Jun 29th, 2012

Dead Or Alive 5 Wii U
Team Ninja, who are currently working on Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge for the Wii U, have said that their upcoming PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game Dead or Alive 5 might come to the Wii U in the future. Speaking to Siliconera, Dead or Alive 5 director Yohei Shimbori says that the company may adopt the same approach it did with Ninja Gaiden 3. That is, releasing it on the current gen consoles, then waiting to see how gamers respond before deciding to do a Wii U version. We’ll have to wait and see how this tactic pans out with Ninja Gaiden 3, which will come out on the Wii U later this year.

Dead or Alive is a peculiar fighting game, in that its main selling point are playable female characters with “bouncy” figures. It’s definitely one of the games that appeals to the more mature audience. Team Ninja is currently working on the Wii U version of Ninja Gaiden 3, which will include lots of improvements and new content compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3 game that was released a few months ago. Dead or Alive 5 is set for release this September, which means a Wii U port could come out in early 2013.

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  • Wii Who

    Is there any chance I can switch my 360 pre-ordered version to the Wii U version ._.

    (Huge DOA Fan) Hopefully it does come to the Wii U, if so, I’ll defiantly buy it for the Wii U as well. We all know it will be the superior version 😉

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    Appeals to the more mature… yeah, not gonna lie, I act like a twelve year old with them most of the time. LOOK AT HOW “BOUNCY” SHE IS!!!! And then I get mature and actually play the game. Pretty sure the general gaming community uses the word mature like how hipsters use the word bad or general people use the word sick. We know we’re really acting like kids, but we tell ourselves it’s mature cause of the game rating and pretending like those kids we act like don’t have the game to act like that with themselves. The mature ones are the ones who like the game for it’s content… oh, who am I kidding, does anyone actively play this game for that reason? I actually did the gameplay of dimensions and kept playing for it, but I still will be like, oh yeah “those” are a thing in this game.

  • uPadWatcher

    Let’s hope DoA5 is successful on current gen consoles. And then,we’ll be ready for the definitive version for the Wii U!!!!!!

  • Swic11

    Well, it sucks that they are goofing to judge this by ninja gaidens sales…. Considering the game kinda bombed at its first launch, I don’t think it’s a fair test. Either way, DoA is not my type of game.

  • Hi8us

    If Ninja Gaiden does badly they probably won’t make this game for Wii U. Sad really, considering this game would sell way better than Ninja Gaiden on Wii U in my opinion.

    • Hi8us

      I think most people would choose Arkham City over NInja Gaiden anyway at Wii U’s launch if they had to pick between the two.

      • Paul


        depends on the gamers taste

    • jadnice

      If they do not revamp Ninja Gaiden for the Wii U version then sales of the software for the console will be poor based on the fact the game is crap. They promise to fix the issues so many upset fans have complained about so we will see if they talking hot air or they plan to really fix it. If they do… i will get it for the Wii U.

  • Alienfish

    This is kind of a kick in the nads for 360/PS3 owners. Making the testing ground the latter two consoles and then releasing the better version later on for WiiU. Maybe this kind of thing will pull some people to the Nintendo side for once.

  • ck1x

    He didn’t say that Ninja Gaiden 3 sales would determine if DOA5 is brought over, It’s that PS3/360 is the testing ground for how the game is received. After all, Nintendo is publishing NG3 on WiiU. So they bare the brunt of wether the game is successful or not.

    • Alienfish

      True. If Nintendo is publishing the changes should make it a better game.

  • wario

    yuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Nana

    So sad people think this game is all about the bouncy girls, this is my favourite 3D battle game (after super smash bros melee) without weapons and I play guys most of the time. It is really a great game and was the firs with breakable back ground, it’s soooo cool but people are always like “bounce bounce” or “puri puri” so the developers went on their way and did more focu on bouncy but it’s still the best of it’s type of game. (maybe not if we count bloodumy Roar wich would be a huge comeback on wii U but I too dreamy x)

    • Marq

      It’s my favorite 3D fighter behind Soul Calibur. I could care less about bouncing pixels. I have a girlfriend.

      • Pearson

        I could care less about my bouncing girlfriend then. I have a game. 

  • Paul

    in other words they are saying they are currently working on ninja gaiden but once completed we will be working on the wii u version of dead or alive 5

  • James

    I just recently finished Dead or Alive: Dimensions and i loved it, i can’t wait for Dead or Alive 5 to be on the Wii U.

    • Fahd Al Zarooni

      Me too, I also can’t wait to pick it up on Vita XD

  • Brandon

    I’m all ready getting this for the PS3 (if they release a digital version like at release or sometime after) but a Wii U version would be pretty cool. I think the fans would love that.

  • What??

    “Dead or Alive is a peculiar fighting game, in that its main selling point are playable female characters with “bouncy” figures.”

    That’s not the main selling point at all. It’s a fantastic fighting game. Anyone who actually plays it and learns how it works can see that.