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Deus Ex: Human Revolution takes place in futuristic Detroit and stars Adam Jensen, the head of security for Sarif Industries, the leading supplier of medical grade augments. After a brutal terrorist attack on the facility, Jensen is severely wounded and receives augments to save his life. The game focuses on using these augments to track down the terrorists who attacked, find their motivations, and rescue the kidnapped researchers stolen during the attack.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Overview

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a first person action RPG set in futuristic Detroit. The player assumes control of Adam Jensen and can control several different weapons, including non-lethal methods of taking out enemies in the game. Large boss battles are also a part of the game, where players will need to use stealth and cunning to outwit bosses and progress through the story. Subtle choices the player makes throughout the game affect the outcome and the game has three different endings according to how you’ve played your Jensen.

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