Nov 7th, 2015


Devil’s Third, the Wii U exclusive action game, also known by fans as “Avoid like the plague”, is apparently not a Wii U exclusive any longer.

Developer Valhalla Game Studios and publisher Nexon have announced that they are bringing the disappointing action game to the PC as well.

Devil’s Third was originally released in Japan only. Nintendo, knowing how disappointing the game was, decided not to bring it to the West. After Wii U gamers complained, they did eventually decide to release it.

Where it has been released, Devil’s Third is one of the lowest rated Wii U games in history. It currently holds a 44 rating on MetaCritic.

The PC version will be a bit different, though. It’s called Devil’s Third Online, and will only include the online multiplayer part of the game. More details about the game will be released later this month.

Devil’s Third will be released in North America on December 11th. It recently got some brand new box art as well.

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