Jun 29th, 2015


Last year in June, a rumor cropped up that Diddy Kong Racing 2 was under development for Wii U. Now, the same person responsible for that rumor says that his rumor isn’t wrong, just that Diddy Kong Racing 2 has been shifted to development for the NX. There’s absolutely no support to this rumor so take it with the grain of salt that you’d take the original rumor. Perhaps the most damning fact that this is probably fake is the rumor mentions the NX being available as a platform for $150. There’s no way Nintendo will release hardware that cheap. Here’s the rumor:

The Diddy Kong Racing 2 project was moved over to new hardware that will be launched in 2016. The new platform is aiming for a price of $149.99 to avoid competing directly (price wise) with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The company fears that it would be market suicide to release another overly expensive box in the middle of a console generation, when most consumers have already invested in a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Wii U development kits are being used to develop NX software; the NX hardware is technically a Wii U except with higher memory bandwidth and a more balanced CPU.

Expect Nintendo to announce more about the Nintendo NX next year, and we doubt it’ll be sold for $150.

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