Jun 26th, 2013


Despite the news that Square Enix plans to bring Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut to other platforms after initially announcing Wii U exclusivity, game designer Emile Pedneault says the Wii U version is still the ultimate version to play.

“In the original game you have all those windows and in-game menus that was clustering the screen. [The GamePad has] allowed us to put in the second screen so your inventory, your skill tree, all those in-game menus are now in a tool kit accessible by touch and quickly navigational by touch.”

Other features for the Wii U version of the game include the ability to throw grenades back at your opponents by swiping on the touch screen, and improved Smart Vision thanks to the gyroscope in the Wii U GamePad. Square Enix promised previously that the Director’s Cut version of the game would see tweaked and refined boss battles after many complaints from the original version of the game stated the bosses didn’t mesh well with the rest of the game.

What do you think? Will you be picking this up once it’s available? Let us know in the comments below.

[via ABC News]

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  • Ernie Sanguyo

    with gamepad features is alwys better version 🙂

  • Petri

    I’ll buy this, because I didnt finish it on PS3.

  • Nintyfan

    It looks like they did a great job utilizing the Wii U Gamepad, I have never played the original so I will most likely pick this one up.

    • val berger

      amazing game and franchise, you won’t regret it!

    • SirDjss

      holy bananas u didnt play the original ? then u must buy this . i have it on my pc but im buying it for the wii u just becouse of the extra screen stuff 😉 awsome

  • This is one of the few games I will definitely pick up on the WiiU when I get mine, as well as Darksiders II will be purchased on that WiiU. I’ll probably get Mass Effect 3 also on wiiu as I actually won a game from EA by sending in a letter to a Dutch gaming magazine (which was awarded as Letter of the Month, hence I won a game from EA) while I have nothing with EA at all Mass Effect 3 will be the best choice I think, cba to get to many games anymore on PS3 as PS4 is just around the corner.

    • val berger

      mass effect 3 still is one of the, if not the best game available for the system, so go for it!

      • Robert Butters

        I want to get mass effect 3, but I won’t get anything from EA until they fix their attitude problem

        • Adrian

          Is Mass effect trilogy coming to WiiU? If so, I’ll get it. Otherwise, Mass effect trilogy is coming to PS3 :).

          • oontz

            Mass effect trilogy on ps3 has been out since last November

          • Adrian

            Oh yeah :). Well I hope it comes to WiiU as well, otherwise I’ll have to get it for PS3.

        • val berger

          EAs attitude problem is: money making. surprise suprise, in a capitalistic world, EA is like many other companies only focused on making profit. Sure, a company that doesn’t really want to make games for the gamers-spirit sake may not be our beloved company #1, but then again, it’s not like EA wold be the only company acting that way. And in the end, EA is just the publisher, Bioware is the original developer of that game and they just deserve all credits. I just think it’s a bit childish acting like that about every single third party dev who turns his back on this system just because they can’t afford publishing their stuff on a system that just won’t sell your games. and especially not buying those games and thus giving them a further reason not to publish anything else in future can’t be the right path either. We got it, EA is satan. But look what Ubisoft or Activision is doing? the same thing, just a bit more friendly. And if Deus Ex won’t sell, which I believe, then you can also hate and boycott Square Enix in future.

          • Robert Butters

            Actually EA turning their back on Wii U is not why I won’t buy their games. It’s more because of the Sim City fiasco (which I almost wasted money on) and the planned micro transactions and the Failure of Star Wars TOR. Yes, they are driven by money making. That is the sole reason why I will not support them with my money until they change. If enough people do the same, they will change. I may be optimistic, but I think they will eventually find their way and then I will resume supporting them.

          • val berger

            actually I do agree on that and EA is listening to ppl like you already. their moving away from activation codes is one sign that they really are noticing customer’s frustration about certain things. They obviously also noticed the Sim City fiasco and as TOR became a free to play game (if I remember correctly… I even own that game but haven’t played it in ages) they also may have taken notice of it’s bad success. So it’s quite a good thing to block EA. At least if it’s making sense. But if they are releasing games like Mass Effect 3 or Need for Speed MW U, it absolutely doesn’t make any sense to me. on the contrary, it would make sense to support exactly those games, as those games are doing everything wright. unlike the PS3 version, the WiiU version of ME3 has no activation code and NFS is furthermore a really well done WiiU port and it’s a real shame that it hasn’t sold better. In this case, EA has done everything right and still the fans signalized they haven’t? that’s just the wrong way.
            In the end, the only thing, EA really messed up with Mass Effect 3 was not bringing the trilogy to the WiiU. Of course no one is buying this game if they don’t know the other 2 parts. I don’t watch starwars Ep3 either unless I know Ep1 and 2. But in terms of quality software, those two games were really well done.

      • Petri

        Mass Effect 3 is a good game.
        But after playing ME 1 and 2, 3 didnt live up to my expectations.

        Though considering that theyre selling half of the game as DLC (Wii U version includes some I think?), it sucks they refused to release all the DLC’s.

        • companyoflosers

          the more important dlc’s are included as part of the game for the wii u version and multiplayer is very smooth and more importantly free!

          • Petri

            Aren’t Leviathan, Omega and Citadel DLC’s missing?
            Wii U only seems to have 1/4 of the story extensions?

          • companyoflosers

            ya I believe you are right but it still includes the from ashes and an extended cut which have the most impact on the story itself or at least thats what ive been lead to believe. those other dlc just add side content which while they are worth the purchase definitely, they only really delve into explaining prior events a bit more and dont influence the story as much unless they give you just enough paragon or renegade to make certain decisions later on.

          • InsaneZucchini

            But the Citadel is one that’s SO worth it. It’s so much better than any of the other DLC. Just so much fun and so much more great character interactions. That’s one that it needs and it’s a shame that EA did Wii U so wrong with most of it’s releases. Really, releasing the trilogy at the same time for $20 cheaper on two other systems with a much larger active install base, what were they thinking. Of course none of their launch games sold well on Wii U. Most had been out for months to begin with. Would love to get the other DLC stuff for the Wii U version, have it on 360 with all the DLC already, wish I could get it on Wii U too though, have the game, but missing some great stuff.

      • Kaihaku

        Eh. I’ve heard that it’s a fantastic version of the game but I haven’t played Mass Effect 1 or 2. I know that there’s a comic to bring new players up to speed but that’s not enough for me… This is a series that carries over save states from game to game. Why would I skip the first two thirds of an epic story when I could play the entire thing elsewhere?

        If this had been Mass Effect Trilogy, which was released on the other consoles around the same time, it would be on my shelf right now. It’s a shame I’m very interested in this series and I’d like to play through it…but it looks like I’m going to have to do that after I upgrade my PC. On the bright side, I’ll be paying a lot less that way. Still…I’d rather be playing Mass Effect on the Wii U.

        • val berger

          totally agree. the thing about mass effect is, that I tried to play ME1 on my PC and I got into it, played a bit, but as I’m working on that computer 8 hours a week, I really didn’t feel like staying in front of that computer screen for so long and play that game. so I never finished it, which really is a shame. And when EA sent us a testimonial version of ME3 I just thought I’d give it a try and totally got stuck on it. And I really mean TOTALLY. ME3 on the WiiU isn’t nice because it’s on a nintendo console, not because of the Gamepad-features (those are quite needless. nice to have but needless after all), not because you’re playing on the television. No, it’s the superior version over all existing versions of the game because it supports Off Screen Gameplay. It’s one thing to play like iPhone while taking a bath, but it’s another thing to play a deep AAA Sci Fi-Epic RPG like Mass Effect. Taking a bath really became something super-special from that moment on ;D
          But it’s not only the bath thing. playing the game a bit before going to sleep with headphones or whereever you are, it’s something totally different as you take more time for everything. You don’t skip conversations, you read through content and so on because you can play in so many different situations. And a game like Mass Effect is just the perfect example of a game that is just meant to be played like that. That’s why it’s soooo bad that games like Elder Scrolls and Fallout may never see the Light of U anytime soon as they would have been perfect matches for that system too.

    • Desend

      I would get Need for Speed for the Wii U. It’s the best title EA released for it.

      • It’s the best looking game from ea indeed for WiiU but I don’t care at all for racing games no matter how good they look. Racing games are simply not my thing same goes for pretty much all sports games.

    • David Tims

      I’ve never heard anyone saying they’ll be getting a wii U for this particular set of titles. Very strange! haha

      • I have a different taste for me it’s not all about the first party titles, especially not the ones which are available now and coming this year, none of the WiiU first party titles this year have my interest, only wwhd is nice but I see no reason as of why to by it again only because it’s hd, my choice of first party games won’t come until later in 2014

  • Linskarmo

    I’m quite sure I’ll buy this game. I’m glad that it looks to be the ultimate version.

  • Zuxs13

    Well they actually have to release the damn game before anyone can buy it.

    • YayGs

      They should just let us buy it before it’s released. That way we have no money AND no game. Sound good?

      • Arthur Jarret

        Publishers starting to take their project to Kickstarter before they commit a dev team? Sounds great to me!

    • EASeniorEngineerFKAPachterJr

      more over-promising and under-delivering

  • XelaFury

    I might buy this game just because it’s one of the few Wii U games that has touch screen gameplay and improved boss battles. Deus Ex DX looks to be one of the best games on the Wii U.

    • Levi Johansen

      I will buy it so I can see how the GamePad will work with a shooter, Call of Duty Black Ops II doesn’t use the GamePad for much.

      This game might set the standards for all shooters on the Wii U.
      ZombiU has of course already set some standards for GamePad use, but that was not a multiplatform game.

      Developers need a formula they can follow on the Wii U when making shooters and other action-based games.

  • Simon Villiard

    I hope this is true but wasn’t the same told about alien colonial marines and the game wasn’t even released…

    • ranjeybaby

      the difference though is that this game doesn’t suck, and I would guess it can only be better with the additional features the gamepad offers, I wont pick it up as I have already played through it, but it is a great game IMO.

    • Noteak

      Wait I thought that game was released it was just destroyed by critics

      • kenny Johnson

        it was never released for Wii U

        • Noteak


    • Andreas Sunde

      That was arguably one of the best exclusives Nintendo ever got, though.

  • Adrian

    Hmm, I’m not a huge fan of releasing old PS3 and 360 games on WiiU. But, as I don’t have this game already I might possibly get it. Is this a shooter?

    • Nintyfan

      I believe it’s a 3rd person shooter, this is a Director’s Cut so there will be new things added to the game, the Wii U version will be unique from the other versions because of the Gamepad.

      • Adrian

        Yeah I know, but ultimately games come down to the story for me (with most games I play). And I just don’t like the idea of retelling the exact same story that has already been told.

        • Zombie Boy

          One thing I’ll say about this game – it has a cracking storyline! So much so, I’ll be buying and playing through it again, just to relive the story and unlock new abilities and stuff that I didn’t use on the xbox version.

    • SirDjss

      its called utube, so use it mate 😉

      • Adrian

        Uhm, it’s called not everybody has access to every site at all times. It’s also called common courtesy and decency to answer a simple question when asked in a straightfoward manner. This is @Mark as well.

    • Mark Thom

      no this is a kart racer

    • val berger

      Not really a shooter. It’s a stealth game and a damn good one. You have some kind of skill tree, you can hack into all kinds of machines, computers and security systems, upgrade weapons and interact with people in that world. You can choose if you wanna shoot down everyone or go past them through the shadows. It’s a very good game, beautifully written and designed and offering quite a good length for the main campaign plus additional sidequests and the DLC-campaigns. So it’s really gonna be a package worth checking out.

      • Adrian

        Sounds intriguing thanks for the in depth description!

        • val berger

          Ages ago there was System Shock 2, a game from ion Storm and the gamedesigner Warren Spector which actually introduced this kind of gameplay. First Person game with RPG-Elements, hacking abilities, skills and so on. After that game, Spector/ion Storm created Deus Ex which became my favorite PC game of all time. 13 years ago, this game was like the ultimate revolution of First Person games. I remember playing the Demo, which was a mission on liberty island and you really felt like you had the total freedom how to solve the mission, which was amazing at that time. you could just go in there and shoot everyone, or go stealth. or hack everything. you could even go around, collect all sorts of junk, throw them together to have something that helps you climb up a wall. The game really did a great job giving you the feeling of being in control of how to walk your way. After Deus Ex 2: Invisible War wasn’t as successful (and good) it took a while after they felt like creating a new game. And although Human Revolution wasn’t from Warren Spector or the original team, Eidos Montreal did an amazing job on that brand. The biggest problem is, that it just doesn’t manage to create such a huge WOW effect like the original game did 13 years ago as those gameplay elements are nowadays seen in any type of First person game. It also feels more streamlined and polished, which isn’t always a good thing as this feeling of being able to do whatever you want isn’t as present as it used to be in DE1. Still it feels kinda open and if you know games like Bioshock, Fallout3 or Dishonored, then you may like that one too.

    • Andreas Sunde

      I recommend Angry Joe’s review of it.
      Also: this version has better boss battles. And Gamepad stuff. And off-TV play. And is a multiplat release.

      • Adrian

        I’m considering it.

  • Offens1

    I got mine pre-orderd , get a textmessage when it’s in my store. Can’t wait

  • felony211662

    I have always liked deus ex ever since the PC original and will definitely get this for my Wii u after the disappointing xbox version of the game

  • Gabriel Dowdy

    Jesus Christ! When are they going to release this game.

  • darkstar18

    i dont really dont think this game will sell that well..i just wish they would bring more recent games not these two year old games.

  • iceazeama

    yeah remember when the sniper elite people said that would be the best version!!!!!

    • uPadWatcher

      Well that was a lie. No options, no extras… the developers have screwed up big time.

      • thedeciderU

        sucks too because i was considering getting it until i saw what an awful job they did porting it with so many less features.

        publishers: “oh, it’s for the wiiu? then give them less than half the game. dlc? hahahaha, nah. why would they need/want that? new games? we’ll see if this piece of shit version of the game sells, then we’ll talk.”

        • Agent721

          Yeah…waiting for the eventual sale on that one…

          • thedeciderU

            haha yeah. MAYbe i’ll think about it if the price comes near the ps360 price. but, i may as well buy it on ps3 now for under $20.

      • thedeciderU

        publishers take 2: “btw, let’s charge ’em up the ass.”

  • Petri

    Sure old ports might be cheapest way to test waters.
    But they should not be surprised when they dont sell like hotcakes.

    Though it is already disappointing, that new squeenix games are not coming to Wii U,
    I will wait and see how this plays out.

    • thedeciderU

      this may be a good game, but i want 3rd party and 1st party to bring new games to the wiiu. if i want the old ones, i’ll buy them for my 360 or ps3.

    • Kaihaku

      I agree. I was willing to pay full price for this polished up port during the software drought but the further out of it we get the less likely that is to happen. I’ll probably still snatch it out of a discount bin eventually.

      Effectively Square Enix is delaying this game until it has stronger competition – come Fall I’m going to spend $10 dollars more and pick up Watch Dogs…not this. I’m sure that Square Enix will then claim that third party games don’t sell on the Wii U but whatever.

  • Superbax

    Is it keeping its original release date or is it getting delayed for a simultaneous release? I haven’t really figured that out.

  • David Tims

    I can’t imagine this selling well. At the end of the day it’s still a port of an old game hitting the market when an influx of new games are heading to the wii U. This game has no context for me. I’ve never played the first two. A trilogy would have been preferred to be honest. I also don’t like how the next game in the series is on tablet. I don’t want to get into a series like that. I ended up buying so many handhelds to play Kingdom Hearts.

    • Abe

      You’re an idiot, atleast do some research this game before complaining, they did not port this game they started from scratch using the Wii U. So no its not a crappy port. God you people need to stop assuming and complaining.

      • oontz

        Ummm you’re an idiot if you think they built this game from scratch seeing as its an exact copy of the game they released 2 years ago other than boss battles. The story, cut scenes, enviroments are the EXACT same as before. That would be the biggest waste of money ever. You obviously have no clue about game design.

      • val berger

        sure its a port. and indeed it may be one of the better ports out there as they got better graphics, gamepad features and even completely new bossfights into the package. but in the end they didn’t start from scratch. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is the result of a game that got rebuilt from scratch. And David is absolutely right, it won’t really sell although it’s a great game. There’s actually something going on on the WiiU for the next months, Pikmin3, W101, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Zelda WWHD. If they had published that game 2 months ago, maybe chances of selling it would’ve been better (although the install base was smaller at that time)
        Who knows. Need for Speed MW U was also an amazingly good port and it barely sold. It’s the fate of ports that have been there before on the WiiU.

      • David Tims

        I’m not really complaining to be honest, I feel bad for the developers who I feel will have wasted their time. And it is a port, being enhanced doesn’t stop it being a port. Also, you should probably not open a comment with “You’re an idiot”. It’s ironic because comments like that speak volumes about the poster. EDIT: And at the end of the day, no enhancements are going to be worth 50 dollars when you can pick this up for near half the price and less elsewhere.

        • oontz

          Free last month for ps+ members.

          • David Tims

            Well I think free is a poor choice of words for any game you get off ps+, since if I’m not mistaken isn’t ps+ a subscription service you pay for to get games? But yes, exactly, much cheaper elsewhere. It’s like wii U owners were not supposed to own 360s or ps3s

    • Andreas Sunde

      It’s a prequel, and the two previous games are 10 years old. Or something. Too lazy to check actual release dates. Point is: they’re old.
      But yeah, it’s a prequel, so you won’t have to play the first two to enjoy Human Revolution.

      Also fuck The Fall. Deus Ex is absolutely not suited for iOS. (-_-)

      • David Tims

        Even though it’s a prequel I prefer to play games in the order they were released, because that’s the way the developers appear to have intended them to be played. The story is usually better that way. I wouldn’t recommend playing any game series in chronological order 😛

  • Chris Hamilton

    too bad I already beat deus ex on ps3 as this version seems like the best.
    I hope square doesn’t lose interest in the wiiu when this game doesn’t sell that well.I’m sure many people are in the same boat as me, already played it otherwise would have bought it for wiiu.

    • val berger

      played through it twice, so yeah. releasing games on the WiiU more than a year after their original release can’t help your sales 😉

    • audi lover

      only 23.99 in uk should sell quite well i think

      • dgallo911

        It wont and it will drop, got assasins for 14 buck on ebay brand new from the uk lol

        • audi lover

          Well ive bought it as i never could be bothered to play it on my ps3 or xbox, havent played anything on those pieces of hardware for over a year glorified door stop and a blu ray player really, i to got ac3, darksiders 2 for less than £15 so again both bargins and with off screen play so missus can watch her soaps with out me causing trouble, major benefit of wii u by far

          • dgallo911

            Ill agree with u bout the missus, its been months since ive had to watch the kardashians lol

    • Levi Johansen

      All those who only had a Wii in the last gen, like me, will buy the Wii U version.

      That’s quite a few people I think, they just have to buy a Wii U first, and they will when Super Mario and Wind Waker comes.

  • DingoWalley

    Again I ask: If it’s the best version of the game, why is it even going to be on any other console at all? This is the same thing I asked about Rayman Legends, and even though they answered honestly (Aka More Money), it still doesn’t make sense to make a former exclusive multiplat, but make the WiiU Version the best…

    • Adrian

      Because it’s an old game.

    • val berger

      Of course it makes sense. publish the game on a system with something between 3 and 4 mio systems install base, or publish it on two further systems and suddenly have an install base of +140Mio? do the maths, if you don’t have to really change the game, it’s easy money. And as long as Nintendo doesn’t pay for an exclusive, there’s absolutely no reason for a third party to do an exclusive. companies don’t grow because they do something friendly for the community but because they’re using the right strategy and from a studio’s perspective I can totally understand that supporting the WiiU with exclusive games at this point is just a huge profit-loss. And don’t get me started with third parties who have to create exclusives so the WiiU will sell better. we’ve been down that road so many times, but in the end it’s always Nintendo’s responsibility to build up an ecosystem on which developers can build on. It will always work that way.

      • dgallo911

        Sorry mate but what u just wrote is simply to intelligent for this website….next time make sure u bad mouth every developer that doesnt make their games exclusice and praise nintendo for the amazing job they r done in marketing their system lol

        • val berger

          ;D sometimes I also really feel that way about this website. but then again, it’s a system specific fancommunity, so it’s never gonna change 🙂

    • sd

      Its not exlusive, its just a directors cut. Why not release elsewhere, its already made and would be virtually no extra work on the other systems.

  • Dez

    Wasn’t this supposed to be released like in May? But, yeah, everyone cries on the other platforms and those douches at Square Enix decide to just give them the same product they previously said wouldn’t work on the current consoles. Moreover, fuck Micro$oft, this always happens because of them and their Nazi multi-plat policies. How any of these developers/publishers are stupid enough to release games on that $500 Tivo must really not understand how poor a business decision that is. I’d rather they come out and say it instead of being greedy assholes, and putting on that facade.

    Does anyone even care for this game anymore though? It is a waste of money just to keep re-releasing the same crap that is still pretty recent. Should have just made it DLC as much as I hate that stuff.

    • Kaihaku

      Yep. I had it preordered. Not anymore. I’m not saying that I won’t get it eventually, probably out of a discount bin, but the further out of the software drought we get the less likely I am to pick this up at full price. If this comes out anytime near Watch Dogs, I’ll pay $10 dollars more and get that instead. Effectively, Square Enix decided to wait until this game has stronger competition and I’m probably going to go with the competition who are releasing new games on the console.

  • Agent721

    Im in…the addition of the tablet will be great & they fixed the boss fights, which were the biggest complaint. I can get it for free via Ps+ right now, but Im holding out for the wii u version anyways.

    • oontz

      So you’d rather pay $59.99usd then download it for free? Granted its a good game but its almost 2 years old. The story will be the exact same as the ps3 version.

      • Agent721

        Im so backed up on PS+ games, I wont get to it anyways…best value in gaming! But I really enjoy gaming with the tablet. Im 36 & doing quite well, cost is not an issue for me.

        • sd

          That’s part of the appeal for me. I can game on tv at night and occasionally in the day I can game when my kids are around. I have a rule not to play COD or resident evil (or games like this)around my little children. But with the gamepad I can still play without them trying to watch.

    • sd

      Erm, ok. it kind of shows how we are all desperate just to buy something tho. If there were other Wii U games I am sure you would just play this free on PS+. Be sure to wait for the review first to make sure it is actually better.

      • Agent721

        Yeah, youre kind of right in that…help us Nintendo!!!!

  • david jarman


  • old_skool

    Another annoying trend i’ve noticed are the Wii U reviews of multi-platform titles (black ops 2, sonic transformed etc) that review the ps3/360 version and tag “wii u features” on the end. This surly discourages developers pushing what the console is capable of if the second screen is treated as a gimmick or after thought. There are often massive differences in the ps3/360 versions alone without casting aside what the Wii U is capable of. As a Wii U owner, I want to know if frame rate, draw distance, and resolution effect the game, not just the interface.

  • $41809923


    • Petri

      Game with brutal violence?

    • Andreas Sunde

      Lol nope
      M. Or 18+ if you’re outside the US.

  • Sidney Majurie

    Although I plan on getting the game, it’s not because of BS PR quotes like this. We’ve heard this line about the “definitive version” before with little to sho for it…

  • Josiah Parsons

    I’m not really into violent 1st person shooters, but this looks kinda fun.

  • Ducked

    Rayman Legends route…

  • Fuzunga

    Is it ever coming out, though?

  • jay

    And no matter how many times you tell the trolls this is the definitive version…..

  • CaveGiant

    As long as reviews come in relatively positive, I will be buying.

  • oontz

    I’d be interested but I already bought it for ps3 in 2012 and beat it. Then last month got the full game for free for being a ps+ member. No point spending money I don’t need to.

    • sd

      Makes sense. Even with extra features and tweaks why would you buy it again if you currently have it, or have completed it.

      • oontz

        That’s the problem… wiiu needs NEW games not year old re-makes.

        • sd

          I think they can have a place. But they need to be in addition to other games. Shouldnt be long until games come out. But 101, Zelda and Donkey Kong better be awesome. If not I might sell it and do the unthinkable and go xbox one/ PS4. For me I sold my 360 to preorder the Wii U and then I sold my Ps3 in Feb to get an xbox one. So right now it might be ok for me as I only have a WiiU. I even resorted to buying lego city, 3 days ago, not really my type of game, but I want to buy a game. But once I get my xbox One I will buy most multi-platform games on that. Right now I feel like a junkie that cant get a fix.

  • audi lover

    preordered from amazon uk only £23.99 for wii u, grab a bargin now

  • Aspeckt1

    I missed out on this the first time round, really looking forward to it since its meant to be awesome. Day one purchase for me.


    Square should make an exklusive Final Fantasy game to the Wii U. Or should just do an awesome FF7 remake. That would sell. A lot of gamers want that.



    Right im all for gamepad it has amazing high level motion controls,dual screen gaming,touch screen,screen into tv screen,tactile play,off screen huds THE WHOLE 9 YARDS







    great version of the game im sure and gamepad is a great adition BUT PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF REAL GAMERS HAVE A MOUSE POINTER OPTION





    thethought of not being able to naturally aim in a arm chair chillaxing ,back in chair with my hand rested on the arm twiddling the wii remote GENTLY AND TIGHTLY with my hand offering TIGHT,PRECISE,NATURAL,NO NEEDVTO SCOLL A STICK OR MOUSE

    perfection SORRY NO



    • Andreas Sunde

      Calm yo tits


    nintendo is blending gamepad AND WII REMOTE like a mother f**ker, yet 3rd partys aint getting it


  • Christopher Acuna

    I love the game pad! Arkham City game pad use is excellent IMO. Even if the game pad is only ever used for mapping and inventory it is still a damn good feature. Oh and I think my wife appreciates the fact that I can keep playing games on the Game Pad and switch the input over for her to watch some crazy women show lol.

  • Martijn Plasmans

    Same story for this game as for Rayman Legends: Now i have time to play the game. Later this year i might be busy playing Wind Waker, Splinter Cell,Pikmin, Assassins Creed, Donkey Kong and/or Watch Dogs

  • Steven Penberthy

    I’d like to buy this because I really enjoyed the pc version but ill wait for a few reviews and then make up my mind.

  • AlThor

    I’ll test drive it and read some reviews first. Definite maybe! lol

  • Quicksilver88

    I was really looking forward to this in the May time frame. I missed it on ps360 and the grafx, gamepad, and boss enhancements looks great. They are also weaving the DLC into the story which they claim helps the story a lot. The problem is when the hell is this coming, and what will it cost. By Aug/Sept we will have Pimkan,Rayman,splinter cell, and W101…..which I plan to buy so if this makes it out in July and is $50 or less a d delivers then I will buy it, otherwise I will wait till it hits the bargain bin. i admire Square/Enix putting so msuch into it but if they were hoing to bring a quality port I wish they had done Tomb Raider. Just Finishing it on the PS3 and I consider it GOY candidate and would be awesome on WiiU as the map is crucial for collection and gamepad would rocl for that and for managing the skill and weapons upgrades. Sometimes I just don’t understand some publishers strategy on porting a two year old game most everyone has played.

  • Kaihaku

    I had this game preordered… Not anymore. I’m not saying that I won’t pick it up but if it comes out anytime near Watch Dogs I’m going to spend $10 dollars more and get that instead. I was willing to pay full price for this during the software drought, much less willing the further out of the software drought we get. I might just wait and eventually snatch it out of a discount bin.

    I don’t mind that it went multiplatform but the decision to delay it’s release may bite them. Of course they’ll blame it on the Wii U and complain about third party games not selling on it, but the truth is that they choose to wait until their game had strong competition.