Aug 8th, 2014


This week has been filled with news about former Nintendo indie contact Dan Adelman, who announced he was leaving the company on Monday. Adelman had been in contention with Nintendo because of comments he made on Twitter that criticized the Nintendo 3DS’ region-locking, that Nintendo infamously refuses to get rid of despite all major competitors having region-free consoles this generation. After being banned from Twitter, Dan noted that he was increasingly unhappy at the company and decided to leave.

Since then, Adelman has been discussing his role at his former company, as well as offering constructive criticism concerning the Wii U name. Answering questions on popular service, one fan asked Adelman if there was any game he wanted to see get put onto Wii U that never made it. Adelman’s answer was Grim Fandango, a game from Double Fine Studios that released in 1998. Tim Schafer finally secured the rights to have a remake of the game, which will be exclusive to the PlayStation platforms when it launches.

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  • Nintendo Of North Korea

    Awww… Well there goes my purchase of the game, and I was really looking forward to what Tim Schafer does next.

    • Don’t worry, it’s coming to PC as well so I wouldn’t be surprised if a Wii U release is announced later.

  • BuckStud

    FYI…The game and the Wii U have not even been out 2 years yet. We are three months short of that.

  • matthew garcia

    Sounds like this was a good employee that Nintendo lost

    • dcj91x

      Sounds like the guy whines a lot. Why would a company want an employee like that? Seemed like Nintendo would do better with someone who “supports” them and isn’t always at odds with them.

      • Illmatic1234

        Well…he’s been with the company long enough to have earned that. He seems like he cares a lot about Nintendo; people don’t whine for no reason.

        “Seemed like Nintendo would do better with someone who “supports” them and isn’t always at odds with them.” – If you worked in any team you will know that the devil’s advocate is usually the one the team misses most when he or she leaves.

  • TheyCallHimBigAl

    I’m gonna be in the minority on this, but I think Tim Schafer’s “games” should be movies or comic books instead. He’s a gifted writer, no doubt about that, but I’d feel much better about experiencing his art if it didn’t cost me $20-50 and 30 hours of my time.

    And on a business note, its very bad form to publicly talk bad about your company’s decisions while you’re employed there. If he’s whistleblowing it’d be one thing, and he’s entitled to his opinion, but the decisions Nintendo made aren’t relevant to what Adelman’s job was. Keep the arguments private.

    • Have you even played Grim Fandango?
      It was fucking awesome!

      • TheyCallHimBigAl

        I have. The story was awesome and so was the writing. But to get to the dialogue you had to play a mindless point and click adventure game. Like I said in reply to Arthur Jarret, I can watch a playthrough of Grim Fandango and not miss anything. Schafer writes extremely well, trying to translate it into games without it well integrated with gameplay holds him back in a way a comic or movie wouldn’t.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Yup, you’re in the minority on this. Did you not play Psychonauts and Brutal legend?

      • TheyCallHimBigAl

        I have actually. I’m not saying they’re bad at all. They just aren’t served well by being games. Psychonauts would have made an awesome comic book. It didn’t serve Schafer’s creativity well by making the player go on mindless collectathon missions in order to further the plot. Brutal Legend had fantastic dialogue, but the gameplay was meh at best. We shouldn’t be confusing good story for making a good game. I could watch the best parts of those games on YouTube and not miss any of Schafer’s genius. He’s a great writer, but not a great game designer.

        • Arthur Jarret

          As an avid player of Brutal Legends online (great multiplayer mode – bringing together everything from story mode, for which it was a shame the tactical army battles didn’t occur more often) – I disagree with your arguments. The collect-a-thons of Psychonauts actually served a story purpose (vs. pointless jiggy&note-for-no-reason collecting of Banjo’s games, for instance) – plus the crazy dream worlds are begging to be explored, instead of seen in a picture that’s half-obscured by a text bubble.

          His most popular games, the monkey islands, were point ‘n click adventures. It’s like saying Gabriel knight should’ve been a movie instead of a game…

          The thing about those adventure games is, they are usually filled with hidden jokes, sight gags, funny or gruesome deaths and optional dialogue – as well as a 8-to-40 hour story in which you get to know the character, his world and your left mouse button really well. It’s a huge difference from passively watching a 1,5 hour movie or a comic book.

          I think he’d make a brilliant novellist, though – if it weren’t for the consistency in the art style his games usually have, which makes him the ‘Tim Burton’ of videogames for me.

    • Rinslowe

      Not sure if you’re in the minority or not about the games. I don’t strictly agree or disagree. But we’re both on the same page when it comes to his professional conduct.

  • shanafan

    Again, glad to see this Nintendo hater gone. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      How exactly was he a hater? Lol.

      • Rinslowe

        There’s definitely a disgruntled vibe about the guy recently. Whether that’s media spin or reality who knows. But Twitter comments are pretty easy to read. Hate is probably too strong a description. But he’s obviously unhappy. I’d say a little scared about his direction as well. But that’s just my opinion. But as a studio willing to contract this guy, would his consistently loose lips against the hand that fed him give you confidence? I think he’s shooting himself in the foot here, just a little bit.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Of course he’s unhappy.
          A fan complains about region lock, he reacts sympathetically with a ‘I know how it feels’ comment instead of approaching the subject in detail or giving fans the silent treatment – showing that Nintendo actually employs human beings – and his employer forces him to not use social media.

          The rest is all media spin, yeah. They blew up his comment as a ‘Dan adelman is anti-region lock!’, brought it under the attention of Nintendo as such – who overreacted and over-restricted as a result, damaging any work Dan could have done at making the company more communicative.

          Then he left and made an amicable statement about it with a slight jab – which media interprets as an unhappy employee finally being able to do social media after getting freed from his shackles in the Nintendo cellar.

          And he said the Wii Us name hurt its sales. Well, duh… oh, and he followed it by saying what a fantastic system Wii U is. (but that’s in the smaller print on most news-sites)

          • Rinslowe

            Lol. So that’s the explanation for every example of the topic. Evil company, decent employee. Come one guy…

          • Arthur Jarret

            Nah, man – it’s the media that put a horrible spin on an innocent post which caused all this – forcing Nintendo to take some measure of action.

            They took it to extremes, though – instead of having a PR controlled gate for every post he writes like most companies, they proposed to have some PR guy post in his name.
            Just like removing letterbox instead of restricting it by parental controls and educating parents to use those controls.

            In the end, though – this concerns a good employee leaving a good company because it cannot handle the way the evil journalist grasp at more straws to spin in journalistic gold than Rumplestilskin.

          • Rinslowe

            Nah man. Actually the guy has made similar remarks on more than one occasion. So better to be honest about his disgruntled take on the situation. And just be done with it. On the other side of the coin, absolutely going all closed doors watch out for your neighbours kind of reaction from Nintendo is equally off.
            And I couldn’t agree more about the media’s input, not just here, but nearly everywhere – in over sensationalising the facts as they happen.

        • FutureFox

          The thing is he really didn’t have to mention the Wii U having a bad name as that’s a subjective topic imo. Even if it was really just a stunt to get people talking about him more9 hey we’re all doing it after all) he chose a topic that could potentially turn off clients. But on that same thought, being now self-employed, he’s free to “recommend” any platform he wants to developers without feeling his hands are tied. And who knows he may “recommend” to develop for everything but Nintendo out of spite.

          Alas, curious how he expects to be paid by developers with hardly any money, unless its through some sort of long term equity plan.

          • Rinslowe

            I agree with all of what you’re saying. The thing I don’t get when I thought about his situation and the possibility of, maybe he’s playing the game a little and making a play towards other platforms more. But it just didn’t really sit right. I mean, he knows Nintendo front and back, inside and out. Why not keep things clean for the sake of appearances there? He could literally run them around his little finger being on the outside with the inside play. Surely. Unless he truly feels they’re not going in the right direction. But so many indie titles and happy indie’s say otherwise (even if he did play a large role in securing them), while “The Letter” certainly supports that theory, lol.
            But seriously, who really knows eh…

            And how he’s intending on fitting into the whole indie scene as a consultant type contractor is very interesting.

          • FutureFox

            I recently checked out his twitter and saw video where he basically lays out his knowledge on the table in the form of a powerpoint presentation. I’ll say this right now, I was bored and quit not even halfway through but that’s just me.

            The thing is he’s offering services (which I think is just until he gets a new real job) and there are literally one man teams that were able to market their games just fine (ie. Johnathan Blow and Bertil Horberg).

            What’s funny(?) is he talks about how he understand the plight of indies not having the resources as bigger developers, and yet, he basically beats importance and need for marketing, which costs moo-la. Now maybe if I didn’t pass out during the presentation he would have mention some low cost solutions to marketing, but then I refer back to my previous one-team examples for that.

            If I were an indie dev, I wouldn’t use him. Not because of his media persona, so far, it would just add another layer of complexity to what would surely be complex development process.

            You should check out his presentation. I already tried….

  • Well the game is coming to the PC so I wouldn’t be surprised if this game is coming to the Wii U.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      If it does, it won’t be anytime soon.

  • David Horowitz

    How bout Towerfall Ascension?

  • Petri

    I don know why, but for some reason “attention whoring” has popped in my mind…

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Felt the same thing when I read this comment. 😛

      • Rinslowe

        Guess that makes the two of you…

  • thomin

    Totally agree…Grum Fandango one of my all time favorite games…maybe I still have to get a PS4 after all…

    • Epicstuf

      Grum? What DAFUQ.

  • How about Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge 2? Or Bioshock Infinite? Or Gta V? Or Kingdom Hearts 3?
    Maybe, he’s just been fired, and is trying to make himself feel better? I don’t know?

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Or finally expressing how he feels about Nintendo. Something he wasn’t able to do, while being on their payroll. The games you listed are triple A titles, not indies.

      • Grim Fandango is an indie game?

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Did you really expect him to nail every indie game? Can’t win them all. Other than that, you never brought that up in your original comment. So, not sure why you didn’t bring that up in the first place, instead of listing third party games, which had nothing to do with his job.

          • The article was on whatever game he wanted on Wii U, and those are games I much rather see. I really don’t know.

  • Prizm

    Grim Fandango, huh? I never would’ve expected that on Wii U. It got good reviews back in the day, though I didn’t play it much. That game was originally done by LucasArts.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    With Grim Fandango I find the whole Playstation exclusivity very strange considering it was a PC title originally. Having no PC version just seems like a kick in the nuts to me

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      It’s probably because it’s available on PC(original)at the very moment while it’s not on PS4. Though, it being exclusive doesn’t mean it will remain one forever. Within 6 months or a year, it’ll probably be ported over to PC and possibly other consoles if there is a demand.

  • Daniel Uwe

    So they will announce a new Grim Fandango HD for Wii U?? OMG. It was my favorite game in my childhood. *-*. Pls pls!!