Nov 20th, 2012

We recently posted a comparison between the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U version and the Xbox 360/PS3 version. Suffice to say, the difference wasn’t that big, in fact, the games looked nearly identical.

Now we got a few more comparison videos. This time, the Darksiders 2 Wii U version is compared to the Xbox 360, and so is Assassin’s Creed 3.

Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2 shows some difference between the two versions, and it appears that the Xbox 360 has more details and shorter loading times. However, the textures and draw distance on the Wii U seem to be better.

Assassin’s Creed 3

Assassin’s Creed 3 looks pretty much identical. This is on par with what Ubisoft has been saying for a while: that all versions will look the same.

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  • Madmagican

    Not too improved over 360 but I’m kinda trying to figure out how much better we can actually MAKE graphics before they all look the same. I hope this is at least enough to shut up those graphics whores

    • Cheese


      • Cheese

        come at me Bros

      • Nintyfan

        Obvious troll. Hes tryin to hard anyways! LOL

        We are here for da news and games.

        Move along.

    • Nko Sekirei

      look they didnt have the the time to tap wii u s full potential so of course it would look the same wait till we get to next year well see games that can run on 1080p and running on wii u full power especially bayonetta 2 and possibley battlefield 4 which ea did promise their bringing their key franchises to the wii u

      • Matthewmc685

        I don’t think this is about the Wii U’s potential like a lot of people say. you have to remember these are just ports no matter how much gameplay improves. Most games made it to Wii U because there’s low competition and not to show the Wii U’s power.

      • Mike1986

        Actually NOT.

        Graphic engine doesn’t working like that :), beside of compiling on new hardware most of time would take compilation. Change of details would take less than 1 hour, as they are using graphic engine + AI engine + physic engine + script engine etc.

        Wii can’t handle more from that engine.

        It won’t handle more on any popular engine which are prepared for PC/next gen and Xbox/PS3. Wii U can handle similar graphic just because of much better GPU than in Xbox/PS3, but CPU is super duper slow, Unreal Engine WON’T run on it, not now, not Tomorrow, not EVER.

        No one will prepare new graphic engine just for Wii U, that console is for kids (super low spec, slower than modern mobiles), and most developer already preparing games for new PS4/Xbox720 as they already got dev kits (in simple words it is just PC with almost same specification like future console, for PS4 only difference would be 8GB or 16GB of FAST RAM (as SONY asking how much they would need)), you can’t even dream about games from next gen to be on similar level ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Smitty

          Sad but true!

        • Sylux

          TBH I wouldn’t expect to much of PS4/720 this has recently been told by developers who are allready working on Xbox720 since like a week, it’s sceduled for 2013 release and the link below shows exactly what the Xbox720 has for hardware it’ll be a quadcore not an hex or eight core as fanboys say it’ll support AR and 3D sound but cpu/gpu will barely be more powerful the wiiu’s. It has 8GB ram for the dev kit but final version will have likely 4GB as wiiu actually has 2GB so it will NOT blow wiiu out of the water, just read this link:

          In your face fanboy! Btw ps4/orbis will be similair to xbox720 (which will be called plain Xbox most likely no numbers anywhere) this mag was 95% accurate on WiiU aswell, so just to let you know, don’t go crying now ok?

      • Nko Sekirei

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        • Nko Sekirei

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      • Nko Sekirei

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    • Boing

      I really don’t get why compare the systems based on multiforms.
      They are the same exact game done in the same exact Graphics engine just copied and pasted into a Wii U/360/PS3 the only difference between them is the box it comes in.

      Unless a game is especifically made for a certain system then we are going to see the capabilities of the machine that’s what excites me about Rayman Legends.

      • Boing


        ( เฒ _เฒ ) freaking autocorrect.

    • onegreenbanana

      black ops 2 on the gamepad!!! Its awesome!!!

    • Montrhuntr

      Well, It can get as good as animated movies, there just isn’t anything even close to powerful enough to render that real-time. Xbox and Playstation fan-boys are praising their new consoles release and how much better it is going to be. Well truth is, if those consoles are as good as rumored, then they will cost at least $600 – there is no way they could sell it cheap. Not to mention that good games will be close to $100 after taxes.

      People also seem to be missing the other amazing features of the WiiU such as the Miiverse, Indie-friendly eShop, How natural it is to navigate the console, 5 Player local Multiplayer (hopefuly 6 in the near future), Awesome partnerships between dev’ companies and nintendo, WiiU’s super efficient power consumption, the potential for new game-play with the Gamepad/3Ds… Theres so much about this console!!

      • ssb43dsFC3007 8585 6950


        LINK VS. MARIO VS. MEWTWO (i expect him 2 return) VS. OLIMAR VS. PIT VS. CAPTAIN FALCON!

        FAlcon acheives a 6HKO by useing FALCON PAWWNCH!

    • kevin

      I have to say the load times for WiiU suck. Just going back to the main menu sucks. It is extremely slow, almost switching to anything is very slow. I’ve been waiting for a long time for wiiu and loved the wii. I have to say the WIIU is only about a 6 out of 10.

      It appears to me it was not ready for launch but Nintendo needed something before it hurt way to much and rushed it.

      I love the game pad, but there are many things that missed the mark for Nintendo.

      • Kuzon

        Load times do such. But the Wii U Menu and OS are fixable with OS updates.

        They’re releasing a performance update and a patch to the freezes in games next week.

      • zmasterrob

        Dude slow load time.who gives a fuck you get to play amazing games on it with a good idea around it.Just fucking deal with it you fucker.

    • ssb43dsFC3007 8585 6950

      slightly better lighting maybe?

    • Kuzon

      I’ve posted this on Reddit before

      Call of Duty 2 Xbox 360 launch title:

      Halo 4:

      Not that I think the Wii U is gonna beat out the future Next Xbox or PS4, but it’ll be so similar, which console you get will probably look the same visually just like how PS3 and Xbox 360 compete now.

      But Take a look at those images at CoD 2 at 360’s Launch and Look at Halo 4 360 6 years later.

      Tons of optimizations and experience on creating great visuals on low hardware on a single hardware set does that.

    • Shawn

      from what i can see the wii u is better than xbox 360 if you look at the ships the xbox 360 version has darker effect than the wii u, while the wii u lighting is so much better, some textures on the wii u look better too, the wii u has a higher res than the other consoles even if its a port of the same game wii u looks better

    • Vextrum

      The sails on the flag were white instead of brown on the Wii U version of Assassins’ Creed 3

    • TheMan

      I hope we will soon face the day where every game developer can pretty much offer the same amazing graphics. When we reached that point nobody has a reason to bicker about graphics anymore. They’ll probably still will but it’ll be easier to shut them up.
      Maybe then that whole “Nintendo has shitty graphics, get a console for adults!” discussions will finally come to an end. Just enjoy a game, don’t provoke shit storms, god dammit!

  • BLACK OPS 2?

    AC3 tied darksiders Wii U

  • Nintendo Fan

    wii u looks awesome

  • Hector

    360: A man climbs up at 1:23
    Wii U: A man, with the speed of a ninja, climbs up at 1:23 (is my guess – it was kinda hard to tell)

  • Abuela Rapera Mex

    the wii u version looks better ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thrasher1X

    AC3 looks better on 360? That kinda sucks.

    • Nintedward-WiiU is 100% paid off.

      Not really. They both look exactly the same. If you watch in HD you can notice some higher res textures on the wiiu version of AC3 for sure. And darksiders 2 although missing some foliage has better draw distance.

      On wiiu version both of these games can be played whilst the TV is switched off which alone , makes them by FAR the superior version.

      For launch PORTS rushed out with time restraints the wiiu is certainly doing well. Although Batman has a choppy framerate.

      If you want to be a graphics whore , from what i’ve seen off HD videos Nano assault Neo and Trine 2 have graphics that are so detailed and rich in effects and lighting , that they DEFINITELY wouldn’t work on 360 or ps3.

      • Darkmanext

        Frozenbytes the Trine2 developer has said that the version of Trine 2 ( the director’s cut w all dlc)on Wii U is not possible on ps360

      • I was frozen today!

        Assassins Creed 3: In terms of contrast the Wii U seems to have similar problems to the PS3 coming across as less vibrant than the 360.

        On the plus side effects such as lighting show just how advanced the Wii U can be coming across as more realistic in the way it interacts with the in game world (2:55). This shows the Wii U’s strength lies in effects rather than character models, architecture or textures giving each game far more atmosphere than any current gen console.

      • I was frozen today!

        Just watched the Darksiders 2 video, looks total s##t on both consoles but it looks a little less s##t on Wii U, I can’t understand why anyone would want a game by THQ theirs a reason why their on the brink of oblivion and this is it.

    • Johny

      lol… no it really doesnt

  • immallama

    Every post makes me want a Wii U even moar! :3

  • Tomdarth5

    Assassins creed 3 actually looks more detailed and vibrant on the xbox 360 not the other way around as I was expecting

  • icanseeu

    So the WiiU has the same graphics capabilities of a 7 year old console……..

    • Lazyboy88

      Every new console, takes off where the older ones end, that is common sense..

    • Nko Sekirei

      read my comment on top i explain that ubisoft or anyother developer havent tap the full potential of the wii u yet wait till next year thats wen well see some serious games running on 1080p and serious graphics as well

    • Giorgio

      It’s a new console and the games are PORTS! Either stop making ignorant comments or stop playing video games. That’s the ultimatum you MUST follow.

      …still don’t have a Wii U :'(

  • Andrew Sheehan

    There were differences in Wii U version of AC3. Certain guy in the background was wearing a different hat, and the ink-well had different texture.

  • VezNetwork

    Games will probably look better when their not ported.

    • YOUR MOM

      LOL IKR

  • Nintendo is da best

    Seems like the lighting on the wii u is better

  • marioravesto3d

    The graphics are up there with 360 and no doubt get better over time but it’s the gameplay were the wii u comes in to it’s own with that amazing gamepad.Seen a few videos and read articles people raving on the gamepad.Is the gamepad 720 sure looks really nice from what have seen on videos.

  • IAmOblivious

    Where are all the trees in Darksiders 2 on the Wii U?!?!

    • Johny

      yeah… all other is awsome, but i have no idea why they removed those…
      it obviously isnt a technical limitation… wii u has 4x more memory (and a much better type of memory too)

    • Darkmanext

      In Baneswood :p

  • Jetty

    This is a “too much searching for attention” deal. The same engine is used for both consoles. This game was not created specifically for Wii U, it’s a port. Even Nintendo’s launches are great but not using a “true” Wii U capable engine. Give it some time to start seeing the console gaps. Just like Wii U freezes and Miiverse.

    Let the big N fix the kinks, then you’ll be in for a f$%*ing show!

    • Johny

      yeah ๐Ÿ˜€ thats what im talking about…why judge its graphics off the ports that were made for 360/ps3.. geeze…
      and they all seem to be forgetting how gfx looked on 360 on launch games.. yeah.. ps2-ish =) just give wii u some time ppl…

      • Jetty

        Amen brother.

    • D2K

      The sad truth is once Nintendo starts rolling out games that have been built from the ground up that actually tap into the systems power, people will still find something to complain about.

      Anyone being reasonable is already impressed with the Wii U and doesn’t need to see anything more. That doesn’t mean it is perfect, but it certainly isn’t lacking anything that matters.

      • Jetty

        Well said indeed. Have a great day!

  • jadnice

    Retro Studios will be my benchmark test to see what the Wii U hardware is capable of. Quick ports is never a good way to judge new hardware.

  • john

    ass creeds lighting and smoke effects are so noticeably better on Wii U

  • metroidfusion2

    I’m glad a lot of people on this site know what they are talking about unlike several other sites

  • Zak Iceblade

    The xbox 360 has a more sharper look to it, and the Wii U, the brightness is less and about the same as the xbox 360. But it really doesnt matter whether you like Wii U or Xbox 360 more.

  • Ryu No Hadouken

    Both games have better lighting, textures and draw distance on Wii U. Flesh tones look more realistic on Wii U version of AC3(white people look white instead of red like Indians). The scene where the ship is crusing across the ocean looks way better…the water looks magnificent with the better lighting effects reflecting off the waves. But its not a major technical leap. Wait until games are built from the ground up for Wii U. Next fall’s games are gonna be something to benchmark with. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • D2K

      Any even with that it still won’t be even half of what the system is capable of when pushed to the max. Just compare XBOX 360 launch titles to the graphics in Halo 4. Night and day.

  • Teves153

    Soooooo wii u has darker graphics ……………… SWEET! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Smitty

      Wiiu outputs only limited range rgb (for the moment at least) which in modt cases will result in a slightly washed out image and in some cases the console might not even display (using certain pc monitors). I do hope they fix this, its abit of a joke tbh with a 2012 console :-(.

  • AwayToHit

    Remember that the 360 is running the game at 720p and the Wii U is๏ปฟ running it at 1080p plus the 480p stream on the gamepad so yeah pretty impressive on the Wii U side ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Smitty

      The wiiu is not running the game on the screen at 1080p!! Stop making things up they are identical in resolution.

  • Millionbartek

    This is only the beginning for the Wii U, after a year or so graphics will be definitely better. Remember the graphics the launch games had for the PS360? They looked like PS2 graphics and now they look great. But of course the Sony and Microsoft fanboys won’t understand that.

  • Smitty

    Wiiu is not powerful enough to tempt over most “hardcore” gamers who allready own a ps3 or a 360. They are just going to wait till the ps4 n 720 which will be considerably more powerful. I do hope the WiiU finds a market of its own and believe indie devs is where it may shine the brightest. All the fanboys not having a clue what they were on about “spitting facts” of full native 1080p multi plats at 60fps need to stfu now…

    • marioravesto3d

      No it is you who does not have a clue,I think you should do your research better.Am going from a ps3 to wii u I do know what the graphics and game play is going to be like !

  • MasterRD

    I’ve had a Wii U since launch and I just got time to play it! I’m really excited after seeing some of these games in action! I didn’t get the 360 or PC versions of AC3, I waited for Wii U, so I can’t wait to play! As for Arkham City, I got it on 360, though Nintendo is one of my favorite companies, I couldn’t wait a whole year to play that game on Wii U. So I got a 360 to pIay it…hope we get more ports in the future! Also guys remember these ports are very good with the time they were given, and developers haven’t had much time with it, so in the future the Wii U’s true power will hopefully be utilized!

  • Dytonics

    Idk abut guys but I do see a massive differance. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • theorangefish

    What’s the point in comparing a game which has a 6-7 year old lead platform to the same game but PORTED over to a system that just went in sale?

    • Tony Gilliland

      Thank you for pointing that out!! Sheesh, the game hasn’t even pushed anything with new and improved graphics and game engines.

      • TheBoldman67

        True, but the Wii U does do a bit better in some parts.

  • Aminator

    omg.. can’t believe it… xbox360 looks much better…

  • loltume

    im being very sceptical about the wii u right now cause i dont want to buy consoles or pc’s ”blindfolded”. i want to know what this system is capable of spec wise i think its wrong to sell a console if the customers dont know what they are buying same shit happened with the wii i think that if it is true that the wii u isnt going to be that much of a leap from current gen consoles i think its wrong to sell this thing for 349 or 299 its way too overpriced if the console isnt that much of a leap system wise from the current gen consoles. dont get me wrong i support nintendo but i just dont get it what nintendo is trying to do here why are they holding back important information i have two theories and to make it perfectly clear im not opposing your console wether you are a 360ps3 super mega omega wii u droid dragonslayer or something like that im not a ”threat” to you just thinking realistically here so theory one: nintendo has something huge planned system wise and they dont want to give it away because of sony and microsoft are right now stalking nintendo’s every move. and theory two: nintendo is bullshitting us all and are just trying to get quick money with the wii u and thats why they are keeping the specs as a secret because there is nothing too remarkable to tell and they are afraid that customers dont buy the wii u because it is underpowered. notice: these are just my speculation! i might be wrong about this it doesn’t mean that i oppose the wiiu im going to buy it but only if i know that im spending my money on a real next gen console and i deeply hope that the wii u is the right one but i just cannot trust nintendo after the wii fiasco cause i really felt that i was robbed by nintendo.

    • theorangefish

      Right now spec wise it looks really bad. A lot of devs complaining about the processor, only a little bit of ram, slow OS and only a little bit of onboard storage.

      So, it looks like the a CPU are just 3 overclocked and taped togehter wii processors with extra eDRAM. The 2GB RAM sound good on paper but it’s only 16-bit RAM. The GPGPU (AI,physiks, etc.. on gpu) seems to be much stronger thwn the ones in the ps360. It has a DSP soundprocessor, a processor for the OS and a “streaming unit” to take away work from the CPU. It has a pretty fast disc drive with read speed of 22.5 mb/s that means loaeing times will be shorter and they might be able to use the “continues streaming” development trick they used in the metroi prime games. The most games so far are 720p@Tod only titles but that seems to be a development-time problem.

      Overall it looks like a DECENT step forward then what is possible on the ps360 especially the disc drive. There are unacveptable things like the processor and the little amount of 2GB 16 bit RAM.The leap is not as huge as I hoped it would be but the I promise you that the Wii U can do better than it shows. At the moment it’s a product of rushed game development times and unfinished system software (app opening times). If devs can find work arounds for the (most likely) weak processor things will get better. Roght now I would wait until the launch window is over because the system software will be finished and all currently announced games will be out.
      Some 3rd party games have problems because they were originally made tor other systems, that means they can’t use the benefits of the Wii U and that means system and game run terrible.

      P.S. I hope I could help you and keep in mind that every hardware limitation can be solved, just look at Meteoid Other M and you’ll know what I mean.

  • Joaquรญn Castro


  • I think the Assassins Creed for wii u looks better when it comes to light and shadows; I think it looked ten times better when they were in the cabin of the ship. Also, its only natural that nintendo’s wii u is just as good as the other consoles rather than better, I mean, they DID have to catch up, and honestly how much better can graphics get? I’m sure they will but by how much degree? I love my wii u and the games so far look and play great. I think its better because of the gamepad. The gamepad can add so much more to games. I actually watched and am replying from my wii u ๐Ÿ™‚ The miiverse is awesome, too. You can ask advice on any game and most of the time there is someone there that can help you within ten minutes. Wii U is just fantastic.

  • Steven Scott

    AC3 did look good but the frame rate was bad at least for meย