Feb 24th, 2014


The console wars of today’s internet forums and message boards have nothing on the early 90s war between the Nintendo SNES and Sega’s Genesis console. Tribes of school children would point and laugh at you for owning the Genesis, while older gamers turned their nose up at the poor performance of some games on the Super Nintendo. It’s a war that’s still fought to this very day and now, it’s going to be watchable.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are working to turn Blake Harris’s book, Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo and the Battle that Defined a Generation into a full fledged movie. The book isn’t released just yet, but Sony has already acquired the rights to the movie that will be made from the book. If you’re interested in pre-ordering the book from Amazon, you can do so here. Amazon is listing the book with a release date of May 14, 2014.

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  • nintendope

    Sony bought the rights to the movie? If Nintendo loses according to the movie that would be very suspicious..

    • nintendope

      Unite Nintendo Haters from the 90’s to the Nintendo haters of the 2010’s, not such a bad idea.

    • Nicolas Dorion

      Nintendo won the 16-bit war, but Playstation won the 32-64 bit war (3D era), regardless of how much you guys hate to admit it. (102 millions vs 32,9 millions)

  • SilentBates

    that awkward moment when sony owns the rights to the movie…

    • Kevin Frei

      Indeed, I wonder how it will affect the portrayal of their rivals 0_o

    • Nintenjoe82

      It will probably finish with everyone hating the Sega vs Nintendo console war so much that they decide to go with Sony.

    • Ducked

      On the last page of the book, it will say reguardless of the war, PlayStation and PlayStation 2 dominated the 5th and 6th generation.

      • Relick

        It was not regardless of the war though. Had SEGA still been on the scene then it could have been different – as well as the fact that Nintendo certainly didn’t make it easy for themselves against the new competition.

        • Arthur Jarret

          But Sega was still on the scene.
          Saturn during the PS1 era
          and Dreamcast during the PS2 era.

          • Nicolas Dorion

            the two flops that killed sega

    • Rinslowe

      Exactly, lol…


      I hope they represent both sides equally objectively. If not, we’ll know the difference…


    • ETMew2348

      that made me laugh so hard ._.

  • harelsen

    funny how the super nintendo had the better version of doom, dat sound ^^

  • harelsen

    i find it weird that they connected the nes and genesis controller together…

    it should really be snes and genesis. or! they should have connected the sega master system to the nes πŸ˜›

    who owned a sega master system? xD

  • ScrewAttack

    Not really a topic I’d think worthy of a movie, but I guess there’s worse out there. Sony own the rights? Crazy.

  • Sam

    Well, I have a feeling that they’ll slam Nintendo a few times.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Seeing that Sony has given the Wii U better marketing than Nintendo has done so far – stating they like the console, the company – the president of Sony even stating he owns two, I don’t think they’ll slam Nintendo.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    Now, now, Sony – don’t you go around causing a real Console Wars 1 on us.

  • LJay

    Owned by sony,sheesh this gonna be a real disaster,Nintendo better ready the damage controllers now.

  • Squid

    Why do I feel there will be a surprise trailer at the beginning/end of this movie?

  • Squid

    Guys, please understand that though Sony is a rival company for Nintendo they do not express any hate, I will bring up a example where some Sony executive (or something) praised Nintendo and said that the new Mario game was very good.

  • Shota

    for me it console war doesn’t matter. i take all consoles because of the good and exclusive games

  • palomino blue

    Seth Rogan and James Franco are going to show us how to make a bong out of an old SNES and then play Sega games.

  • Will W

    Is this, like, “FanBoys 2”?

  • Mario

    1.Sony has the rights to a movie based on a book that tells the beginning of the console wars between Nintendo and Sega? Um… What? 2. A movie about that? …Interesting.

  • Carlos Webster

    You know, I have two thoughts. 1. THIS LOOKS LIKE AN AWESOME MOVIE! and 2. since Sony is the developer of the movie, it’s essentially involving the three combatants of generation 5.


    Oh god, please stop with the console wars BS! It’s pure propaganda. Only zealous fanboys dive into that tripe. I’ve learn that years ago that they make up this fake war to boost sales. This crap is whats dividing the community

    • SP-937-215

      No man, it’s real! And George R.R. Martin knows the key to winning the war.

      • Blue Hernandez

        The pizza is on its way, really it’s gonna happen.

        • SP-937-215

          They’re gonna be awesome.

  • Deadpool U

    Spoiler Alert! Nintendo wins!

    • Mario

      Aaww! You spoiled the ending!

    • kevinxDxD

      To be honest I love Nintendo but the fact that Sony owns the rights of this movie may give a plot twist in the ending.

    • SP-937-215

      Or not. Sega is publishing games on 8 or so different platforms right now, while Nintendo is clumsily stumbling along with two platforms, trying to convince everyone that the Wii U is not an add-on to the Wii. Plus, what is the greatest system ever built? The Dreamcast!

      • Deadpool U

        You are proof that humanity’s intelligence is steadily decreasing.

        • Relick

          “Historians of the 21st century will look back with well-placed scorn on the shallow-minded days of the early 20th century when football games and petting parties were considered the most important elements of a college education.”
          Mary Eileen Ahern

          It’s as dumb as it has ever been πŸ˜€

        • Arthur Jarret

          It is able to decrease further???
          Humanity never ceases to amaze me.

  • wiimenonowiiu

    This could be a good sell for the wii u get all your sega and nes games on one console lol

    • SP-937-215

      Lol, somehow I doubt Sony will let that slip in. But I wonder if they’ll put in a tidbit about that fabled SNES CD-ROM add-on (you know, the R&D scraps that became Playstation One and pwned the N64 into oblivion).

  • Capt. Smoker

    Still don’t find Seth Rogen funny

    • Blue Hernandez

      Did you see him in 40 year old virgin?

      • Capt. Smoker

        I can’t remember him in that, that was a funny film though, he was a little funny in superbad, but only because he called the nerdy guy mclovin lol

  • companyoflosers

    better be careful sony. something tells me a lawsuit could find its way to you for making either side look too bad.

  • Nathan C.

    “It’s a war that’s still fought to this very day” How so?

    • leo

      because people still bicker about it in youtube comment sections

  • SP-937-215

    I was excited until… Seth Rogen. Fml.

  • Donaald
    • ETMew2348

      this should be the exact movie but just stretch it like another 2 hours

  • Roman

    The Dreamcast was like Rob Stark, a bad ass on the rise facing against great odds. Glimmers of hope amidst dark storm clouds. And then, ultimately stabbed in the back an asshole “ally”. Both situations still bring me a man tear.

    Dreamcast BONZAI!!!

    P.S. I can imagine a “Reynes of Castamere” for the PS2 and Dreamcast:
    “And who are you, the proud system said, that I most bow so low?
    Only a console with a different shell, that’s all the truth I know…”

  • lol at Sony making a movie based on Nintendo and Sega

  • Relick

    I think talking about all the different regions is going to be difficult, because in the UK the Genesis won hands down so to watch a documentary which concludes with ‘Nintendo won’ will be confusing for the gamers who experienced the war.

    In addition it’ll probably talk about the video game crash like it happened everywhere in the world. It’ll be really interesting to see if this book is American focused or actually looks at different regions.

    • Arthur Jarret

      I think they will think of ‘regions’ as the actual regions on which sale data was based. So: EU, JPN, US and ‘other’.

      UK is just a small number part of EUs number – and on the mainland the SNES was a bit more popular (as far as I know – I was like… 8 at the time)

      • Relick

        The UK is a quarter of the EU gaming market and the 3rd largest single gaming market in the world (behind the big 2, obviously).

        Besides, lets take a look at the sales data. Vgchartz says that Genesis won in Europe by a very small margin (8.39m to 8.15m) however we all know they are inaccurate so I searched out some better sources.

        Genesis source: http://www.mega-drive.net/history.htm
        SNES source: http://www.webcitation.org/5nXieXX2B

        Just a brief look at the figures suggests SNES beat Genesis with 8.58m to 6.9m however the SNES figures also include regions outside of Europe. Adding the ‘other regions’ to the Genesis figure brings it up to 10.4m which is about 2m larger than the SNES figure.

        Obviously I should not misrepresent the ‘Europe + other’ number as being a good comparison of Europe alone however since the Vgchartz numbers also suggests a Genesis victory my conclusion is that the Genesis was the winner in Europe overall.

        The mega-drive.net source shows that the SNES did do better on the continent than the UK but the UK’s large market swinged things (2.1m out of 6.9m European MegaDrives were UK).

        The console wars battle is very different in Japan, US and Europe so it will be necessary to look at all 3 (and others such as Brazil).

        It all really depends on what is in the book though.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Drat, I had a lenghty answer – changed tab to fact check and lost my comment because my wii u reloaded the page… I hope you don’t mind if I won’t repeat it. Anyway, thanks for this bounty of interesting data.

          • Relick

            Hehe no problem.

  • LordiMcKill

    Well at least we know how this movie will end… at the Olympic Games.

    On a side note they should have shots of Mario and Sonic kicking each others ass in Smash Bros.

  • Jason Matias

    You should all just read every post out loud, and listen how stupid this whole discussion is!! First of all its just a movie, ya’ll digging too deep like its going to be nominated for an oscar, look at who is goig to turn the book into a movie, seth rogan! Meaning it is going to be 90 minutes of seth high of his mind playing mario, and probably james franco just as high playing sonic, at the end of the day they run out of munchies and go buy food…….THE END!! LoL

    • Jason Matias

      Needless to say its gonna be funny as hell and i will definitely illegally download it and watch it LoL

  • J_Joestar
  • Blue Hernandez

    The Dreamcast will forever hold a special space in my heart. I have no hard feelings towards Nintendo since I believe Sony was the douch who murdered my love. I’m an owner of a murdered console, I’m a man deprived of Sega hardware, and I shall have my vengence, in this life or the next.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog


  • Dark-Link73

    Ugh, since Seth Rogen is involved let’s hope he doesn’t ruin this like he did The Green Hornet. Wait! he’s already fucking this up! He has a Genesis and NES controllers on the art poster as suppose to a SNES controller! Good grief!!! πŸ™