Jun 20th, 2012

CryEngine 3 Wii U
Developer CryTek previously announced support for the Wii U with its CryEngine 3, and now CryTek CEO Cevat Yerli says that there is a CryEngine 3 Wii U game in development at a “respected developer”, and that it “looks really great”. Despite that, due to business reasons, CryTek themselves won’t be making a Wii U game. They’re currently working on Crysis 3 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, but sadly, not the Wii U. Crysis 3 is slated for release in 2013.

Speaking to CVG, Yerli had more praise for the Wii U when it comes to the hardware specs, saying that he doesn’t understand the concern that the Wii U isn’t powerful enough, adding, “from my perspective the Wii U is minimum as powerful as Xbox 360”.

CryTek said last year that the Wii U specs were very good, and that its studio in Nottingham have access to dev kits in order to port the CryEngine 3 to the platform. CryEngine 3 isn’t the only modern game engine coming to the Wii U — the console also supports Unreal Engine 3, id Tech 5, to name a few. It’s also rumored that the new Unreal Engine 4 will be available on the console.

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  • Fvaco

    Good news! Show me 2 or 3 games more to increase my hype and I’ll buy a Wii U at launch πŸ˜€

    • Wii Who

      ._. you say that as if there isn’t already enough of a Reason to buy one…

      Do yourself a favor, grab it at Launch, you will thank me.

      • Mechadude

        So we can play such gems as:

        Yeah no, better consumers will only buy when the product is proven. As of right now: It’s hardly proven.

        • SanPharaoh

          @Mechadude: What is your definition of a “better consumer”?

          • To Close minded people

            I agree with Wii Who, they already have a few great games already announced plus some unannounced games coming at launch or close to it. for example Splinter Cell Blacklist is going to be out for it near launch or at launch but they didn’t announce it at E3.

            Plus, ZombiU,
            Pikman 3
            Assassin’s Creed 3
            Rayman Legends
            Darksiders 2
            Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge
            Batman AC(for those who haven’t played it, me being on of them)
            Project P-100 (looks pretty good)
            just to name a few, and those should hold you over for a bit awhile other great games release, for example, Aliens: Colonial Marines

            Honestly if these games don’t appeal to you… then why are you even considering buying a Wii U? just stick to your PS3 or 360…

        • silentbates

          why are you here if u dont like the wiiu? this site is for WIIU and news about it. if u dont like it why come here? its like you’re BEGGING for attention. What? mommy not giving you enough games for your wittle fweesixty? or is diablo lagging at the moment? so many possibilitys…

      • Daryusp07

        I most definitely will be buying the WiiU at launch

        • Tin

          Thank you for that wise critique. Me & my neiuobhgr were preparing to do some research about that. We received a very good book on that matter from our local library and most books exactly where not as influensive as your details. I’m incredibly glad to see such info which I was searching for a long time.

  • AndyC

    So it’s minimum as powerful I presume this means at maximum it’s ?????

    • AZHood

      I believe he is saying that when you compare the maximum power of an Xbox 360, the Wii U can perform that minimally. Basically, the Wii U at its weakest is the Xbox 360 at its strongest.

      • Brother

        hard to comment on hardware since nintendo hides from everybody. People oversee the learning curve of the development in new platforms.
        the great news is that Nintendo made it really easy, without much differences from wii. In other words, it is easy to program for Wii U, and that makes cheaper. Expect many games from new studios, expect amazing games, with lots of creativity, indie games and big studios too.
        if nintendos reaches a vast installed base within one years, you will see an explosion of new player in the game market. Fez, super meat boy, braid, limbo and beyond.

        • silentbates

          its great to see a platform let indie developers make games easily. i love to make games and the easier it is the better πŸ™‚ the best thing is showing your creativity because making a game is like making art :)…sometimes it attracts some…strange; fellows

      • Joaquim

        I think the same way as you AZHood.

      • josh with the truth

        iv bean telling peps for a month that

  • Daemonrunner

    Given that developers are still learning about the hardware, being “at minimum” with current tech isn’t such a bad place to be. Add in the Wii U Gamepad potential, and it’s a solid start.

    Iawata stated that devs are only tapping into 50% of the Wii U’s potential, so this fits his early statements of being 50% more powerful than Xbox 360 – if you take this guys comments into literal context of being “at minimum” Xbox 360 quality right now.

    I think a lot of haters are going to be in for a huge disappointment when their brand’s new console are only going to be marginally better than the Wii U’s maximum potential.

    • Daemonrunner

      I mean, the competitors will eventually be significantly more powerful than the Wii U when they hit their max potential (just like the Wii U will eventually be significantly more powerful than current consoles); but, by then, Nintendo will be ready for a next endeavor – and thus the cycle continues.

      • Daemonrunner

        The thumbs down are disappointing. I am not bashing Nintendo or going all fanboy on the other systems, I am just embracing inevitability.

        Just because I say “significantly more powerful” doesn’t mean “blow out of the water” – that’s just not going to happen. We have reached a visual plateau where we are only going to see tweaks in lighting, shadows, draw distances, and sustained frame rates at higher resolutions.

        However, it will be inevitable that the competitors will use more improved technology to compete and, at the prime of their existence, will show an edge over the Wii U. Sony and Microsoft may take the risk of having a slightly higher price tag to add some extra “oomph”. However, this will be more noticeable on exclusives (such is the case with competition now between Xbox and PS3) than multi-platform games.

        Given Nintendo’s console life cycle (and when the competition is released), by the time these next consoles begin to reach their full potential, Nintendo may be ready to release their next big thing – and that’s not a bad thing.

        The Wii U gives them great ground to rebuild relationships with 3rd party developers, re-establish themselves as a system for the “core”, and a head start on the next best thing when the competition is just hitting their peak.

        I have owned every Nintendo system (except the Gameboy Color) and I am extremely excited for the Wii U!

        • silentbates

          no one cares whatcha bought!!!! u get the thumbs down u get one! no ones gonna murder you

        • Daryusp07

          The Xbox720 and the PS4 will be showcased during E3 2013. So they will be finished with around April. With that being said, the Xbox720 and Ps4 won’t be significantly more powerful than the WiiU. They might be even less powerful now that they’ve seen the WiiU’s gamepad. Microsoft and Sony are scratching their heads trying to come up with something better.

    • Alienfish

      Not to nitpick, but that would actually make it 100% more powerful.

    • ck1x

      well that’s not exactly what that means. If the 360 is being maxed out to achieve current level games and the WiiU is achieving this level and better with only %50 of the available horsepower. Then WiiU is probably anywhere between 2-3x the 360, maybe even 4x with all the new features in the GPU over the current gen.

  • AZHood

    TimeSplitters 4 or Homefront 2?

  • Trev

    Ummm this is concerning why won’t they make games for the wiiu ?

    • SanPharaoh

      He’s saying that in order for them to make games for the Wii U there has to be a way for CryTek to be able to evaluate the market. In doing so they would be able to better asses how much of a budget they can dedicate to the game (or games), how many resources they can dedicate to the game, and predict how much they may profit off of the game.

      With Sony and Microsoft they already know they are working with a combined total of about 100M people world wide. The Wii U, and forgive me for saying this, could be a fail, and if that’s the case they would have to do a great deal of restructuring, etc. to minimize the losses to a game that was “supposed” to be a hit that is now lost in the sea of could be would be titles.

      On the other hand, and this is what I’m hoping, the Wii U could be a great success and eclipse both Sony and Microsoft at launch. Now lets assume that they had a great game in development and that that game was greatly under budgeted with respect to the new success of the Wii U console they would then also have to restructure, redevelop, reallocate, and just plain ol’ redo everything so that they could do something epic for the new console that they can significantly capitalize on.

      But at this point CryTek believes that it is better to play it safe and just wait and see what the Wii U does in terms of sales, so that can better determine which direction to move in. They could also be working on a new gaming engine and want to be able to really boast what the Wii U can do, and need to get an idea of just how large the Wii U’s audience is before revealing it’s specs to the public.

      I could speculate all day, but the fact is…the Wii U can run one the most demanding engines on the market, and better than the competition…so again, I urge all those in doubt of the Wii U, to lay your worries to rest, and just wait for the leader of the next generation of gaming to come forth. Which will most likely be a gamers dream machine.

      • john

        dude cryteck is know making free to play games on pc it has nothing to do with your statement, and i found this out on their website.

        their only making pc games that’s there new business stragety, however their very impressed by the U

        • SanPharaoh

          You could be right…I too read up on their site and saw they have a new engine in development. And just so you know…”free-to-play” ain’t free to play and if the numbers don’t meet their expectations by the end of 4th quarter this “new strategy” (which has been done to death by developers for at least a decade now) will get canned and they will back on the console tit.

          Furthermore…never mind. Be easy.

        • Daemonrunner

          But the Nintendo is backing the free-to-play model with the Wii U – so it is an avenue for Crytek to consider sometime down the road.

  • Chupa-chup

    Glad to see a 3rd party step up and continually express their faith in the Wii U. It just shows how biased Epic Games is or how unrealistic they are with their expectations of next gen consoles.

  • Wii Uoops!

    This has nothing to do with the article, but I’m asking it on this page because its most recent and more people will see it. Everybody is speculating the Wii U price at $249.99, and then they jump to $299.99. Why not price it at, say, $274.99, right in the middle? Or is that not really allowed, kinda like how you wouldn’t price something at $3.00, you’d price it at $2.99?

    • Alienfish

      Or they could go for Walmart pricing and put it right at $288.88. Jokes aside, I like your point and think you might be onto something.

    • Freak From Outer Space

      Well, yes, for some reason, they think it will look like less money at $299 rather than $300, but I believe, if Nintendo are scaling back the graphics for price and people are saying things like this than you’d think it would be worth somewhere inbetween $299 and $250. But I’d forgive Nintendo for selling it at about $299 so they make some money.

  • Hafid

    β€œfrom my perspective the Wii U is minimum as powerful as Xbox 360β€³.

    YES !!!

  • Ed

    “β€œfrom my perspective the Wii U is minimum as powerful as Xbox 360β€³ is like saying “the new sports car is minimum as fast as a 2005 Nissan Sentra” that tell us nothing about it power, it just tells us that it’s not garbage, which we all kinda figured out already….

    Thou at least the CEO is not being negative about the Wii U, and we might get included on the next mulipt platform game.

    • Alienfish

      More like as fast in first gear.

  • swic11

    Well the graphics part is nice, but why isnt crysis 3 coming to Wii U then?

  • 3ds guy

    I think it will come to wii u jus proberly 6 months to a year down the line.I think he saying that wii u at its minimum power is as good as xbox 360. So at its most power i guess it will be as good as,well a wii u which will be amazing.

  • Chris

    Well that actually bad news if its only as strong as the xbox 360. It would have been good news if they said at it was on par with the PS3 at its early state, because the PS3’s GPU is way more powerful than the 360’s GPU.

    But, I’d take that comment with a grain of salt because I think the Wii U has more power behind it than the xbox 360

    • AwayToHit

      Its the other way around…the 360’s gpu is a little bit more powerful than the PS3 one in term of raw power but overall the PS3 is still a little bit more powerful due to it’s cpu and other shenanigans (which make it harder to develop for but when you do it right, its more powerful than a 360).

      Hopefully, the Wii U is as easy to develop for as the xbox but also much more powerful than both current gen consoles πŸ˜‰

  • SuperMonkeyBallforWiiU

    If the Wii U supports CryEngine 3 then I think Unreal engine 4 has a high possibility of also being supported!

  • ck1x

    Well not to mention that it wouldn’t be for Crytek to announce Crysis3 coming to WiiU it would be EA right? So we already know that EA stated that they fully plan on supporting the WiiU and they still have software that they’ve yet to unveil to the public.

  • Dustin

    The fact that CryTek are not working on a Wii U game speaks to their confidence in the longevity of the system. Yerli’s comment on the Wii U’s power compared to the 360 sounds like a rib on the system’s short sighted hardware design.

    The system doesn’t feel like a system– it feels like Nintendo is selling an interface that will work with a system that they havn’t shown us yet.

  • Neonridr

    Also, you have to take into account what he is saying. He said there studio is not working on a Wii U game, but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t hand the game off to another company to do the port of Crysis 3 down the road. Kinda like how WB Montreal is doing Arkham City instead of Rocksteady.

    • LordiMcKill

      Plus he also said that a game is being developed by a “respected devloper” so maybe that game is a test of what CryEngine 3 can do on the console and develop a game later when they understand it more.

  • Slacker

    what daus that mean when compare the Xbox to the PS3 you find out that CPU in the PS3 1cell proseser with speds ro speads witch means miney proseser that feed off the main one not a real 7cor the Xbox is a 3cor power6 cmopear you will find out like i did the Xbox CPU is stronger .
    now the GPUs cant doo aney more thay don’t make them any more but the xbox is stronger

  • Slacker

    all means Wii U will be mutch stronger it has a 6770 and a power7 CPU . leak by me

    • AwayToHit


  • iprino

    I think this is encouraging and I think this shows that there is enough power to make people happy. Devs will get better with Wii U and put out some really amazing stuff! I still say that UE 4 is going to happen.

  • Your mom

    Sorry if I sound stupid when I say this but what is cry engine 3?

    • Neonridr

      Cry Engine 3 is the newest game engine developed by Crytek. Just like Battlefield uses the Frostbite 2 engine, or Rage uses the idTech5 engine, or CoD still uses a modified Unreal 3 Engine. It’s a thing that games are designed around. Newer engines allow more poly’s to be displayed, better resolutions, cleaner textures, faster processing, etc. So the fact that the Wii U can run the Cry Engine 3 this early in development is a VERY good sign of things to come.

      • Wolf

        *Quake III, fixed that for you. CoD’s engine is 13 years old, Unreal 3 debuted with Gears of War in the mid 2000’s. But other than that little hiccup, everything else you said is perfectly correct.

        CryEngine 3 is really quite an amazing engine. At it’s best, it STILL looks better than Frostbite 2. Crytek have some serious talent.

        • Your mom


  • Paul

    great news but crysis 2 was so rubbish so wont bother with it on my ps3

  • alex

    i dont know what to belive any more…the only thing i know is that i will buy this christmas a ps3 for $200 so i can play crysis 3…resident evil 6…tom riders …final fantasy…uncharted…infamus and all those games that i miss cuse the wii and other than are not coming to wii u and next christmas if nintendo wii u offers somthing more than zombiu wich for now is the only game that got me i will buy a wii u…pikmin 3 look good but for me is not a game to make me buy the wii u day one and batman is in ps3 and also dark siders…where is mario? no the 2d..the 3d? weere is zelda? where is metroid? i will not buy a wii u and wait a year to get those games when right now i can get good games on a ps3 dont get me wrong i love nintendo since 1985 but i think what they show at e3 is not good or exited to make me jump from my bed and make me run i buy the wii u day one like i did with the other nintendo consoles from the past (yes i have them all from the ness to the wii) also nintendo need a team like retro to creat more M games i love mario and zelda but is time to create somthing more mature for your fans that are not kids anymore like me a thousend like me that i following nintendio since the nes era we are adult not kids anymore and nintendo land and sing not a reason for buy a wii u day one

  • john

    Great so yerli states the Xbox 360 maximum performance is the WiiU minimum performance that sounds like longevity to me!

    • Xavier

      There are some attention-grabbing potins in time on this article however I done28099t know if I see all of them middle to heart. There’s some validity but I will take maintain opinion till I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want extra! Added to FeedBurner as effectively

  • loko

    platonic love πŸ™‚

  • MarioCraft

    The simple question is…Would you rather have minecraft looking realistic with a texture pack(im talking about the 720)added.or would you rather play super smash brothers with 1 other person(assuming your friends dont want to use a crappy wiimote)
    who will win β€’β€’/