Oct 2nd, 2013

After being announced earlier this year as a Wii U exclusive before being pushed back and then made a multi-platform release, we finally have a release date for Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut. Square Enix have released the above trailer, stating that the game will be available on October 22nd for North America and October 25th for Europe.

It’s nice to finally have a release date, but in this crowded holiday season I don’t think Square Enix will have the right to be disappointed if a port of a 2 year old game just doesn’t sell well.

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  • Ricardo Sampaio

    YES YES YES finally, but, i don’t think i can Catch ‘Em All in 10 days

    • Shota


  • Zuxs13

    Sweet something to play after I ware out Wind Waker!

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    My birthday!!! :-)))

    • DarkLegacy

      Happy Birthday! 😀

  • Guest

    Too late…

  • SonicLucario

    Wow its about time….

  • ezquimacore

    Sadly, there’s a lot of NEW games coming this month. So yeah, too late.

    • Ducked

      I’m not happy with the game, it looked like they were going to use the Wii U power, then they port it over to the 360 and PS3 giving us the same version with nothing really exclusive.

      • ICHI

        Why does it have to be exclusive to be good? The graphics have been updated from the original release and who cares if the ps3 and xbox get the wii u features built into their second screen workarounds?

        • ezquimacore

          Yes but the game is $20 more expensive for the wii u, even when they added the same mechanics for the smartglass/xbox and the vita/ps3.

          • ICHI

            Ah thats not the case here in the UK. I have my preorder price guarantee from amazon which is selling the WiiU version for £23.99 and the ps360 versions for £24.99 which i suppose is about $38-39 but as most games retail at £40-44 this is most definitely a budget release and could do okay.

          • Kay Wrobel

            Hi there. Couldn’t resist checking out the UK Amazon store since you mentioned the fair price. Hey, did you notice how Amazon UK has this title for the “Wii”, not Wii U? Man, this name is just biting Nintendo over and over and over.

          • ICHI

            Haha I hadn’t noticed that but does explain why I couldnt find it in their Wii U section and had to search for it when i made the order, good show old bean!

  • Guest

    I received this game for free on PS plus a few months ago… I couldn’t wait for the Wii U version sadly.

    • Veries Seals

      That was the previous version of the game that has been out for a while, it is not this one which has new features and improvements. You still may want to pick this up.

  • Veries Seals

    Wow, I am impressed. Even though they made this title multi-plat, you can really tell the Wii U version is their pride and joy! I hope it sells well. But Christmas is almost near so all games should get a good boost in sales. Even the older titles. I will have to pick this up with the other games coming this holiday season. I love my Wii U.

  • Chad Dodsworth

    I received this game on PS PLUS for free a few months back… I couldn’t wait for the Wii U version sadly.

    • AlThor

      Haven’t logged in to my PS plus lately (since my WiiU lol) do you know if it’s still offered free?

      • Chad Dodsworth

        I don’t believe it is, it was replaced with Hitman and Far Cry 3.

  • Nintenjoe82

    DKCR:TF might have just saved this game.

    I loved the PC original but never got this one so I am very tempted.

  • Clipo

    Too late, with Wind Waker, Sonic and Mario my wallet is crying now.

  • Victor O

    Ashley’s absolutely correct on this one. If this were a $19.99 game, i’d be in for it because I never played the original but wanted. But any more for a remake of a game that’s already been out 2 years on another system and in a crowded season, this smells flop. What if this game were released at $29.99 earlier this year when Nintendo was hurting? Poor timing.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I don’t see this one selling much on Wii U. Expect it to be overshadowed.

    • Ducked

      It will be overshadowed, it’s a remake of a last gen game being sided with the 360 and PS3 newer versions. I don’t think any Wii U owners will care about it. Your hardcore gamers will go with Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, Bat-Man Arkham Origins, and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

      • Ricardo Sampaio

        Really ??? any Wii U owners???
        Does that mean that every one that already post here that want the game , in fact don’t own a wiiU? or going to buy for other systems?

        Also, Hardcore gamers (i consider myself one) really want Director’s cut, thats a hardcore game, BatMan or CoD are not.

        • Jon

          well, I kind of wanted it, then it was said to be being ported which… made me wonder how much of the Wii U would be put into it. Then they decide to release it during the time where Wii U is getting massive releases which I’d rather buy than this so it will easily be over looked.

          • palomino blue

            It’ll also be cheap for you to pickup a few months later when you’re tired of the massive releases you bought.

          • Jon

            that is true, I’ll probably be ready to play it by the time the price drops 🙂

        • ScrewAttack

          Well I’ll definitely be getting it, right alongside Ghosts with the other two mentioned closer to Christmas. I’m just that hardcore :p

          It might not sell great, but it is a great game and I’m glad it’s coming to our system. I thoroughly enjoyed my first play through and look forward to this next one, especially with the fixed boss fights.

        • Ducked

          Just because Batman is rated T doesn’t make it a less hardcore game. And don’t base worldwide sales on Wii U dailu

      • nf_zeta

        i wouldn’t say any, but for a game not only 2 years old but after being promised as an exclusive then delayed, only to now be just a multi-plat its probably been forgotten by a lot of people not sure this game will sell that well on any console nvm the Wii U.

        I think it would mostly be to fans of the game or just people who postponed getting it until now (which most likely also is less than before the delay)

        Well it might probably make back what it lost to Wii U owners by spreading it since other consoles will support it because it got taken off the exclusive list for them.

    • Guest

      I’m going to buy it. Because I can literally count the number of GOOD first person shooters on the Wii on one hand. And the Wii U looks like it will be sorely lacking in that genre as well. And I didn’t play it last gen. And I hear it’s awesome. But, I’m not getting it right away because of exactly what Ducked said. I’m buying Watch_Dogs, Windwaker, Wii Fit U, and probably a couple of those Wii Sports games. That’s my entire game budget for the next 3-4 months unless my family’s nice to me and gets me a game for Christmas (yeah right!), so I guess I’ll be picking this up in the bargain bin in six months.

      • jrob23

        RE4, The Conduit Games, The Call of Duty games, Sin and Punishment, Dead Space Extraction, GoldenEye 007, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Red Steel 2, Rogue Trooper, Ghost Squad. All good to great games. That’s not too shabby. I think you must have missed a few of these to claim there are less than 5 good shooters on the Wii

    • ICHI

      I agree but I want it, i’m a big fan of the series (i even like invisible war) and upon playing this iteration I piled a load of skill into hacking, got to the first boss fight and after 7 attempts finally beating him I turned it off and sold it. I dont want a game that gives me the choice of how to play if one of them is wrong, though i am willing to see if its fixed and support my wii u.
      To ducked below this, i will be getting watch dogs and COD too.

  • Ducked

    Hey Square Enix, why not give us something we actually want. Like Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, Kingdom Hearts III, and Final Fantasy XV instead of last gen money sellers.

    • DarkLegacy

      I heard some rumour that Final Fantasy XV would release next year in March if that’s true or not and Kingdom Hearts III is in early development and it could be a 2015 release for Kingdom Hearts III

      • Ducked

        I told everyone KH3 would be in 2015 🙂

        • DarkLegacy

          You should hope for it to be in 2015. what if it came out next year? actually no XV should come next year and if both were released at the same date and year then that would mean two rushed games with glitches. I can see that they are concentrating more on XV than KH3 which they’ll do after they’ve finished developing XV. if XV was to be released next year then that game would have been in development for 8 years and KH3 should stay in a 2 year development to make it more perfect like XV

  • Quicksilver88

    Man I have really been looking forwarrd to this but their timing stinks…..This month is packed with Zelda, Sonic, Batman, AC4, Wii Party U, Skylanders…..then November is just as strong….what are they thinking bringing out a 2 year old remake in the face of all these top releases? The only way this will sell is if it goes cheap….face it they delayed it to make it multiplat and people on ps360 won’t even care…..This should have come out in early summer when we were all suffering the drought and would have snapped it up….Now I will wait until after Xmas and get it marked down for $20.

    • Douwe de vries

      I couldn’t say it in a better way. Early summer it would have been a no brainer. But with this crowded calender of sublime games….. It really is a shame.

  • Jon

    hmm, I don’t know, was interested, still slightly am however there are a lot better games being released this month which worries me. This game will not sell like the new games as it is an old port that was “made” for the Wii U but…. then they decided to go multiplat. Main problem is there are a lot better games being released this month and next month that people would prefer to spend their money on so this game…. will probably be missed by many. That itself creates the problem with Square Enix then saying no to Wii U games for stuff such as Kingdom hearts, Final Fantasy or other games because to them, we don’t like their games.

  • Petri


    I was expecting December, anything beyond that would have made me lose interest.
    This is actually one of the games I was excited for Wii U, even though I played 1/3 of it on PS3.

    But with this, theres now games worth of over 300€ coming out this month now…

  • Nope.avi

    I’d still be interested if it’s $29.99. I’m a big Deus Ex, preordered the PC game.

    If it’s $49.99 they can suck it.

  • therealmackay

    Woo-hoo !! Deus Ex HRDC, Watch Dogs, AC Black Flag & Arkham Origins – looks like it’s going to be a good Christmas/Winter after all, and that’s not including Nintendo’s own in-house games about to hit the shelves too. Man, I’ll be playing for months & months at this rate – more than enough games being released to keep me going till I purchase a PS4 as well in about a year’s time (once all the hubbub has died down) – ’tis a good time to be a gamer folks !!

  • Erik

    First off i won’t plan on buying it because of a lot of games coming by soon this month that im looking forward to. Second.. WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAPPEN BEFORE OR AFTER MY BIRTHDAY?!?

  • Αίας Ταρνάρης

    Wow, that is a pleasant surprise. I thought this was a 2014 release. Ok, let me put the preorder fast

  • Carlos

    Day one purchase for me…I’m starting to get sick with so many mini games titles in nintendo platform.

  • Paul Bell

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINAL F***ING LEE! I traded in my PS3 Version to get this, then after so long of not having a release date, I was about to give up. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. Now I have something to look forward too and something to play while the wife watches her reality shows.

  • nexxus6

    I plan on picking this one up. It is nice to see that a date has finally been announced. Unfortunately, its a bit frustrating listening to all the whining going on. Too many people dogged WiiU saying that there weren’t any games for the system, and now people are going to pass on Deus Ex because there are “too many games”. Seems like some people are never satisfied.

  • Kay Wrobel

    Just checked out Amazon USA for the price and, yeah, very unappealing that PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are only $29.99 but the Wii U version is $49.99. How is that even attractive to anybody? P.S.: I own both PS3 and Wii U… would love the Wii U version, but THAT is not a good price.

    • nexxus6

      They are priced that way because this is a new game on a Nintendo platform, and a re-release on PS3 and 360. As a WiiU owner, I have no gripes about the price and will be picking up a copy.

    • therealmackay

      Maybe you should shop around a bit and see if any other US retailers are selling it at a lower price ? Here in the UK, Amazon are selling it for £24, but several other retailers still have it priced at around £38 so seems to be some discrepancies as to what the official RRP is supposed to be. On another pricing note though, no UK retailer (that I’ve seen anyway) has reduced the price of Arkham Origins yet, even though it is now supposed to be cheaper on the Wii U due to no multi-player etc – seems these retailers are a law unto themselves sometimes ?!