Aug 12th, 2015

Tomonobu Itagaki’s long awaited Devil’s Third has been available in Japan since August 4. The game hasn’t done so well in press over the last few weeks, as some outlets have reported issues with the game. Others say it’s a good mindless fun romp for shooting fans. What we haven’t seen is how well the multiplayer game functions.

Now that the game is available in Japan, we’re beginning to see Japanese gamers upload some of their clips from the game. Check out the video above to see what Devil’s Third multiplayer feels like. Of course, the video is in Japanese, but the gameplay translates pretty universally since it’s all shooting and no talking. Remember that the PC will be getting a free-to-play version of multiplayer Devil’s Third that won’t be cross-platform for Wii U, so if you have a gaming PC you’ll be able to try this for free.

Based on what you’ve seen from the previews and these clips, will you be getting the game?

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