Dec 1st, 2015

Digital Foundry tests the technical aspects of modern games to let gamers know whether a game has performance problems on certain systems for multiplatform titles, or whether the game is smooth sailing in the technical department. For the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X, Nintendo fans should be happy to know that Digital Foundry has labeled this game a technical masterpiece for the Wii U.

The game runs at 1280×720 on the system and does so without many framerate skips or problems, which is amazing considering just how large the world of Mira is once you’re finally turned loose within it. There are no loading screens to hold you back when you’re venturing on the continent, and precious few within the city of New Los Angeles.

The analysis did mention pop-in of some textures and items when moving through the world, even when the game was installed on an external drive.

Between the internal storage and external drive, we found the external solution to be the superior option here. When moving through large areas, objects and textures often appeared just a touch faster using an external solution. Of course, it’s also possible that performance will vary based on the speed and quality of the external device being used with the console.

It appears based on this the best option for those who plan to purchase the game digitally is to install it on an external drive to help reduce some of these issues. Overall, the technical aspects of Xenoblade Chronicles X and its performance on the Wii U shows just what the Wii U is capable of doing and how Monolith Soft was able to harness the full power of the Wii U to deliver a mostly great technical experience.

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