Feb 11th, 2013

The annual DICE Summit took place in Las Vegas this past weekend, where industry giants like Gabe Newell and Randy Pitchford gave talks concerning their specific games and business models. One thing that was conspicuously absent at any of the talks was the Wii U. According to Sidhe developer Mario Wynands on NeoGAF, the only thing developers had to discuss regarding Nintendo’s new console was projects that have been cancelled.

At DICE, nobody has been talking about the new Wii U projects they have started, only the Wii U projects that have just been cancelled.

Platform is in serious trouble.

This is troubling news this early in the platform’s life, but remember that Nintendo has always struggled with third party support since the days of Sony’s PlayStation overshadowing the Nintendo 64. Wynand’s goes on to further mention that a “top selling game for the platform” that was expected to sell millions only sold thousands. He doesn’t make mention which game he’s referring to, but we know Epic Mickey 2 did poorly and New Super Mario Bros. U hasn’t been received as well as it could be.

Pubs and devs never recoiled from PS3 like they seem to be with Wii U (though this is anecdotal). There was always the confidence that the numbers would get there over time with PS3. I’m not sensing that with Wii U.

What are your thoughts on Wynand’s statements? Keep in mind this is one particular developer speaking about his experience at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas. It’s obvious that Nintendo needs to step up their pursuit of third-party games for the platforms so that news isn’t what’s not coming to the Wii U, but is there more Nintendo could be doing? Let us know your thoughts.

For those interested in watching all the DICE Summit talks available, check out this Engadget post.

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  • mchelski

    I believe most third party support for nintendo, besides indie games, will come from Japan. It’s mostly a cultural matter (my paradigm, of course). Western people, most of us, are more prone to one kind of idea of games and eastern another. Nintendo has another idea of video game than microsoft (sony kinda play both sides). where am I based on, simple, numbers of sales of xbox and nintendo from eua and japan. So gabe and cia won’t support nintendo, fine, actually, nintendo always sold its hardware for it’s first party and some really close 3rd parties, that use all resources the machine could offer

    • Laud

      Gabe likes the Wii U. 

      He loves how Nintendo is always innovating and pushing forward. 

      The Wii U is not even out of its Launch window and everyone is saying the console is in danger.

      I would love to see the next two systems come out with 30+ games at launch, I really would.

      • Laud always speaks the truth.

        • Megan Allen

          and never says “FIRST COMMENT”

        • Laud

          I fight misinformation.

          I am a knight…. The Hero of Udaily.

          All lies despair at the sight of me.

          Here I come, liars.

          -theme song-

          • NintendoNoob

            You sir are an idol!

          • Nintendofreak

            ur like d child i never wanted

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Yes even Gabe Newell said he was interested in Wii U as it fits better into Valves strategy

      • where does gabe say he likes nintendo?  nintendo should get on hiring cliffy b.  he’s often said he is a big ninty fun and dude makes some good games

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    What concerns me is whether these “cancelled projects” were not announced yet or have been announced. I’ll be pissed if they are cancelling announced games…hopefully they were projects that never were confirmed yet.

  • Jacob

    people need to calm down , Nintendo has a NDA (Non disclosure agreement) with most of the developers and publishers , so they can’t talk about games nintendo has them working on , and wtf is ” Wynand’s goes on to further mention that a “top selling game for the platform” that was expected to sell millions only sold thousands”. the Wii u instal base is only 3 Miljoen , they expect a 1 to 1 attachment rate selling 3 miljoen copies of the game , no common sense these days !!

    • ludist210

      Yeah, this.

      I’m not sure which game they’re referring to, but I suspect it’s Mass Effect 3 (30,000 units according to VGChartz.com), and there’s a reason it didn’t sell.  Well, two reasons: 1. $60 for a year-old game isn’t fair to ask of your consumers even if there are some added features, and 2. the Mass Effect Trilogy announcement just weeks before took all of the wind out of the Wii U version’s potential sales. Also, it’s one of the only “big” titles that isn’t available in the eShop (at time of posting, the other being Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but see below).

      The only other games it could be are Black Ops 2 (but I think that’s sold over 100,000 units, so that’s likely not it), ZombiU (looks to be over 150,000 units), or Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition (which looks to be 70,000 units).  Scribblenauts Unlimited is also a candidate, but it’s pushed around 120,000 units, so that’s probably not it either. Those sales numbers aren’t bad for a new console for any of those games.

      (I know VGChartz isn’t the most accurate source, but it’s the best I have readily available)

      • Jacob

        my point was they Expect a 1 to 1 Attachment rate for a instal base of 3 miljoen , every one keeps looking for a reason to make it look like the wii u Faild :S , while it sold 3 mil is 45 days , not even the ps 2 could do that , and the ps 2 was the most successful home console ever ! haters gona hate 🙂 

      • Adam Porter

        apart from price, the fact is if you wanted to play mass effect3 you would have already had it well before the wiiU version came out. it was pretty pointless even releasing it tbh.

      • TheLast

        It was most likely Black Ops 2, which is just fantastic considering they didn’t even put the Wii U logo in the tv spots or ads.. -_-

        • ludist210

          But it’s sold over 100k units and has a very active online community, so I don’t think that’s it.  It’s got to be Mass Effect 3.

          • TheLast

            Call of Duty sells millions on other consoles, and 100K isn’t really that much in comparison. That’s why I said BO2. EA also didn’t advertise ME3 Wii U, so I don’t know what they’re bitching about.

          • ludist210

            I know what Call of Duty sells like on other consoles, and their user-base is much higher. Given the install base of the Wii U, 100k owners in America is pretty good.  That’s 10%(ish) of the user-base at launch.  Expect that to be a much better number next year.

    • savisn

       This sounds like the hyperbole that seems to be prevalent in this industry right now.  XBOX360 had exactly 2 titles from its launch go over 1 million – Call of Duty 2 and Need for Speed and neither had done it at 3 months after launch.  If they were expecting any late port also available on another console to sell a million into a 3-5 million user base then they don’t really understand their own business.   I assumed the reason they chose ports at launch was they did understand this but that selling 100K would break even or make money.

      If it’s Epic Mickey – well the game sucks and is actually made worse on the Wii U so that might explain it.   And NSMBU has sold over 1.5 million so if it’s that they are referring to they don’t know anything.  ZombiU got such mixed reviews and is a bit of a niche title so it’s hard to imagine it is that one, although maybe – and it may get there as it gets more and more people trying it and liking it (although UbiSoft can go…).

      Sadly I’m starting to fear that the negative news that gets reported daily will take its toll as we are seeing with Rayman and 3rd party will shy away creating a self-fulfilling prophesy.   Hopefully a few of the releases like Lego will be smashes and push hardware and good news for the console.

      • Adam Porter

        exactly it’s this negativity surrounding this console that will hinder success, the console isn’t bad. i personally love miiverse, the gamepad, nintendoland, zombiU and see how well the gamepad could be utilized to make great games. the biggest problem is the lack of good news for the console, i think it’s high time nintendo showed us some of it’s cards, and for god’s sake release a few new ads -__-‘

        • Turquel Baker

          I agree Nintendo needs to start pushing adverts but they’ll likely wait until Mario Kart is released to start the hype train seeing as tho MK is their top selling franchise for Wii and 3DS (+ who DOESNT like mario kart? lol)

          but I disagree about the bad news hindering WiiU’s progress. back in 06-07 the PS3 got nothing but flack and was selling at an extremely low rate (lower than WiiU at the same point in its lifecycle) and look at it now…history is just repeating itself here with WiiU. pretty much every console launch/launch window is greeted with negativity and with the internet so easily accessible it’d be overly optimistic to think the WiiU would’ve been an exception.

          give the system time, it will catch on and if it doesn’t i personally couldn’t care less as long as Nintendo continues to support it and it gets good 3rd party exclusives. A multiplat isnt gonna get many ppl to rush out and buy the WiiU anyways.

  • But weren’t sales for the 360 real nasty for 2 years after its release? It was literally barren of any good software for 2 years. Suddenly a few games pull out on Wii U while its only 3 months old and people are already saying its dead? People are so dumb these days.

    • Most launch console titles are pretty abysmal, let’s be honest. The problem is that Nintendo has always had a bad history of third-party support since the Nintendo 64. People are hoping they’ll turn it around, but only time will tell.

      • ian cosgrove

        Sadly 3rd parties were probably watching closely at the sales of these old games to see if it is feasible to produce games for the Wii U. Nintendo really needs a 3rd party partnership the likes of Rare in the Good ol’ days.. plus a lot more advertising

        • MujuraNoKamen

           I just hope they don’t watch to closely, they have to understand that they haven (and Nintendo) haven’t really advertised these versions much and expecting high sales on a version of a game that’s been out for a year isn’t really realistic. If a dev ends its Wii U support because a port like ME3 didn’t sell so well is stupid, whereas if they say “well it didn’t sell highly but with limited marketing, a late port and release early in a new consoles life-span we can’t expect that much so we’ll try something else a bit later on” that’s fine 🙂

        • Turquel Baker

          Rare was more of a 2nd party dev than 3rd party but i see ur point.

          lets be honest tho most gamers who bought a WiiU aren’t expecting a whole lot from 3rd party multiplats, they likely bought it hoping for good unique 3rd party exclusives and of course the unrivalled quality of 1st party Nintendo games.

          If Nintendo builds a good relationship with a few 3rd party devs to bring unique, fun, exclusive games to WiiU id personally be satisfied but I cant speak for everyone. Especially not WiiU-only owners.

  • ejownz6

    The Wii U isn’t that impressive of a console. The hardware is mediocre, the software is worse than the 360 and PS3 software (can’t bring up menu while online, no achievements, less apps, etc) and they don’t have the novelty and gimmick of the Wii motion controls – no one is amazed by the game pad.

    The console will need a great library of games and I don’t see it happening. The Wii U reminds me of the Gamecube which also wasn’t a very impressive console for Nintendo.

    Nintendo is competing with a handicap, though. Sony and Microsoft are much larger corporations that can take more risks and invest more in their products. Also the console gaming experience has completely changed, so much so that I wonder why it even exists anymore. Console games used to be heavily based on Japanese software and Japanese style games. Now it’s entirely FPS, MMORPG, PC games just on a console.

    Nintendo should abandon the PC couch crowd. Give us a console with tons of JRPG exclusives and awesome Nintendo first party games. 


      you can bring up the home menu now…

    • Wayne Beck

      While the Wii U may not have the Raw power of the Next PS and Xbox, it is most certainly an Impressive piece of technology. People who know anything about CPUs and GPU are awe inspired by the elegant and intuitive design of the chips. All that aside, power isn’t everything. No one can realistically state that the Wii didn’t prove that. 

      As far as the lack of Apps your referring to, Nintendo’s OS is setup so that you can actually use them without turning your game off. Something Xbox and Playstation cannot do. When more apps come, and they will come, it will be even more impressive. Anything you can access without leaving game is available in the Home Menu. They just don’t display anything you can’t use. Try opening your PS menu and clicking on anything. Watch how fast it tells you to turn off your game. Xbox is basically the same way. The only difference is you have an MP3 player.

      The gamepad, that no one is impressed by, is probably the best thing to happen to gaming since 3D character models. Off-Screen play alone is the most convenient feature I have ever used. Having the touchscreen for UI elements is a massive improvement over the pause menus of old.

      This console is only 3 months old. There are a lot of things to come. Nintendo has already stated publicly that they are seeking to implement a more robust profile system and have plenty of new apps in development. Every new console goes through these growing pains. The difference with the Wii U, is it is actually selling and at a pace only outclassed by the Wii. The only thing holding this console back is the massive influx of software scheduled for later this year. I’ve not met a real life person that wasn’t a forum troll who said anything was stopping them from buying a Wii U except more games. 

      Oh yeah, and Achievements are stupid. Play for fun, not a meaningless score.

    • Laud

      Have you not heard?

      Spring and summer updates?

      I’m pretty sure people have been able to screenshot and post on miiverse while online. You can see it if you go on the black ops 2 community. Everyone is sharing their kickass emblems and all that stuff.

      The Wii U is definitely impressive in comparison to the older console launches and hardware/software. The achievements are up to the developers to include them, for example, I was playing ZombiU the other day and I got 10 uplay points or whatever for doing something (can’t remember) 

      Besides, if you’re playing Nintendo games for achievements you’re playing for the wrong reasons. Nintendo games have always been about new worlds and fantasy, if it’s not your cup of tea there are several generic shooters coming out this year and the next, and the next, and the next, until people have had enough of them and RPGs/Fantasy games rule the gaming industry.

      (That’s what I think will happen… JRPGs shall begin to dominate the western world. Don’t you see a trend? Everything that is Japanese is becoming a thing here in the US. First the language, then the lifestyle, then the anime, and soon the gaming industry.)

      But that’s just what I think, any thing can happen in this upside down world of ours.

      (Editing this post so I can post a link here…)

      Sony cannot take anymore risks nor can they invest in many products.


    • NkoSekirei

      really troll wii u is far more powerful then the current gen consoles and it runs on 2011 specs but u or any other troll dont have good eye sight to read articles more clearly and this article isnt too concern to us for a number of reason.First reason is that we got plenty of games coming this year including some of the big announcements from nintendo direct conference like monolith new game/could be xenoblade 2,theres also bayonetta 2,aliens colonial marines,lego city undercover,monster hunter ultimate,legend of zelda wind waker hd, and many more to come

    • savisn

       “no one is impressed with the gamepad”.   I beg to differ.  Most people that have actually tried it do like it.  I was a bit leery of it, but I now think it’s the best controller I’ve ever used (followed closely by the Wii motion controls – which are amazing when implemented well but too ofter were forced).   Offscreen play is a nice surprise to me, and using it for assymetric gameplay like for Ghost hunting in Nintendoland or scanning/inventory in ZombiU are amazing.

      The main problem with the Gamepad (other than a few minor issues like battery life) is that it doesn’t wow people upfront like the motion controls did.  It looks a bit odd and many people’s first reaction is “what the hell is that huge controller”.  Once people try it for extended use and like it I think it’s a big selling point.  The hard part is to get them to try it and like it.  Obviously word of mouth and trying a friends will go a long way, but a kiosk in GameStop isn’t that effective at selling it in my opinion.

    • Richard Yates

      The hardware is impressive 4 your money matey……get a clue eh?

    • thanos1984

      Although I could agree in many things you say  Gamecube was a very impressive console with a very impressive title lineup but it wasn’t advertised as well as its competitors did,at least in europe.While ps2 commercials were everywhere (even on the champions league!!!) none except gamers reading gaming magazines knew about Gamecube.

  • Wayne Beck

    This Guys comments should be taken with a HUGE grain of Salt.. and maybe a couple shots of Tequila..

    If you read his full commentary, he rambles on about how the whole console industry is Dying and that the PS4 and Xbox720 are both going to fail as well. 

    Wynands is just a PC fanboy who was probably talking with a bunch of other PC fanboys. He has no concept of Success in the Console space otherwise he would recognize 3 million sales in two and a half months has only ever been beaten by the Wii. 

    PS4 is going to do perfectly fine as well. I guarantee they will have a slower launch than the Wii U, considering there is already word of Manufacturing problems. Playstation has the long term advantage though. They strictly believe that a Console should be viable for ten years and they will plan both their financing and console design to compensate for that.

    The only console that needs to be concerned is the Next Xbox. They are over confident with their inflated console sales. Their active user base is much lower than the 70 million Consoles sold. The Rumored Gameless console would be a disaster and second hand game bans with be met with the most visceral of reactions.

  • NintendoNoob

    GTFO DICE! I may love your games but seriously? Not supporting a console because you think you only gonna get 3,000,000 units sold other than your projected 4,000,000 units? Your still earning money. AND DONT YOU FRICKING DARE COMMENT MY POST RETARD DONAALD

    • Petri

      Are you getting mixed up with dice the summit, and dice the ea’s buttbuddy?

  • DESS_M_8

    The launch games for ps3 and 360 were diabolical for the first twelve months, never mind the first 3. No console has ever hit the ground running in regards of volume and quality.
    If twelve months from now there is no FIFA, battlefield, assassins creed or metal gear solid in some form, then there is something to worry about. Staple AAA titles that are always on every format go missing after twelve months? That’s everyone giving a wide berth.
    I honestly think this will be a strong 1st party year and the AAA 3rd party big hitters will start this Xmas holiday. The wii u was too late to catch Hitman, battlefield, tomb raider etc so has to wait for the next in those franchises. Nintendo ha helped usher some titles in from current gen to keep an audience such as need for speed, assassins creed and aliens, but funding with resources multiple AAa titles was never gonna happen, they could only cover a handful, the rest is upto te third parties, and this far te wii u has been

  • Srpg2ishere

     I know this doesn’t relate to the topic, but people have been getting hyped up ever since they’ve seen the 45 sec ps video on youtube. Something is supposed to happen on feb 20th? Hm.. I’m curious..

    • Dominic Coradazzi

      It’s been rumored that Feb 20th is the day Sony will announce PS4 and give some heavy details about it
      Of course, it’s just a rumor, Sony could be planning to talk about a software update for the PSP for all we know

      • NintendoNoob

        HELL NO PSP AND  VITA ARE BAAADDDD!!!! I do hope for Ps4 announcement… AND PRICE!!!

    • Richard Yates


    • Genesect4ssb4

      Potential PS4 announcement. Good details. PS fans go nuts. I want the price to be 400 (minimum for basic set, 500 for supreme set). This way Sony will die off the video game business and do what they do best: make TVS

  • D Moness

     lmao at this kind of reporting. games/projects get cancelled all the time. Seeing as it was a supposed cancelled game that was never ever announced you really need to take news like this with a grain of salt.
    As for the game it might be only ME 3 would fit the bill but even the trilogy combined on all systems didn’t sell that much. ME trilogy sold 28.1K (that is over 3 systems) Mass effect 3 on the wii U sold 23.7K that is on one system. Since both came out around the same time it isn’t even that bad.

    Also devs didn’t recoil from the ps3 that is a laugh, people really have forgotten how abysmal the ps3 launch was. Square enix even asked what the heck what sony wanted with the ps3 . A lot of devs that were first sony exclusive hopped multi platform or went to another console.

    Also epic mickey 2 did poorly on all systems that isn’t the fault of the wii U. It just was a terrible game. Also i have never even heard of this person let alone the game studio Sidhe. Reading their wikipedia page i can not say i am surprised. Also according to that page they have 3 cancelled games. Something tells me not all those 3 games were would be wii U games, making my claim earlier that games get cancelled all the time even more valid.

  • DemonRoach

    Developers and Consumers wants a powerful system.  That is the bottom line, nintendo put a noose to their own necks on this one just to save $50/system.

    • NkoSekirei

       ur an idiot dude

    • Adam Porter

      $50, omg just wait till you see what price the ps4 and nextbox will be, try atleast $500 dollars and that will be selling at a vast loss, so you can expect they will NEED a great launch cause there definitely won’t be a price drop on either of those for atleast 2 and a half years. either that or they won’t be as powerful as the rumor mill is letting on, simples.

  • Forget this wynand clown and good his games are not good enough for the next gen wii u

  • Silent

    WiiUdaily is the new CNN. Good work Ashley though

  • PS4 and Xbox 720 comes out –


    Yeah… I predict THAT will happen just like they are doing with the Wii U 

    • the thing you forget…there are far more ps and xbox fanyboys than nintendo. Plus people love bashing nintendo no matter how successful they are

      • NintendoNoob


      • But still you forgot that developers will still treat the Playstation 4 and Xbox Next in the same why they treated the Wii U. 

        Also, you forgot that back during the launch of the PS3 and Xbox 360 days, developers were jumping ship because the sales weren’t what they expected. 

    • MujuraNoKamen

        I predict when the other consoles launch they will sell maybe 2 million
      (if that) in their first 3 months compared to Wii U’s 3 million in 3
      months then the internet will be full of articles saying how well
      they’ve done – whereas they’ve been ranting about how “badly” Wii U did.
      There’s also serious issue with what the other consoles will launch with, with most of the key franchise not due for at least another year we expect much.
      If the rumours are true about MS and/or Sony stopping second hand games then that’ll piss a lot of people off.
      And what’s all this about Microsoft’s “gameless” console I’ve been hearing about?

  • TheLast

    If they were talking about Black Ops 2 as the game that was supposed to sell millions, then they may just be some serious morons. The Wii U version of Black Ops 2 WASN’T EVEN ADVERTISED!! WHY THE FLIPPING PANDA WERE THEY THINKING IT WOULD SELL WITHOUT ADS!!!!

  • sharlo galmo

    this is old and bullshit,cause today i read that battelfield 4 is also coming to the wiiu!!!

    • mralloverit

      Oh really? Do share with us. A link would be nice.

    • mralloverit

      On second thought, I’ll do it for you. 
      It does mention it briefly. Nothing concrete at this point. At least not for another few months.

    • thats a rumour man and reading EA’s views that they’ve had on the wii u lately i kind of doubt it

    • Petri

      Even though I dont really like playing battlefields on console, might buy this one just to support wii u. If it wouldnt be released for wii u, I could always play it on the best option.
      I bought cod for wii u, and I havent even liked that crap on the pc, since cod 2.

  • andrewjcole

    Am I the only person that likes Epic Mickey 2?

  • Mark Thom

    PS4 IT IS!!!! WIIU IS DEAD 🙁

    • NintendoNoob

       I hate you people. Judging a console in it’s first 3 months!!! I may like the Playstation brand but really? Judging a console’s 7 year life span in the first 3 months?? Thats just sad

    • Turds like you are the reason this world is corrupted.

    • Richard Yates

      A tool says wha? Wii u is dead omfg, when u was typing that didnt the common sense part of your brain say like “wtf am i doing?”
      Nobs like you is whats wrong with the gaming community as a whole! ? Hows about this one………own a wii u and buy the next ps???? omg REVELATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nintendude

      First time I’ve seen you here, welcome to Wii U Daily. Now get out.

  • Lewis Te Whaiti

    Personally I think Nintendo should have had a killer game from day one, nothing sells consoles like games, especially Nintendo games, and to have a must have A1 title from the day one may have changed the outcome for the below par sales. There’s also the mobile threat, I quite often find myself downloading simple easy to play and free games from apples app store, begging the question why can’t I do that with Nintendo oh that’s right their not free, and, some of the older games are way too expensive to purchase just for a trot down memory lane. I have been holding off purchasing a Wii U just to see if things improve with new titles because in the current catalogue of games I see nothing of interest to me. Graphically I see very little difference between my PS3 and the Wii U to make me want to rush out and purchase one, and in fact the money I had earmarked for a new Wii U I spent on upgrades for my PC, so sorry ninty missed out on another sale. Don’t get me wrong I have loved Nintendo titles for years and have owned all their home consoles since the snes, but I’m afraid the time has come for us to part ways, unfortunately Nintendo have become the victims of their own success, when they targeted the younger audience, that persona of being a  child or family friendly console has stuck, and no matter how hard Nintendo tries to entice the hardcore gamer back, I feel it may be too late. Is the writing on the wall? I don’t know, I hope not. I love Nintendo but in these economic times I not throwing money away for loyalty.

    • Adam Porter

      the problem is though that you don’t really get the wiiU until you actually get it, you play the games, you see miiverse working, you get the feel of the interface. it’s actually really good, miiverse is probably the best thing they have brought to the console at the minute, it’s like a nintendo exclusive facebook.

  • Destiny64

    e cacca a peso d’oro.. questa è nintendo

  • Here are my thoughts on all of this negativity going around. When the Wii was brand new it sold like crazy. Everywhere you went, you could NOT find a Wii. The console was a gigantic success. But, in the later years, It just stopped selling. This left Nintendo kinda weak and it looked grim for the company. Then the 3DS came out. At first, the handheld sold horribly, but after time, it’s become a great success for Nintendo. That’s the part that people don’t get.

    The 3DS has been a great provider for Nintendo and has restored them. While Nintendo may not be back to it’s former glory, it’s doing fine. But people seem to ignore that and focus only on the Wii U. Nintendo will not go out because of a slow start.

    Now, there is one more thing that all of these people are doing that are causing the unnecessary panic. They are comparing the Wii U’s sales to that of the Xbox 360 and the PS3. What they don’t think of is the fact that the other two consoles have several years worth of games and content on them. So of course sales are going to be better with them, it’s because everyone sees all of the games on the other two consoles they go to them. Not because people see the Wii U and think “Blegh! I’ll never buy that thing.” 

    So these are the few things that people need to do. 
    1:Give Nintendo time. Yes it is a slow start, but with all of the games that Nintendo announced at the direct, I’m sure people will start buying.
    2: Think of E3. Nintendo has said themselves that they kept some things hidden so that they can still have a bunch of new content for E3.
    3: Stop comparing. Like I said before, the Xbox and PS3 have a LOT of content on them because of being older. So stop comparing them.

    And that, is the end of my two cents.

  • Robin Columbus

    I don’t get what the issue is.
    I have just about every popular console there is, and the Wii U is by far the coolest one.
    The only problem I’ve found with it is the lack of games, which I blame the third party developers for… sooo… what are the third party developers at DICE talking about?
    How they’re not making games for Wii U and killing it?
    I don’t get what they could be discussing, they themselves are the problem, right?

  • Sordel

    The prevailing narrative is that the games industry can only be saved by Sony & Microsoft: that Android and Nintendo are sideshows. My view is that any developer basing his or her future economics on takeup of 720 and PS4 is going to get the shock of their lives when they start seeing figures for those systems. 

  • C.S. Bailey

    Worst case scenario is we get GameCube 2012: Great 1st party games when they arrive, spotty 3rd party support that doesn’t matter because excellent games will be largely ignored until they are re-released on a Sony system, and a few gems that people will still talk about years later while anticipating a remake.
    I’m hoping it’s more like the last gen, where Nintendo was the best “other” system to own. Either system from MS or Sony and one from Nintendo has always given me the best variety of console gaming.

  • Luke Talbot

    Ok, let’s be frank. People who come to this site are basically in two camps: 
       1. Nintendo Fans who wish WiiU well
       2. Trolls. 

    And unfortunately, the fans are going to see things through rose-tinted spectacles. I’ve been following Nintendo for decades now, and to me all this stinks of N64: a great platform, ahead of its time, but missing the mass market by a country mile compared to its competitors. 

    No GTA IV announcement, no Tiger Woods and a ton of cancelled projects in year 1; basically so far some dodgy ports, a few good 3rd party exclusives and some great 1st party promises. 

    It’s like 1998 all over again.