Oct 7th, 2012

German developer Shin’en recently chipped in on the never ending debate on Wii U’s hardware and power. In an interview with Ntower, they said that the Wii U is the “strongest console” right now, and that it’s got a lot of potential for the future. Specifically, Shin’en CEO Manfred Linzner commented on the Wii U GPU, which he said was a generation better than what’s available now. He said:

“Right now, the Wii U is the strongest console with a lot of potential for the future. You should not forget that the Wii U GPU is from a different generation than the ones from the current competitors. Because of that, there are many new ways of approaching things.”

The power of the Wii U has been strongly debated over the past year, but everyone pretty much agrees that it’s more powerful than the current generation systems. Linzner added that it’s easier to implement graphics solutions for the Wii U than on current generation consoles because of the more modern hardware. “Coupled with the generous working storage” he said, “you have unbelievable possibilities”.

Shin’en is working on Nano Assault Neo, which will be released on the Wii U eShop on launch day. Nano Assault Neo is a shoot ’em up that takes place on a microscopic level, where players battle deadly viruses. The game will also support co-op, where two players can join forces, with one player on the GamePad and another using the Wii U Pro Controller.

Nano Assault Neo Wii U


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  • Lazara The Second Last

    just iincase people still didn’t believe it right? lol can’t wait for the walmart overnight sleep.

    • Asiancake

      I’m going to get mine midnight launch

      • AKA-Vote!77

        Thumbs up if you are getting the Deluxe Wii Uโ„ข!
        Thumbs Down if you are getting the Basic Wii Uโ„ข!
        (Dont be shy if you need to thumbs down I Dont Care) ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Elite

          I must be the only white guy going for the white tech. Like ****!!! X^)

          • Zeldazero

            The biggest reason to get black is simple, if you dont get black you dont get the 10% back on every nintendo network game or content you buy. Also, which I do find a little weird, if you get the white console, you can never get that promotion because it is deluxe edition exclusive. After you buy $500.00 worth of games on the nintendo network you get the extra $50 back. So if all games can be downloaded from the nintendo store you get your money back after 10 games and if you spend enough eventually your whole wiiU will be free…after spending $3500…lol, but possible ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Metroidslayer

            If the deluxe version was white everyone would want white instead of black.

        • Adion222

          But i’m buying
          Nintendo Wii U ZombiU Premium Pack

        • Madmagican

          Sooooo…. what do we do if we didn’t get a chance to pre-order? I want the Wii U (deluxe), but my economic situation is kinda depressing (under $100 US in savings)… I hope there’s some miracle out there waiting for me

        • Reali-tGlitch

          What if I failed to preorder?..

          I refuse to get the basic. ;w;

        • elbossmx

          I’d love a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate + Pro Controller bundle.
          The Japanese are getting that =(

      • Zeldazero

        Do you know for a fact that there will be a midnight launch? The local gamestop here actually said they don’t think so since it releases on a Sunday..

    • AKA-Link77

      Good thing i live in a small CA area. I wouldn’t expect huge lines here. Unlike the big cities like LA or NY…I can imagin that long ass line! LOL ๐Ÿ˜€
      But without huge lines its kinda boring u know?… Theres little hype and fun, mabey the line will be longer than i expect… ๐Ÿ™‚
      (but hopefully not too long).

      • Nintendork28

        yay for small CA cities!!

      • link 5

        I live in nyc and if you live in queens area there would be a line of 30 people in Manhattan there would be thousands of people cause that’s more of a inportant area I live in queens so I am lucky

    • Dumbpants

      Yea, I did that for the wii, but this time I’m getting at gamestop for midnight release!

    • Lazara the Last

      Awesome name!
      Vi already knew it, right? That it is a next-gen system? Anyway, it’s always good to get it confirmed!

    • Master Awesomeness

      I will not let wii u come to me, I shall go to it!


    Clap Clap u want a cookie

    so true.

    • Nintedward

      Its obvious news to us with that little thing called common sense .
      BUT , we Nintendo fans have been getting trolled by Phony and microshaft for over a god damn year . What were they saying ”the wiiu is only current gen , blah blah blah , not as powerfull as the ps3 blah blah blah blah , i’m a troll trying to make you feel bad about liking Nintendo blah blah” .

      Well now we have a solid piece of proof that states the wiiu is the strongest console out now and has unbelievable potential.
      The ps3 and 360 don’t have ”unbelievable potential” do they ?? they were maxed out at native 720p 30 fps …

      This is ”duh , expected its 2012” news . But just proves Nintendo have made a console with great graphical capability

      • Nintedward

        *insert some noob saying ”you sound like a graphics whore now , we nintendo fans are more about gameplay blah blah , i’m 11 years old….*

        Wrong . The wii . nuff said . Every other console , we ”Nintendo fans” have been obsessed with graphics and specs and probably the most nerdy about that . ”well the n64 is 64 bit , your PS1 is 32bit suck it” ”blast processing ???? The Snes has way better graphics than your sh%ty megadrive” . *it might have sold the most , but the gamecube has better graphics” .

        Nintendo loves breaking through graphical boundries , its what they do . Only with the wii , they were broke off the gamecube and put their money on a horse named ” Flying gimmick” .

        Now they’re back and they have a console that can do DX11 style graphics.

        • dojo

          hahahaha duude agree scince when was anything from microsoft and sony better then nintendo oh NEVER

        • El CaRaS1

          Well said mate! so wii u play with me lol!!! XD


      Lads…i said i that comment was true. Wii U is the strongest console.


      i was saying that has it taken them tis long to figure it out

  • Nintendude

    Now the trolls can shut up.

    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      They always COULD but that’s why they are trolls.

    • Jay

      A GERMAN developer developing a game no one will play is not someone who’s word I can take! Give me Rockstar’s word, then i’ll buy it.

      • @idiot

        wtf does the nationality have to do with the fact, that this console is slightly better than the other six year old? maybe you should shut your racist mouth and read some newspapers to get your simple mind a little bit opened.

    • me

      Sad thing is the trolls will never shut up.

  • podge79

    Wintendo does it again… Hurry up launch day.

  • Trev

    I wish they would comment on the CPU since they is the biggest concern people seem to have at this point.

    • Nintedward

      GPGPU .

      • Matthewmc685

        Yes but how good is the GPGPU to help the CPU because we know the Wii U can use at max 75 Wats and the GPGPU part of a GPU can be very taxing (for power) so even know Nintendo has this one up with runing meny tasks useing diffrent parts I don’t think a general purpose GPU will out run or be used as the main CPU, however it is nice that games made to use the Wii U can get a second resource of power.

        • tronic307

          The Wii U only uses 40-50 Watts. It has a power brick rated at 75W, but power bricks are usually less than 80% efficient, so available wattage is less than 60W. The Wii has a 52W power brick, yet consumes 17W.

          • loko34

            per questo Wii-U รจ merda. ma i baby non comprendono.

          • Matthewmc685

            I was not saying how much power can go to parts of the machine, I was saying how much it has to work with as in “max 75” so it’s like saying before tax because for all we know it may have a lot of power reserved for other equipment (such as charging the gamepad with the Wii U usb)

      • Nitesh

        People keep repeating that like it fixes anything. GPGPU is great for problems that can be made highly parallel, but some things it is simply bad at and need to be done by the CPU, plus GPGPU is much more complex to program for so programmers will no doubt take the path of least resistance most of the time. The CPU still needs to be good.

        And with two screens to drive, the GPU will probably be too loaded to do GPGPU at the same time, it may just be used for decompression during loads or Physx like effects.

    • Derp

      As long as the Wii U can handle huge loads of enemies at once with ok/good AI, I don’t care what the CPU is. Having hordes of zombies, entire platoons of infantry, or groups of highly complicated enemies, ususally would satisfy me when playing a game.

      • JumpMan

        like Koopas. *daydreams about the academy* *shudders*

      • Nitesh

        One developer already came out and say the CPU can’t handle as many enemies on screen, look it up :/

    • CyanideInsanity

      Really there’s no point in worrying about that. The CPU is obviously 3ghz minimum, and truthfully that’s all you need. 3ghz tri (what the wii u is rumored to have) or quad core is all you need to run a game.

      Higher clocked speeds are unnecessary since consoles don’t screen record, or run multiple resource heavy applications. Even computers with a 3ghz quad core can run full HD or higher resolutions at 60+ fps with the right video card.

      • tronic307

        Where are people getting this 3GHz number from? Iwata himself said that the unit typically consumes about 40W. After subtracting 20W for the GPU, you have 20W for the optical drive, RAM, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, 4x USB ports, and every other component on the main board. If that stuff consumes <12W, we're lucky. This leaves 8W for the CPU. Applause to Nintendo if it cracks 2GHz.

        • CyanideInsanity

          Well your partially correct on that, apparently its 75w under full load – http://wiiudaily.com/2012/09/wii-u-specs-2-gb-memory-75-w-power/

          And after checking some interviews it seems to be only slightly slower, which would probably put it at 2.7-3ghz, else I’m sure they’d say significantly slower.

          Then again there’s also all sorts of other specs for cpu’s that could also help determine actual power of it, but I can’t be bothered figuring those out at 4am… Either way hardware can do amazing things in the right hands, and nintendo can even do some amazing things without powerful hardware.

          • tronic307

            The power supply DRAWS 75W from the wall.

        • Wildman

          If an optical drive uses 20W in a console… there is a problem.
          The Wii U maximum power draw is 75 Watts. It’s around 40 only at idle. I believe the GPU is the 35W AMD E6760.

          • tronic307

            I said that the Wii U has a 40W power budget. I allowed 20W for GPU and 20W for EVERYTHING ELSE, including an 8W CPU, so that’s 12W for optical drive, RAM, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, 4x USB ports, etc. This leaves 8W for the CPU. The power supply is RATED at 75W: Expect the Wii U to use no more than 2/3 that.

      • Nitesh

        3GHz tells you nothing about performance. A 3GHz i5 is several times more powerful than a 3GHz Pentium D. And it’s unlikely the Wii U CPU is clocked that high since we know it’s made at 45nm and it only has 20w or so to work with, 40w typical power draw for the WHOLE system including GPU, optical drive, controller charging etc.

        • tronic307

          You’re right on the money. A tri-core, overclocked Broadway CPU, with its Out-of-Order execution, would SPANK a Xenon, which is In-Order, at equal clocks. ANY developer complaints (and we’ve had a few) would point to a significantly lower clock than 3.2GHz, and I don’t mean a few hundred MHz; more like 1GHz lower. A 120MHz audio DSP was the only clock given in the leaked Wii U target specs, but let’s change that to 121.5MHz for Wii BC. If we remember Nintendo’s rule of thirds for clock speed relationships of various system components, dating back to the N64, we can theorize on possible CPU clock speeds:

          IF the GPU is indeed an E6760, which is 600MHz @ 35W @ 576GFLOPS , it would have to be clocked to 364.5MHz to attain 21W @ 349.92GFLOPS (1.458 x the 360’s Xenos GPU @ 240 GFLOPS.

    • D2K

      It’s only a concern to people whom want it to be one. When IBM announced that the Wii U CPU was a “Power-based” CPU people automatically jumped to the conclusion that the Wii U is less powerful than the 360, that the CPU is just a buffed-up Broadway, and that is was NOT based on a Power 7.

      Never once did IBM say that the Wii U does NOT have a chip ‘based’ on the Power7, they said….

      “The Wii U is a custom 45 nm #power7 chip. Same SOI design in #ibmwatson”

      and then later they said…

      “Pardon the error. It’s a custom chip built on Power architecture base.”

      So the the fact that they said it is a “Power-based” chip still could mean it is a custom CPU designed off of the Power7 architecture.

      If Nintendo were to put a straight-up Power7 CPU in the Wii U is would probably cost a lot more to manufacture than $180 dollars, so I think they found a happy medium somewhere.

      Even in the worst case scenario the Wii U CPU is more powerful than what is in the PS3 and 360 easily. If for no other reason than the fact that technology runs faster and more efficient now than it did 7 years ago, but because people WANT the Wii U to be a failure they’ll take any information that smell negative and put it on blast without even understand what the just read.

      Even a CPU that was DIRECTLY on-par with the Cell processor in the PS3 and the XENON in the 360 would still out perform them. Combined with a GPGPU, it would slaughter them.

      The only negative we have heard about the Wii U specs are from people whom don’t know what they are talking (Pachter, G4TV, etc,) lazy developers, or the ever popular “anonymous developers” that apparently are THE source for the gospel-truth in this world. We don’t DARE question them.


      It would actually cost Nintendo MORE money to make a console less-powerful than the current-gen.

      • tronic307

        “Espresso” CPU is likely a multi-core, overclocked Broadway for Wii BC purposes. The IBM PowerPC 750 (on which Broadway is based) uses 2D paired-single 32bit instructions, for 64bit floating point accuracy, and later Power-based cores do not support paired-single instructions. This precludes Altivec 4D SIMD floating point because the same opcodes are used. Paired-single instructions CAN be emulated on more modern Power-based architectures at a high CPU overhead, so SIMD is possible, just not very likely, and lack of SIMD would classify the CPU as a Broadway variant.

        • D2K

          That is all nice, but numerous developers has stated many times that the CPU for the Wii U is ‘under-clocked’ not ‘over-clocked.’ It can’t be under-clocked and over-clocked at the same time. The whole “Espresso” (3-core Broadway CPU) rumor came from ‘anonymous’ sources based on inaccurate information and the ‘under-clocked’ CPU claims came from actual developers “most notably from Namco developers.”

          The word of the Wii U CPU being under-clocked goes all the way back to last year after the Wii U was announced at E3. The notion if is being a over-clocked 3-core Broadway CPU has only been around a month or so. Clearly somebody is wrong here and my bet is on the former rather than the latter. With the facts we actually do have, the “Espresso” rumor just don’t hold up.

          • tronic307

            Overclocked, as in higher than Broadway’s 729Mhz. Underclocked, as in lower than PS360’s 3.2GHz. So, yes, it can be both. Post E3 2011, ‘underclocked’ likely referred to the early devkits, with prototype silicon that couldn’t run at final retail speed.

          • D2K

            No it is not. A CPU is either over or under-clocked. Just because it is higher than the Broadway’s 729MHz doesn’t mean it is over-clocked. It just means it is higher than the Broadway CPU.

            Like I said before, the reports of the Wii U dev kits being under-clocked has been constant since last year and as recent as July of this year.

            Giving the compact design of the Wii U if is not difficult to understand why they would not want the system to run hot. Especially when you can get graphics like this without it being over-clocked.


          • tronic307

            We’ll use your definition then: The Wii U is underclocked to the point of being wasted silicon, and the Wii is not, I repeat, NOT an overclocked Gamecube(!)

          • D2K

            Uh….I don’t remember……saying the Wii ‘was’ an overclocked GameCube. Not sure where you are going with that.


    well , that proves it , its stronger , and i will be getting one ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Robert

    Tell us something wii don’t know xD

    Seriuosly though, this is good news.


    for the low price of $350 , im gonna be broke this november ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ssb4FC 3007 8585 6950

    Yay! I knew it was. Plus the wii u has double ram of Xbox 360 and its graphical power outdoes all current gen consoles. Plus if ps4 is so powerful, it will be way expensive and not affordable at all.

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      Add my friend code

    • Jay

      All this talk about Wii U power vs current gen systems is foolish. We expect a newer system to be more powerful than current systems. You people did not want to talk graphics when the Wii was coming out! Wait until the next Xbox and then talk. The 360 was designed with 720P in mind, so anything else is a bonus.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    With comments like this I expect nano assulte neo to be unbelievable

  • Reggie “My Body Is Ready” Fils-Aime

    When I make a promise it is always secured by fellow developers. I promised the Wii U was going to change and define the definition of Innovation, I promised the Wii U would be more powerful than current Gen. Consoles. People of earth have I kept my promise? Don’t answer the article has done so already.

  • IheartReggie

    Nintedward Is that you Reggie?

    • Nintedward

      No its a guy from Manchester in England who hasent changed since he got a SNES for christmas in 1993 .

      • RapeMasterGayLord1243


        • Mike S.

          Dude whatever stop trolling on here go some place else where trolls are allowed like 4CHAN.

        • Nintedward

          lol , who the fu%k are you ???? XD . I will go zombiu on yo ass , cricket bat to the head , then a nice Golf club to the crotch ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mac

    well of course it is the are comparing it to 6 and 7 year old hardware. thats a no brainer

    • Xblade13

      Comparing the new Wii U to a 7 year older 360/PS3 is like comparing iPhone 4S to a phone from 7 years ago (Motorola).

      Of course it’s going to be better! Newer GPGPU, 1 GB RAM OS, 1 GB RAM for games, sleek Nintendo architecture, gamepad innovation, 1080p 60fps on at least 50% of its games, 25 GB single-layer disks, the ability to stream to another screen without lag and without lowering frame rate (unless there’s 2 gamepads), all of the Nintendo IPs, immense 3rd party support, and the abilty to run Crytek Engine 3 (not sure if I got name right), and a downgraded version of Unreal Engine 4. Also, did I hear DirectX11 support from someone?

      Wii U will be the Most Powerful Console on the market until PS4/720 arrives. And it will still put up a heck of a fight against those!

      • Reggie “My Body Is Ready” Fils-Aime

        You are missing the point. The title of this article is actually trolls STFU, Nintendo strikes back and prevails. Nintendo has always been considered an underdog, even though 95% they are successful. Most people focus on specs rather than the game, but who really pays attention when they are playing. Minecraft and Pokemon are successful even with the pixels in your face. The Wii U can be seen as all the Nintendo Consoles put together with HD, and much much more. Hopefully (Most likely) those Wii Sales got mashed up in there as well. Can we do 5 Million Wii U’s by the end of 2012 or Late Feb. 2013? We may do a little more or just a tiny bit less, but it’s better to aim high and miss then to aim low and prove nothing.

        • Kav

          Dude, Reggie would never says “STFU” in public and im pretty sure Nintendo was never consider an underdog, nintendo is the big dog on videogames, we all know that(maybe some 12 years old CoD players dont).

          • Reggie “My Body Is Ready” Fils-Aime

            With the Wii, Nintendo was considered an Underdog remember how many people said it would fail, the comments about the lack of HD? Nintendo is beign considered the underdog again, because the Wii U is launching so early people think Sony and Microsoft can add things on to their consoles that would change the future and fate of Wii U.

        • Jay

          Plenty of people care about spec while playing. When I first got a SNES, I was looking for the mode 7 effects! I was looking at the color palette, the resolution and other effects.

    • totesawks


  • XDLugia

    A next generation console is more powerful than last generation consoles…

    In other news, rain is wet.

    • Troll patrol.

      You seem to be missing the point . The trolls who said the wiiu somehow had worse graphics than the ps3 have all just been forced to go and sit in the corner .

      Also , isn’t it nice to you knowing that the wiiu will have significantly better graphics than the previous gen ?

      • Crapcake

        PREVIOUS gen. were in the 8th gen now. our competition is 720/ps4/psvita(i included the handhelds). and i dont know how theyll copy the gamepad other than snartglass and kinect

        • nyallj

          “our competition is…” NO. Our competition “will be”…sometime in the future…rumours have it MAYBE next year…they hope…while Nintendo with the Wii U “IS”.

        • Crapcake

          i meant smartglass and cross play

      • tronic307

        The GPU has received nearly unanimous praise, and I’m sure Nintendo will do something mind-blowing with GPGPU. On the other hand, we have had complaints from the producers of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper Edition, about the clock speed and/or processing power of the CPU, which cannot be ignored. One theory points to hardware Wii backwards
        compatibility as the culprit for these limitations. Nintendo’s non-standard Broadway CPU customizations preclude the Altivec instruction sets by reserving it’s opcodes for paired-single floating point instructions. There would have to be a way to switch instruction sets in Wii U mode in order to make use of proper SIMD.

        • D2K

          Sounds like Namco just has lazy developers. Many developers today don’t want to roll up their sleeves in get intrenched in the dirty work. They want the CPU to do all the work for them.

          Being backwards compatible with the Wii does not having anything to do with the clock-speed or processing power. As long as the architecture of the CPU is similar to the the last console it will work.

          It’s like plugging up an NES to an HDTV. As long as the TV has a RF port or audio video ports (Composite) you can play the NES on an HDTV the same as play current and next-gen systems on it.

          • tronic307

            Those “lazy” devs at Namco are working on the next Smash Bros. right now, so I guess you’re not getting it?

          • D2K

            Yes they are, your point is what exactly? Are you suggesting that ‘just because’ Namco is making SSB4 it automatically is going to be good. I could be good, it could be mediocre, or it could be a disaster.

            Remember how everyone thought that Tecmo doing a ‘Metroid’ game was a slam-dunk winner after seeing the trailer shown at E3 2010? Look what happened with that.

            Namco has been handed a Nintendo 1st-party franchise before (StarFox: Assualt) and while the game looks stunning even by today’s standards, it just didn’t have the soul that the previous StarFox games did.

            When you look at a game like Tekken which basically hasn’t changed at all in 10 years, it’s not a stretch to say that developers are not pushing the creative level even half as far as they can.

  • TheUNation

    The Wii U is without a trace of doubt one beastly console. The full trailer of Shin’en’s Wii U title Nano Assault Neo ( http://www.nanoassaultgame.com/neo/video/shinen_nano_assault_neo_trailer1_720p60_8mbit.mp4 ) running at 60 fps shows living proof of what the U does. I can’t wait to purchase that game at the Wii U eShop.

    • El CaRaS1

      Wow dude thanks for sharing after seen this Im so convinced that i want this game is so gorgeous!!!!

    • D2K

      This game craps all over Geometry Wars, and I LIKE that game.

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Why do people still doubt the hardware capacity of the Wii U? Seriously, it’s not even funny anymore. Never was, but it’s getting old now.

    We all know it’s more powerful than current generation, no one would be stupid to launch a console less powerful than a PS3 at this time! It would be financial suicide!

    People think that just because the Wii was less powerful than HD consoles, Nintendo is never making something powerful enough to compete with next gen. Well, remember that Wii was much more powerful than NGC, Xbox and PS2! It simply wasn’t as much as powerful as it’s rivals, but nevertheless, more powerful than past gen enough to compete with PS360!

    Now, if we analyze the “jump” from NGC to Wii regarding specs, then we have to say it was pretty small when compared to their rivals. PS2 was weaker than the GC, but the PS3 came out as a HD console. What is happening here is a great “jump” on specs from Wii to Wii U, but simply because it parted from a weaker console, it doesn’t mean the next one will be weak! Sony already proved it before!

    Now, let’s all forget about those specs and how much powerful a console is or isn’t. I want to know about those games, what the GamePad can do, how the interface works and when will I be able to get my own Deluxe Set Wii U!

    • Derp

      I think the 6th console generation will repeat itself, at least in processing power.

      The PS4 probably won’t be a massive leap, but developers will try their best with what they got, just like the developers did with the PS2.

      The Xbox 720 will probably have its advantages over the Wii U, but all in all, there will only be a 10% difference in processing power. I am basing this off of the fact that it is using 2 low-end GPU’s according to rumor.

      The Wii U, well. It will probably will be like the Gamecube vs. Xbox. Not at all far behind, if behind at all. The fact that Nintendo, as far as it seems, is letting up on what developers can produce, it is likely there will be big time developers, as well as a TON of idependent developers.

      I think Nintendo is in a good seat with processing power.

      • Derp

        Also, I am open for what you think. I gave my 2 cents, which is actually positive. Don’t persecute me for saying the Wii U isn’t X10 the Xbox 720 because I doubt it is; I doubt Nintendo would like to end up with a 3DO-like situation on their backs.

  • Ledreppe

    All the PS360 fanboys\Nintendo haters can now go to hell now!

    • MinowaEli

      Becaues being a Sony Fanboy / Xbox Fanboy obviously means you hate Nintendo…

      • deSSy2724

        Fanboys yes but fans not…. im a Sony fan, but im also a Nintendo and PC fan.

  • AKA-Link77

    *Dont mind this comment just Testing something*

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      May I ask what it is you are “testing?”

    • nyallj

      Now you’ll have everybody wondering if you are posting that from the Wii U browser…

  • Jeremy

    People say specs dont matter but they have a dramatic impact on what can go on in a game and what all it can do and because of the specs its why only 2 game pads can be used atm, why because the console slows down to much if its useing more then 2. The big thing about this wii u is the gamepad and what all it can do but it can only support 2 and only 1 being used which kinda sucks like lets say in madden only 1 person can hide their plays while the other can peak at the screen, or in first person shooters only 1 can use the screen as a map when going against other players. Since nintendo didnt do it I think the ps4 and new xbox if they shot for more none online multiplayer capable like 4 or more players to once console and ability to have more then 2 game pads with screens (which it will need strong current gen hardware) . What Iam hopeing for but never happens anymore is an upgradeable console, i thought that idea was cool and not just the 32x. But with those i think they would easily have a leg up on the wii u

    • Collected

      Although not a good comparison the PS2 wasn’t hindered by the use of only two controllers (although I think you could change something at the back to allow for 4). Anyway the wii u supports both the wii remote+ and controller pro as alternate controllers. The early offering will probably only offer asymmetrical gameplay between the different controllers but later on they all might be able to play the same role in gameplay; with the touchscreen features toned down.

  • LyingTuna

    You know what? I blame the Wii for all of the debate about the Wii U’s power. Actually, I blame everyone who didn’t bother to play the Wii and check out its games and it’s overall superb quality. Screw everyone who wasn’t open minded. The Wii is the only system that pops to mind that Nintendo made that wasn’t very powerful for its generation, but it was still the best system of its gen…

    • MinowaEli

      I think it’s ridiculous how everyone seems to think Nintendo has been lacking so far behind in all their consoles. And yet, Gamecube was more powerful than PS2, N64 was more powerful than PS1, SNES was more powerful than Sega Genesis, etc…

  • Super Sonic128

    Wii U shall be awesome, can’t wait.

  • Nano

    I will be in toys “R” us with my friend at midnight getting the deluxe edition

  • Leviathan


    For those who don’t understand, Final Fantasy VII is one of the best Final Fantasy (BFF) games around and was supposed to be for N64, but ditched for Playstation because it was, “Easier and more powerful” (Not actual quote). WELL GUESS WHOS MORE POWERFUL NOW SE!

    • marioU

      yes i remember it well. $50 for ps1 ff7 game while $1000 for N64 ff7 game. i read an article in 1997 GamePro magazine.

      • Shane

        So it was about the money… HA..HAHA….HAHAHA….HAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s probably true, but it was still possible. Just imagine if people would have bought the $1000 game all those years ago, maybe they would have stayed with Nintendo, especially with a million sales. haha. THAT would have been an investment…

    • Xblade13

      *crosses fingers for every numbered FF game on Wii U, preferably upscaled to HD.*

      Remake VII, VIII, and IX as an HD collection. FF I-VI on Virtual console. X-XII (including X-2) on eShop as retail games. Box set of all parts of XIII (XIII, XIII-2, and Lightning Returns). Port of FF XIV: A Realm Reborn. Then Final Fantasy XV (cough-exclusive-cough). ๐Ÿ˜€

      Imagine, every main Final Fantasy game on one console! (faints)

  • Roger

    Doesn’t really matter that it’s stronger than the xbox 360 and the ps3. The real issue how will it compare to the PS4 and the next xbox? It doesn’t necessarily have to be as powerful (it probably won’t be since those are coming out at minimum a year from now) but if there’s as wide as a gap as there was for the wii vs the 360/ps3, then they will be in trouble.

    Graphics might not mean everything, but presentation is important. If your console is getting clearly inferior ports compared to the other consoles, it doesn’t bode well for perception, and in turn will hurt your marketing efforts and consumer trust.

    The Wii U I imagine will be fine, I think in general the big gap between the two had more to do with the fact PS3 and Xbox 360 invested heavily to have their consoles HD-compatible while the Wii didn’t. That made games look painfully different in comparison, but seeing that the Wii U is supporting HD, i don’t expect much more than a marginal upgrade, and not enough to really give the Wii U the same issues as the Wii had in that regard.

    • Shane

      At least it will be gettin prots this time(if what you say is true), compared to not having the games entirely. Dead Rising Chop ’til You Drop. Compared to Xbox 360 version, not as good(maybe?), but on it’s own it was good.

      • Zeldatrek

        That was not the worst one. Remember Transformers: War For Cybertron for Wii? ….no? That’s because it was called Cybertron Adventures and really played down. now Cybertron adventures is about to start….. Lets blow decepticons apart. When Tiny Toons pops in your head with a Transformers title yeah not a good sign.

    • indirect76

      I totally agree with this. The Wii U is powerful, but if you think Sony & Microsoft are going to release a console as or less powerful than the Wii U, then you’re living in a fantasy. That said, the difference will not be the great chasm it was between the Wii & the PS3/360. I also feel that the leap from PS3/360 to PS4/720 will not be that noticeable to Joe Sixpack. The Wii U will do fine.

  • Dan

    Ive read somewhere that Wii U is failure because its behind PS4 and 720 in terms of power!! Lol I remind him that Wii Destroys both 360 and PS3 despute a 2 yrs(360) and 1 yr(ps3) late!!! Lol,, now that Nintendo is ahead to launch?? developers will be hard pressed to support a humungous installed based BOTH in Japan and Americas

    • Christian

      The PS4 and the 720 are not out yet, not even announced, so there’s no possible comparison. All there is, is bias. Even if, by what Sony and Microsoft are doing, the PS4 and 720 will probably copy the main idea of what the Wii U will bring. Sony takes ideas from Nintendo, Microsoft takes Nintendo and Sony and tosses their ideas into a blender, and create it.

    • tronic307

      Nintendo is the only PURE game hardware manufacturer. Sony and Microsoft make next to NOTHING from video games, they use their profits from other industries to buy video game market share. The PS4/720 will incur major losses if they only represent processing power. Look at the Vita: It outclasses the 3DS in many areas – except appeal, and it’s sold at a loss. No wonder Vita sales are in the toilet.
      Did you hear about Sony suing the actor that plays Kevin Butler? Just desperate! Microsoft has been pretty bland lately, but Sony appears to be in a death spiral!

  • Christian

    Of course! The Wii U can run with a tablet running at speeds that the Vita and the PS3 can’t even bring together. While the Wii U’s running High Def on both screens!

    • Xblade13

      Actually it’s 480p on the gamepad screen, but when the screen is so small it hardly makes a difference. It is, however, faster than PS3/Vita, and with no lag.

      However, the games are what will make the Wii U truly better the PS3/Vita combo. Developers on that combo can’t expect everyone that buys the game to have both systems, so any content that uses both would be optional and less integrated. Think the Tingle Tuner from Wind Waker.

      The Wii U, however, has the second screen built in to every experience. Everyone who has a Wii U will have the gamepad. So, those games can have that screen as a central part of the experience. They don’t have to worry about people who don’t have a certain peripheral. It’s all right there to use.

      The Wii U has everything a developer could wish for and more. The games that can be made are only limited by the imagination of the developer. PS3/Vita is secondary, optional, and will undoubtably have less of an install base (the Wii U will probably sell more units at launch the Vita’s lifetime sales). It is a mediocre competition to the Wii U.

      Long live Nintendo, and long live Wii U!
      “Renewed shall be Blade that was broken, and the Crownless again shall be King.”—Arwen, the Lord of the Rings. Oddly fits Nintendo’s situation with the so-called “hardcore gamers” that ignored Wii and went to PS3 and 360, doesn’t it?” ๐Ÿ˜€

    • got my pre order

      I’m going to support the wii you while owning several ps3’s,

      I don’t’ own a vita but i’mpretty sure its oled screen is better than the wii u’s gamepad, but they need to keep cost down somewhere.

      skipping the oled screen, rear touch pad and mass memory helps keep the system costs low and enables nintendo to make money at lauch which is good for the brand and the systems future.

      and yes I would play a wii u over a ps3/vita setup because of specs, gameplay and titles made for such interface control and display.

      I can’t wait, and asassans creed 3 will be my day 1 purchase.

  • got my pre order

    since the wiiu can support upto 2 game pads does this allow me to use a triple monitor setup instead?

    for gt5 triple monitor, I have to use 3 ps3’s 3x gt5 and three hdmi equipped montors and 3x ethernet cables to my router.

    talking about an energy hog, and yes I’m a hardcore gamer who bought the wii you because its the most powerful system out now.

    cheers to all.

    • Xblade13

      That is interesting, now that you mention it. That would be another plus for Wii U, being able to offer something that would cost you a hefty amount on PC, for much less.

      It should work though. You could set up the gamepads as screens on the coffee table, then play using a Pro Controller. With Wii U, the possiblities are endless!

      However, unless you live in Japan, you won’t be able to get a second gamepad until games appear that use both. None of the launch window titles utilize 2 gamepads. But it’s still a possiblity, just later on.

  • marioU

    i will definitely not let anyone cut in line at Meijer on WiiU launch day.

  • metroidfusion2

    There are only 6 native 1080p and 60fps games and all of the rest are in native 720p and run at 60fps as of now and I know there are several more games to be announced and also what resolution all of the rest of the games are going to be but we will have to wait and see but regardless the wii u shits on this gen and mext gen and this is just the beginning

    • indirect76

      I like 1080p gaming like any one else, but I’ll take a 720p 60fps game over a 1080p 60fps game if it allows the developers more effectively use the shader processing. More effects with better anti-aliasing with 720p can be better.

  • got my pre order

    I also have to say only my plasma in my gaming room supports 1080p, my living room only supports 1080i, I think only a small percentage have tv’s over 120hz and support 1080p.

    I like the fact the system can do 1080p, but I don’t think they should use it to sell the system.

    its new and cutting edge, that’s enough for me. But if nintendo wanted the system to replace the one in my living room it would’ve included blu ray disc support.

    I’m buying the system, I think nintendo should advetise the new, don’t try and beat sony and microsoft at the specs game, because they’ll just throw it in nintendos face in the future.

    3 screen support is something to advertise, the future proof of 3d and large capacity discs and tv remote is great. We all have ac adapters for the car so I’m sure the kids can still play on long road trips.

    these are things to advertise, here’s some free advice.

    • Xblade13

      I always wondered, what’s the difference between 1080p and 1080i? they’re the same number of on-screen pixels, aren’t they?

      • ya dont say!!!!!!!!!!

        One is interlace the other pro scan just like 480i and p 1080i vs p is kinda irelivent as the tv converts I to p on all hd tvs

      • Ryu No Hadouken

        the difference is that interlaced signals draw the lines of resolution in odd and even fields(motion blur)…progressive scans the fields at the same time(no motion blur)

      • revolution5268

        has to do with frame rate.

      • Nitesh

        1080p draws them line by line and all of the lines are on the screen, 1080i draws half the lines once, erases them, draws the second half, so fast you see both lines at once but it makes things a bit blurrier.

      • Mylochek

        The difference between 1080p and 1080i is that the all frames are “painted” with one pass ay 60 times a second in 1080p where with 1080i the odd frames are “painted” first then the even frames gets rendered this is happening at 30 times a second for each pass. making 1080p smoother and sharper but it’s not really that noticeable to the naked eye on sets 50″ or smaller.

      • Nintedward

        1080p looks way way better ๐Ÿ™‚ . Don’t ask me why , it just does . Never looked into why , I have set consoles to 1080i and it just looks shitter than 1080p :S .

        • Nintedward

          Something to do with ”Progressive scan” if I remember rightly.

          The wii is set to 60hz 480i on default . If you use a component or composite cable on the right tv , you can set your wii to 480 progressive scan , according to the Metroid prime 3 corruption Booklet and it reduces flicker makes the image much more crisp allows more colors to be displayed .

          In other words p is a lot lot better than i ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Xblade13

            I get it now. Thanks everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚
            My TV’s 1080i. But, it’s only a 48″, so any difference would hardly be noticeable.

    • indirect76

      “I think only a small percentage have tvโ€™s over 120hz and support 1080p”

      No, lots of TVs over 120hz support 1080p. All plasma sets are 600hz and there are plenty that are 1080p. I have two.

  • Dan

    1080i is interlace(google it) and 1080p is progressive, basically p displays picture at once and not alternate lile interlace, which means p is sharper than i …… :)))))

  • ya dont say!!!!!!!!!!

    I bate these nonsense comments from devs, its not rocket science that wiiu is far more powerful than xbox and ps3, ,,,i dont need some iduit from the 3rd partty industry to tell me this and wii u is next gen on soooo many levels not just power, ,,, let me put it this way ps4 could be 1000 x more powerful than PS3 if it shups with a 1990s dualshock simple fact it aint next gen sorry it is

  • johny

    hmm we kinda knew the wii u is the strongest at the moment.

  • HappyCamper

    So as it stands now if Nintendo wants to push the console a bit more all they need to do is release a software update that overclocks the system and a new power brick on AC adapter that allows more Wat/power.

    I hope they do that in the future to catch up on the next gen consoles when they are released.

    • Xblade13

      IF there’s all that much catching up to do. But yes, they could do that if they need to.

  • Son-Goku

    What a game to compare…

  • Lancer

    Why is this even news? I mean everyone already knew this…

  • nintendoododo

    60 days left!!!

    • Dan

      41 in Canada, U.S and Mexico

  • Nintendoes

    MY MOM!!

  • Coval

    I was always belive in Nintendo… From my good old Gameboy and SNES… Lunch it!

    • Dan

      Nom nom,, lol,, did u meant launch?

      • Coval

        launch… lol:))

  • Coval

    The rest will follow Nintendo path…

  • Crapcake

    PREVIOUS gen. were in the 8th gen now. our competition is 720/ps4/psvita(i included the handhelds). and i dont know how theyll copy the gamepad other than smartglass and cross play

  • it uses power modes its not 40watts its 40watts and 75watts two different settings its not 75 power box and 40 to 50 console that is crap its 40 watts max in lower mode and 75 watts in peak mode