Apr 3rd, 2013


Sega has been knee deep in controversy since the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines, as the game has been widely panned across all releases. It’s perhaps very telling that the Wii U version, both rumored to be the best and worst version according to different sources, is no where to be seen even almost two months after the projected release date. One fan took it into his own hands to make sure Sega wasn’t mis-representing its product in promotional advertising by contacting the Advertising Standards Agency, which is a board in the UK to make sure products are advertised fairly.

aliens-dinosaur-gifThe ASA conducted an investigation into the matter, going so far as to contact Sega to determine where the in-game footage that’s claimed to be used in promotional materials come from. The result is that Sega will be adding a disclaimer to all promotional material used both online and on television, mentioning that the footage displayed is from “game demos” and not the final game. Admittedly, Gearbox is at fault here for the development cycle, but ultimately Sega is responsible for marketing as the game’s publisher.

It’s interesting to note that a single complaint to the ASA has managed to get Sega to admit that the final product is certainly not what’s being advertised. It’s probably best the Wii U version of this game hasn’t come to light yet. If you’re keen on reading more about this saga, you can check out the original reddit thread and view the ASA’s formal response below.



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  • Guest

    Gearboxgo to hell love you


    • dylanbob121

      How many times have you said that?

  • Guest

    Gearboxgo to hell – love you Sega

  • Joseph Parsons

    Gearbox go to hell love you Sega

    • Yeah… like Sega hasn’t done anything bad…

      • Nothing5555

        Sega publishes the total war series so in my eye Sega makes up for whatever it has done in the past..

      • Guhtere


        • dylanbob121

          so true

        • blu

          Guhtere!….There are kids at the table. 🙁

          • Guhtere

            Well it’s about time they learned. Kids, Sonic ’06 is a terrible game. Saying a game is as bad as Sonic ’06 is a very bad insult. You shouldn’t be going around sayin’ “Sonic ’06” like it’s nothing.

      • NkoSekirei

        but they kind of pull them selves in a hole right after aliens bombed on reviews and their stocks took a hit from that even though gearbox was at fault and they should of just back away from it before it ever came out.Not trolling or anything but sega should of seen this coming.

    • Considering how amazing Borderlands 2 is, I honestly couldn’t give a crap about this whole situation. Honestly, this game NEVER looked that promising…

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    No thank you.

  • whoever is still giving money to sega or gearbox products deserves to pay for the next colonial marines that will be produced. when will people start making a point? everybody is complaining about the state the industry is in. it is in that state why? because we all let it happen. well not me and a few others. but the vast majority does not think through what it means to support certain companies.

  • iwata

    Iwata VS Aliens

    • we’d all pay to play that game!

      • dylanbob121

        Sega…make a deal and do it please…for the fans

    • Revolution5268

      Nintendo should published this game and make iwata DLC.

    • Arsonist Monkey

      Maybe he can use his bananas to distract the Xeno.

  • Super Buu

    Good Guy Sega

  • tronic307

    Gearbox needs to give Sega their money back!

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      • tronic307

        Leave it to the lawyers.

        • dylanbob121


        • Revolution5268

          that’s not how publishing works.

          • tronic307

            Well, clue us in, instead of sniping from a distance. Are you telling us that publishing contracts are iron-clad and unbreachable? Explain.
            Also, explain to us what you know about publishing that Sega doesn’t. The floor is yours; I sure hope you’re not texting from a flip-phone.

    • Revolution5268

      Sega was never a good publisher to begin with.

  • Ibi Salmon

    I wasn’t interested in this game anyway.

  • Cerus98

    They said the disclaimer will go up on their website and YouTube videos, not television.

  • MetroidZero

    ROFLAWL @ Title

  • dylanbob121

    If they bring this to the wii u they BETTER fix it up!or so help me I will-

  • Hugh Quinn

    im just waiting for a sonic game for wii u. i dont care for this game, just give me a sonic game for wii u. COME ON SEGA!!!

    • dylanbob121

      I dont care for sonic

      • Hugh Quinn

  • Johny

    probably the biggest gaming fail of gaming of the year… probably

  • RyuNoHadouken

    when making a game based on a popular movie franchise goes wrong….

    • dylanbob121

      When making a game based on a popular TV show goes wrong…(walking dead crap)

    • tommarvolo124

      Since when has making a game based off of a movie franchise ever ended with a good game… Ive never played a good game based off of a movie franchise.

      • Ibi Salmon

        Spider-Man 2 would like to have a word with you…

      • Retro Cool

        Wolverine: Origins .. way better than the movie

  • brian murphy

    lol see what happens when you let somebody else do your homework gearbox haha lazy bastards could of been a beautiful game and made tons of money

  • fireheartis1

    I was hoping this game would have been awesome, but I guess when people make short cuts nothing turns out right. Maybe Gearbox can fix the Wii U version and that’s why it hasn’t released yet. Or maybe it’s because they loss so much money from the game that they ran out of funding to produce it. If the later is true then thank God it’s not coming out for the Wii U. Who needs a sucky game like that anyways.