Jul 23rd, 2015

Nintendo of Japan have launched a website dedicated to providing players more information about the upcoming Devil’s Third. The website also contains a few new clips of gameplay we’ve never seen before, one of which you can view above.

The site is a quick spec look at gameplay, but an interesting bullet point can be found on the site. Listed in the features are microtransactions called Golden Eggs that people buy with real money. Obtaining these Golden Eggs will allow you to trade for weapons or in-game currency. There’s no other information on how you obtain the eggs, so it’s possible you can do it all through gameplay without needing microtransactions.

Here’s a look at the rest of the specs listed on the Devil’s Third site:

  • Two main components are Solo Play and Multiplayer. The latter has several modes, such as the main mode where clans fight for the control of the United States, as well as Team Deathmatch, Carnival, and Cross Fight
  • Customization options let you wear different kinds of gear in order to change stats
    16.4 GB free space required on Wii U
  • Gamepad and Wii U Pro controller enabled
  • Off TV play available
  • USB keyboards will also be enabled for text chat
  • Microtransactions are in the game. You can use real life money to buy Golden Eggs which can be traded for weapons or in-game currency

Knowing that microtransactions are in the game is going to be a deterrent for some people who absolutely hate having their online play tainted by those who pay money. Are you still interested in this game?

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