Jun 7th, 2015


It usually doesn’t take long before someone counterfeits popular items for a quick profit. But it took longer for counterfeiters to forge Nintendo’s Amiibo figures, mainly because of the added complexity of having the NFC technology.

But they’re finally here: counterfeit Amiibos have been spotted in the wild at various online stores (we won’t link to them here). The counterfeit Amiibos appear very close to the authentic Nintendo creations, but upon closer inspection, there are clear differences between the real ones and the fake ones.

Right now, a 4-pack of counterfeit Amiibos, including Mario, Link , Pikachu, and Samus, can be purchased online for about $24 — half the price of the authentic ones.

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These counterfeit Amiibos have reportedly also been spotted in Brazil. Which isn’t a huge surprise, since a single Amiibo retails for $50 in the country.

Here’s a comparison between the real and counterfeit Amiibos. The most obvious difference is that the counterfeit figures have less detail and appear to be of lower quality.





Via NintendoInquirer

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