Feb 5th, 2016 publishUpdated   Feb 8th, 2016, 9:42 am

Digital Foundry is known for taking games through their paces when it comes to framerate and resolution issues, as we saw when the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 launched. The team has been doing this for Nintendo games as well and the latest game to be tested is the upcoming Twilight Princess HD remaster, which is releasing on March 4.

If you’ve already played Twilight Princess HD on GameCube or Wii, you’re probably wondering what Nintendo has done with the game aside from give it a fresh coat of paint. According to Digital Foundry, the upcoming remake is running at native 1080p, instead of upscaled 720p, which is what happened with Super Mario 3D World.

Additionally, the frame rate for Twilight Princess HD has been locked at 30fps just like Wind Waker HD. Digital Foundry found some areas in the game where the framerate drops below 30fps for a few seconds, but it’s nothing to kick up dust over in terms of performance.

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