Jul 11th, 2015


After many days of intense rumors, Nintendo has finally announced (via Twitter) that they are bringing Devil’s Third to the Wii U. The company posted a tweet saying they are excited to bring the game to the Wii U and will share more details soon.

Earlier this week the company revealed that they would not be publishing Devil’s Third in the West on the Wii U, which made many gamers wonder if the game will be released at all in Europe and the US.

Now Nintendo of America has confirmed that it will be released, but didn’t reveal whether another publisher will be doing the job — or which publisher it will be. We’ll have to wait and see about that one.

Here’s Nintendo of America’s tweet about Devil’s Third:

Created by Tomonobu Itagaki, Devil’s Third is an action hack-and-slash game, and has been in development since 2009 after he wrapped up work on Ninja Gaiden. Devil’s Third is a Wii U exclusive title.

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