/PS3 that it
    is a failure. Let’s move on!

    • Well good news for you because AC4 and Watch_Dogs has been confirmed for Wii U ^^

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    I think it would be good for the Wii U if this game was not released. We don’t want the system’s library to be bogged down by shovelware and crapware, like the original Wii.

    • dgallo911

      half of the wii u’s library is already shovel ware so despite hearing/agreeing with what your saying i think its already to late lol

  • dr scoobie

    if it is released on the wiiU is will sell terribly because
    1: the userbase is small seeming as how its only 3 months old.
    2: everyone now realises just how terrible this game is.

  • AlienFanatic

    Why ask the question if you don’t know the answer? Are you guys journalists or simply trolling for page hits? Get on the phone, or send an email, and get an answer. Is that so hard?

  • harry hombres

    looks really good, cant wait to pick it up

  • Super Buu

    Unless they make this version of the game better, I couldn’t care less about its cancellation.

  • Rinslowe

    Yes lets move on from “title which shall not be named”…
    According to the reviews on other platforms it’s a universal blunder. And therefore as Wii U owners we likely miss nothing by forgetting it ever existed. Unless they remade the game ground up for Wii U then it may still have a chance, but as I write this I know that’s not going to be the case… most probably.

  • Well if its anything I’ve been hearing from people saying its the same game as the Demo from last years E3 then… yeah, I’ll buy the Wii U version

  • Maxime Haché

    Its strange how he says that many things were removed for no reasons, it looks like a text written by a random guy who wanted to bash the wii u and this game. Sincerly, framerate issues would be ridiculous unless its really bad programmed!

    • That might be the case. Considering the graphical quality of the game (not all that good from what I’ve seen) the engine probably isn’t optimised to get decent frames/s. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the studio scrapped elements of the game in order to save time. It’s not a direct reason for a bad game, but not considering the consequences of any error this may cause (story-, gameplay- or graphics-wise), it will feel awkward. There are reasons why this game os having such negative reviews.

      To me, this person doesn’t bash Wii U, but rather the devs for changing alot of stuff for the worse.

  • Zelly Jeffers

    They were probably too embarrassed from the gawdawful reviews to bother.

    I’d still consider picking it up though, even after everything I’ve read.

  • bizzy gie

    To whomever was controlling the game: Would it have killed you to fire ONE bullet?!

  • Johny

    hoestly .. now nobody cares about the game anymore..
    it was a DISASTER on every other platform… and whatnot..

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I am hoping they delayed it so they could polish up and fix the game and hopefully redeem themselves

  • Marius Valasinas

    I was so waiting for this one. Shame it turned out to be crap. This was my most wanted Wii U game at the time it was confirmed.

  • wober2

    Would be awesome if gearbox just remade the game and saved face with the wiiu version. Took all the source stuff from timesgate and made this thing a left4dead type game with multiplayer only horde modes and released it as an arcade/eshop game. I do not expect they can save the story and subtleties of story telling but gearbox is good at multilplayer experiences. Even if it was with borderlands physics it would be great to see this made into something else.

  • Paul Brown

    If the game is actually fixed then yes I’d consider it. However as bad as people say it is I’m doubting that much could be done. Of course any new game is better than no game at all.

  • Joey Perez

    didnt want to play it in the first place.

  • Tough one… The trailer shown before hyped me up bigtime for this game, but seeing the actual game, the reviews on this game etc. I don’t think I’ll be bothered anymore I don’t know tbh. Maybe it is better for the game to be cancelled all together, unless the trailer shown before actually IS the WiiU version as earlier rumors stated, but I doubt it…

  • Joey Perez

    never had an interest in playing in the first place…… aliens gets old after awhile … hmmm maybe its just fps’s that get old after awhile i donno either the case i would rather play black ops than this it seems i dono chucky cheese arcady… yes i did just invent horrible words.

  • Wayne Beck

    I still think they are probably trying to salvage the game on Wii U and making yet another “Definitive Version” game for Nintendo.

  • this is old…

  • Kyle Zawacki
  • Zombie_Andrew

    This is the one example when NOT having a game is a positive for the Wii U.

  • dgallo911

    If it took them 7yrs to release this pile of crap then ill probably be dead by the time they release its completed version lol

  • Gamefreak361

    If the game failed on the 360 and ps3, the Wii U should be spared this crap of a game. Besides, Watch Dogs and Deus Ex surely can’t any worse. Let’s hope GTA delay was cause of the possibility it’s being ported to the Wii U

  • my gamepad wont stay connected to my console, so I gotta get it repaired. and just before LCU, N4S, and MH3 launches. *sigh* perfect timing. 🙁


    Well this sucks, whatever then, if it wasn’t good then it wasn’t good, guess we won’t get too try it.

  • Kirzan

    Where it should be: IN THE BIN.

  • Holyfire

    I pre-ordered it. My God, after actually seeing some promising trailers. It’s sad. What makes every developer so incapable of re-creating (the theme) of what was my most favourite movie of all time. Aliens 1986, special edition. The AvP games were really taking from that movie, just with predators tacked on
    No real matter, if it doesn’t come out, should get my pre-order dollars credited on my account for me, but this I think, may sadly mark the end for the franchise. I wonder if anyone will bother trying to re-create the epic factor of Aliens again

    • You should probably be seeking a refund at this point. I really doubt it’ll come out any time soon and if it does, it’ll probably be crap.

      • Holyfire

        Yeah I know. The money should be fine. I’m sure EB down here would be kind enough to credit my pre-order account dollars towards my next purchase.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Well im glad i didn’t preorder this than..I always heard the wii u was the bad i was looking forward to this too

  • Edward

    I’ve supported 10 Wii U games already and still want Scribblenauts and Darksiders 2. I’m not sure if I will get this game right away but once it goes on sale I might.

  • GermGerm

    Wheres Zen Pinball 2??

  • CommanderFirefox

    There are just some games that shouldnt have been shit. Honestly, how hard is it to have enemies attack you…. Great job Sega, even more of a laughing stock than usual

  • liamdawe

    I have it on pc so does my partner, its a poor excuse for a game!! Was really hoping it would be good :'(

  • Luminal

    Sega have possibly delayed the game for strategic reasons (ie we all expect it to be crap). They are probably hoping we will forget that fact in a couple of months. It would be awesome if the Wii U version gets fixed if that’s even possible!

  • This will be the first 3rd party game that collectively all Wii U owners will/should be happy to accept get cancelled.

  • alex

    this game has to died if is not going to be fix because wii u all ready have to much bad propaganda as it is for nintendo let sega reales this game if is so crap like people say the only problem is that i will see nintendo haters saying it was cancel cuse the wii u is not good of cant handle this game but i hope they make a beatter job on wii u and i will buy it if not they can shavole this one and it will be beatter for nintendo.

  • Lev M

    This game sucks anyways, just give up good games please

  • Revolution5268

    ill be shock if this game turns out good, but i don’t believe it at all.

  • Aenifer

    Maybe i will consider a GOTY edition similar to The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition, with all the DLC.

  • Madmagican

    After how badly ACM panned, Why would we care?

  • Sordel

    This shall not stand! Wii U owners demand to be as thoroughly ripped off by shovelware as all other console owners!!

  • Potemkin

    By the looks of it, it can remain in the shadows for all I care, but then again, if they do something similiar to what was done with Ninja Gaiden….