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One of the more critical complaints of the Wii U is that Nintendo let seemingly anyone with a Unity account and a dev kit onto the Nintendo eShop. That led to some pretty poor games that were being sold, which cheapened the experience for everyone involved, including Nintendo. It seems the company has learned a lesson from that and will be tightening its policies for the Nintendo Switch.

In a recent Kickstarter update to backers, the developers behind Hex Heroes outlined some of these changes that Nintendo has made since the Wii U.

Let us be clear, at this time, Prismatic does not have access to the Switch development kit. Few devs do, in fact. We met briefly with Nintendo at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco but they didn’t go into specifics about how to obtain a dev kit. As they’ve been saying publicly, they’re being selective and want to curate the content on the Switch more. If you’re concerned about our absence from the Nindie showcase, fret not – Nintendo will pretty much only feature games that have already made their way through, or are in the middle of the certification process.

Nintendo certainly needs to be more selective with the games they’re allowing since indie games will be the backbone of this console until more major releases like Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2 are available. But what’s even more interesting is what the devs mention about no ports being allowed within a certain time period.

Nintendo is being specific about Switch releases: No ports within the first ~6 months/launch window. This is somewhat of a plus for us because Hex Heroes cannot directly be ported to the Switch anyway; it will require some design changes.

That likely explains why Stardew Valley won’t be making its appearance on the Nintendo Switch until later this year, although it will be the first console to feature multiplayer. It seems Nintendo wants to focus on having a curated stream of indie games that aren’t available on any other platform for Nintendo Switch’s six-month launch window, which is an interesting approach.

Do you think it’ll pay off for Nintendo?

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