Dec 9th, 2013

cranky kong


Marking his (and Nintendo’s) first ever appearance at the Spike VGX awards, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed earlier rumors that Cranky Kong would be a playable character in the upcoming Wii U title.

While fans were pleased to see Nintendo make its premier appearance at the annual awards show, the character reveal was generally perceived as underwhelming. Much excitement had originally been built up after news that the company would be presenting a new look at a previously announced Wii U title. However, doubts that Nintendo would show much more than a new character began to grow during the week leading up to the 2013 VGX awards.

Is Nintendo hiding something else up its ever-secretive sleeve? For those of you that didn’t have time to catch the show, there was a bit of an awkward moment when VGX host Geoff Keighley asked Reggie if he didn’t have something else to reveal… Regardless of the executive’s answer (it was no), the announcement 0f Cranky Kong as a fully-playable character is exciting for fans looking forward to picking up the game on February 21st.

Let us know what you think about Nintendo’s announcement and presence at the VGX awards!


  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    I had thought this game was supposed to come out in December? Did they push back yet another game…plus one that was supposed to be for this holiday season???

    • Originally it was supposed to but they announced during a recent Nintendo Direct that they were pushing it back to February.

      • Jeffrey Debris

        It makes sense to push this title back. Otherwise they’d be competing with themselves between Super Mario 3D World and DKC:Tropical Freeze…

        • RyuNoHadouken

          bad move by Nintendo…the competition has lackluster launch titles…this would be the perfect time to assault retailers with first party content…too many AAA games coming out in January and February

          • Leo

            Nintendo already have plenty of AAA games released throughout the year for the people who haven’t buy a WiiU yet.

  • Ony

    When DK is over, METROID PLS o/

    • Jon

      when is “Watch VGX today to catch a special appearance by Reggie! He’ll be there giving updates on a previously announced Wii U game.” meaning announcement of new game?

      People got excited for their own assumptions. This is why people say not to assume things.

      • PS4/WiiU

        People were thinking zelda, super smash, mario kart, bayonneta 2, x etc. Which are all previously announced games. Although the people who though metroid are……….

        • Ony

          I didn’t even know what VGX was :DDD
          I just want Retro to go on Metroid.

          • PS4/WiiU


        • Jon

          Zelda wasn’t really officially announced though…. they just said they are doing it and will have more at E3. There has been no footage or anything.

          • PS4/WiiU

            True, that was what I said to people before VGX but noooo. They said e3 2014 so why would they talk about it at vgx?

  • linxz

    i was hoping for something. they pretty much gave everyone a big nothing.

  • incoherent1

    Regardless of how your feel about the announcement, the hosts were TERRIBLE during this portion.

    They clearly didn’t decide who was going to introduce Retro (and, in the end, they didn’t really give him an introduction and just rudely rushed him along), then were completely disorganized after the reveal and acted completely unprofessionally: harassing Reggie, going off topic, and ignoring the Retro representative.

    Thankfully I didn’t watch the rest of the show, but hopefully it wasn’t as bad as their performance in this portion.

    (And no, I’m not being a fanboy because I was underwhelmed by the news too)

    • Sam Wagner

      SO AWKWARD. I couldn’t agree more.

    • Eddie Garland

      yeah, Joel McHale pretty much ruined the entire show. It was painful to watch.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        The only one doing it worse was Reggie.

    • Jack5221

      The show was terrible. Im not at all upset about the announcement. That show was god awful, Im actually kind of glad Nintendo didn’t show something big like Zelda.

    • tronic307

      The hosts were over the top snarky, but the show is for dudebros who like that sort of cringe anyways. This clip was the most noteworthy thing to come from the VGX. Nintendo Cranky Kong’d the whole internet.

      • Nathan Verbois

        As much as I LOVE DKC and Cranky Kong, I’d have to disagree with you on that last point. The No Man’s Sky reveal was amazing, especially considering it’s made by the guys who make Joe Danger (that’s 4 people).

        Maybe it’ll come to Wii U.

  • Schultz38

    Crummy announcement.

    They needed a title that would create (more of) a buzz centered around the WiiU just in time for the Holiday. Instead Nintendo has become the laughing stock of the video game industry.

    I keep feeling really defensive for them and going to defend them. Then I remember the “Cool new look” they showed us at VGX.

    • Schultz38

      And don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for DK. I think Cranky being a playable character is cool.

      But this was NOT the time to announce that. Especially when they had such a spot light. Most of the video game world was looking at them.

      • Jon

        and yet they told us that it was going to be something announced about a game we already know about. VGX isn’t really that big of an event anyway.

        • Schultz38

          There are plenty of WiiU titles that we already know about that they could of given more information on other than DK. The problem isn’t the size of the event, it’s the fact that they had the spot light, and…well…lost it.

          • Jon

            as did everyone else….. did you watch the whole VGX thing? It was pretty much crap everywhere. Honestly, DK makes sense when you look at it. It is the next big game that is being released.

          • Schultz38

            Admittedly I have not.

            All I’m saying is that Nintendo now has (another) lost opportunity. And it makes me sad ’cause I love ’em. ):

          • Jon

            Well, it more depends on how you look at it. People were expecting Zelda or Metroid (and a few others) for some strange reason even though they were told it would be an announcement on a previously announced game. Now that they didn’t get it, they call it a waste and then you have others go on about other games like X or Bayonetta… but those are kind of a niche market and are not being released for a long time. So would you rather something that about their next big game, or something that won’t be out for like another year. Really the only other game I can think of where it would have made sense to show more info would have been Mario kart and possibly smash… but face it, smash is a long ways away and Mario Kart…. I doubt would have been big with the VGX.

          • Schultz38

            I think therein lies part of the issue here.

            The fact that Nintendo doesn’t have more AAA 1st party titles coming out in the next few months is a shame.
            I was not expecting information on Zelda or Metroid. I thought both of those ideas were farfetched. I was crossing my fingers for a Smash trailer, but realistically assumed it’d be Mario Kart. However, like you said, both of those games are 3+ months away (Smash likely being upwards of 10-12). So, like I said, that itself is a huge issue. Nintendo doesn’t have any other big titles planned other than DK in the near future. Apparently DK is their only big 1st party WiiU title being released between now and February which I see as an issue.

            I’ve already said it but I’ll say it again. Nintendo has now lost opportunity that they’ll never get back.

          • fireheartis1

            Dude they are showing of games that are coming now or a little later from now. Hence they showed DK because it’s the closed game on the horizon. Nintendo is showing people look we have games now that you can play. I’m sorry but everyone getting but hurt is just plain stupid period.

          • Schultz38

            I’m not butt hurt. I have plenty of games to play on my WiiU.

            That doesn’t negate the fact that Nintendo needs more games (for the WiiU). Especially for the generally audience. I’m a diehard Nintendo fan. The WiiU is hurting not because they aren’t appealing to fans, but because they aren’t appealing to the general audience. At least that’s how I’ve observed it is here in America.

            Like I said, and I’ll say it AGAIN. I feel bad for Nintendo because of LOST opportunity with VGX. NOT because I don’t like the announcement. I just feel it was a BAD time to announce the given information.

        • greengecko007

          It’s big enough for many people to call it the Winter E3. I agree that announcing Cranky Kong at the VGX was a mistake. This is primarily because the VGX audience doesn’t care. A simple new trailer for Super Smash Bros. or project X would have been much better, and I fully believe Nintendo has made enough progress with those games to put together another trailer. Secondly, Cranky Kong was already practically confirmed a week earlier.

          • Jon

            I’ve….never heard it called that… especially when it is only with spike, and it is roughly 3 hours long. There are much bigger events

          • greengecko007

            Just because you haven’t heard it called that, doesn’t mean it isn’t. Likewise, just because you aren’t interested in something, doesn’t mean many are aren’t. VGX is a looked forward to event every year by a lot of people, even if you personally don’t care about it.

            I don’t care at all about professional football, but I’m not ignorant enough to say that the Super Bowl isn’t a big deal.

          • Jon

            If it was called the “Winter E3” I would have heard that term used for this. This is not the only site I used to get information for Nintendo and other video game related news. This is the first and ONLY place I have ever seen that term used out of 11 different sites to describe an event that only last a few hours. There is almost never any big announcements ever done at their either and I have watched it a few times. I wasn’t going to watch it this year because there is usually never anything that exciting. What brought me back to it this year was Nintendo which is something you wouldn’t expect to see.

          • fireheartis1

            What are you talking about I have never heard it called the Winter E3. Dude that was all made up in your own head or something.

          • greengecko007

            It is what fans of the show often call it, and they make a big deal out of it. I don’t care about it, and you don’t care about it, but that doesn’t mean other people don’t care about it.

            I’m not asking you to believe me that it’s called the Winter E3, but my point still stands that it was not an audience that cared about Donkey Kong.

  • Jon

    Oh great, here comes a bunch of more whining from people about something that was totally blown out of proportion and over hyped due to people making assumptions about the announcement.

  • Josiah Parsons

    Cranky is like Scrooge mcDuck from DuckTales!
    I mean, like, Exactly!
    Except he isn’t a duck, and he doesn’t have a top hat, or a coat, and he has a beard.
    But whatever. Identical, I tell you!

  • Fboogey

    Fellow Nintendo Fans. This isnt really related to Donkey Kond but I just want to remind all the people talking it up on this site to go out and buy third party games on Nintendo! That’s whaty Nintendo needs to help them. Not just First party. If we want Nintendo to get better third party support then obviously we have to buy the third party games. That means Assassin’s Creed 4 and Watch Dogs on Nintendo. Let’s do this people! and tell your friends to do it too

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Absolutely, most of my Wii U games are 3rd party , I recently got Ghosts for Wii U and I’ll be getting Watch Dogs ASAP. I’ve tried getting people to buy more Wii U games (not just 2rd party) but the main problem is Nintendo.
      I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. 3rd party games like CoD and AC4 are driving sales of XBO and PS4, since they’re on Wii U, why doesn’t Nintendo advertise them for Wii U? If they did an ad showing of Wii U games this holiday and people could see that CoD, Lego, AC4 and Mario were playable on the same system (not to forget, X, B2, SSB) for $100 less than a PS4 then Wii U sale would skyrocket. Even if Nintendo fans generally aren’t interested in CoD, non-gamers looking to buy a new console this Christmas would go crazy for it (like they are for XBO and PS4)

      • Fboogey

        Definitely agree

    • fireheartis1

      Dude I just bought Sonic Lost World and AC4. I’m waiting for Watch Dogs next year as well. That game looks freaking awesome. That being said unfortunately I can’t buy games all the time like some people can. I can’t go out at the launch of a game and buy it. Sometimes I have too wait for a price cut in order to buy a game. It’s just the sacrifice some of us have to make. Not only Nintendo fans but Microsoft and Sony fans as well. 3rd party developers don’t care about us though do they lol.

      • Fboogey

        Great let’s Keep it up.

  • Brandon Gardner

    Regardless Nintendo should have announced Cranky Kong in a Nintendo Direct…. This was their chance to create hype for the Wii U and reasons why people should buy it…. They could have showed a “sneak peek” of what’s to come in 2014 or like a trailer of the future games… Don’t get me wrong this game looks amazing but this announcement was weak… Especially where they had us thinking something “big” was about to be announced

    • Leo

      They never had us thinking something “big” was about to be announced, this was purely internet speculation. They clearly said they would present “a new look of an already announced game”.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        It was only logical to think it would be a big announcement. Nintendo never does VGX so why now? maybe they’re trying to attract a new audience to Wii U with a more grown-up new game. But no, Nintendo went there to tell people with no interest in E-Rated games that there’s a new character in DKCTF, even Nintendo fans don’t really care – and we knew about Cranky anyway.
        A new character wasn’t particularly noteworthy, and I wouldn’t call it a new look at a game, it’s the same old platforming (nothing wrong with that) but with a new character. A new look at a game would be something we haven’t seen before like a a story reveal for X, actual Gameplay from SMT X Fire Emblem.

        • Leo

          In my opinion Reggie should have used better words to describe what he would show, but Reggie is a businessman and quite frankly his head was totally on the behind the scenes conversations he would have with people of the industry. This “announcement” wasn’t really the purpose of why he was there.

  • wober2

    Overblown assumptions were overblown, but this was nintendo’s chance to make a case to the core audience before the holidays. I dont see why they thought people were interested in hearing about cranky. I rather be surprised when unlocked anyways…

  • Andrew Chambers

    I’m just hoping that they announce something awesome in a Direct before Christmas. It would defiantly be a sign of passive disrespect toward the VGX. That would be the only way Nintendo would show their lack of support for something.

  • CaesarGood

    How does everyone talk about how Nintendo needs more advertisement and needs to put more stuff out there, then when they do y’all complain and say that was not worth the VGXs?? The Game is getting ready to come out so why not give it a promotion at that time. It must be because DK is more hip and brown like a black guy…

  • Nintendoplaystation

    Hey look DK is their next big release so they gonna show it and it gives retro some exposure they deserve. Retro are going to make more wii u games and the next one will be big, mark my words. But what reggie should have done is near the end, show a short trailer of unseen footage of x or bayonetta 2. He probably wanted to show something els, iwata is the problem not reggie, reggie was under orders and wants to keep his job.

  • I am impressed with how professional Reggie remained in the presence of such unprofessional and buffoonish hosts

    • Magnus Eriksson

      One of the guys was a bit annoying. Such a nobody being high on himself.

      • The one that wasn’t Geoff was annoying

    • MujuraNoKamen

      They were complete douches.
      Still, makes me wonder what it would be like if Reggie shut them up by actually announcing something of consequence like X or Zelda.

      • Lord Carlisle

        Then their jaws would hang agape in awe, and the Nintendo fans would rejoice, solidifying the fact that Reggie’s body is and always will be ready.

        Though making a huge announcement at that show may not have benefited Nintendo. Probably better to wait until e3.

        • MujuraNoKamen

          It would have done. They’d have poved that Nintendo isn’t all kids games, which would have gotten some of VGX audience interested in Wii U. Even if it wouldn’t have been a huge success like the Twilight Princess announcement it wouldn’t have hurt them like the Cranky announcement has.

  • Mario

    So when the game is out, people will be able to play as the original Donkey Kong. Interesting.

  • Alanistic

    Pogo cane bounce? Isn’t that Duck Tales?

    Those two presenters were clearly having a bash at Nintendo, “So you’re gonna kick their ass…” and “So how much money have you made?”

  • Lil J Moore

    This was a award show?

  • classicgamer20

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I’ve always wanted to play as cranky kong ever since I saw him in donkey kong country

  • Wildman

    I sure hope Nintendo is hiding something big up its sleeve. They are acting mighty sly right now. I’m interested to see what cards they play. I know they have a good hand when they put down all these low cards. Smack an Ace on that table Nintendo!! I’ll give you all my poker chips.

  • therealruben1

    Sadly,this was the best part of the VGX

  • HypocritesRROD

    All Nintendo news are supposed to be on Nintendo Direct only. But that genius, geoff keighley, convinced reggie to announce cranky kong at their crappy show. Then he hype the fans with Zelda twitts. Keighley is responsible for this.

    I’m not angry at Nintendo at all. I’m happy with my Wii U.

  • Skelterz

    Nintendo do this all the time they’ll announce something silly that no1 is to fussed about then drop a bombshell like earthbound i mean ive never played it but i know the response was highly positive i woulden’t be surprised if they game out and was like oh were in the process of reworking textures and remaking majoras mask from the ground up alongside our new zelda game for wii u..