May 24th, 2012

Darksiders 2 Wii U
There’s a big reason why we haven’t seen many Wii U videos, screenshots, and other media from some of the many games that have been announced for the system. Nintendo has made all developer sign an NDA agreement not to talk about Wii U specific features for their games until E3, something Darksiders 2 developer Vigil Games confirmed recently. Speaking to Vooks, Vigil’s Jeremy Greiner says that “Nintendo’s put a full gag on everything until E3”. However, he did confirm that Darksiders 2 would use Wii U specific features, such as the new tablet controller. Greiner added, “speaking to specific features or tech effects, that’s in Nintendo’s playground right now. I know that they have plans for E3”.

Nintendo’s strict control of what gets out (nothing, in that sense), and the lack of concrete details on the console and games at this point all points in one direction: Nintendo has big plans for E3. Vigil Games has previously commented on the Wii U console, saying it’s just as powerful as the current gen systems. Darksiders 2 will be released shortly on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and will be a Wii U launch title later this Fall. For more titles, check out our full Wii U games list.

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  • Swic11

    I think this makes perfect sense for Nintendo to do. This way they get to unveil everything (or almost everything) themselves during their conference.

    So excited for the 5th, it can’t come soon enough.

    • Master Chief

      Dear diary, .may upad lullaby to enemy to sleep , and ill take it. But maybe the secret is it can be used to projectile enemy lines for distraction.

  • saria sage of the forest

    agreed whats the point of unveiling the concepts if mostly every know’s what the news is on the wii u and its games and its seems about half of the what we know now will be released over at e3

    • david6

      Was it you, i dont agree complete, like happy about old or new controller needs vision. But was it you that found Ares 3rd party root, we all saw it.

      • david6

        We dont agree of controller design,

  • Chris

    Wise choice Nintendo, wise choice indeed.

    Its best to keep everything low down for now, that way it means when they show of the console and some gameplay of the Wii U games then it means more people would want to buy it.

    • Marq

      Yeah, it’s important to build hype and anticipation for the console, and if everyone is leaking details and spoiling surprises, then we won’t be as excited when E3 finally comes around.

      • alienfish

        Like a good bomb, Nintendo should have no leaks and enough information to blow everyone away. Leaks and spoilage = fizzle fizzle puff puff when E3 finally gets here.

        • david6

          Just as if the tardis showed up in living room, people will be excited, this way were educated and hopefully have a voice. But as robot said less 17% online game forum or news. Majority will be very surprised.

  • david6

    In the lions den, thank goodness im a lion. I dont want to micky mouse with controller, i see their too far invested and more stuborn than a donkey. So sales will show in the end. Just a cool small screen no biggy, but a billion dollors doesnt prove our not a marketing jester. Sales will crucify the joker iin the end. This was never a bussiness of scound and scandel, this was an ‘ART”. (P.s. paquito, your ugly dont even play games, you all eat poop.’

    • alienfish

      Hey, I thought you agreed a few articles ago that you were going to be civil? We’re all better than that and we’re all on the same side here so can’t we all just – you know what I mean.

      • david6

        Yah, but i owed him one. Ill be nice. I like wii u specs, unreal engine 4, 3ds connect, cloud interface, online profile network and download. I like everygame advertised,(awasome 3rd party support.) Every eccessory invented or not invented (by the way i collect ninty t-shirts. But i dont like controller design and console design.

        • alienfish

          You know, as a Nintendo fan since the day I could hold a controller, I don’t see such a huge problem with getting used to another controller. Each one is so different from the last that getting used to the new one is just part of the fun. I can’t recall a truly uncomfortable controller from Nintendo so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about with the WiiU controller. The design does seem a little fat in my opinion, but I don’t look at the controller when I play a game, I feel it and look at the screen/s.

  • amatboy4010

    Demo of upad rejected in 80s as “unconformity”, better graphic listed, in forseeable future, utab rejected as “stupid”. A bised study. Less than 17% of gaming owwners frequent internet.

    • amatboy4010

      less than 17% gaming owners frequent online forum and news.*

  • nathant16

    Im curious how she rooted to us. She might be spam but said shes a vegatarian. She was not on site but rooted on individual devices, she was eithor a spy, or spam, but is intere

    • nathant16

      Interesting, if not a company did soneone link into 3crd party Ares. We all saw her.

  • Jat

    I hope they are hiding something good from us…

    • swic11

      I’m sure they are!

  • Death

    June 5th mocks me like something I can see, but can’t reach it or make out the details.

    Darksiders 2 is going to be awesome yet.

  • The Kid

    They never said that Wii U was going to be on par. They said the Darksiders game on Wii U was on par with PS3/X360. Wii U is clearly more powerful then a console that came out in 2005 & 2006, if not by much then some. You people are so hard headed. That’s why EA, Gearbox, & Crytek have already said it was more powerful. I think at the end Crytek didn’t want to make a Wii U version due to having to add functionality to the controller, which would have took more time. But they have stated about the power of Wi U.

  • The Kid

    Hopefully the developers take the time to build on the controller. Hopefully Crytek doesn’t make this same mistake again. Crysis may have had this game in development before Wii U was even announced last year though. That’s probably why it isn’t going to be a Crysis 3 Wii U version.

  • Skozo

    This is a bold yet very smart move by Nintendo, not only will it increase hype; but it also proves Nintendo will not gain Ports nor any information of the power behind the system that will more than likely blow Fans and non-fans alike. I can tell that not only are there games that are from many systems, but right from the get-go Nintendo will get Triple A titles from Third Party.developers and many from the Wii whom made terrible exclusives are gone and those of who made amazing Third/Second party games ate staying (No More Heroes, Blob, Xenoblade, hopefully Baten Kaitos) will remain.