Jan 7th, 2013

Bad news for those who were excited about Crytek’s next generation Crysis 3 being on Wii U; it’s not happening. Cevat Yerli, CEO and founder of Crytek, has stated that there will be no Wii U version and the reason for this is the lack of business drive between EA and Nintendo.

“There has been discussions between Nintendo and EA and Crytek, but the bottom line is that there is that there’s not enough business drive in it. It’s a purely business decision. I’d love to see it on Wii U, but what I love to see and what gets done at the end of the day are two different things.

Even so, I could initiate it but someone has to sell it, right? It’s a business decision between EA and Nintendo. If that business decision doesn’t make sense, or seems to not make sense for them, it’s… not possible for us to make it. We can’t publish ourselves, and that’s the bottom line.”

This means that even if the Wii U is capable of running Crysis 3 that it won’t happen purely because Nintendo and EA don’t seem to see eye to eye. This could spell disaster for other titles that gamers are hoping to see on the Wii U, including the Mass Effect Trilogy, which is also published by EA.

[via Digital Spy]

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  • Zelly Jeffers

    I really wish developers would just come out and say “I hate Nintendo! Nintendo raped my dog and killed my wife!” instead of pussyfooting around. The prejudice is just so ridiculous.

    • ConCity Soldier

      Personally, I think EA is still mad at Nintendo for not using Origin. They put a few games on the Wii U, but I think their is still some hostility going on.

      • Kcasillas190

        In a way I kinda agree, but for all we know it could still be a totally different reason why some of EA’s games aren’t coming on Wii U. I just find it funny that they release only ME3 on Wii U then a little while later release Mass Effect Trilogy on other systems besides Wii U.

        • ConCity Soldier

          Crytek said that they wanted to develop the game on Wii U, but EA wouldn’t back em. 

          • Kcasillas190

            Yee but that’s the thing. Why wouldn’t EA back them? I don’t really believe the “Lack of business drive” thing since no other companies have said anything about that. But that’s just my opinion.

      • audie bowler

        a company dieing hasnt time to be mad at the company that has a gun to the whole industrys head FACT

      • NkoSekirei

         u got to remember not everyone likes origin due too some series issues with origin i rather take steam then origin in my opinion

    • Sidney Majurie

       So true. This crap has been going on since the N64 days and I’m just getting sick of it. These companies act like Nintendo touched them in the “no no” place. Just show us on the doll where Nintendo touched you so we can all move on…

      • Zelly Jeffers

        The systems have always had potential. And where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’ve always done what I can to support third party. In fact, most of the games I’ve been playing the crap out of on my Wii U are third party. I would have gotten Mass Effect 3 already if they made it available in the eShop (I prefer downloads over extra plastic). 

        And, of course, most people say, “Well, if you really want to play that game you’d buy an Xbox or PS3. The thing is, I prefer Nintendo exclusives over all others but it would be nice to have the opportunity instead of constantly being told “No” and with no good reason as to WHY.

        I haven’t played Assassin’s Creed III on any of the other systems, but I gotta say I absolutely love having a completely uncluttered game screen while being able to use the gamepad to access everything.

        • Sidney Majurie

          Couldn’t agree more Zelly. I bought 10 games at launch! I’ve never done that on any console since the Atari 2600. 8 of them are 3rd party games. I’m a Nintendo exclusive nut myself and if I could get a system where I get those games along with the top multiplats and a few exclusive 3rd party exclusives, I’d be very happy. Love my Wii U and I don’t understand why developers in biz to make money don’t see that potential

          • Zelly Jeffers

            I often feel a lot of it is bullying. The Wii U isn’t deemed ‘cool’ or ‘hardcore’. I’ll never get this ‘hardcore’ crap. I’ve been a gamer since Nintendo Game and Watch, but kids these days feel that if you can’t blow stuff up or if you can’t see the polygon pores of your character on your gianormous TV, you’re doing it wrong.

            I feel Nintendo reminds a lot of people that gaming was considered strictly nerd way back. And they need to distance themselves away from that however possible. So they build the Xbox and PS3 up to basically being dude or ‘jock’ fuel. “You can play video games and still be seen as cool if you play these.” In fact, most Xbox and PS ads feature guys. But Nintendo says, “Hey, kids, you could have fun without the gore. It’s okay to be silly, it’s okay to be a nerd” and their ads in the last several years are often family-featured.

            And I say that about Nintendo because their exclusives are not usually focused on gore and blowing stuff up. They tend to showcase a lot of bright colors, they tend to be imaginative, they tend to have puzzle-solving. For the most part, Nintendo welcomes third party ‘dude fuel’ games (and as a gamer girl, I dig some games like these). But many developers, I suppose, are still put off by the ‘nerd’ branding.

          • Sidney Majurie

            Wow, preach on sista! we have a very similar understanding of gaming and the media and community bias against Nintendo. I told someone on youtube pretty much the same thing talking about why the industry is biased against Nintendo. They feel Nintendo takes the “cool” out of gaming which they feel limits the industry.

            They want that “dude bro insecure male” dollar. If people on the outside associate gaming with Nintendo, as it once was, they are afraid they’ll turn off their insecure dude bro male neanderthal gaming group. So they add DVD playback and Bluray playback and other “features” so they can justify the purchase of a game console to their wives and friends who don’t play games.

            Nintendo is the LAST pure gaming console maker in the industry. If they die, like these fanboys seem to want, original gameplay, fun and creative and innovative hardware dies also. Every gaming company now seems to be trying to out PC and out Hollywood each other. Even the Japanese companies *cough*CAPCOM*cough* I was proud to be a gaming nerd since I started back in the early 80’s. People forget that Nintendo saved the home console industry with NES, ushered in massive 3D open worlds with N64, created the handheld market, and expanded the community immensely with the DS and Wii and making touch screens, motion controls, and force feedback industry staples. Where is the love Gaming Industry.”
            Great conversation. Glad to know there are other gamers out there who have similar tastes, passion, and motivation for gaming and can articulate it! Bravo!

          • Zelly Jeffers

            The gaming industry wouldn’t be anywhere without Nintendo. And people praying to Kratos or… (who does Xbox have?) for Nintendo’s demise should actually be offering thanks for the company.

            I’m not blind and they’ve screwed up, but they CARE and that is one thing I’ve never ever felt from Sony nor Microsoft. They want my money, sure. I don’t get the feeling they care about me. I’m not saying Nintendo isn’t also a company or that they don’t want my money. But at least they’re friendly and they entice.

            Beyond my personal feelings, though, the company HAS done a lot right and they’re still doing a lot right. They don’t have the same vision most do, and maybe that’s why I tend to favor them. When some of my friends had Game Gears, in the 7th grade, I still had my Gameboy and was quite happy with it. The Game Gear was awesome, no doubt, but that thing ate batteries like nobody’s business. And where is its reincarnation now? I have a 3DS though.

            And while I probably wouldn’t have bought Crysis 3, my boyfriend probably would have for our Wii U. I’m looking forward to the developers who brave the bullying and release great games for the system. It’s new, it’s truly awesome, it has tons of potential, and it deserves a chance. That’s something I wish more developers would recognize. It delights me to read articles where indie developers have praised Nintendo for not only helping them release their games and making the process as pleasant as possible, but have also praised Nintendo for standing apart.

            If I really want to, I could easily just buy a Xbox 360 or a PS3 and I don’t blame them both for tapping the “dude bro insecure male” market. But I like that Nintendo goes for a broader demographic than males age 18 to 35. The others do, (I LOVE Little Big Planet and played it with my ex) but anyone who’s honest knows that most of the popular games on the other systems tend to be shooters.

          • Marcus Henne

            Xbox prays to Master Chief, to answer your question, but I wanted to say I like you and Sidney’s discussion, I myself have over 20 consoles, and I tend to prefer Nintendo myself.  I can’t wait for developers to really take advantage of the hardware.  And I also agree that too many games nowadays are “shoot shoot shoot”, I really don’t care too much for that, I don’t mind a little shooters(The Bioshock series comes to mind, at least that had a excellent story) but most of them are cookie cutter, at best. You two have a excellent day, and game on! =)

  • Marcell Wade

    EA and Nintendo, need to stop this foolishness and work something out, because it’s us gamers who suffer, when things don’t happen.

    • Threinfhir

      It’s not just U.S. gamers who suffer, it’s gamers worl… Oh, I see what you meant.

  • Wtf? Good job N and EA,didn’t N say Wii and U referring to hard core gamers? And then there is NO BUSINESS DRIVE to bring crysis 3 to WiiU while crytek wants it on WiiU and both N and EA have NO BUSINESS DRIVE FOR IT??? LOL that is so fail imo mostly even from N. If that game came to WiiU it would certainly sell the console to the core gamers. Way to go N and EA!!! How much can they fail? First Epic fail for 2013.

    • uPadWatcher

      Put the blame on Electronic Arts ONLY… not Nintendo.

      • Nintendo is greatly to blame for this. They say the want to recapture the core gamers (not Nintendo fanatic loyal fan) with the Wii U yet since launch and till now they have done nothing to do so. All their efforts to date have been pushing and promoting the casual games again (Press conference for Pokeman… really). How about a press conference to discuss a new hardcore IP or to talk about Metroid and how awesome it will be.

        This generation more so than the previous will be a generation of two consoles. I will be getting the PS4 for all their 1st and 2nd party franchises and more importantly for the AAA 3rd party games that will not make it to the Wii U. My console gaming of choice will be WiiU/PS4.

        • NkoSekirei

           how is it nintendos fault wen ea been greedy along with activision that why nintendo doesnt see eye to eye with these companies its all about money not about loyal gamers.

          • And when has business not been about money??? What planet are you living on. Nintendo is just to blame as anyone else. 

          • NkoSekirei

             no dumb@$$ nintendo cares for its loyal fanbase then ea does

        • NkoSekirei

           hell no dude ea been doing things that hurting their loyal fanbase by doing being too greedy for startes and a glitchy origin online service with lots of issues which nintendo should get steam over origin

  • Sidney Majurie

    And yet we get a year old $60 rip off Mass Effect 3 while other consoles get the entire Trilogy for that price or less, and watered down ports of Fifa and Madden on Wii U. What was the “business drive” in that EA? No wonder you’re consistently voted the worst company. Go f@$k yourselves… seriously.

    • CharmanderRulz

       Even with that comment you are giving EA to much credit in my option. Even if the “business drive” was as small as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft joining and getting along that wouldn’t be the point. This is a game company not making games. Just looking at this with a business standpoint it’s obvious that the more platforms your game is on helps the chance of profit (in almost all cases)

      If i thought that any big game platform could sell my 3 to 5 years (around how long big games take) hard work on a game I would be forever in there debt.

    • Fred

      Wait, is Madden on the Wii U watered down? I’ve been thinking about buying it. I bought 2k13 on the Wii U and love it. What is missing from Madden 2013 on the Wii U?

      •  Check out what’s missing from Madden in the Reviews section.

  • I halfway wonder if Nintendo isn’t on board with EA’s anti-consumer practices like project $10.  Whatever the case, I probably would have bought it for my Wii U and I’m not really interested in other platforms even though I own a PS3 and a good PC.

  • Johnny Star

    EA plainly sucks. Anyone remember when ESPN NFL was available on the original XBox and it was selling for $20 while EA was selling Madden for $50? ESPN was tons better than Madden could ever to dream of being, but then EA got greedy and struck a deal with NFL, and poof there goes any good NFL games. Glad to see 2K is whooping it to NBA Live though!! Down with EA!!! They started what will soon become a huge nuisance for all of us. They have the “online pass codes”, but next gen consoles may incorporate a no used games thing, where once you play a game on the console it is linked to that console only!! They’re all starting to become too greedy and selfish for their own good. 

  • Kuzon

    Sadly I gave money to EA this past year for SimCity 5. I swear I will never give EA any more money ever again. My SimCity nostalgia forced me to get it, and while it will be an awesome game, EA still crippled it and ruined Maxis and Will Wright’s dream game Spore.

    • MujuraNoKamen

       How did they damage spore!? I love that game but I’m dying to know how EA castrated what it could have been! Man what is it with EA, I know they’re money grabbing scumbags and re-hash things to death but the way they reduce great ideas and companies to a steaming pile of horse shit is unforgivable (Microsoft and Rare situation), that picture you posted makes it look like they want to ruin gaming.

      • Chris Ojinaka

        Wasn’t spore supposed to be even more awesome where you could live under the water and a ton of other features that got left out of the watered down version that we received. But apart from that…yea, it’s a good game. 

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Seems like a missed opportunity and an epic fail. How did this not come to Wii U, Crytek wanted it to happen and I doubt Nintendo would have turned down a big game like this, and since EA is reputedly one of the laziest, most selfish, greediest and most incompetent companies in the industry I bet they threw the spanner in the works. looking at the comments here, why is EA playing hardball with N? they’re only shooting themselves in the foot – one less platform means they’ll sell fewer copies and EA are making themselves look stupid. Wouldn’t it be possible for Crytek to work on a Wii U version and have Nintendo or someone else publish it (didn’t this happen with ME3) I suppose it’s a bit late to propose the idea now, a late pert will only a be bad move financially for the devs and mean that the Wii U version will sell less and make it look like no one cares about Wii U. Dang, hopefully this means they can focus their time, resources and effort on other Wii U projects but this is still a blow for Crysis3, gamers and the devs 🙁

    •  well I wish they would bring knights of the old republic to the wii u that would be awesome

  • Kcasillas190

    Someone could always start a petition or some shiyeet. A petition is what got Dark Souls on the PC, and there’s already a petition for Dark Souls II on Wii U. Maybe that will make Nintendo and EA come to a conclusion for the game on the system just to get fans the game.

  • Jeremy Busbee

    the sad thing is .. now .. with wii u  and digital.. you CAN publish your self!

    • Cloud W Omega

       maybe i will publish myself, who would not want this body

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Why can’t Crytek just go around EA and publish for the Wii U?

    • Cloud W Omega

       EA owns the crysis IP,  so they cant do that

  • Adam Fox

    all the more reason to hate EA (even though I don’t care about Crysis)….EA needs to get the sand out of their vaginas

  • NintendoNoob

    Wow no business for Wii U huh? I think EA does not have enough effort to let Crytek devolop a Wii U version and don’t want a little extra cash. Dumb move EA

  • Dorfdad

    Here is a quick fact- EA and Nintendo original were working on Origin being a major part of the Wii-U interface. Nintendo backed away from that EA has cooled on their enthusiastic support for the Wii-U..  Doesn’t surprise me in the least. – I have a feeling Activision will also have the same problem seeing eye to eye as Nintendo needs both EA and Activision more than they need Nintendo..

    • NkoSekirei

       origin sucks thats why nintendo backed away from it.Origina ha soo many issues and many gamers that have it complain about it and nothing gets done to fix it and thats why i rather have steam then origin

  • audie bowler

    in ither words EA expected cash subbed support oh nintendo will bend over and take a huge one like sony did for years they will sub the games nintendo shows middle finger as they should and EA have plenty of studios to port and polish the x360 version and ad in gamepad-wii remote support

    who cares poor game poor story poor voice acting poor online just good engine cryses 2 was awful so what do you expect also the aliens are way to conduit for me as is the charactor its conduit with a high budget we all know that so no big deal EA stink

  • EA’s feud with Nintendo is screwing us gamers over…

  • audie bowler

    EA Took to the stage at E3 , years ago the guy burst into tears and started babbling hiw sony created the games industry and how sony are everything TRUE STORY a bunch of informed not slave jernos walked out the rest reported it as tho it was all real and playstation was AMAZING it was like a cult or something, clearly a hijacking of E3 by sony and EA pathetic look at them now lol….

  • Bananapwnz

    thanks a lot EA

  • Kyle DiCesare

    I’m gonna tell EA what’s on my mind and how all of us Nintendo fans feel about it!

  • devmiles

    another hit on the gamers demands that really would have liked to see this on the wii-u.
    to be very honest i think that many AAA titles will miss a wii-u release like this for whatever reason and we will still keep playing our ps3 and x360 (we should by the way)  

  • puregamine

    Go and attack them on twitter! I’m serious.

  • This is just another thing to add to the list of fail so far for Nintendo; and I love my Wii U, but let’s be honest with ourselves and stop lying… Look at many things that make it fall short even still:

    – The triggers aren’t analog.

    – There is no mic jack for the pro controller

    – You can’t access miiverse in the middle of a game with some titles.

    – Sloppy Wii menu instead of a streamline start to just play wii games from wii u menu

    – Virtual Console still on Wii – and can’t customize control layout on old games.

    – Slow clockspeed is making developers unfamiliar with Wii U hardware (Though it’s powerful); if there’s no motovation for developers to make hardcore games… then where’s the motovation for hardcore gamers to buy the Wii U?

    -Never enough 1st party titles… how about more some hardcore 1st party titles Nintendo? Stop only catering to kids! Metroid Other M was a step in the right direction, but you need to do more! Make hardcore gamers WANT you!

    – Have more content at launch instead of delaying things!

    Honestly if Nintendo doesn’t wow people with E3; it will be a Nintendo Fan only console just like the original Wii. I’ll love it for it’s first party games even still, but you better bet I’ll be buying the new Xbox as well for the titles Nintendo can’t deliver on.

    I get mad at Nintendo because I love nintendo… But they do this to themselves…

    • Marcell Wade

      I’m more than willing to bet, this has more to do with EA than Nintendo, because Nintendo has gone far out of their way, to make sure Wii U is capable of running just about every game engine imaginable, it’s even been said Wii U is capable of running Unreal Engine 4, apparently it takes a little scaleing, but Wii U can do it, so the system will be able to keep up with the next Xbox & Playstation, and still be relevant.

    • 100% agree.

    • Sidney Majurie

       Wow this is a really flawed list of grievances. If you desire, I’ll elaborate…

    • Zelly Jeffers

      “Rabble rabble rabble! I hit you because I love you. See what you made me do?!”

      That’s the gist of this rant, correct?

      – A Hardcore Nintendo Gamer

      • Ben Kapferer

         Remember kids, you can’t love someone unless you worship their absolute perfection!

  • TheLast

    Crytek said forever and a half ago that this game wasn’t coming to Wii U. Why are we acting like this is some new news that we haven’t heard before? 

    • Because for the first time we now know the reason why and its just pathetic on Nintendo’s party. That’s why we are reacting this way. 

  • This news really wants to make me sell my wiiu and buy back  my playstation. At the same time i understand the business decision. the wiiu has many launch games already that are not selling all that great. the install base is small so i tmight not make sense for another AAA title right now. I hope other games come soon though

    • I understand why you, like me, find this news frustrating. If this was Microsoft and they just release their Xbox720 with less user base they would have made sure this game was on it regardless. I put the blame squarely at the feet of Nintendo and no one else. If they really had the passion for getting all the AAA 3rd party games to the Wii U as they said before and during 2012 E3 conference then they need to put their money where their mouth is and make it happen.

      I love Nintendo 1st and 2nd party games so I will keep my Wii U…. However its very clear to me I will also have to own the PS4 (PS4 since I already own and love the PS3 plus Sony also have much better 1st and 2nd party franchise line up than Microsoft) to get the true AAA 3rd party games experience (since so far the the few 3rd party support have been water down ports of older games or games missing key features the Xbox360/PS3 version received). All Nintendo fans will be force to be a two console owner this generation because Nintendo since N64 days are once again dropping the ball on getting 3rd party support. 

  • LonDonE247

    ea are bull, crysis 3 would have been a great game to showcase the power of wii u, an if crytek would have optimised it, they could have made it the best version of the game, hell i got crysis 2 on my ps3 an 360, an at first, my slim 360 red dotted on me,because of crysis 2, the dreaded grain filter glitch fried my gpu, after that i got it on ps3, an it worked fine, minus the constant frame rate drops below 20fps, so far all the videos we have seen have been of pc game play, an i find it a worry that console footage, mainly ps3 footage has not been shown, an thats the platform i will be buying it on,i may have to get it on my gaming pc instead,since from what i have seen so far, i find it hard to believe that ps3 an 360 will be able to churn out the graphics at a reasonable frame rate, that is why i so wanted this game to be wii u, with a decent frame rate, the wii u need some more fps games

  • Jonas

    This shit already begins again… Hopefully they wont continue like this.

  • FackMaaii

    I guess all of this happened when EA wanted Origin on Wii U but Nintendo refused. Now EA is playing the butthurt little brother who takes away everything

    • RattleGore

      You might have a point there…

  • RockD79

    I believe that EA had no interest in publishing the Wii U version and that Crytek turned to Nintendo to do the publishing of the Wii U version.  However, Nintendo had already stated in the past that they would not pay to get 3rd party games on their system if the original publisher passed on doing it themselves.

  • ElCharlo

    First they cry that the lifecycle is too long, now they cry that the install base is too small on the next generation. F* U publishers

  • Ronny Candelaria

    EA isn’t what it used to be.

  • Firo0

    you know though the nintendo community is not one to get angry and lash out when a game companies are being jerks so no we are probably not going to see a lot of stuff because we as the nintendo fans are not lashing out and messaging the people who are in charge or ranting on twitter if we as a collective want something then we as a collective need to ask for it maybe even demand it.

  • Sam

    So they only port the shitty sports games.

    • Petri

      that, and old games as hasty lazy ports, then they wonder why the games wont sell.