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We’ve been hearing about the Wii U specs for ages now, some developers saying that the specs are great, other developers arguing that the Wii U isn’t powerful enough, and then we got good old Nintendo saying the smart thing: specs don’t matter, it’s about the gameplay. That statement is being echoed by developer Blitz Games Studios, whose John Nash says that while Microsoft and Sony are building powerful next gen consoles, Nintendo doesn’t have to. They have the innovation, the IP, and the talent to create great games that don’t need powerful hardware to impress people. Nash says that it’s very easy for developers and gamers to get “hung up on hardware specs”, and while it’s great to have powerful hardware, gaming is about much more than that. He said:

“It’s not about beating everyone else in a surface shader processing clock speed war. That’s not what Nintendo is about. They’re about saying, ‘we’ve got this great roster of IP, all these great characters, how do we build a piece of cost-effective hardware that will allow our players to interact with this IP and great worlds and characters in a new way?'”

Wii UNash added that he imagines the Wii U offering online connectivity and new features to existing Nintendo franchises, for example, exploring the worlds of Zelda and Mario with friends. He also points out the obvious: Sony and Microsoft will be battling on specs once again, while Nintendo will be doing something different. Not everyone believes this will be a success though, as analyst Michael Pachter recently criticized this very approach Nintendo is using with the Wii U.

Recently, another set of Wii U system specs were reported, with the same tri-core CPU, AMD GPU we’ve heard mentioned before. However this time, it was reported that the console would pack 1 GB of RAM instead of 1.5 GB as previously thought. The competing PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 are rumored to include hardware with many-core CPUs and several GBs of memory.

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  • PolarsPass

    I agree with this all the way. Why, because Nintendo has great games for everyone of any age, which Hardcore games are cool but Nintendois just the fun and not who is the best.

    • PolarsPass

      Nintendo is*

      • Guhtere

        lol, even your correction got highly rated.

    • AKA-Link77

      Yah i agree too as always. 😉
      Its just pathetic that Microsoft & Sony BRAIN-WASHED their players to believe the exact opposite!

      • GoldfishBrother

        M and S can beat themselves up, but for their games will be a PC version. I stay with PC (which will certainly be more cheaper too). Nintendo got the right strategy (innovation) on gameplay and game experience. Maybe it will be my only console for the nex Gen.

        • John V.

          Sadly, there’s no PC version of Sony’s exclusive titles that’s worth not owning a PS3.
          There may be same game-type titles, but nothing that exists on PC can be compared with what Sony offers you to their console.

      • Mass Effect fan

        I was thinking not to talk against nintendo but that comment make me very angry first nintendo have games only for babies one Mario who is the same from 30 years only run and jump second one Zelda who looks like 15 years old game and third Pikmin most funny part is that all nintendo fanboys saying that game is hardcore still laughing or with other words nintendo living in the past and now for Sony and Microsoft they make games and actually they are that who bushing gaming forward with games like Heavy Rain Uncharted Killzone Gears Of War Halo and Sony even with PS2 had pushing gaming forward with PS2 eye of course nintendo had copy that with the wii and now they copy remote play with wii u

        • AKA-Link77

          Sooooooo. . . . . u got brain washed. . .

        • nintedward

          12 year old gaming noob alert , 12 year old gaming noob alert!!!!!!!

          gtfo. go and play xenoblade , skyward sword , mario galaxy 1 and 2 , the last story , muramasa , monster hunter tri , DKC returns etc etc . finish them 100% and tell me they were easy. they are a lot better and more chalengeing than any of those baby 360 games. the ps3 has some good games yes. but so does the wii. the 360 has halo , forza and some cross platform trash that is available on PC or PS3. jerk off.

        • GameChanger

          Clearly you don’t know the meaning of “hardcore game”. It’s really about challenge and difficulty. Donkey Kong and Pac Man were hardcore…is that suppose to change because of more mature content or more realistic graphics? You say Mario only runs and jumps but FPS only run and gun. You speak on how Zelda (you meant Link) looks 15 but how old does Sackboy look? How are M and S pushing gaming forward when, like many developers, are sequel happy? And when did the PS2 eye push gaming forward?!? One more thing, Nintendo copying Sony?!? Did you forget about all the Mario Kart, Mario Party, and Super Smash Bros. knockoffs and the controller standards started by Nintendo…shoulder buttons, analog thumb sticks, diamond-arranged face buttons, rumble feature, d-pad…I should stop now!

          • nintedward

            nintendo is the godfather of gaming. accept no imitation’s.

    • Macarony64

      I like your comment but you seem to be confuse whit the nintendo games are not hardcore thing. Ppl dont know the diferrence all games nintendo are hardcore but they are not violent or bulgar

      • Kyron


        Yes, both of you hit the nail on the head. Its not about competing with specs. Back in the 1990s, nobody cared about those things. If you used specs in an argument back then, the other person would probably look at you like you’re retarded. I don’t even think Japanese gamers care about specs and hardware power.

        When I go to an amusement park I don’t check to see what kind of tools they used to build the rides, I just wanna know if its fun or not. Man sometimes I wish I was back in the N64 era. There were more rationally-thinking people back then (when I came to games). And Nintendo gamers are hardcore gamers too. There are some guys who play SSBB, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and Conduit 1&2 professionally and they can kick anyone’s ***.

        • BananaPwnz

          Amen Kyron, Amen!

        • Sethlaw225

          Well said my friend well said, especially about the amusement park example.

        • DANRUL

          >Back in the 1990s, nobody cared about those things.

          Damn son, you must not have been around for long in the 1990s. You’re so retardedly wrong that I had to post here, grats.

          • Kyron

            …and yet you don’t explain.

        • Mirgio

          Lots of people still play ssb64 and ssbm competively, and those games are 10+ years old.

    • Enigmatic

      Seriously? Get a job.

      • TheUNation

        Seriously, Enigma… GET A LIFE!!!!!

        • Garic

          its very possible, that a game can look good and have great gameplay. An example of this is skyward sword.

          • Enigmatic

            Imagine how much better Skyward Sword would have looked on the PS3/360 in HD…..

            A LOT better. Hahaha.

          • Enigmatic

            Imagine how much better Skyward Sword would have looked on the PS3/360 in HD…..

            A LOT better. Hahaha.

          • Death


            If Skyward Sword was on the 360/Ps3, it wouldn’t be a zelda game. If it wasn’t a zelda game, it wouldn’t be developed by Nintendo. If it wasn’t developed by Nintendo, it wouldn’t have the same art style. if it didn’t have the same art style, it wouldn’t look half as good. And nothing, not even Hd graphics, can redeem that.

        • Enigmatic

          Lol, what? What exactly is your definition of “having a life”?

          If that definition of getting a life is being a Nintendo fanboy like half of you here, then i’m going to have to politely say HELL NO. Hahaha.

          • AKA-Link77

            Stop putting so much emphasise on your laughs. . . it makes u look so FAKE!
            ( º)_( º)

          • 007 1/2

            not having a life means that u r a graphics whore who was brainwashed by microsoftie or phony. it also means u can hang out with friends in real life, not while playing call of duty over the internet. it also means u go out and do stuff intstead of playing call of duty for 10 hours every day.

      • luke

        what is wii u dailys obsession with mentioning michael patcher so much?

      • luke

        get a job?
        what kind of job?
        should i become a game developer that works for nintendo!

      • Enigmatic

        Fake. Good try though. Hahaha.

    • revolution5268

      don’t forget nintendo has nintendium on there side.

    • Thepokemonmaster

      I really agree, And I still don’t understand why the microsoft loving patcher keeps being a patcher….

    • nintedward

      ”the console would pack 1 GB of RAM instead of 1.5 GB as previously thought” – KYO SASAKI !!!!!!!! i think you are misinterpretating something here. the original leaked spec sheet on this website stated 1.5GB of RAM with 500mb dedicated for gamepad streaming and 1.0gb AVAILABLE FOR GAMES.

      the new specs which have come to light state , ”1GB AVAILABLE FOR GAMES”. so obviously there must be another 500mb for gamepad streaming aswell . 1.5gb overall. but 1GB available purely for game graphics. which is still really really good.

      • Macarony64

        I dont think nintendo will do the same mistake than sony by separating the memory i think ill be developppper choice on how much to use 4 the pad

        • Macarony64

          Developer * ,darn cell phone lagg

  • Mida

    Gameplay is obviously the main thing. I can’t believe some people still say graphics are everything. What dumb@&&es

    • nintedward

      exactly. why do i still play snes , GBA , DS , megadrive etc etc if graphics are so important ??? do you think it may be because some of my favorite games exist on those platforms ?? yes i think it is.

      smash bros , skyward sword , mario galaxy 1 and 2 . monster hunter tri , xenoblade and muramasa are better than anything on the ps3 and 360 IMHO. hand’s down. MGS4 being the huge exception. that game made me man cry.

      • Macarony64

        Sony have the talent to inovate but not the will the games sony made that where inovative have ben abandoned by then for the easy money grabers

        • nintedward

          well i commend sony for some of their exclusives . but they have ditched their japanese audience for a more western audience which annoys me.
          because the ps2 was a perfect console (even if it was weakest of its gen) it has every game genre under the sun. it was teaming with jrpg’s and action adventures and jap fighter’s etc etc.

          in other words ps2>>>>>>>>>>ps3.
          also it p’s me off that they have to copy smash bro’s and mario kart.
          why copy nintendo when you have such unique talented studios ???
          it doesnt make sense.
          my comment is reflected by the ps vita’s awful abysmal selection of games.

          imagine if the ps vita had jrpg’s and all that sort of stuff. it would be flying off the shelves. but they have tried to make a portable 360 . its just annoying.

          nobody’s perfect tho. not nintendo , not sony and especialy not microcock.

          • roedburn

            Although Nintendo is as close to perfect as you can get with video games.

          • Adam Fox

            I totally agree with you, especially with that Vita statement. The vita specs KILL the 3DS specs. But what good are specs when you are putting YouTube, Netflix, Facebook and Skype on the system. Why did they have to scale down the Mortal Kombat port? Quad-core CPU, GPU and RAM not enough?? Yea right. Sony is screwing up the vita big time. Graphics don’t make a game, otherwise Nintendo couldn’t be profiting off re-releasing old school Nintendo games on the VC!!!

          • Majin

            Pfft. Your way off.

            PS1 >>>>>>>>>> PS2 >>>>>>>>>> PS3

        • luke

          you have lost me
          inovate but not the will?

          is this what you mean?
          Sony have the talent to innovate but will not.
          The games that sony made that were innovative have been abandoned
          in order to make games which bring in money easily.

          • tom

            Sony was only good w/ PS1 and PS2. That’s it.

          • Macarony64

            that what i meant my english is not very good but you got it right 🙂

    • luke

      those same people also say the f word in every sentance


    Go Nintendo!

  • TheImaj

    The spec sheet should read as follows:

    Fun: Yes
    Unique Gameplay: Yes
    Innovative: Yes, we’re Nintendo.

    • nintedward

      best comment i ever saw.

  • Nintendude

    Specs Shmecs, I just want the good games.

    • nintedward

      you wont be saying that when the 720 is more powerful than a Lamborghini .

      (this was a joke) (you will be saying that)

      • Mida

        This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever…

        • nintedward

          because it was a joke.

          i guess it was on overshot one.

        • Joeyperez

          so basically what he is trying to say is that he has no new info and just pasted the same info thats on the nintendo page..
          the only difference in this post… is
          there may only 1gb instead of 1.5 gb .. its a waist of a thread in p.o.p I want some good meat to read like…… cap com decides to make a new mega man or zelda will be ready in 2014 😛

      • luke

        if this lambborghini came whith wheels
        and and engine attached that could drive you around at 200mph
        at the same price as a normal console i would buy it.

        why? because that would be innovative
        a console that moves!
        imagine how real the racing games would appear to be!

        • luke

          woops i meant to say a console as powerful as a lamborghini
          oh well this seems funny to me

          a lamborghini? that moves!? no way
          how innovative

    • nintedward

      you are lucky i don’t wear glasses with your comment.

  • AKA-Link77

    Yah i agree and ive always thot this! 😉
    Too bad Microsoft & Sony has brain washed their players to believe exactly the opposite!

  • Zhenya

    Yes, thank you I feel Nintendo is the only company that believes gaming more for art than making a quick buck

  • nintedward

    Nintendo is in a league of their own. the only thing they are worrying about ATM is apple XD. and they shouldnt be. because apple calnt offer what nintendo can.

    WiiU will sell 80-100 million units (almost guaranteed)

    ps4 vs Durango (funny name) will be dukeing it out for the ‘overpriced horsepower go buy a gaming pc struggle’ .

    nuff said. nintendo isnt comparable to microdik and phoney .

    (love sony btw. but phoney was funny)

    • silentbates

      its simple! buy an asus desktop and get the wiiu! its a win-win

      • Ravyu

        ASUS ROCKA

        • tom

          Yep. PC + Wii U.

  • ScientificFlood

    No offense Wii U daily, but you guys have been kinda late on news for awhile. Surprised you guys havent put up this article, and other things like the rumor that Wii U is getting Need for Speed Most Wanted “2”. Which I sincerely hope so.

    As for this news no duh. The Wii U can run CryEngine 3 beautifully. Thats enough for me. Games dont need to be anymore realistic than that. After all I enjoy interesting art styles. Photo Realism is boring. I live in real life. Why would I want it in games? So I like my video game developers to create an interesting, unique world. Not just copy, and paste things from real life. Developers have a huge chance to create their own world, with their own look. Making it look like real life seems kinda like a cop out to me.

    • maxlazy10

      Please have Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I need it as a launch title.

      • tom

        If I want Real Life graphics, I’d go outside 🙂

  • Nintendo Power

    nintendo for life.Also PS4 and Xbox 720 it going to be powerful…..but not powerful enough. why cause i think wii u,PS4 and Xbox 720 are going to have the same graphics. i think

    • nintedward

      nah. i think the ps4 and 720 will be twice as powerfull maybe a bit less on paper. but the question is , will their games look twice as good as wiiu games ??? i don’t think they will. they will look like tuned versions of wiiu games that play exactly the same way.

      • snestendo

        all that xbox and playstation do now is update their old consoles. Ps3 is just a ps2 with better specs, although ps2 was better.

    • Nintendo Power

      Sorry Guys my nephew said that.He wants to say a comment but under my name.Anyway Nintendo FTW

      • nintedward

        he is an enlightend nephew for sure :). the wiiu’s graphics maxed out probably will be comparable to 720 and ps4.

    • luke

      this is a wii u site
      so why not call them
      pswii and wii60

  • The Detonator

    yaaa for Nintendo!

  • Alienfish

    For the record, graphics are important. Being able to offer a better processor to support more complex gameplay is probably second only to the abilities of the developer making the game. An example of this importance is the reticule appearing on the enemies instead of below them in Pikmin 3. It’s always been important for game companies like Nintendo to try to incorporate new forms of input and interaction with their games and systems and the touch pad mixed with motion controls on the WiiU gamepad is no different. Things get better, we get more, everyone is happy.

    • tom

      I care about graphics if i can tell what’s what.

    • liquid

      Even Nintendo can fail in graphics over gameplay. Metroid Other M was a huge disappointment even with all the cinematics. It lacked depth and originality. Metroid Prime on the Game Cube was infinitely better, and even Super Metroid on the SNES.

  • Josh

    It’s all about the fun. No wonder why gamer still play games like Team Fortress 2 over new shooters, because Team Fortress 2 is unique and fun.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Heck yes! I will take TF2 over COD anyday!

  • metroidfusion2

    Nintendo has everything they need with the wi u graphicw for all the graphics whore and gameplay especially since the wii u can do everything this gen can and more its the ultimate console and it will crap on the 720 and ps4

  • PSWii60

    “…some developers saying that the specs are great, other developers arguing that the Wii U isn’t powerful enough…”

    Actually its been developers saying that the specs are great, and anonymous attention whores that say its not powerful enough.

    PS4 and 720 will be a bit more powerful yes, but doubt its going to be by huge margins.

    • TheBoldman67

      I know, This time around we get great games from Nintendo, and the added plus of 1080p and awesome graphics. We get awesome casual AND hardcore games, man, Microsoft and Sony might as well give up.

    • nintedward

      unless they are ridiculously expensive and don’t plan on selling huge.
      so yes i imagine the ps4 and 720 will be mariginaly more powerfull than wiiu. just new things like DX11 and things like that. and better RAM and a more modern processor.

      people expecting like 10.0ghz octo core processor , 13gb RAM . its just not going to happen XD.

      more like 5.0ghz , 3GB RAM .

      • LordiMcKill

        I agree with you on that one, people think that MS & Sony are aiming for high end specs but not thinking about the price and in this day and age the price is gonna mean everything if they wanna sell it or we are just gonna see a repeat of when the PS3 launched back in 2007 for £500+: Nobody bought it and was forced a price cut and a hardware tone down.

        • nintedward

          wiiu = 3.0ghz , 1.5GB RAM with innovative awesome gamepad.
          ps4 = 5.0-6.0ghz , 2-4GBRAM
          720 = who gives a sh*t ?? XD + smart ass and kinect 2 . fail .

          • Wildman

            I know of no CPUs that run at 5.0-6.0GHz on air cooling.

          • tom

            I personally prefer 720 over the ps4, and wii u over both.

      • PSWii60

        I just don’t see them coming out with 500-600+ consoles this time around, especially Sony who lost alot of $$$ from PS3 (not to mention Sony as a whole is heavily in the red).

        With streaming services like Netflix and such, Blueray / HDDvD will not be a big draw anymore (HDDvD is dead and blue ray players are cheap)

        The 4k resolution TVs will not be affordable for quite some time (hell, most everything on TV is still 720p) and for 4k resolution to even show a noticeable difference you need roughly an 80″ TV. That and would be expensive for the developers too.

        If anything, the next gen (Wii U, PS4, Xbox720) will be more about exclusives & gameplay experience. Wii U has the gamepad, XBox720 from what i hear is Kinect 2.0 experience. We just need more info on what PS4 bringing to the table.

        I want all 3 to succeed (Each one has their pros and cons), and can’t wait to get them all.

        To me, the “visual” leap i want to see is less “We can have 10000 characters on the screen at one time!!!” and more “We can have 10000 completely different looking characters on the screen at one time”.

        • Neutral_Gamer

          This is the smartest comment on here. I agree 100%.

          The next gen can’t push graphics much further, besides just locking everything in 1080p x 60fps. And all this talk of 4ghz+ processors.. how energy-hungry, loud and hot (and prone to breaking) will they be? Nintendo’s smart to go with something moderately powerful combined with interesting features… just like they were smart to avoid the option of a 3rd overpriced, premature HD system (when very few ppl had hdtvs) back in ’06..

          • Macarony64

            I ben thinking what color do the next ring of death be?

          • PSWii60

            Macarony64: “I ben thinking what color do the next ring of death be?”

            Hopefully there wont be a ring of death for XBox720 (…really don’t want to go through that again >< )

            Though, instead of a color. Why not a sound. Like the "Wilhelm scream" heh

        • tom

          PS4 better not release another PS move, that thing was shitty.

          • PSWii60

            The thing with motion controls and such, they can be great, but unless its available WITH the console from day 1, it will never take off.

            Even things like PS2’s Eyetoy. It was great but not much support.

            Developers just wont support a non-traditional control option unless it comes with the console from day1. Otherwise they have to take a chance on whether or not the consumer has that control/addon.

            Heck, if the Wii U Gamepad was something added to the Wii U months after release, support would be very little.

            If Eyetoy+Move is packed in with all models of PS4 (as well as Kinect packed in with all models of XBox 720) then support will grow.

    • D2K

      At this point it is basically people just trying to steal the joy from other. They cannot change the fact that Nintendo made an ‘STFU’ system. You know what that mans so I don’t need to explain.

      The Wii U will make a profit from day one, the system is powerful enough to run every next-gen engine there is, Nintendo reclaimed a lot of their lost 3rd-party support, they rebounded from what started of as a disaster with the 3DS to a smash success, and even with the lack of information for such a long period of time people are genuinely excited about the Wii U.

      People whom have unconditional hate in their hearts cannot STAND this. That is why they keep repeating the same drivel over and over again. It’s not so much that they actually believe it, but they just don’t want us to be happy. If Nintendo trashed Sony and Microsoft with a system a generation behind in power, what do you think they are gonna do with a system that is on-par with theirs?

      Their won’t be any handicaps this time around. Nintendo is doing everything right. They actually LISTENED to the fans this time. Putting Nintendo on a level playing field with Sony and Microsoft means disaster for them.

      • Dan

        Bravo, just, Bravo..

      • TheUNation

        D2K, that was the BEST comment I’ve ever read… and I have to agree with you on all counts.

      • Jioplip

        It made me laugh with your “putting Nintendo on a level playing field” considering they’re already head and shoulders above Sony and Microsoft.

    • luke

      anonymous attention whores?
      do you mean michael pachter?

      • luke

        why cant i edit things
        i edit like 5 times before i post on other sites

  • SteampunkJedi

    I actually like good graphics, but they don’t need to be outrageous. The only thing I would get worried about would be a limit of the size of games and/or the AI and general programming.

    • tom

      720 is high enough for me. 480 looks good enough.

  • kirbymon123

    A game like Ocarina of Time or Skyward Sword in full online multiplayer WOULD be the best thing ever

    • nintedward

      ”hyrule online” ho ho ho that would be the best game ever.

      • Bill Cosby

        Dear, Santa and Nintendo….

        Coo coo cachooo, Christmas!

        • D2K

          LMBO at your handle and picture! 🙂

  • logan7699

    Specs are only pushed on exclusive.. the PS3 is much more powerful spec wise than the 360 and 90% of the games cross platform look the specs help for first party…and the Big N developers are know for pushing the most out of a system so dont see the same gap gen war…

  • lets have it str8

    the ironic and funny thing is its there own brainwashing that will end them sony and ms hardcored themselves into a corner they can never get out of and nintendo seen it coming and disrupted there plan and totally owned them and took billions in profit as ms and sony lost billions

    remember this fact when sony dies or is obsorbed into a other company wii made more profit on its own than ps1 and ps2 ever did combined,and ps3 lost more money than ps1 and ps2 ever made combined

    so its like ps1 and ps2 never ever actually existed as there profits in a way jumped from sonys safe into nintendos,,, nintendo with wii wiped away ps1 and ps2 as if they never were ….combined with sonys tv problems computer problems phone problems movie problems and music problems and apple kicking there ass like nintendo are

    its clear as a sunny day sony aint making no come back and PlayStation culture is dead

    • LordiMcKill

      That’s the reason why Nintendo was the lone survivor of the mass console eruption in the late 80’s and all through the 90’s.

      Outlasting Sega, Atari, 3DO and all the others simply because Nintendo kept cool and carried on doing what they do best: Innovation.

      And for some reason I think Nintendo will do it again.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Yes, Nintendo was faced by a constant onslaught of technically superior rivals such as the Jaguar and 3DO but they did little to faze the big N simply because those systems were pretty much garbage when compared to Super Nintendo. Even though Sony outsold them twice first with PS1 then with PS2 , They didn’t succeed in killing Nintendo.

  • Enigmatic

    “gameplay and innovation over graphics and processing power”

    That’s all fine and dandy, but the Wii U is lacking BOTH.

    • Nintendude

      Is it me, or are trolls just getting more and more pathetic?

      • Collected

        Asymmetrical gameplay

      • D2K

        Actually the Wii U is PACKING both. The Wii U IS packing graphics and processing power.

        If Microsoft had announced the 720 last E3 instead of Nintendo announcing the Wii U, and it had the EXACT idea and the EXACT rumored specs, Microsoft fanboys would be blowing their loads non stop. Pachter would officially proclaim Nintendo dead. The gaming community would talk about nothing else. Same thing if Sony had announced the PS4.

        Nintendo has released 5 home consoles. The NES was on-par with the Master System, the SNES was on-par with the Genesis (and was pushing polygons and rendered graphics on a 16-bit system,) the N64 was WAY more powerful than the PlayStation (and was the first system to introduce memory expansion for better graphics,) and the GameCube was more powerful than the PS2. Yet in ONE GENERATION Nintendo takes a lateral-move to try innovation rather than direct progression and people use this singular event to define Nintendo’s entire history?

        • revolution5268

          watch as M$ show there xbox720 and evrything you mention plus the media will come true.

          um nintendo had release the Color TV 8 & 16, nintendo first console.

          other than that i agree with everything you said.

          • D2K

            People already were doing that when Microsoft announced XBOX SmartGlass. IMMEDIATELY people were like, “Oh, this is gonna be the Wii U killer” without even taking a second to realize that it is something that is completely different than the Wii U and much like Kinect is technology that is interesting in theory, but not necessary in practice.

            If you don’t already have a smart device and have no intentions of getting one then SmartGlass is useless. HOWEVER, if Microsoft wants to use SmartGlass as a way to get gamers to purchase a Windows phone, then I can see where it would work to their advantage.

            I forgot about the Nintendo Color TV game. That console won it’s generation as well against Magnavox Odyssey, Coleco Telstar, and Atari Pong. So Nintendo has one 4 out the of the 7 console races.

            First, Third, Fourth, and current.

    • Bill Cosby

      Wii U has already surpassed this current gaming generation.

      You sir, need to leave. I mean, you are an enigma, so you’re not really there.
      Why am I talking to something that isn’t there?

      It’s like Ghost Dad all over again.

      Do bop ba didilly doo!!

      • nintedward

        its so reasuring and hilarious to hear the one and only bill cosby’s thoughts on nintendo . thank you cosby. you are my hero.

      • nintedward

        ghost dad , that brought water to my laughter filled eyes.

    • mr. noodle

      Get a life. Nuff said

    • dr scoobie

      only 10
      your trolling is slipping
      and seriously your friggen everywhere
      i think i just saw you on ign

    • Enigmatic

      Fake, obviously.

      BTW people, I am not trolling, only merely stating the facts. 🙂

      • Enigmatic

        Hey look, it’s a lil’ mini me. 🙂

  • Paul

    come on guys and girls but if the graphics arent on par with the current gen (xbox 360 and ps3) then this console wont be selling and ill just wait for a ps4 or new xbox instead

    so say nintendo annouce the wii u price at £399 and the graphics are the same as on the wii version and price the games at £65.99 then unless your rich no one is going to buy it as you know theres a recession still on

    • nintedward

      try , its more powerfull than the ps3 and 360 , way better GPU and RAM etc , about £289 . and games are £35 – £40.

      yeh , thats going to sell huge.

      the garbage you just said was 12 year old fanboy garbage guess work .

      the ps4 will cost £1000 and the games £100 acording to your over estimates.

    • deSSy2724

      ” and the graphics are the same as on the wii version”

      Dafug did i just read?, you can say that for Wii but not fot Wii U, Wii was not much powerful than GameCube…. but Nintendo announced a new HD console = Wii U (u did notice it? lol). Look at the games for Wii U lol (Zombie U, Trine 2, AC 3, Alien Colonial Marines, Mass Effect 3 etc….), note that the system isnt even out YET and the graphics are still good and are comparable with many other Xbox 360 and PS3 games (well, not maybe with exclusives games for example: Uncharted 3, Heavy Rain YET), but think again…. release date for Uncharted 3 was November 2011 and for Heavy Rain February 2010….. PS3 was out in 2005/06.

      Rumors, rumors, rumors…… screw that!

      Wii U will be more powerful than current gen consoles (especially GPU and RAM + Wii u touch inovative controller + backward compatible with Wii mote and controllers and Wii software/games + Wii U Pro controller), well, we dont know much about the CPU…. but if this is true:

      What now? anonymous rumors vs well known developers + logic + obivious things/arguments?

      The Choice Is Yours!

      • Macarony64

        Crap by misstake i give you the thumbs down hate my crappy sony phone

  • Ljink

    Hey, you’ve gotta give props to Nintendo as this formula has worked wonders. As Sony and Microsoft are spending more and more money creating a system, Nintendo builds a far more cheaper system so everyone can buy it. N64 for example, the system had poor 3rd party support and graphics far less superior to PS1and Dreamcast but Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, and Super Smash Bros., Paper Mario, Mario Kart 64, Sin and Punishment, single handedly outsold many of sony’s best and sega’s sonic adventure sold only a fifth of nintendo’s super mario 64. Nintendo is verg good at making the best with what they have. They’re “Videogame Alchemists”.: Turning lead(an inferior system) into gold(a videogame powerhouse). I’m no Nintendo fanboy as I own all 3 systems but I notice that Nintendo’s games are much more creative, fun, and innovative.

    • D2K

      Uh, I hope you meant graphics less superior to the “PS2”. The N64 ran all over the PS1 in terms of graphics.

  • Braulio500

    You know…
    The first “Current-Gen” (I don’t really use this terms very often) console I really wanted to have was the Wii.
    I wanted it so badly that I kept begging my father for about… I don’t remember X3.
    When I finally got it I was like “Ahhhh…. =’D… This is so fantastic! =D”

    I’ve got like… I don’t know… twelve? Wii games…
    And all of them are fantastic! =3

    Then… I wanted to try something different… and I buy an Xbox 360…
    I’ve got like… three of four games for it…
    I liked them, but, I must say that I enjoyed way to much more playing my Wii games than the Xbox 360 games…

    The thing is: Videogames are not about specs.
    Videogames are about fun… =)


    • NoPUNintendo

      I have 13 Wii Games, 34 Xbox360 games, and 142 PS3 games. But I still loved the Wii more. I felt empty after playing most of my other games, which caused me to keep buying more of them. Wii games don’t feel empty at all.

      • nintedward

        13 wii games ???? you’re missing about 30 awesome wii gamesXD .

        you are missing some serious awesome underated wii games there.

        • Braulio500

          Wii U is almost here and I still want some Wii games…

          I want The Last Story!!! D=

        • NoPUNintendo

          Oh, I Know. I really want Xenoblades, Super Mario Galaxy 2 etc. But financialy I’m unable to buy games. For now.. I’ve got a Huge list of WII games I want. $545 worth. But first I’m getting a WII U

          • nintedward

            fair enough , if thats the case :). i thought you were suggesting that there are only 13 good games on the wii XD.

            there is at least 50 definately worth owning.

  • Ibiexplorer4

    Nice of developers to tell us what we already know.

  • jat

    i dont think graphics can get much better. they are almost perfect. i wonder what phoney and microcock are going to do when graphics achieve perfection

  • TxAssassin

    Look at it from this perspective. All of us here are behind nintendo for 2 reasons, 1) First party games and 2) Innovation. The Wii gave us a new way to play games and the Wii U adds to it. Let’s be honest, Microsoft and Sony will release very powerful consoles next year but as powerful as they are, they still won’t be equal to the quality of a gaming PC. I noticed years ago that most of the games I buy and play on the PS3 and Wii were 3rd party software that was available on Steam. If you think about the cost you can buy an older video card for hundreds less than a new MS/Sony console and have superior graphics. A Evga GTX 560ti is running about $220 and will out perform any console. Add in the fact that you can use a 360 controller on PC and there’s no point in every buying a non Nintendo console. I’ll gladly play my “hardcore games” on PC and Innovative classics on Wii U.

  • ScientificFlood

    Just a thought. Does anyone else think Monster Hunter Tri was a glimpse into the future? Remember it was originally in development for the PS3, but was opted to the Wii because of development costs. Which got Wii one heck of a game

    Now fast forward to now. The Wii U will be more powerful than the Ps3/360 obviously. It supports HD resolutions, its supposed to be affordable, and easy to develop for.

    While on the other hand people are expecting the PS4/720 to be powerhouses. That will blow the Wii U out of the water. Which means it will either have to be considerably more expensive, or sold at a huge loss. Which Sony cant afford to do. Also this will bring up development costs. Something most developers cant afford.

    It seems to me 1 of 2 things are now possible. The difference between the Wii U, PS4, and 720 will be marginal, or the PS4/720 will eventually be dropped by developers due to expensive development, and the systems will cost too much for the average consumer.

    I personally think the 1st will happen, and the difference will be marginal. I think people need to wipe the bull crap out of their eyes, and realize this.

  • Kamille

    You spin me right round, baby
    right round like a record, baby
    Right round round round

    • dr scoobie

      this is no time for dancing kamille
      the release of wii u is just round the corner
      and we have to spread the word that the console is worth buying

  • TheUNation

    Nintendo is all about the fun in playing video games. Although I love the Wii U because it’s accessible to have graphics powered by CryEngine 3, Unreal Engine 3, AnvilNext, and Umbra… the play control, story and overall fun factor and socializing friends and family via Miiverse truly shine. No Friend Codes required.

  • Bill Cosby

    A bippity bops, a zippity zops!
    Wii U is more fun than pudding pops!

    But seriously. I can’t wait to get one.

    • Kyron

      You sir, are hilarious. lol

    • nintedward

      its the perfect profile shot which carries the humour along with your trademark cosby humour. we love you cosby. you will always remain ‘Bill Cosby’ .

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Ha Ha! Good rhyme!

  • mr. noodle

    Give me a full cryengine 3(which has been confirmed by crytek themselves) and a nice framerate, and i am happy. The wii u does that. I am now happy. I mean, loook at cryengine 3. Do you really need better graphics than that? No, you don’t.

  • Disarmonious

    I’ll continue to buy Nintendo systems. Their first party games are all I need. If I want to play “hardcore games”, I’ll power on my PC.

    a few questions keep coming up every time I think of when it comes to Home Entertainment systems…

    – Why is Microsoft even making consoles?
    – Why is Sony making handhelds?
    – Nintendo will always be creating something new and paving the way for video game entertainment for as long as they stay as a company.

    • Zhenya

      1 greedy doing it for money
      2 same thing as 1
      3 not a question a statement

      • Draco Breach

        I disagree.

        Sony and Microsoft bring something to the industry.

        I’m a Nintendo fan all the way, but there’s a reason other consoles sit nearby in my cabinet.

        • D2K

          I agree. Competition is always a good thing because it forces everyone to put their best efforts forward. One only need look a WWE to see what a LACK of competition can do to a product.

          However, I will say that other than Gears and Halo I cannot see reason for me owning a 720 so it probably won’t be a day-one launch buy for me unless it launches with those games.

          Sony however has a more robust 1st-party library and there are many games that I would like to play next-gen counterparts for.

          The thing is that now that Nintendo is on a level playing field in terms of 3rd-party support, Sony and Microsoft do not have what it takes to compete with Nintendo in terms of their 1st-party franchises. Nintendo literally has over 100. Even if Nintendo just released ‘one’ game from each franchise we already know like Mario, DK, Zelda, Metroid, StarFox, Smash, Kirby, Pokemon, Wii-Sports, Wii-Fit, Pikmin and Icarus that in and of itself would be too much for Sony and Microsoft to handle. Nintendo has many more franchises in their umbrella that they haven’t used in years and can bring back anytime. Plus they are creating new IPs.

        • eyesac

          I also think Sony and Microsoft see good for the industry. Its competition that drives each individual company to innovate, some do it better than others. And the whole greedy comment… that’s the point, if there was no money in it Nintendo would not be doing it either.

    • Draco Breach

      1) Supposedly, Microsoft wants to market to an arena typically dominated by children and teens. A console is far more accessible than a computer, and it is supposed to be easier to use.

      2) Sony wants to compete with Nintendo, and they felt they had a chance in the handheld arena. While they have made a valiant attempt, they haven’t quite ‘gotten it’ yet.

      3) That’s not a question ;P

      They’ve all made mistakes. There’s no denying it.

      Nintendo got all sulky when technical specifications of the N64 were released and shut out developers for two generations. They took some pretty risky leaps that, though paid off, were ignored until developer-backed consoles adopted them.

      Sony and Microsoft are guilty of following specification innovation exclusively while riding on Nintendo’s technical innovation. While finding ways to improve horsepower in similar or sleeker profiles is innovation, it does nothing to actually move the industry one way or the other. Nintendo is taking all the risks there. Paid off with the Wii and DS. Looks like it will pay off the the 3DS. It looks like it should pay off with the Wii U. It sadly failed with the VirtualBoy.

      A healthy dose of competition is always good in any market. It has helped move the console market forward, and has paved the way for the revitalization of the computer gaming market. In turn, the console market has helped drive the evolution of computing.

      I don’t want to watch any company rest on its laurels. I’d love to watch some interesting innovation from Sony and/or Microsoft. They can’t ride on the coattails of Nintendo forever and expect to come ahead. I want them to have something truly interesting.

      I’ll say this again. More horsepower is nice as long as it improves gameplay. However, there has to be a reason to play. Nintendo has given the game industry a very interesting answer. I know there are brains at Sony and Microsoft. Sony helped reinvigorate the augmented reality control with the Eye Toy. Microsoft helped reinvigorate online play with Xbox Live. These are innovations they brought to the table.

      Let’s see if this competition can bring us even more with the next generation. I really want the GamePad. I think it will show just how much further control schemes can go. I can’t wait for the Wii U, and I hope Sony and Microsoft can actually meet my expectations.

      • dr scoobie

        more accesible?
        consoles need a tv
        when is the tv ever not being used by someone else

        • Draco Breach

          ‘more accessible’ as in easier to understand.

          Besides nowadays, most households have at least two televisions. Even if the second is a cheap or old one for the kids to play games on.

    • Paul

      to compete with sony and look at it this way

      xbox 360 and playstation 3 are for the hardcore gamers and the nintendo wii isnt

      • tom

        sony is dead

      • Collected

        Keep telling yourself that

  • 0soul

    I care alot about gameplay and love how they try new things but it would be nice to have powerful specs too.

  • Gary Moscheles

    the whole “power and hd graphics =/= good”, and vice versa, theory they had is very respectable, and very true. the gamecube is proof of that. but….i feel like they didn’t apply that enough on the wii. just not nearly as much quality.

    • dr scoobie

      the gamecube has some really awesome games

    • tom

      I remember playing a game that looked real… oh wait i was OUTSIDE.

  • Ilias

    I agree with the developer , but i also expect excellent graphics from Nintendo!!!

  • FuBaR

    Wii U is not a generational leap! (read it all before attacking).

    I have a friend who is an industry insider & due to non disclosure cannot give specifics but he clearly states the Wii U is not a true generational leap, he has worked on it & is currently looking at the next gen Xbox, which he states is way more powerful.

    What he does say is this, the next gen Xbox is fantastic on paper, is a true powerhouse but why do we all think MS is saying nothing? Price!!! Until the recession is over & the thing can be manufactured to a decent price point then there will be no release, in the mean time the Wii U is quick & easy to develop for, the specs are marginally better than current gen & only sloppy programming skills show no improvement on PS3/360, the gamepad brings a new concept if used right & most importantly costs for everyone is low, developers & consumers.

    He states enjoy the Wii U for what it is & does, fantastic IP’s, a true game changer user interface & most importantly that part most gamers have forgotten FUN! He says he can’t wait to get one on release, advised me to get one on release & everyone I know & enjoy Nintendo in HD, the new way to play & great lineup of games.

    • D2K

      That’s funny. I have a friend whom works in the industry as well. He told me that none of the next-gen systems will see a leap in terms of graphics for several reason.

      1. We are reaching the point of diminishing returns in terms of graphics. Eventually things are going to look as ‘real’ as they can. In the future it will be more about memory than sheer CPU processor power and GPU power. More memory will allow for more animation and more realistic animation.

      2. Microsoft lost BILLIONS OF DOLLARS this generation on the 360. Billions lost on RROD, and the 360 didn’t turn a profit for 5 years. They still have not climbed out of that hole. That being said, if Microsoft does not want a repeat performance they have to take their time developing the 720 and not rush it like they did the 360 to avoid another RROD situation, and it cannot have specs much better than the Wii U. If there was a “generational-leap” in graphics to where you would see a SNES to N64, or, PS1 to PS2 level JUMP in graphics quality, the system would cost over $1000 dollars.


      The Wii U is already confirmed to be making a profit from launch (the cost to make the system is $180 dollars so it would have to sell for less than that to sell at a loss) and it is significantly more powerful than the current-gen.

      3. 3rd-party developers are going under left and right because hey cannot afford to keep investing millions of dollars in develop on the CURRENT-GEN consoles. That is one reason why some many developers have switched focus to mobile gaming and apps which cost practically nothing to develop. While that is a trend that spell trouble for all three companies, if Microsoft released a system with a “generational-leap” in power you can rest-assured there would be almost NO 3rd-party support.

      4. Microsoft has stated that their focus is shifting towards the casual crowd and away from the hardcore crowd. They want the 720 to be a home entertainment system rather than a hardcore-gaming machine. The focus will be on Windows 8, Kinect 2, SmartGlass, and the dashboard function including music, movies, and cable TV. The also have stated that they want to system to retail for $299. You ain’t gettin’ a generational-leap in power for $299. Sorry.

      The bottom-line is that fanboys whom have absolutely no idea on how the real world works spend their days creaming their keyboards over the thought of some mystical, imaginary, super-powered console with real-time CGI cut-scene graphics. It’s not happening folks. The difference between the power levels of the 720 and Wii U will be the same as the power differences between the Gamecube and XBOX.


      And since Nintendo stays true to their 5-6 year console release schedule, by the time there would be a noticeable difference (assuming there is one) between the 720 and Wii U, Nintendo will be gearing up to release the follow up to THAT system while Microsoft and Sony will be stuck in the middle.

  • Mukkinese

    Let’s face it. Sony and Ms don’t have the balls to compete with Nintendo on a purely gameplay level. Can’t blame em for that, Ninty have wiped the floor with all other companies games on a regular basis. The only route the other two have left is power and specs. Ultimately a dead-end. Truth is, if every gamer really needed such things, at least as much as so many journos seem to think they do, then we would all be playing on top-end P.C.s.

    Most gamers don’t know or can’t tell whether a game is running 720p or 1080p or has a frame rate of 30 FPS or 60 and the truth is we don’t care. Journos and a few gamers who have bothered to learn how to spot such things might, but most of us just want to play.

    • dr scoobie

      of course microsoft cant compete on a gameplay level
      the only game developer they have is bungie

      • Paul

        sorry you fail as what about the developers that work on forza motorsport aswell

  • 7Down

    Damn this Nash is a real developer, doesn’t seem to have biased opinions and points out the facts that even some of us Nintendo fans seem to forget, I personally have been going for the specs, even though I never cared about them.

    It’s a good thing that someone gives us a bit of reality checks, I just hope that everyone understood this.

  • ~(O.O~)

    I use dove soap not troll fat

  • joe

    If Nintendo wanted they could make a system with “bleeding edge technology” that could bury everyone else…so couldn’t Micro$oft and those defective parts people at Sony…..But all that does is kill the video game industry…..If you had 3 systems out there that were all about technology no one would be able to afford it for one, and secondly, no one could afford to make games for it….and all those games would be about graphics and nothing else. If it were’nt for Nintendo to be honest, the industry would not be as “different” it would be stale. Systems like the Wii and WiiU are what keep things fresh….not to mention Nintendo has the titles everyone wished they had….

  • jcb411abuser

    as far as graphics goes, if i can finally play my favourite nintendo franchises in HD i will be happy, i could not care less if when navi flies around the screen that the light she emits will bounce off my shield changing the colour of my environment slightly(like that unreal engine 4 demo) current gen graphics would suffice. and i think alot more people will ask the question “why should i buy a new console at all when i’m happy with what i’ve got?” the answer will be for new games and a new experience, something which nintendo will bring in bucket loads for a reasonable price, unlike their presumed to be over-powered, over-priced future competitors.

  • t_vo

    Don’t believe everything you read by a lot of journalists and websites. A lot have hidden agenda’s and have their own “favourites”. Explain to me how they complain about the wii u’s specs no being good enough, but in another article they say if the wii u doesn’t hit the $299 price point, it’ll be a failure!! Can’t have your pie and eat it too!!! Nintendo’s making a machine that has enough power to do what it needs to do at a price that most people can afford. For the PS4 and xbox720, they talk about the awesome specs, but never the price. You know they won’t be $299. Heck, the 8 year old xbox still costs 299 with the harddrive. On top of that, any Playstation that’s come out has been so highly priced at release, that only hardcore’s buy it until the price comes down. Microsoft is even thinking about changing the pricing model of the 720 to be similar to that of cell phones so the 720 will be affordable to most people by making the inital price cheaper but attaching it to a 3yr xbox live subscription.

    Wii U will be fine.

  • t_vo

    Don’t forget, the first games on a new generation system usually aren’t much better than the previous generation. I remember when the 360 1st came out, they had a demo set up in the store and they had Kameo set up to play, and I was thinking, hmm, doesn’t look much better than we already have with the previous generation. And that was a Rare game, a 1st party developer for Microsoft, so they would have had lots of time with the system before launch.

    Wii U will be fine.

  • ShinyCoins12

    Its true, when i play games like The legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, and super smash bros Brawl, i don’t care how strong the Wii is :). And now wifi with it, Sony and Microsoft better cross their fingers. lol

  • Enigmatic

    Ignore my fake(s).

    I am not trolling, only merely stating the facts. 🙂

  • cheyenne

    The developer is right its not all about graphics …I got dead island for the Xbox 360 it looks amazing but after you get off of the original. Excitement. The gameplay is boring.. I believe the Wii u will be a great system… and on another note.. there is no way to future proof any electronic. Since technology is constantly improving..

  • SavingUpForTheWiiU

    My cousin used to be a Microcock fantard.
    I showed him the Wii, 3DS, and now the Wii U.
    Now he rarely plays the Sex Box 360.



  • luis

    nintendo. microsoft. sony. all sides can be hated and liked for a reason nintendo is the nice big brother and or sister he or she can be well rounded not so angry but has reasons to be. sets examples for their siblings and when they fight. he or she keeps its cool and simply ignores

  • Marcos

    As speaks a old advertising.

    Is Nintendo or Nothing

  • Pachter

    i doubt nintendo says specs are important gameplay is… YEAH RIGHT!!! SPECS ARE IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!

    • wii u crazer

      shut the **** up pachter u dont now shit

  • Jun

    Now that u think about it I think Super mario sunshine(an awesome game ever) graphics were kind of HD

  • Madmagican

    This is how it should be; instead of focusing on powerful specs, Nintendo, as always, is focusing on gameplay and for some reason, some people just don’t get it

    • bryan

      I agree; (for one, why play a game for graphics, because you can get the best graphics by looking around you :} )
      Nintendo seems to prefer making games and systems for a multitude of people (not exclusively for gamers), and especially for people that enjoy playing games for game-play and story.

      • bryan

        …and of coarse, they have a decent balance of graphics with their games.

  • Robert

    For you little kids who say “You know the Xbox 720 and the PS4 will be waaay more powerful than the Wii U” just remember that that back in 2006, the Wii was rumored to be more powerful that the Xbox 360. You can’t believe everything you read on the web.

  • Ehrfürchtig

    All those hardcore gamers and sony/microsoft fans have to remember that:
    If it wasnt for Super Mario Bros. , there would be no videogames at all.
    If it wasnt for Nintendo, Playstation wouldnt exist.

    And why the hell would you go on this website if all you do is belittle us? It seems that you are the ones without a life to me.

  • WiiUser

    If it’s not about the specs then why introduce a new console? The specs have to be competitive with soon to be released consoles or the system is going to be considered inferior. I for one will be sitting this out for a bit to see how the system performs and to find out what’s inside the box before I jump on the bandwagon. Just my 2 cent$ worth.

  • alex

    I agree the only problem is that if not have good specs 3rd parties games will not be there after 2 years that why i,will by the wii u and the ps4 like now i have the wii and the ps3

  • alex

    I agree the only problem is that if not have good specs 3rd parties games will not be there after 2 years that why i,will by the wii u and the ps4 like now i have the wii and the ps3 two sistems not one and noMS

  • Trev

    I wish they would address the power of the CPU! That’s what critics are complaining about and my biggest concern!!

  • Pearson

    That’s right. The Wii U costs 300$. To some it is expensive for the specs like that. But we’re actually paying for their innovative and creative ideas (not to mention experience, talents etc.). Like a textbook that costs about 10$ with only 15 to 20 pages. Students argued that it is expensive, but they didn’t know the time and brainstorming idea to CREATE the textbook is what that counts.