Aug 14th, 2014

You can credit the Skylanders series for the start of the collectible toy craze that is taking over the world, as both Disney Infinity and Nintendo’s upcoming Amiibo project plan to mimic the original by providing interactive toys of some of their most beloved characters. The newest installment of Skylanders will hit retail stores later on this year, but here’s about 20 minutes of direct feed footage of one of the levels in the game.

This footage is taken from the Rainfish Riviera level, where players have to attempt to find Mags’ information squid without getting eaten by giant fish, as well. The video gives us a look at two new trap masters that haven’t been detailed yet, including Bushwhack and Head Rush. We also get a quick peek at their skill trees, showing the upgrade paths for these new heroes. Featuring in the video are three old favorites as well, including Stealth Elf, Hot Head, and Fire Kraken.

With Nintendo’s Amiibo project on the way, will you be picking up Trap Team? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Sdudyoy

    If I ever get into one of these collectable toy games, it will be Amiibo, and I really doubt I will ever get any of those, I’m just not interested in buying extra stuff after buying the game, that’s why I don’t buy DLC.

  • Luis Gonzalez

    I got all the Skylanders released at stores. It is a very impressive collection. The 4th Skylanders will be no exception. Been a Nintendo fan since the NES days I will give Amiibo a shot. I think the idea of cross-games for the toys is very interesting. The downside of the Skylanders is you can only use it with one game, the concept behind Amiibo is more cost effective because you can use them in a variety of games. I can’t wait to see all you can do with Amiibo.

    • marloc_x

      Have Skylanders in my house. I am nostalgic for the 64 memory packs and Amiibo between games and co-op will be fun! Hope they can eventually hold data between mutiple games too..

  • Prizm

    people still play skylanders?

  • Agaton Atienza

    I love Skylanders and Im excited about the release (which is closely tied in with the Disney Infinity 2 and Smash Bros for 3DS). My wallet would be gone.

  • iamserious

    In case anyone is wondering, this is PS4 gameplay capture.