Jun 25th, 2013


Last year the hardcore Arma II mod DayZ took PC gamers by storm so much so that Bohemia Interactive, the company behind Arma II, began working directly with the mod’s creator in order to create a standalone version for PC later this year. DayZ standalone is based on the Arma III engine that’s currently in alpha right now. Eurogamer spoke to creator Dean Hall about the possibility of releasing on consoles.

Hall immediately decried Microsoft and its draconian policies, mentioning how they require indie developers to obtain a publisher and have a $10,000 per update policy. When asked if the game would make it to Sony’s new console, Hall was much more enthusiastic:

“Oh, absolutely. We like them. I like what I saw on the PS4.”

Of course, Hall was asked about a Wii U version of the game, given how ZombiU was received but it’s apparent that the creator hasn’t considered the console much, if at all.

“I don’t know. I haven’t really looked into it much. I doubt it.”

Perhaps Hall could be persuaded if enough people expressed interest, though I’m not sure how the online persistent servers that make the game function correctly would be done on the Wii U.

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  • NintendoNoob

    I’d like to see what they could do with this game on Wii U, I hope Dean considers making a Wii U version

    • Archiq09

      Wii U will be only console who not turn around multiplayer,mmo cause I have see games … mmo … and wii u single player and multiplayer by moment.

      • QuizmasterBos

        That…. didn’t make any sense. Could you please clarify?

      • NintendoNoob

        … Better grammar please?

      • Arthur Jarret

        It’s… like poetry…
        I can read it again and again and the meaning seems to change every time!

    • Nintyfan

      I hope so too because the Wii U allows self publishing on the eShop and requires no fees to implement a patch in a game. I think it has an equal chance of getting this game as the PS4.

      • NintendoNoob

        Well people are too stupid to take a risk on a new console from Nintendo. Oh the architectures different oh there’s a new controller we need to optimize for. I don’t care, it’d make your game better if you spent time on the Wii U than with other consoles

        • Spencer

          You are the stupid one my friend. These men developing this game have collage degrees and work very hard. Yes they won’t bring their game to wiiu but it is because they are smart enough not too. These devs love to be creative and play with new hardware but the wii u doesn’t sell. They want to make money because they aren’t a fucking charity group. They are a company. Stop complaining.

          • angel

            yeah, most are smart but not all. Only because one obtains a college degree, it doesn’t mean they know business. Their DEVELOPERS not something special degree that doesn’t allow them to make mistakes nor it helps them know their chances on a platform nor the platform success is they release the game on the system. They leave all of that to the CEO of their company or the guy in the desk who crunches numbers in a desk all day. All they have to worry about is developing and making their game attractive that everyone wants to buy.

          • NintendoNoob

            If they risked it the Wii U would sell. Why do you think the Ps3 and 360 sold? Because they looked pretty? No, because third parties supported them. Same would happen with Wii U if they supported it

          • Guest

            If the Wii U was competing last gen, different story.

          • Spencer

            It would have won last gen. That’s the thing with Nintendo. They are a gen behind but if it came out the gen vefore it would be great.

          • Spencer

            I understand your statement but 3rd party support doesn’t mean sales. 3p is just something we want. If a person was to buy a console for third party they would go with 8gb of ram 8 core console not the 3 core 2gb console. My mobile phone has 3core 2 gb of ram.

  • ludist210

    I’d honestly never heard of this game before this post or it’s predecessor. More games is always a good thing, but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if it didn’t come…not my kind of game.

  • Selina Kyle

    DayZ on Wii U could be really fun. Start a petition!

    • Ducked

      Forget petitions they don’t work anymore

      • Selina Kyle

        I was joking because the last article was about a petition to bring a game to the Wii U.

        • Ducked

          Oh, Sorry about that.

      • John Raybell

        That’s not true. petitions do work, in fact they work everyday, what is wrong with everyone here?

  • DragonSilths

    I honestly dont like DayZ so meh I dont care.

    • dxcvs

      you have to care about every game because then the devs won’t care about you

  • Ducked

    I don’t get why these developers won’t spend a little more time to get more money

    • You’re not a game developer, I’m afraid. Trust me–it’s not just as easy as simply a matter of “spending a little more time.” Developing for two different platforms takes more time–and more importantly, resources–than you realize.

      You have to have teams working on both versions (programming, art, quality assurance, etc.), all thinking about catering to two different sets of limitations, (ideally) to make sure quality stands with both version. It’s hard enough trying to optimize one game for one platform–it become much more costly trying to cater to two completely different platforms.

      Developing for an additional platform, esp. a version of the game that has to be specialize simply because the Wii U is much weaker than a PS4, and so optimization is done completely independent from the PS4 version–can cost a company additional millions just to save time. It’s almost like creating two games from scratch, because they operate so differently.

      That’s why developers tend to favor Microsoft and Sony more in general, because it’s far easier to deal with two consoles of nearly similar levels than trying to cater to two consoles of very different levels. Porting becomes a minimal effort in those cases, where the differences are minimal, and so are the costs for porting.

      As a developer myself, I know–it’s just hard enough trying to develop for both desktop and mobile devices. Developing for two different platforms is not as simple as non-developer fans seem to think it is. This become all the more true for smaller companies.

      • Ducked

        Anyone knows it takes time. But money is worth it. Developers will port a game to a system like Xbox One because it’s easier, but that doesn’t mean there get more sales. It wouldn’t be easy to port this game over to Wii U, as easy it be to port to Xbox One or PS4. But it can be done, and if time is taken, then it shows money.

      • John Raybell

        Yeah nobody understands the real reasons I swear.

        When you have a Limited budget do they go blow it gambling?

        No, you spend money wisely, and right now the wiiu isn’t wise, its a gamble until its in more peoples homes, you cant gamble your company or food on the table away.

        Fact is Nintendo really need to show people why they thought there idea was so great, why did they even do it, things like that, If its a game that can be played on any system with any controller what is this console proving? They need to show others why the”NEW” way to play is worth owning a console for it. ui,maps,inventory on gamepad just wont cut it, needs to stand out and those things just dont do that.

        I honestly think they rushed there idea for the wiiu and dont really know what they had in mind for gameplay with it, they should have taken another year to rethink it, gameplay mechanics that come with the new controller must actually be new, not a gimmick or just throwing something on the 2nd screen because its there.

        They need to market it better and make games that could only be done on the WIIU before anyone will ever give full support.

        They proved why with the wii, now its time for the WiiU

        Just so you know I am agreeing with you 🙂

  • Patrick Hutton

    They could start up a kickstarter project for the WIii U version. If it raises enough money … BRING ON DAY Z U!!!!

  • Metal_Man_v2

    I know that a common argument against the Wii U is that is doesn’t have good third party support, but it wasn’t realistic in the first place to believe that years and generations of Nintendo ignoring 3rd party developer needs would be fixed in one generation.

    Anyways, at least the Wii U has 3rd party support where it counts, with exclusives from Sega, and more highly anticipated games from Ubisoft and other developers.

    It stinks that this game isn’t coming to the Wii U, but like the old saying “the forest wasn’t grown in a day”, regaining 3rd party confidence isn’t a quick process.

    • This is the correct attitude. Starting in the N64 era and solidifying in the Gamecube era, Nintendo hardware really was for people who want to play Nintendo games.

      • Archiq09

        I think nintendo for next generation will wait for see “ps5” power for make the new console cause after sale of wii u (for moment)

        • bizzy gie

          You’re not very good at this English thing, are you?

          • Travis Hoff

            Don’t get too mad at him, at least he’s trying. It’s damn challenging to learn a second language.

          • bizzy gie

            Well I’m not sure if English is his/her second or primary language.

          • Travis Hoff

            I will withhold judgement, because you may be right, Bizzy. However, I have to assume that it is his second language until overwhelming information indicates otherwise. Don’t want to assume guilt until proven innocent, right?

          • John Raybell

            yeah no shit, just the fact that this person is using a 2nd language heshe may have a higher IQ then most of us here lol.

            I give them props 🙂

          • Majora’s Mask

            english is my second language too that doesnt mean i suck at it and i cant even spell first learn then talk

    • bizzy gie

      I’m sorry, but ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ is a better expression.

      What deems a forest? Trees? Who decided that?

      • Metal_Man_v2

        Ha, I’m familiar with both sayings, but I guess the one about growing a forest just sticks with me better. Besides, Rome may not have been built in a day, but the Roman Empire was very efficient. Up until it’s collapse of course… “/

        • bizzy gie

          I had never even heard the forest expression before.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            It’s probably not as common as “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, but I grew up hearing it and it was the first thing that came to mind.

            Hypothetically, somebody trying to grow a forest doesn’t have much control beyond planting the seeds. Afterwards all they can do is wait and let time take its course. It’s sort of similar to the situation Nintendo is in by trying to get 3rd party support. They did their part by making the console and encouraging developers by giving them Wii U dev kits. All Nintendo can do now is wait for the developers to make their choice and wait for them to trust that their games can be successful on a Nintendo console.

      • Well, considering that the word “forest” even came from the Late Latin forestis (silva), meaning “unenclosed (woodland), extensive tree-covered district” and it has for about half a millennium now… But hey, now we’re just splitting hairs here…

        • bizzy gie

          Well if we’re just splitting hairs here, I’ll split a little more. O.o

          According to the definition you’ve presented, a forest could be as much as a large mass of land filled with baby trees (since your definition doesn’t specify tree age).

          That’s why I say it’s much clearer to use the Rome expression.

          • John Raybell

            Who fucking cares, his expression was just fine, yours isn’t better or anything

          • bizzy gie

            Woa. Calm down. Just having a lighthearted discussion. That’s all.

          • John Raybell


    • Super Buu

      Honestly, for the next generation, Nintendo has to make a powerful console just the way third parties want it. Yes, graphics aren’t everything but some developers refuse to develop for the Wii U because its hardware is weaker than the other next generation consoles. Making it easy to develop for is also important. With these two things combined, there will be NO excuses for developers not put their games on Nintendo consoles.

      • Metal_Man_v2

        I think it really just comes down to 3rd party developers gaining trust in Nintendo, which will happen slowly over time. Making the console easy to develop for is obviously a plus, but the PS3 was found to be difficult to develop for by many devs, but that didn’t stop it’s 3rd party support much. Having strong hardware also helps obviously, but as long as you are relatively close you’re pretty much set. The Wii was the only console by Nintendo that was vastly behind in terms of the competition’s hardware, but 3rd party problems were evident long before the Wii.

        I truly believe that Nintendo has done everything that they can at the moment in order to get 3rd party support. All they can do now is wait for developers to see how the Wii U plays out, and trust Nintendo more.

      • Zombie Boy

        I’m not sure I agree with you. The Gamecube was on par with the PS2, but a lot of third parties still skipped it. I’m not sure exactly what third party devs have against Nintendo, but they’ve been very sketchy since the N64 days. Having said that, the Wii was still a huge success… In the end, it comes down to money. If companies see that they can make money from Nintendo’s consoles then they will develop for them. Without those company’s games, it is hard to shift as many consoles. It’s a catch-22 situation, but hopefully Nintendo will make some good business decisions in the near future, get some third party devs on board, and push the Wii U forward.

        • QWEEFSNAB

          Wrong. The Gamecube was more powerful than the PS2. It just had small discs which couldn’t handle a game like GTA, but it had more graphically powerful games. Look at the Gamecube version of Resident Evil 4 compared to the PS2 version.

          • Nintendofreak

            dont forget bloody roar (wolf one gamecube, human one ps2)

          • Zombie Boy

            I feel as though you’ve missed my point somewhat… Did you read past the first line of my comment? But okay, the Gamecube was BETTER than the PS2, but a lot of third parties still skipped it.

          • GQWYSN

            It’s not about being “BETTER”, it was just about the Gamecube being more powerful. Yes, the comment was fully read, now stop acting like a pretentious cunt.

          • Zombie Boy

            Are you here to make a point or just look like a knob hiding behind his computer monitor? You seem to be sticking on the point that I made in the first line of my comment and have addressed nothing further. As a result of your inability to hold a decent conversation, I shall waste no more time with you.

      • Nintendofreak

        sorry majin bu but the problem isnt power is the audience n devs, most devs want to put a half ass baked port of a game nobody will care about on a nintendo console and sell like it was a ps3 or xbox..both parties are to blame devs for shitty ports( the only decent port to a nintendo console is codblop2), putting games that are like 3 years old and expect them to sell, gettin half of a game ( sniper elite v2) and games that we actually want ( kingdom hearts 3) skipping the console… the nintendo people for buying mostly 1st party and almost no third party but i dont blame them since most 3rd party we get is shit or inferior in a way that it shouldnt

    • Nintyfan


      To all those haters saying the Wii U has no games. If you need a reason to believe why the Wii U eShop is so awesome, watch this video. Wii U will be fine.

  • Guest

    It’s exactly like to say that Superman 64 will not have a remake on Wii U.
    We said yeepeeeeeeeee o/

  • Ony

    Raaah I allways mistake between DayZ and WarZ ><

    Pretty a shame, but I have a good PC so…

  • David Plank

    I really love DayZ and I really love the Wii U. The two combined together would be amazing! I hope Mr. Hall makes the right decision of bringing it to the Wii U 🙂

  • Peter Parker

    Let’s make a petition. Maybe they could realize how wonderful it’d be to use the Wii U Gamepad

    • Petitions for games are, more times than not, a terrible idea. It typically amounts to a bunch of people whining about something they want done, but then comparatively few of them actually coming through with actually making the game a financial success.

      It’s easy to get a bunch of kids signing up to demand the game for Wii U but who eventually can’t buy the game. You only get the widely-supported likes of an Operation Rainfall once in a blue moon, and even then, Operation Rainfall was a major risk.

      These sort of petitions just aren’t a reliable enough promise for developers to take a chance on. If anything, they only put most developers off from doing it even more, if people start going to an annoying level with it.

  • Dell Goodman

    I didn’t get into the whole Day Z craze, the servers were over ran when I heard about the hype, so I didn’t bother trying it out. My brother did and said the game was great but the servers being down or not being able to log into any wth ease that he stopped playing.

    I would love for a survival based zombie game like this on the Wii U. The tablet gives quick inventory options, as well it will bring in the distraction from display while the real world continues to go in motion (what Zombie U tried to acvhieve), giving more reason to have this title on the Wii U. Nothing else would give you the same intense survival experience over the Wii U in this current stage.

    I really hope that game companes will start considering the Wii U once the Nintendo line up of games come out for sale, as this console is an amazing experience that is lacking the titles to push it forward.

  • Frankly, I don’t blame Hall here, given how much Sony has really set the bar high for indie support with consoles, starting first with PS3 but now even more with PS4. As much as I sorta hate to admit it, Sony has done a fine job with how they entice indie developers, treat them, and how they make them feel right at home. Sony helped indies get their games on their platforms, even the ones that perhaps others would’ve found riskier to support (like Journey).

    In fact, I hope it makes Nintendo wake up to see just how much they need to return to being the ones who set the bar high for the industry, and that they can do it here with indies. It’s not enough to merely offer free tools for developing on the Wii U. I think that’s definitely a good start in the right direction, but they seriously need to take it further.

    Nintendo needs to give developers a much higher incentive for developing on the Wii U, because, let’s face it, the PS4 is giving indies much more room to breath in terms of horsepower, game size and some fantastic online features to utilize, and they’re giving indies the confidence that their games will sell well, esp. since it’s without question that the PS4 will sell well.

    Most developers, smaller developers and bigger developers alike, don’t want to spend money developing for two completely different versions, because it may well be more money and resources than it’s worth. It’d do them no good to make a version of the game for Wii U, but still only a very small percentage of gamers own a Wii U, and an even smaller percentage of those owners buy the game (since most who own Wii U are typically fans buying it mostly for first-party games).

    So naturally, these developers want to be a part of where the hottest action is going to occur, and that’s without a doubt the PS4 this and next year. Not many people want to develop for a console where many people are still hesitant towards buying. And while the case can be made that more developers will attract more people to buy Wii U, nobody wants to make the first risky move.

    No one wants to be the guys who possibly flopped and took the fall just to help build Wii U the appearance of a library. There was a game in 1998 on the N64 called Quest 64. It was the first RPG available for the N64 in North America, back when most RPGs were being made on PS1.

    A few people remember it, but most people don’t. It was a terrible game, as it felt cheap and rushed. Had its developers not been the first guys to try to make the first move with RPGs on N64, it might’ve stood to undergo more quality and seen better reception. They got the ball rolling with RPGs on N64, but they also stepped on by others as well, and the series was never really seen again. No one wants to be a Quest 64.

    Nintendo will have to do something to sweeten the deal for developers, indie and major developers alike, to take the time and resources and effort to develop versions of their games for Wii U–esp. in a time when most are ready to move on beyond the Wii U’s level of offerings. Though, I think what Nintendo really needs are indie developers developing exclusive for the Wii U. They should seek out such indies willing to be such, and support them 100%.

  • John Andalora

    Excited for DayZ standalone for PS4, but sad for it not being on Wii U.

  • wober2

    The inventory management would be perfect for this game. I hope they consider it. Plus wiiu players are much more friendly then other gamers online… just saying.

    • Stoenk

      and more humble of course. /sarcasm

      • wober2

        And they’re taller, more attractive, walk with a swagger, generally more successful… plus smell like fresh cut daisies.

        I am not an exclusive nintendo gamer but if i was going to play call of duty I would probably play on the wiiu, they seem nicer…. or have their mouths taped by nintendo…either way.

  • Mike David

    i could never play dayz on a console from playing the mod it would feel way to weird to try and play it with a controller and sry to bust the bubbles of anyone who wants to play this on a console but itll be a long long time before its even considered for console they wanna get it perfect on pc before they think for console

  • Nicolas Dorion

    I think this game would work great on wii u. doesn’t need to be complex, just managing the inventory on the gamepad, having a map on the gamepad or using the gamepad as binoculars would just make the game more immersive.

  • Petri

    Was someone seriously even suggesting this?
    Games with Arma 3 engine might have to be toned down to get them work even on XB1 and PS4. (They are still developing on Arma 3, right?)
    They should stick with PC. But of course the go where the money is.

    • Nintendofreak


  • Michael Jurado

    I think I’m okay missing out on a game based off a movie

    • Nintendofreak

      is not about a movie is a mod of arma2 ive heard is really good but never tried it myself

      • Michael Jurado

        Well I guess I might never know 😮

        • Nintendofreak

          unless u have a good pc…which i dont but im still have to run most games up to 2012

          • Michael Jurado

            I want a gaming pc but I don’t want too miss out on kingdom hearts 3 so odds are ill be getting a ps4 just for that one game -_- unless in the next couple of months Kh3 makes it too wii u … No reason it shouldn’t >_< nintendos only kept the franchise alive between kh1~kh2 and the long wait between kh2~kh3, you know what if we don't get kh3 and Xbox one does that's bull shit because Microsoft has done nothing to deserve it -.- I especially don't want too get ps4 just for kingdom hearts I rather have a kick as computer ugh company's are go so far for money but not far enough for the fans

  • Wanderlei

    Devs that never develop for Nintendo, not developing for Nintendo is not news.

  • diqus sucks

    The system with the tough screen make the most sense for ANY game that uses a mouse. That should always be the first choice…on paper anyway. Makes A LOT more sense but i guess having a wii u and a ps4 is worth it

  • Mark Thom


  • Nintendo4life

    I’ll pass on this game due to how he passed on the wii u

  • Ryushi

    Sounds like a good time for a petition!

  • Spencer

    This is never gonna happen. We want news like this game is coming to wiiu. We know that most games aren’t coming so just report the ones that are

  • get a grip fanboys


    Optermizing to a playstation 1 controller and a camera

    Lol industry you mean its on pc and a cheap to ps4 thats also a pc is happening LOL

  • John Raybell


  • sd

    This is just example of how they have nothing interesting to say on this site. The next article is going to be ” Halo not coming to Wii U either”. Why even talk about games that are not likely to be released on wii U. You are just advertising for the developer and sony on a site that is not being supported by them and for a platform that the creator hasnt even looked at.

  • John Raybell

    Who cares and fuck you WiiUdaily for these garbage articles.

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

  • Christopher Westcott

    I’m not caring. I bought the Wii U for Nintendo games and a few second party faithfuls. The rest can kiss my behind.

  • WASD

    too hard core for nintendo kids

    • John Raybell

      not really.

  • Hazmire

    Go to the dayz standalone page and contact them sending this: http://cidergame.tumblr.com/post/54006730731/5-reasons-why-nintendo-made-a-believer-out-of-me
    See if they will do the same.