Aug 24th, 2012

Last week Eurogamer reported (or rather, deliberately mislead) on Wii U’s graphical capabilities. It said that Wii U graphics were “on par” with PlayStation 3, however, it turned out that Sonic Racing developer Sumo Digital was talking about graphics in the game, and not for the system. Now it turns out that even that wasn’t actually true — according to Sumo, the Wii U version of the game will actually look better in some areas.

Sonic Wii USumo Digital opened up about the Wii U graphics situation, telling Official Nintendo Magazine that they were “surprised” by the Wii U technology, and that the console has “much more memory” than the PS3 and Xbox 360. Steve Lycett of Sumo said:

“The Wii U has way more memory, so we can take advantage of that with less compression on elements and textures, so it will look all lovely and shiny”

Technically, this means that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will look better on the Wii U, at least when it comes to texture resolution. The rumored Wii U specs indicate that the console has 1.5 GB of main system memory, which is about 3 times more than the PS3 and Xbox 360. For more on the latest Sonic game, check out the awesome gameplay trailer. The game will be a Wii U launch title later this year.


  • King of Red Lions

    Awesome! Facts!
    (Haha I beat the annoying first comment trolls)

    • Raul

      Ironically, you became an annoying first comment troll.

      • Lord Carlisle

        Not quite, Raul.

      • dojo

        haha i agree raul

    • King of Red Lions

      Ya…… didn’t see that coming. I just got tired of people wasting their time writing comments about how they are first and not about the Wii U.

      Sorry everyone.

      • Egamingway

        It’s all good. I’ll comment about it if I’m first.

  • liberalagenda

    Makes sense.

    I wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds me.

    • Macarony64

      valve have bite both sony and microsoft hands

  • RichxGlov

    Why do I feel like SEGA read Eurogamer’s article? 😉

  • Nintedward

    thanks . this is fifa (EA) and now sonic racing (sega) confirming the wiiu’s memory and gpu to be ‘next gen’
    assassins creed 3 probably has better texture and framerate , but as of yet they havent added some of the lighting and particle effect’s.

    the wiiu is next gen , especialy considering its dual rendering asymetric gamepad technology . that is all . get excited .

    • Nintedward

      Dual Rendering Asymetric Gamepad Technology . or DRAGT for short XD .
      wiiu is gunna pwn .

      • Galaxy

        DRAGT or Go Home!

        • Nintedward

          we be ‘DRAGT RACING’ till the break of dawn XD.
          seriously DRAGT or Go home !!!!!

    • Macarony64

      and the assasins creed can be easy fix whit a patch i have goose bumb i want mine now

  • kard

    Kind of looks like mk7 doesnt it?
    With the newly added flying and water parts.

    • Melk

      HD Mario Kart 7, your argument is invalid.

      (Not to mention you can transform into a boat/plane at will)

    • Blue Falcon

      To me, it feels like diddy kong racing as well. (I love that game on the N64 when I was a kid)

  • D2K

    I wonder how much more is ‘way’ more? The last I heard was 1.5 GB (Dev kits having 3 GB). That doesn’t seem like much but it is at least 3x the memory of the 360 (512MB) and 5x the memory of the PS3 (256MB). If the latest rumored specs of the Wii U (which probably aren’t accurate either) are confirmed it will be substantially more powerful than the current-gen.

    • joe

      For a dedicated gaming console, that is alot. No home console has every had that much. usually sticking anywhere from 56-512 MB.

    • deSSy2724

      Consoles dont need that much RAM, even my high end PC (win 7) is still using 4GB DDR3 RAM and i can play all games at full hd and high settings… so, more RAM helps in games like BF3 MP when there are 64 players for example or for better loading times….

      I remember when i upgraded my 256 MB DDR1 ram to 1 GB DDR1 ram (rest of the PC was Intel P4 2.4 GHz (not HT) and nVidia 5800) …. that was WOW in terms of loading times, for example: NFS Most Wanted loaded up to 30-40 sec faster (on some parts less). There is one more thing that helps in loading times, thats SSD but HDDs are still good for games…

      My point is, dont worry about RAM (im not talking about VRAM), consoles just dont need that much really… there is not that much software/processes etc running in background on consoles.

      • D2K

        My point is that if the 1.5 GB of ram is true that proves Nintendo is not screwing around. While loads of memory is not ‘required’ it is useful for developers and animators. I’m learning that from 2D and 3D artist using programs like 3DS Max, Mudbox, After Effects, and Photoshop.

        The more memory you have, the more room you have to work with. If you have a low amount of memory no matter how incredible the resolution is on the image it isn’t going to do much because you don’t have the resources necessary and it will take forever to render. That’s why huge render farms have to be constructed for fully-CG animated films such as the type from PIXAR and Dreamworks.

        In gaming terms having that amount of memory give developers a lot of play-room where they can add more effects and more detailed graphics. For instance. If I’m working on a box-model and I want to turn it into a car using 3DS Max, I start off by using the lowest amount of polygons I can to create the general base image. I only add more subdivisions when necessary. There is a function in 3DS Max called ‘turbosmooth’ that will render any object with a smooth surface. The more iterations you add, the smoother it gets. HOWEVER, if you turn it up too high its starts to bog down your system resources because the program itself sucks up a LOT of system memory to do the amazing things it can do. Then everything moves like molasses in January. So you start off with using maybe 2 iterations at the most which is enough to show you a smooth edge without bogging your system down.

        On a normal store bought PC (which at best have 6-8 GB of RAM) you can run graphics programs like Zbrush, 3DS Max, etc, but you can do a lot more in a shorter span of time with a PC that has a high-end GPU and 16-32 GB of RAM.

        In comparison consoles only have a few basic functions. Run the operating system and run the games. So they require a lot less RAM. However in the same way, if developers want to do high-end AAA titles they have to take their time because of the memory constraints. With a system with higher memory, not only will it take you less time to complete your tasks, but it also will allow you to add more information into the game where you couldn’t before because of memory constraints. Developers will give animators a set number of polygons to work with and they have to create the image within those parameters.

        So with the Wii U having a larger amount of RAM than the PS3 and 360, it will take developers with Wii U dev-kits a shorter amount of time to make game on the current-gen level than it will for people using 360 and PS3 dev-kits. Now when it comes to making Wii U games on the NEXT-GEN level, it will probably take longer because the demand on system resources for next-gen graphics will be greater.

        However, if what was said about the Zelda HD demo last year is true (being that the demo was thrown together in just a few weeks) that is a good sign.

        I’ve never heard of anyone really complaining about developing for Nintendo systems in terms of the interface of their dev-kit. It was always based on storage constraints of trying to cram games into cartridges on the N64 and 1.5 GB discs on the GameCube. So I think that will be yet another plus for the Wii U.

  • Josh

    It is a good day to be a Nintendo fan and bad day for trolls.

  • Ledreppe

    Finally, confirmation that Wii U is next gen, ’cause I’m fed up with people (Ninty haters) saying the Wii U isn’t even as powerfull as the PS360, when infact it should be being compared with the PS4/720. It’s obvious that the graphics/performance gap isn’t going to be as big as it was with the Wii and PS360.

    • deSSy2724

      True, hardware is today more expensive….. anyone remember the price for high end x1950 XTX GPU for PC? no? and price for 0h high end today? for the same money u can buy today a midrange GPU. First off, im not telling that PS4/Xbox720/8 wont be stronger than Wii U, but if they make a new “PS3” (read PS4) in terms of “hardware jump from PS2 to PS3” and that was really-really a huge step back then, then tell me, how much will it cost? Really people, do some research and again… im not bashing any console, im a fan (not fanboy) of Nintendo and Sony consoles (Sega before) and PC ofc, i never played much Xbox/MS consoles that much to be honest but im not a blind fanboy, X360 is a good console.

      You cant say im talking bullshit because:

      1. x1950 Pro
      – x1000 series ATI GPUs were introduced at October 5, 2005
      – x1950 was not only a high end GPU, it WAS so called: “enthusiast HIGH END GPU”.. it was the best ATI card at that time, here u can see:
      – There are more versions… GT, PRO and the best x1950 XTX
      – starting price for the best ATI GPU x1950 XTX PCI-e was about 450$
      – release date was “2006-08-23” – it was the best and most expensive ATI card

      2. Todays high end AMD/ATI GPU is AMD 7990
      – to this date, HD 7990 is the best AMD GPU, so called: “enthusiast high end GPU
      – starting price for HD 7990 is about 799$
      – release date is August 2012

      3. Even Vita is not much powerful than PS3, Vita is much powerful than 3DS, but not that huge difference like PS3 vs Wii. What about release date? Vita 2012 and PS3 2005/06 and PS3 is still more powerful, so, im asking trolls… why buy a PS3 if u can buy a PS3 or even a stronger PC?

      4. Last, real gamers dont care too much about specs, real gamers care only about good games… so, thats why i choose Sony, Nintendo and PC

      Just do some research for prices… whats your take on this?

      • deSSy2724

        “typpo”… i meant ofc “why buy a Vita if u can buy a PS3 or even a stronger PC”

    • Schizza

      So you have some how travelled into the future and seen/played a ps4 or next gen xbox? How can something be obvious if it doesn’t even physically exist to compare?

      Confused with how you arrived at your conclusion…

  • Shankovich

    Finally a dev that isn’t full of sh**. Seriously, the Wii U can’t be as powerful as PS3 or 360 because NO ONE MAKES THEIR PARTS IN THE MAIN MARKET ANYMORE. It’s actually more expensive to make a GT 8600 than a 480 now you know -_-.

    I know they specifically only talked about memory here, but it’s a start. Remember that the Wii U will for sure have more than the about 40 shaders of the 360 (even the lowest end Radeon has 80 shaders), and of course at least DX 10.1. So please, stop with the crap -_-

    • TheBoldman67

      Your an idiot seriously, the Wii U will be more powerful than the PS3 and 360. It’s a system that’s coming out 6 YEARS after the 360 and PS3. It HAS to be more powerful, it’s just common sense. It’s like the original Wii, it came out 6 YEARS or so after the original Xbox and PS2 and even though they weren’t trying to push graphics it still beat the Xbox and PS2 in terms of power.

      • Shankovich

        That’s what I said? Do you know what the differences are between the 8600 and R700 series? Do you know anything at all about computer hardware? Do you know what a shader unit is? Do you know what Direct X is? And it’s “you’re” not “your”. Try to at least not look stupid through your writing when calling others stupid, idiot.

        When I said “…it can’t be as powerful as a 360 or PS3.”, I meant it can’t be as powerful as them even at its lowest setting (guess I should have said that). But common the context of my comment should have cleared that up -_-

    • TheBoldman67


      • rafael

        These foruns make everyone emotional 🙂

        I think you misunderstood his coment, i think he was saying the wiiu will be undoubtely more powerfull

    • dojo

      get off wiiU u dont belong here look up xbox and ps3

  • CyanideInsanity

    I guess they just did a straight port to see if it would run smoothly without huge engine modifications due to newer hardware and software, and have only recently tried with enhanced textures.

  • Buzzeh

    Cant wait untill developers get more time to play with it, i wonder what amazing things will come 😛

    • TheBoldman67

      F-zero U running UE4, 720-1080p, 45 fps with 12 player online would probably be the Wii U at it’s max

  • xdlugia

    1,5 is three times the Xbox 360’s RAM yes, but it is six times as much as the PS3’s RAM since it has no more than 256 Mb of RAM.

    • Nintedward

      the 3ds has 128mb XD . it also has a 400mhz gpu . the only thing which holds the 3ds’s graphics back is 3d (dual rendering). if they made a 2d game for 3ds with the 3ds’s specs . it would look close to a 360 game . like resi rev on crystal meth .

      • joe

        just look at rayman legends.

      • xdlugia

        Yeah, but the resolution would be lower. It is 400×240 in 2D and 800×240 in 3D.

        • Nintedward

          true . but the effects and stuff is still there . resident evil revelations has better graphics than the wii imo .

          • Sunny

            Sad but true.

          • xdlugia

            IMO? That’s not just IMO, that’s a fact! Multiplatform games looks better on 3DS than on the Wi. Take Spider-man: Edge of Time or Monster Hunter 3 for example!

      • deSSy2724

        Yes, it looks better… but the games are on a small screen, scaling anyone? but ok, we cant compare portable and desktop consoles. There is one thing that is not that good about 3DS, its AA….. but generally it is good looking for a portable system.

        When comparing Vita and PS3, PS3 still has better graphics…

  • Dereq

    It is a damn good time to be a Nintendo fan.

    • Nintedward

      i have been there all along . hardest time was gamecube days *sigh* . nd the gamecube was awesome aswell!!!! bleeding edge graphics way better than ps2 .
      at least thw GBA was still HUGE back then!!! and kept nintendo high flying.
      but being a gamecube fanboy was sure tough.
      it has all payed off now .
      the ds and wii were awesome . and now the 3ds and wiiu is tons better.
      so happy days for nintendo .

  • night storker

    stonking gpu with a stonking 32mb edram loads of bandwidth and ram and a tri core powerpc with broadway instructions and 3mb custom catch ,,guys there is no power 7 in wii u just accept reality its a very powerful efficient powerpc 32 bit based on the powerpc 400 series,im hoping for 2 ram pools like wii and gamecube maybe gddr5 and ddr2 or gddr3 maybe each pool is 768mb or 1gig gddr5 and 512mb ddr2 dual polls dual bandwidth plus edram

    • Melk

      Betch, please.

    • Wildman

      A Power based CPU is confirmed. Which means Power 7 based. Look up the IBM press release about this.
      PowerPC was never confirmed.

    • dojo

      u are way wrong buddy

  • amy

    looks like a really fun game.

  • Macarony64

    whos the noob that dislikes everything?

  • flashdrive

    to me, i think that texture resolution and framerate improvements are just the beginning. in 3-4 years we should have a pretty big improvement in graphics like the ps3/360 did.

  • Raul

    Okay, what the hell is going on? One minute the Wii U isn’t capable. The next is far beyond capable. All this back and forth stuff is really getting annoying.

  • Pachter Jr

    The term “next gen” became highly publicized during the last era of consoles because the game industry was touting a transition from SD to HD graphics which consequently represented a big leap in performance specs. By that definition, logic would dictate that next generation of consoles would utilize UHD (4k) graphics. There’s a standard fanboys, and gimmick controllers isn’t it.

    • Nintedward

      i highly doubt sony and microsoft will utilize 4k . unless they want to up console costs and game development costst. not senseical in this day and age. so every 6 years . you expect all gamers to replace their tv ??
      sounds kinda stupid . in 30 years your suggesting tv’s will be like 1,000,000p lol XD . gtfo. the wiiu is next gen . go and cry yourself to sleep. native 1080p gaming has barely been touched on consoles. that is the near future.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Exactly even if PS4 ends up being capable of running games in 4k I doubt it will kill the Wii U if it ends up being expensive as hell. And the TVs that can do such a resolution are likely rediculously expensive. It probably will be another 6 or 7 years before 4k TVs become cheap enough that 4k starts becoming mainstream. Nintendo tends to go lockstep with technology. Back in 2006 most people did not really have an HDTV so NIntendo didn’t consider HD cost effective which is why the original Wii was not HD capable.Nintendo knows that HD has pretty much become mainstream now. They know that innovation is the real key to success in the Video Game business. Graphics wars always turn out to be a dead end. Nintendo realized that at the Gamecube era.

    • NextGen1980s

      the term “next gen” has been around since the late 80s, there was even a video game mag named after the term.
      It is simply the next generation of hardware. Some generations have huge innovations (like the introduction of 3D, analogue sticks, motion control) other generations are simply refinements of the previous(which is what we will mostly see this gen).

    • xdlugia

      rendering 4k resolution would need a lot of horsepower, so it would be better to have it on 1080p and use the extra horsepower for the graphics instead.

    • joe

      Lol patcher Jr. You know currently the 4K tvs available are priced at 30,000 US dollars? Estimated by supply and demand, we’ll be seeing $999 4KTVs by latest 2016… 4 years from now. And that’s still too much in this state of the economy. Sony will no doubt Utilize 4K in the PS4 because they make the TVs already, and want to give people reasons to buy them. But 4K will probably not catch on till the generation after next. This generation is all about pushing textures, shaders, polygons, bringing new gameplay enhancements, and turning video games into more cinematic experiences. Your argument is very invalid.

      • joe

        earliest 2016* my bad lol

      • Pachter Jr

        Silly fanboy Joe, you’re missing my point. We have a philosophical difference of opinion. You think of next gen as the next model off the line even if it’s a rehash of the predecessor (typical NFB thinking). I think of next gen as a successor with substantial gains regardless of price or whether it’s mainstream now or not. Subsequently, a jump from HD to UHD would also entail “substantial gains” in every area you stated; textures, shaders, including specs etc. So you’re making my point in your rebuttal which would then make your argument invalid. The argument you ought to be making which is typical of NFBs is that Nintendo IS next gen because there fun and creative.

        • TheBoldman67

          Go and buy your $30,000 TV, and in ten years we’ll see you when Nintendo’s taken over

        • Nintyfan

          Guys you gotta take ur time and listen to everyone’s view of things like Michael Patcher, after reading the GoNintendo interview I can start stop taking his words so serious. It’s his job also he is just joking take his words lightly.

          When he said Nintendo fans would buy anything with Nintendo on it he meant we are dedicated and loyal to Nintendo not that we are stupid.

        • joe

          this is why you sir are blind. I’m not a fanboy, I bought all the consoles last generation, and I’ll likely do the same for next. You just pretend like you’re a developer who knows 2 shits about hardware. Please, just do your job and play videogames.

        • vge

          Your in the minority with that elitist thinking toward gaming. Sales of consoles each generation (sans the snes and nes eras) saw the weaker, if not weakest, console sell the most. Basically meaning a good majority of consumers preferred the weaker system for a multitude of reasons.

          You must understand, companies AREN’T tailor making a console specifically for you, they build them for everyone. And consumers like you isn’t where the money is @ anyway so why would they invest a ridiculous amount of money into 4k tech, have a $700+ machine, noone will buy it(except super nerds and elitist), then have the company go bankrupt?

          Your being unrealistic now. Just be real with yourself, you are just an anti-nintendo Guy, nothing they put out was gonna be good enough for you. If they made it a super computer console(like you claim they need to do) you’d complain that its too expensive and Nintendo needs to go the way of Sega, if they make it affordable, all of a sudden its too weak and not adopting proper TV sets in the future. You bashers are funny LOL

          Basically you gotta look @ it from a business perspective. In gaming, the casual market (and I mean pol who just casually game and will buy anything, not just cooking mama type gamers) are the consumers who will consistently give them the money. Ironic right? But casuals will not read reviews, wont be on forums, wont watch any gameplay footage. They’ll simply buy it cuz its popular, same goes for parents.

          It’s unwise for a professional business to listen to a business model from a nobody forum poster.

        • dojo

          dude ur the only person missing the point

        • deSSy2724

          Pacher Junior… honestly, why do you fail?

          1. Jump from HD to UHD? what? whaaaat? whaaaaaaaaaat?
          Do u realize that the PS3 is running new games at 720p (or less) at 30+/- FPS, dont you? so, im asking you… why did people buy a full hd TV and not just a HD Ready TV? yeah, the answer is probably Bluray, NOT GAMES! (most of them expected the same for games), owning a FULL HD video doesnt mean that the games are native 1080p lol. Games are usually stretched/upscaled/downscaled etc.

          2. Sony already announced full HD gaming and 120 FPS for PS3 (october 2005)… yeah, thats right, take a look:

          Atleast, Nintendo never lies…. they already said that the 1st Party Nintendo games will be 720p

          3. I own a high end PC and you know what? i can just lower the resolution and i can still have high graphics (just less/no AA). Resolution only depends on your screen size and the distance between you and the TV.

          4. If the PS4 will be that huge jump from PS3 (just like PS3 was over PS2), then think again… how much will it cost? seriously, answer me this… what do you think? im asking because x1950 XTX was the most powerful ATI GPU back then and starting price was about 450$, today the best ATI/AMD HD 7990 card and it was prized at 799$…. be real and answer me this question, thanks!

          Last, no one says that PS4 wont be the strongest console, but… how much? will it be like Wii vs PS3? (IMO i dont think so), they can do it, Nintendo can do it too if they would (sames go for MS). But, there is much risk, so, Nintendo is more careful than Sony about that because almost any weaker console outsold the strongest.

      • zx81 ram expansion

        theres a flip side to that coin 4k = 2x 1080p witch is the easiest type up upscale you can do 2to1 scale can look near perfect so a 1080p game on a 4k tv vs a 4k game on the same tv is so tight theres no bragging rights to 4k ,it is completely meaningless and stupid to go 4k native

        even if it could going 1080p is giving you more graphics power so whats the point

    • vge

      You must not be too keen on gaming history. The term “next-gen” has been used since the 2nd generation of consoles.

    • Roedburn

      You’re right, they aren’t, but awesome controllers and graphics are so Wii U has it made.

    • Sunny

      Why is this guy always on. Stfu.

    • AKA-Link77

      oh. . . ok i guess they should be like sony and put a bunch useless crap then announce the price :
      “Five-Hundred & Ninety-Nine US Dollars!”

  • Pachter’s mom

    Who cares!? James Cameron will render the next Avatar on the Ps4.

    • TheUNation

      Cliffy B. says “Bitch please!”, Pachter’s boytoy!

    • joe

      you know how much money that costs?

  • TurtlePowa

    I feel like the only one who is reminded of Diddy kong racing on the n64 as well…they also had planes and cars cant remember if boats but I think they did… 0:

    • Macarony64

      yes it have hovercrafts

  • Diogozaca

    The RAM memory is really like to be by 1,5GB and the other consoles may have 2GB or 2,5GB max. So it’s not going to be so far way, specs talking, from the PS3/XBOX360. Everything will depends on it’s microprocessor’s power to moke the WII U accept all games that ports to other consoles.

  • Dmonkeyman

    Yay wii u. I dont really care fot the game but its still good news. Now if only unisoft turns out to have been misquoted about the ac3 graphics


    I like the original box art better.

  • scorpion on my back

    how much ram isn’t the question.. the question is WHAT ram and how is it set up 2GB of moble phone ram aint worth diddle!!!!!!!!!!!

    is it fast ram what is the bandwidth is there 1 pool of ram or 2 pools of ram is there edram then fast ram then slow ram witch gc and wii did will it use fc ram instead of dram the amount isnt that important its REAL WORLD PERFORMANCE AND HOW IT HELPS THE PROCESSORS IS IMPORTANT….

    hell it might even use a non embeded form of ibms edram as fast dram just like gc and wii did with 1 t sram this is nintendo guys not douchbag ms or a apple phone

  • Dmonkeyman

    finally the Wii U gets the respect it deserves now if only Ubisoft was misquoted about AC3 graphics

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I guess those so called anonymous developers can suck it!

  • Volcano

    Heh. Wii u is ace!

  • Tristan

    That’s odd, I’m surprised that they “had enough time” to make it look good.

  • NintendoGamer

    I am really hoping it has 2GB of RAM because sure, PC RAM it’s cheaper and that’s why PC can have up to 16GB of RAM, but 2GB would be the best amount of RAM since it would 4x the amount of RAM the PS3 and 360 have. Plus, it would mean high resolution textures which means no more muddy games for the win!