Jul 16th, 2015

Yesterday several outlets who have access to the Japanese version of Devil’s Third posted their impressions of the game so far. Many of them were not kind to the game, describing gameplay and aesthetic features that seem to showcase just how long the game was in development, rather than a polished experience.

If you’re curious what that looks like, you can check out the first mission from the game above to get a taste of what we’ll see. Short warning however, as there’s plenty of violence and harsh language used in the game, so keep that in mind before you watch if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing.

The shooting segments of the game look like the worst aspects, as the guns don’t seem to have that trademark recoil and punch you’d want, while the melee sections are just as brutal as any fatality you’d find gracing the Mortal Kombat series.

Nintendo of America says they’re still committed to publishing Devil’s Third in the West, so perhaps it’ll be released sometime this year.

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