Jul 29th, 2012

Darksiders 2 will be a Wii U launch title later this year, and developer Vigil Games has given a few more details on how the Wii U GamePad controller will be used. Speaking to game site Push Square, Vigil Games’ Haydn Dalton said that they are very happy the way the Darksiders 2 Wii U version is progressing and that they’re getting the most out of the new features the console has to offer.

“We’re going to use it [Wii U tablet controller] from an inventory point of view. That’s all we’ve talked about. Allowing players to access stuff on the fly rather than jumping in and out of the menu, they can actually see the choices right there on the GamePad.”

Darksiders 2 Wii UDalton added that inventory management is just “one small part” of their work on the GamePad controller, so it’s likely that we’ll see more features. Vigil recently released some new Darksiders 2 screenshots, showing off the inventory system and the dark art style of the game. Darksiders 2 is a hack-and-slash action adventure title that will be coming out next month on current gen systems, and later this Fall on the Wii U as a launch title.

Despite the support from developers and publishers are showing for the Wii U, Nintendo still technically forbids third parties to release any major details of their Wii U games. This includes even screenshots and videos. The media embargo will likely be lifted once Nintendo announces the Wii U price and launch date in September.

Via Push Square

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  • Elcaras1

    Thats awsome I like how programers getting it now. pausing and changing your stuff on games will now be part of the past it be done on real time and super quick!!!! Know I understand why no actual screen shots from the wiiu vesion. Makes sence I just cant wait dam it!!!!

  • gPadWatcher

    I’m glad that Vigil Games have made the gameplay revolutionary using the inventory management, changing weapons, etc. on the Wii U’s touchscreen controller.

  • Shankovich

    Awesome! Not as much pausing anymore!! (I’ll pause when I’m getting swarmed though lol)

  • Mid-core Gamer

    That’s a nice (if not standard) way to use the controller, but I was expecting better (a more unique way of using it) from them.

    • MusikPreacher12

      “Dalton added that inventory management is just “one small part” of their work on the GamePad controller, so it’s likely that we’ll see more features.”

      • Mid-core Gamer

        Indeed he did (I wonder how I missed that).

  • Nintendude

    I’m glad companies are using the extra screen in some type of way. It makes it easier to use your inventory or check the map. Eventually it will probably be used for all sorts of things!

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    I tend to not think things through when I play these kind of games and use the pause inventory screen as a time to actually make a plan or strategize. I hope we can still pause it, especially since looking from screen to screen could cause motion sickness for some gamers.

    • gabe

      for example, Nintendo said that zombiU had to have a pause screen (no game interaction whatsoever) because some people just meed to pause, say, to take a dump. so their probably will be a pause, you just can’t really do anything on the pause screen.

  • MR.nintendo

    darksiders 2 is now in my gamelist 4 the future

  • bg

    deja vu

  • trainerblk

    Nintendo plan to make us broke this year will they succed ? my answer yes my wallet allready feeling it 🙁

    • Gamer

      I have even put up money for the Last story. Waiting on the Wii U :).

      • trainerblk

        Yea il be picking it up on a laterr date to much things i need to save up for like wii remotes plus wii balance bord plus wii u clasic controler pro & games for it plus my 3dsxl. & games for that nintendo basically got my wallet in the palm of there hand. I may. Not eat for a couple of months lol jk

  • SanPharaoh

    So many good games. My goal for the next few years is to make a ton of money so I can own ’em all.

  • AwayToHit

    looking good….looking goooooooood 😀

  • The Beeshnu

    I wish i had the money to get all the games i wanted

  • Amish Thunder

    I like tht the controller is not just a tool to play the game anymore. It now acts as interaction device. I’ll use it for everything… mayhbe it can make toast too!! lol

  • Aenifer

    I would like to see also the first Darksiders on the Wii U, the story seems great.


    I am liking this game more and more for sure…

  • jman4102

    not my kind of game but still the more games the better