Dec 2nd, 2012

Wii U eShopNintendo has released the complete list of Wii U eShop items for the UK. The Wii U launched yesterday in Europe with two dozen retail games and 5 downloadable indie titles. Here’s the full breakdown of all the downloadable games, indie titles, demos, videos, and applications available on the eShop in the UK at the moment (and including their pricing as well):

Full game downloads:

  • Assassin’s Creed 3 – £54.99
  • Ben 10 Omniverse – £35.99
  • Darksiders 2 – £49.99
  • Family Party 30 Great Games: Obstacle Arcade – £27.99
  • FIFA 13 – £49.99
  • Just Dance 4 – £39.99
  • New Super Mario Bros. U – £49.99
  • Nintendo Land – £49.99
  • Rabbids Land – £39.99
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – £39.99
  • Sports Connection – £39.99
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition – £37.49
  • Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper – £49.99
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 – £39.99
  • ZombiU – £54.99

Nintendo eShop Exclusives

  • Chasing Aurora – £10.79
  • Little Inferno – £12.99
  • Nano Assault Neo – £8.99
  • Puddle – £7.19
  • Trine 2: Director’s Cut – £10.99


  • Netflix – Free
  • Uplay – Free
  • YouTube – Free


  • FIFA 13


  • Chasing Aurora – Release Trailer
  • FIFA 13 – Trailer
  • Funky Barn – Gameplay Trailer
  • Little Inferno – Trailer 1
  • Little Inferno – Trailer 2
  • Nano Assault Neo – Video
  • New Super Mario Bros. U – Trailer
  • Puddle – Developer Interview
  • Puddle – Video
  • Toki Tori 2 – Video
  • Trine 2 Director’s Cut – Video


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  • Laud

    They get a demo? I WANT A DEMO

  • Getting my Wii U this week… Is virtual console in eShop?

    • I think it has to be accessed through Wii Mode, so you’ll need your wiimote and stuff.

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    Those full games are kinda overpriced…

    • Yeah man, the games are available in the convenience of your own home, so they charge you a bit more because they think like, you don’t need to go anywhere else to get the games, it can be worth it if you live far away from a game store, so you don’t have to take the car for example which costs money to drive, they also charge you a bit more for the bandwidth you use from their servers, the list can be made longer, it’s just a few examples, what ever dude.

      • Mickey Mouse

        It’s very simple, you get them delivered online. Why do people have an affliction to ordering online? I live far away from the nearest game store, and get them cheaper online than the download copy.

        • Like I said, they probably charge you a bit more because of the bandwidth usage when you download a copy. In my country ordering a game plus the shipping would cost a little more than get the game off the eshop.

          • ronin93

            They aren’t charging just a bit more – £55 compared to £35 is over 50% more. I can’t understand why anybody would pay that!!

    • DarkYoshi

      Pricey, yes, but as Haliinen says, you don’t have to go anywhere.
      BUT, with a disc you can play the games anywhere. Should your Wii U die, and you have alot of retail games bought, then
      your games are lost. I hope Nintendo will do something with that.

      • Shouldn’t be that much of an issue if you store the game on a USB HDD.

        • USB drives are linked to a specific console once you’ve formatted them (just like your NintendoID), so that doesn’t help much either….

  • ObiBoing

    Though the game doesn’t appeal to me I want demos on my Wii U too >:T

  • Johny

    yeah.. those full games are pretty pricey ._. 

    well… a digital copy has its good and bad sides… 
    good: you cant “break” the disc (game), you dont have to go to a store etc. … its good expecially if you live far from nearest store with wii u stuff (which is very common for alot of people) or you cant order it online (again… country issues)
    bad: i assume you cant play that game you downloaded on your wii u on some other wii u (if you have a disc, you just carry it to some other system and play) … maybe nintendo will do something about it with those Nintendo network ID’s  (even tho they said you cant log in with your account on some other wii u … its kinda tied to the wii u you created it on… which kinda sux… i hope they change that)
    and well… its nice to have a physical game on your shelf xD .. looks nice

    well pricey or not pricey.. im glad they gave us the option =)

    • I agree, if they tie the game to your Nintendo Network ID that would be more than great.

    • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

      I nearly threw up when I saw AC3 for 55 smackeroni’s !  

      Physical games in the shops are priced perfectly normal. But it’s the same with 3ds eshop. they want £40 per game instead of £30 like the shop. There is no justification for this pricing.

      Physical games in the shop have to be Factory made , shipped , hauled , Sold through a retailer. all that stuff probably makes up about 75% of overall cost. 

      So they cut out all the middle men, take away your option to sell and trade and then add a tenner on to the price. I can’t see any sense in that. Apart from you get 10% back with DDP which is 10% of the inflated price :S . 

      I will stick physical for retail for as long as I can. I even feel like writing to Nintendo. 

      The small Eshop games are perfectly priced. Cus the indie devs set the price. 

      Regardless of that , still loving wiiu!!!!! 

  • purplemushrooms

    Just not about the price but the size of these games are kind of a turn off. If you have a regular not the deluxe Wii u, you can’t download Assassin’s creed 3 which is 17gbs. Wonder why they went with such a low amount of storage memory. 0.o

    • Trenton Quick

      WHAT!????? Assassin’s Creed 3 is 17 gbs? I didn’t know that… 😛

    • richrussell

       Not long before the launch, Iwata said that they’d deliberately chosen to give the Wii U a relatively small amount of internal storage, because external hard drives (and no doubt SSDs) will be much cheaper to buy for the end user who needs more storage. Remember that a lot of Wii Us will be used for little more than NintendoLand and Wii Fit U – so it doesn’t make sense to increase the initial cost of the console by including lots of storage that’ll never be used. And a lot of people won’t be downloading games due to slow internet connections, so again there’s no requirement for the space. Keeping the console affordable has always been one of Nintendo’s aims.

  • michael asdfads

    Looks like a great launch up for the Wii U eshop

  • Always cheaper to buy from amazon.

  • Timmy Swolfs

    Wow, that’s expensive! 55 GBP, that’s almost 68 EUR while the same game cost 55 EUR here in Belgium…

  • lumpy182

    And why, pray tell, would I pay £50 for a digital game which I cannot resell, cannot take round a friends house, does not come with a box and booklets, is not on a physical disc, did not have any manufacturing cost after production, did not cost a shop any money to ship and stock, will take about 2 hours to download, will take up half of my storage space and does not have that “new game smell”….when I can pay £35 to have a real copy delivered to my door within 2 days, which solves all of the above issues.

    No thanks, Nintendo. No thanks.

    • Jonas

       i totally agree. 😀

    • sam

       You forgot the most important thing to mention that the game is not even yours and what you pay for is the right to play the game isn’t that shocking welcome to steam world 

  • jbaeza94

    Demon_of_Razgriz   Mii name Jbaeza94   i have black ops 2 ac3 and zombiu  add me everyone!

  • Tom

    Needs more free stuff!

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    No toki tori 2?

  • ronin93

    Only 1 demo on Wii U eshop!! We were promised the Rayman Demo but still no sign of it and no comment from UBIsoft