Jul 18th, 2014


Earlier this week Japanese magazine CoroCoro hinted that it would be revealing the final Super Smash Bros. line up for the upcoming Wii U game. The publication has clarified that statement to mean they’re showcasing stages and characters that have already been revealed by creator Masahiro Sakurai, rather than any characters that have not been announced.

For those who were hoping to see some unexpected characters in this article, it looks like you’ll have to wait until Sakurai is ready to reveal them himself, as CoroCoro is only focusing on already released content.

With Captain Falcon, Robin, and Lucina joining the roster from the announcement earlier this week, many were hoping Chrom would appear in this article. Yesterday Sakurai detailed why he chose to include Robin and Lucina over Chrom in the roster, stating that Chrom by himself doesn’t bring enough variety in his skills to make a good addition to the roster.

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  • CEObrainz

    I thought this would be the case, hardly anything slips out without Sakurai approving…

  • Gideon

    Maybe they meant all chars that are reveiled then, which means that there will be some chars reveiled untill the corocoro or something comes out

  • ActivesiN

    good, I didn’t want some newspaper revealing everything, I like how Sakurai takes his time and spreads out all the info

  • smbmaster99

    They did this back when Brawl was in development.Not surprised, but it’s still a shame, especially for those looking forward to it.

  • J_Joestar

    thats good, revealing everything in one shot would have been good to generate short term hype, but would leave a lot of cooling off before the actual games came out.

  • Kyle

    I really wanted Isaac to join the roster, but I guess I’ll have to make a mii fighter for him :/

  • majora :D

    Saw it coming a mile away

  • Henry Hotspur

    I said it in the last thread, and I’ll say it here;

    Nintendo will be doing the character presentations themselves until the game actually launches. I don’t care how much CoroCoro associates itself with Pokemon, I knew they wouldn’t be the ones to just randomly reveal everyone else.

  • Madmagican

    Saw that coming

  • 00EpicGamer00

    “They’re showcasing stages and characters that have already been revealed by creator Masahiro Sakurai, rather than any characters that have not been announced.”

  • Epicstuf

    Thank god.

  • Shota

    yep corocoro doesn’t announce new things from games like smashbros. only pokemon and a few others. if it where to be revealed on magazine than that would be on famitsu by sakurai himself( which won’t happen ofcourse)

  • LevenThumps

    I expected this, and I’m glad that they’re not showing all the characters. I’d like some secrets going in.

  • Logan Wayman

    Well, crap! I was expecting Wario, Meta Knight and Mr. Game and Watch!

  • Sheik

    They need to add Toon Zelda/Tetra, Toon Ganondorf, Girahim, Impa and many more from the Zelda series, I hope they will add one or two of these

  • PrincessKairi

    I’ll just be glad once this game is finally out! The constant updates and reveals became old a long time ago for me

  • Enoch Ashan Devendran
  • FatMasterBass

    Is anyone honestly surprised?