Feb 19th, 2013

Yesterday we reported that Bungie’s Destiny was unlikely to come to Wii U, as the team specifically discussed release on the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Additional talk went into discussing the PC version and what the team would like to see, but nothing was mentioned concerning the Wii U. Savvy gamers have dug into the now available pre-order page and found code that reveals multiple platform considerations:

pc: "platform-pc",
ps3: "platform-ps3",
ps4: "platform-ps4",
xbox: "platform-xbox",
xbox720: "platform-xbox720",
wiiu: "platform-wiiu",
psvista: "platform-psvita"

It’s nice to see that Activision and Bungie are keeping their options open in regard to Wii U, Vita and PC. It could be that Nintendo and Sony have asked the team to hold off on announcements until a further date, such as the tommorrow’s reveal for Sony, or a Nintendo Direct for Wii U. What do you think of this information? Would you play Destiny on your Wii U?

[via gameasia.com]

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  • nice ūüôā

  • Scott Duperree

    I think it would be great in the Wii U.  

  • Johny

    i hope it comes to wii u…

  • Hugh Quinn


    • ¬†That’s all these Nintendo nuts know how to say.

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        • sexigarro collective

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      • So we’re not supposed to be happy that a game might be coming to the Wii U?

        • ¬†You can, but it is so blatantly obvious that it is paid for commentary.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Come on now dude, I know a lot of 360 and Ps3 gamers on other forums and sites that have comments like that. It’s not a paid comment, it’s called being excited and having some hope.

            Not everything is fanboyism. Get a grip. Even occasionally I’ll say something like “Awesome news, hope it turns out to be true.” That’s not always being a fanboy, it’s called being happy /excited. Should try it. Though you can be cool at times, you do sometimes blatantly troll and it’s pretty obvious. Don’t deny it.

          • ¬†People get payed to type “AWEESSOOMEE!!’!
            Where do i sign up for this? D:

      • NkoSekirei

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  • this is wrong, if other titles were considered and this was written by a developer it would probably have durango or orbis rather than ps4or720, this news probably not true which is a shame..

    • swic11

      ¬†i disagree.¬† Developers know more insider information because, well, they are insiders.¬† If they are planning a “next gen launch” then I am sure that they know what the system is going to be called.¬† “Orbis,Durango” those are just the code names for the consoles.¬† Sony has made PS1 2 and 3, why would they switch it now

      • Well Sony might seriously consider not to call the new ps ps4 as (if I’m correct) it’ll be pronounced as PlayStation Shi and I read it on several sites and in magazines that¬†“Shi” is the¬†same word¬†as dead in japanese or pronounced the same,¬†so¬†it seems unlikely that it’ll be called PS4, it’s possible but unlikely

        Many sources have all ready stated that the Xbox720 will be called plain and¬†simple “Xbox” or “the Xbox”, maybe the name for the new PS will be answered tomorrow.¬†

        Whether or not if the source has been debunked I don’t know. I hope not but I won’t be surprised.

        • manowaffles

          Coming from the distant future (i.e. after the big Sony Conference) it’s funny reading this knowing that yes; The next Playstation console is indeed the Playstation 4. ¬†Shi or not, it’s coming! ¬†And Watch Dogs and Destiny are the only games worth writing home about.

    • Chris Aita

      Trust me, I checked myself and the information given is indeed true.

      • WiiUltra

        So its coming to the xbox and xbox 720? ¬†Either way it doesn’t add up.

        • Jewelarchon

          It absolutely does add up…Bungie announced early on that the game is indeed a series franchise to be released on current and future consoles over the next several years.

          • WiiUltra

            I get what you’re saying, but I don’t get my hopes up on something that a company says because they can change their minds in a heartbeat. ¬†My guess is that they’ll release their game only on the systems they want. We’ll just wait and see.

  • It’s kinda funny. I just watched a video about this game and thought, “Meh, I’ll probably just pass it up.” But if it comes out for Wii U, I’ll definitely buy it.

    • ¬†Typical.¬† Praise it if it’s for Nintendo, damn it if it is not.

      • Laud



        • sexigarro collective

          Donaald was rape by a plumber in his childhood, im sure of that.

        • he makes a valid point though.¬† People all over this site are like whatever the game doesn’t look that good but if it comes to wii u then thats freakin sweet.¬† Donaald may be a troll but he makes a great point here

          • Laud

            What do you expect when you’re on a website dedicated to Nintendo?

            Why should they care if a game isn’t coming to their system?¬†

            Donaald makes no valid points, he’s a troll.

          • alright boss

          • david daniel wharton camacho

            ¬†dude its not like if we hate it and then love it, we are like what ever, we dont need it that much, why should we be complaining if its not coming…. once it is coming or speculated to come we do get up and rising cus we did WANTED it but didnt need it

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      • NkoSekirei

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        • BellsGhost

          Stupid Nintendrone.

          • Why always the hate on this site? I don’t get it. Can’t we just appreciate games as gamers instead of bashing on each other if we have different opinions?

  • swic11

    i would easily play this on the wii u, its now my preferred console to play on.  

    • BellsGhost

      LOL!  Sucks to be you.  Wii U sucks and is for stupid kids.

      • manowaffles

        Why must you troll so hard?
        The more a troll says something sucks, the more awesome it is.

  • Guest

    This was debunked. Apparently that source coding is just the default for all games, so… sorry to rain on the parade.

    • Ah its okay man ^^¬†

    • ¬†That’s exactly what I was thinking.

    • Laud

      How was this debunked? Do you have statements from Bungie or Activision themselves?

      If that was the default for all games how come we don’t see ‘3DS’? They sell a shit ton more of those so why would they even care about the Vita?

      Your statement has been debunked.

      • Guest

        I’m pretty sure it was from Activision.

        • Bungie owns the site I thought I read, not activision. ¬†If it was a activision site they’re said to do this all of the time


    • WiiUltra

      Obviously the code doesn’t mean anything. First of all because it has the first Xbox on there. Secong because we don’t even know what the next Sony or Microsoft console
      will be called. So ya I agree with you

      • Kyle Edwards

        I think it meant the xbox 360, also, this would confirm its coming to next gen consoles. the names are just placeholders.

        • WiiUltra

          Ya I hate rumours and speculations. Time to play the waiting game and see what really happens.

      • manowaffles

        Yet 360 is totally absent.  As many Xbox users have started calling their 360, just Xbox, I would guess that may be why Xbox is listed.

        Besides who in their right mind would release this or anything else on the Xbox today? ¬†What’s next a Gamecube and PS2 version too?

    • Dominic Coradazzi

      Debunk the fact that the Destiny emblem contains the Wii U symbol

    • Patrick

      Wouldn’t it include 3DS then?¬†

  • Nintendofreak

    n u saying it wouldnt come

  • Nintendo_Rules

    Hopefully this is true! You got one pre-order right here!

  • Wayne Beck

    My Body is Ready.

  • I am getting it either way I just really rather play i ton my Wii U so I’m hoping it comes

  • HSN1


  • Ben Newcomb

    I might. 


    YES I WOULD AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS GAME LOOKS LIKE YET! If it as good as Halo was/is than it would be worth getting…

  • Another major grab for the Wii U system. Third party support looking better and better with each passing day. Heck by E3, might be swimming in it. ¬†

    • BellsGhost

      Keep dreaming.


  • lol I remember a few days ago they had an article saying that it would not be coming to Wii U. The fanboys reacted by saying who cares, nobody wants that game. Now that it’s coming to ¬†Crap U, oh it’s great, major grab for the system. oh you wiitards always make me laugh hahahahah¬†

    • Kirzan

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    • BellsGhost

      That’s how stupid they are.¬† They’re such idiots.

  • me1034

    I’m sure those are standard options left on the templates they use for all games.¬† Way to make a big stink out of nothing WiiU Daily

  • Alex Damman


  • RattleGore

    why do i get the taught that the Wii U version could offer the best play experience.. The table controller is looking more ideal for a game such as this..  But i fear bungie MIGHT take the simple way out and do so so features with the Gamepad.

  • ¬†I’m getting this one for the 360, simply to play with friends. Buuut if this does come out for the wii u, and bungie integrates some brilliant futures on the gamepad, than i’ll get it for both. ūüėõ

  • lumpy182

    Can’t announce “Next Gen” versions yet as that would mean announcing PS4 version…which they can’t announce until today ūüôā


  • Dennis Fisher Jr

    HELLZ YEAH!!! Please Bungie! WiiU

    • BellsGhost

      Wii u sucks.

  • They say there body is ready in the trailer. It would be a crime if it was not on there.

  • Jase

    Yes Please….¬†

    • BellsGhost