Aug 29th, 2012

According to a rumor, Wii U game developers have been optimizing their games and getting more out of the hardware over the past few months. New software updates from Nintendo to the Wii U SKD, engine improvements, etc. have reportedly helped developers to increase the frame rate of their games. All while the visual quality of the games has improved as well. According to the source, developers now have a better grasp on the system and are able to get more out of it.

Wii U developerIt’s common knowledge that takes a while for developers to get the most out of any video game system. Compare the visuals of games at the beginning of the current console generation in 2006, and compare them now — the difference is huge. Nintendo previously said that it will take a while for developers to tap into the full potential of the Wii U hardware, but it seems to be already happening. We’ve heard from developers that the Wii U is “definitely more powerful” than current gen systems, and Nintendo themselves have said that the Wii U won’t be too far behind the next gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony. Most Wii U launch games should be in the finishing stages by now, with only a few months until the console launches.


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  • Mida

    Any advantage will be a great start for the Wii U!

    • joe

      Totally agree.

      • BananaPwnz

        Cant freaking wait for this system!

        • revolution5268

          same here

          • wii u fan 4ever

            YAY! i knew the wii u has the best potential!

    • noah

      I heard ((now i said heard don’t quote me)) that the wiiU is capable of 60fps. If that is true……I’mma cream my jeans.

  • ZMW

    YHESH! πŸ˜€

  • Nintentionally

    I am seriously considering freezing myself until mid November because I’m too excited.

    Unfortunately I will never afford one on release if I do that πŸ™

    • nintedward

      they should make a new episode of south park , where cartman is doing something similar to what he did for the wii launch.
      my fav episode of southpark . and i am sure that episode os sp must of shifted a few units , lol .

    • YoGoUrT

      That’s exactly why Walt Disney did it back then. He’s coming back in mid-november πŸ™‚

      • relo999

        Think of all the 1920’s racism he has to offer, violent cartoons (well I like that one) and all that liberalism for system shock must bring forth.

    • revolution5268

      you may want to think that over, you may end up in the future like what happen to squidward.

      • SteampunkJedi

        I remember that one! Chrome. πŸ˜‰

  • nintedward

    ”Compare the visuals of games at the beginning of the current console generation in 2006, and compare them now β€” the difference is huge. ”

    this doesnt apply to nintendo as much . look at twilight princess , that game is stunning today , so is mario galaxy 1 .
    but for the 360 and ps3 games i agree.

    although mario galaxy 2 and skyward sword are a bit prettier than the FIRST wii games.

    wait , i didnt did i ?

    • DuRob

      The problem with your comment is that you didn’t really read what it said:

      “It’s common knowledge that takes a while for developers to get the most out of any video game system. Compare the visuals of games at the beginning of the current console generation in 2006, and compare them now β€” the difference is huge.”

      Meaning, it will take a while for OTHER developers to learn how to use Nintendo’s hardware. Nintendo always makes quality games and know how to use their hardware better than anyone else.

      I love Ninty, and it’s not about being a fan boy, just about being the guy who knows the hardware better, sooner, as you’re the one whom built it and have ideas of how it could/should be used. I assume the same should be able to be said about Sony & Microsoft. They should have the leg up on developing for their hardware over any other developer as they know the ins and outs.

      • nintedward

        yeh i agree with you there. the producers of the hardware should have the best grasp of it due to them knowing about and using it longer than anyone else.

  • nintedward

    this is awesome news for wiiu , current gen graphics with doubled framerates and better resoloution , textures and detail will look awesome.
    in other words ‘next gen’. i hate the term ‘next gen’ tho. it should be burned.

    • SteampunkJedi

      Abstract terms are not combustible.

      • nintedward

        awww really ??? what if we spray deoderant all over it ???

      • nintedward

        awww really ??? what if we spray deodorant all over it ???

  • B4short

    If dev already improving I’m betting easy to program for…Good for us gamers

  • Nintendonoob

    to me Wii U games look great. 6 years later Wii U games will look as good as pc games!

    • Hamzilla

      pc games will always be on top when it comes to graphics..the technology updates wayy to fast..even microsoft and sony won’t be able to catch on

      • Macarony64

        yea but that just in graphics. pc still is just about mouse and keyboard if pc just have 1developer half has good has nintendo i has console gamer would be worry

        • deSSy2724

          You can connect a Xbox 360 controller to PC and much other peripherals/controllers, PC is good for 3rd party-es and has good exclusives (but not that much like Nintendo and PS3).

      • deSSy2724

        PS3 was only stronger in the first 1-2 years than many PCs at that time thanks to Cell CPU (you just cant beat PCs in long time periods), do u guys remember the price for PS3?

        + Sony sold its PS3 at a loss (then think, how much was the real price :S). Over 1000 -/+ for a console, thats ridiculous!

        Nintendo was much more sucessful with Wii than Sony with PS3, so, i think that the difference between PS3 and PS4 wont be that huge like the difference between PS2 and PS3 (im using just logic)….. well, maybe only if the PS4 release would be set for 2016+ or something like that, but this will mean that Nintendo won once again (so, Sony need to rush). But wait, balance is really important… Sony can release the PS4 one month after Wii U but this will mean that PS4 wont be much stronger, maybe minor improvements or pretty much the same (in hardware terms) than Wii U, then again… they cant wait too much because that means Wii U will won (Sony is in trouble). It was easy for Sony to make the PS3 much more powerfull than Wii because Nintendo didnt plan a HD console (they announced it before the release), but anyway…. Wii outsold PS3. Thats why Sony is really in trouble because much more powerful console doesnt mean success for company, they need to balance it.

        Last, im not a fanboy… but thats only the real truth, PS2 was weaker than 1st Xbox and GameCube but the console outsold both of them… why? GC was pain for Nintendo because GC didnt have DVD player for games, GC used 1.4 GB miniDVD 8mm. N64 cardridges vs PS1 CDs (but N64 was stronger), GC miniDVD 1.4 GB vs PS2 DVD dual layer 8.5 GB (again, GC was stronger but not much difference). Thats probably why N64 and GC werent sold well compared to PS1 and PS2, MS was new in scene (but Xbox 360 is even more successful than PS3 + live $$$ and less powerful). So, it was…. cardridge, CD, DVD, Bluray…. what now? i think there is nothing more for PS4 (it will probably use bluray again, 99% PS3 games didnt take the advantage of bluray 50 GB+/- dual layer. Wii U wont be using bluray but Wii U will use its own format (similar to bluray), single layer 25 GB and dual layer 50 GB.

        Last words..did Sony learned from their mistakes? hmm maybe a little, but how much and why? Vita is weaker than PS3 (2012 release date vs 2005/06 PS3) but Vita has no games (not that much like 3DS has), 3DS is doing muuuuuuch better than Vita, Vita cant even beat PSP. Sony really need to be smart…. i dont want them to fail like Sega, PS3 is (and was) a good console but cmon, what are they thinking?

        • Not Really

          The Ps3 was never stronger than an enthusiast PC in 2005 and especially 2006.
          When Crysis came out in 2007 it became very obvious just how far behind the consoles were.
          The Ps3’s Cell architecture is definitely a failed venture both financially and performance wise.
          When Sony decided to put a single PPE server processor with 8 SPE’s (one is unusable) in it to render graphics, they made a pretty large mistake since the theoretical numbers were unattainable in practice.
          In order to compensate for the staggering cost Sony opted to use a weaker GPU from Nvidia assuming the Cell would offset it’s weakness.
          Because of these circumstances the performance gap between it and the Xbox is very minute and in some ways the 360 outperforms it.

          • rafael

            ”Not really”, you seem like a well informed person…what do u think about the wiiu alleged specs that you can find here? Are they good and plausible?

      • wiiufanatic

        doesn’t microsoft make computers, so they have a bit of an experience

  • TheUNation

    This truly great news for Nintendo fans and supporters. Whether the games are powered by Umbra, AnvilPlus, Unreal 3 or CryEngine 3, the Wii U will deliver the very best for us gamers!

    • Gamer

      Unreal Engine 4, Square-Enix’s Luminous Engine. Just to add on to what the Wii U can Run smoothly. Unlike cough’ cough’ 360 and Tri station.

      • icanseeu

        In a few months time you’ll see how funny this comment is!

        • Gamer

          You know EPIC themselves said it does run unreal engine 4 games right? So point at yourself and laugh lol.

          • Chris

            Everything can run UE4 nowadays. Don’t forget about phones that can.

            Running it doesn’t mean running at its maximum ability smoothly. It just means that its code is versatile enough to be ported. Every device that has it will be running it at different qualities. A 10 year old computer could probably run UE4 right now (on ultra low settings).

            -That said, EPIC also said that UE3 is a better fit for the console.

        • Wildman

          It’s only funny because it’s true!

  • steve jobs ghost

    wii u is not far behind consoles that dont exist and developers are already maxing it out .no console goes thru this only wii and wiiu get this anti treatment

    every console in history gets a big up by devs at its beginings no not wiiu it gets a load of lies as if they can stop us buying it and wait for x720 this industry is so immature and out of touch….im buying a wiiu not a ps4 or x720 so get used to it industry

    • nintedward

      well said. eff the ps4 and eff the 720 . the only reason i used to play ps3 and 360 was because of better versions of games like fifa , forza (racing sim) etc etc. cross platform games.

      the wiiu has a promising launch lineup and it looks like nintendo is providing us with the stellar graphics and twin stick gamepad and pro controls (alonf with awesome motion controls) to play every type of game any way we want. cough best console ever wiiu cough .

    • Grodus

      Dont forget about the people who will say the wii 3 is gonna suck just because it has the word “wii” in it… losers…

  • Kev

    I have never been concerned about the Wii U’s graphical capabilities. When the Wii U was first demo’d on the showfloor at E3 2011 and we got a glimpse of Zelda in full HD, I knew right then and there the system was superior to anything on the market today. I still think about the seamless lighting transitions on screen, the possibilities of what could be done with the gamepad are truly breathtaking and leaves me feeling as anxious as I’ve ever felt to play video games.

    • D2K

      I was equally impressed with the Zelda HD demo, but I was more impressed with the Japanese Garden Demo. That was the best looking real-time graphics I’ve ever seen (except for the water which looked gelatin-like) However they just threw those demos together in a couple of weeks so I don’t have a issue with it.

      • Kev

        Oh yeah for sure, that was an awesome display of the hardware’s capability.

  • Master Swordsman

    I believe its SDK. Software development kit.

  • 3dsguy

    Keep it coming.need to get this preorded soon as

  • Johny

    oh PLEASE dont say this rumour is false…. its SOO nice to hear that kind of info =) just makes my day

  • hatsune miku

    at least the frames and graphics will be better than the previous nintendo consoles for sure at least 200 percent =D

    • TheRedSnifit

      I doubt the framerate will be much better. Wii games weren’t very demanding, and typically ran at a solid 30 FPS.

    • ~(O.O~)

      Your not REAL!!

  • koopa killer

    Awesome!!! This makes sense considering todays technology compared to current consoles. Nintendo knows what they’re doing. Its pretty cool to think that Nintendo doesn’t go all out with graphics and they will still definately satiisfy all gamers. The Wii U hasnt even launched yet and there are already developer improvements, that is if the rumor is true… which I have no doubt that it is. Imagine how much this system will improve 3-4 years from now.

  • ScientificFlood

    This is great news!

    Off topic. Well kind of. Ive recently decided to analyze the terms “hard core” and “casual”. Ive come to the conclusion. As history repeats itself. That its honestly the same tactic Sega had with its “Blast Processing”. Small transparent words used to promote their product as better. When in reality. The words in question arent applicable in the way they are used.

    What is “hardcore” and “casual”? Is it the difficulty? Nope cant be. As individual human beings something that is easy may in fact be hard to someone else, or vice versa. So since this use is personal. It isnt applicable.

    Secondly time spent playing? I really dont think this is correct either. As yet again. This is personal. Who to say that someone playing a game 10 hours a day verses 1 hour a day arent both having meaningful experiences.

    Now how about genre, or maturity of the game? That just sounds ridiculous doesnt it? Yet again a completely personal experience.

    So whats left? Nothing really. To me this all sounds like a media or marketing ploy developed to cater to the weak minded. To sell a product on insecurities. The same thing Sega did with its blast processing. Taking one small thing. Using transparent words to divide, and now were stuck with two terms used by the weak, and insecure. “Casual” and “Hardcore”.

  • Shane

    I feel like people don’t know what to think when it comes to video games anymore. I mean, people at the top want to dish out everything they can regardless of the system, and saying any system is less than another is naive in hopefully good intents… In my opinion, Nintendo will always say look at this, and no matter what anyone else says, it will be unique. It’s not even a competition if you think about it. Without Nintendo, things wouldn’t be where they are now, and without Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo wouldn’t have any reason to up the game again, ALONG WITH Sony and Microsoft. Best regards developers. Hopeing they make EVERY single game ever available in the new consoles coming out. It would mean the best for all ages. I could go on all day, but I need to go get a drink.

  • Gamer

    Third and second( a little extent) party developers are the problem. Morons in this field that can’t program or have no vision shall use the graphics and power of CPU nonsense. Now that Nintendo have given them all they asked for and varying control options, tucked are their lactivision tails in third party development world. Am happy little Virgil are hanging tough unlike GTA V producers. All the Wii U needs is Monster hunter, COD( don’t even get me started on this re-harsh fps ), AC3, EA’s FIFA and it’s already a done deal.

  • nod786

    This is great to hear πŸ™‚ but all I care about at the moment is that very special date which I’m sure all of you guys are looking forward to as well!! It can’t roll around fast enough in my books I just hope that Nintendo do a amazing job in that live stream… what would make it even better is know what RETRO are doing I’m just dying to know… and to be honest I hope they are working on something that’s not Nintendo I think that studio has the talent behind it to really come up with something new and amazing.

  • Gamer

    THIRD PARTIES THAT ARE VISIONLESS are indeed the problem. It’s time journalists stopped defending them and focused on calling them out. The Wii U is set now on the partners side. It’s release date we crave.

  • theorangefish

    Hey guys it is not good to read such news in fact this is really bad!
    Imagine… Ubisoft TRIES to reach 60fps+1080p on Assassins Creed 3. Keep in mind this is only a current gen game and most likely lacks some grafx features. It looks like developers are ALREADY maxing out the wii u and use Its FULL POWER. If this is the case than there is a big problem for Nintendo.

    • TheRedSnifit

      Assassin’s Creed 3 is a pretty demanding game, hence why both PS3 and 360 are going to run it at 30 FPS and 720p. The Wii U, however, is running it at 60 FPS and 1080p, and the missing graphical effects are because of them rushing to meet a release date.

      Don’t know where you got the idea that it’s maxing out the U.

    • Nintendude

      I’m guessing you didn’t watch RTUSA’s video about developer Two Tribes saying the Wii U can do 1080p “without breaking a sweat”.

      • Chris

        Yeah… with Toki Tori. You can run the main menu at 1080p at 400fps if you wanted to (though tv refresh rates aren’t that high…) and it would be easy. Adding more graphical features quickly burn down that ability to run that high resolution.

  • richman

    the article said that developers are starting to understand the systems hardware and are able to get more out of it. it does not mean that the wii u is already maxed out I don’t think nintendo is going to release a console at launch that’s already maxed out and no console is launch fully maxed out. and by maxed out I mean that the developers fully know how the console works. so I think they starting to understand the systems hardware even before the systems launch but, it does not mean that the wii u is maxed out.

    • theorangefish

      I only say 3DS…… sure it wasn’t maxed out at launch but look at resident evil revelations. That game goes too far in terms of visuals so the max number of enemies is ONLY 5.
      There are only a few character animations in the game (Uncharted Golden abyss: drakes face has more animations than jills whole body.) Good graphics are limited to small rooms.
      All of you can disagree with me with things like: Graphics don’t matter ONLY GAMEPLAY is important! In fact graphics ARE IMPORTANT they ENHANCE the gameplay and increase the overall quality of the game. To prove this think about those things:

      1) Would you play SM3DL if it would be in original gameboy graphics, frame rate and resolution?

      2) What is the first thing Nintendo Diehards and fanboys say about a game like Metroid Other M, Metroid Prime 3, Mario Galaxy or Zelda TP? yes: zomfg look at the beauty!

      3)Miyamotu’s translator(Slave xD) talked about how the higher resolution of the wii u makes pikmin better to play.

      • TheRedSnifit

        And I’m not sure where you’re getting this stuff about Revelations – the reason the campaign had so few enemies at once was because it’s survival horror. In Raid Mode, there are several areas that have well over five enemies at once. And the only time that graphics ever have a problem is if you turn on the 3D and the anti-aliasing goes down – basically everybody but you agrees that Revelations has amazing graphics.

        But, for the sake of argument, let’s say you’re right. Clearly, it’s worked out for Nintendo, since the 3DS is selling well while the Vita is tanking.

      • Enigmatic

        Here is a nice voiced over side by side comparison.

      • Smitty

        your point about nintendo fanboys saying omg at first party games says alot more about art direction and style than it does for a systems pure horsepower. As you rightly pointed out, just look at the mario galaxy’s the zeldas and metroid primes. “last generation” hardware sd output on an HD screen and still looking sexual :-D.

        Nintendo games in HD are going to look fantastic, even I bet against the newer unreleased consoles.

    • D2K

      The Wii U won’t be maxed out until somewhere close to the end of it’s life cycle. It takes that long to go get comfortable with any console. Developers are just reaching the max limits of the PS3 and 360.

      Since Nintendo stays true to their 5-6 year console release schedule, we will see a successor to the Wii U in 2018 at the latest.

      All this article is saying is that Nintendo is making it easier for developers to tap into the system’s power rather than them fumbling around trying to figure it out themselves. It may not take AS long as it normally does, or, developers may be able to do more with the Wii U than what normally is the case in console.

      As I have stated before, when it comes to artistry it depends more on the individual than the hardware they use. A famous comic book artist like Jim Lee, Joe Madureira, J. Scott Campbell, or Mark Silvertri can take a simple no.2 pencil, a table napkin, and make a masterpiece. Where as a first-year art student with little to no artistic skill can be sat in front of a computer that has a Cintiq HD drawing tablet, Adobe Master Creative Suite CS6, ZBrush, Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, and Mudbox. They wouldn’t have a CLUE on what to do with any of that.

      Nintendo has gone to great lengths make developing games for the Wii U as inexpensive, easy, and accessible as possible. They signed a deal early this year with Autodesk Gameware in order to bring ‘Scaleform’ to the Wii U for developers.

      β€œScaleform is the clear leader in user interface design for both casual and triple-A games. With its unmatched versatility, performance enhancing features, Scaleform is a ‘must-have’ for our upcoming titles.”

      Tim Sweeney, CEO, Epic Games

      So if the CEO of Epic Games is high about this, it’s definitely a good thing. To add to an earlier comment, VP of Epic Mark Rein saw potential to make Zelda for the Wii U look even BETTER than it did last year still only using Unreal Engine 3. So I don’t even want to think about what they can do with it using Unreal Engine 4.

      Universally it will take developers years to be able to hit the max-out mark in next-gen graphics for all the upcoming systems.

  • SteampunkJedi

    Awesome. Just awesome.

  • Enigmatic

    Games have advanced on the PS3/360 not so much because of them learning how to use the hardware individually, but more the industry overall advancing. PS3, 360 brought the first games that used multiple cores, creating the process known as cross threading. This took a lot of time for developers to fully understand and utilize. This knowledge of gaming development will apply to the Wii U just like it applies to all the other multi-core game consoles.

    The jump in gaming technical prowess was not so much because of them learning how to use the PS3/360 hardware specifically, but learning how to better develop games in general. The Wii U will not see a similar jump in it’s games that the other consoles did.

    I mean come on, all consoles are basically just PC’s. They aren’t all that different, save for the PS3’s cell technology. From looking at the confirmed specs that the Wii U has so far, it doesn’t seem like it will be much different.

    • Chris

      MULTI-threading was around way before the 360…

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    what would the next frame rate be, then? 90 fps? 120 fps? (btw, that would be AWESOME!!!!