Dec 17th, 2013


According to a post released on NeoGAF last week, the recently released Call of Duty: Ghosts only had 0.33% on the Wii U. Although we’ve not seen any confirmation of these statistics, if they happen to be true Nintendo’s Wii U would seem to be struggling with mature third party titles.

Take a look at the statistics and see how the Wii U allegedly compares to its competition:

  • Xbox One – 6.42%
  • PlayStation 4 – 7.39%
  • Xbox 360 – 55.45%
  • PlayStation 3 – 30.42%
  • Wii U- 0.33%

If true, statistics like these may affect Nintendo’s relationships with third party developers in the future.

I think it would be a real shame if the statistics were to be true but it wouldn’t come as a big surprise considering the lack of marketing Nintendo has put in throughout the year. However, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet as the holidays are a week or so away and this period could be the game changer for Nintendo. Fingers crossed.

Drop a comment below letting us know if you bought a copy of COD: Ghosts on the Wii U and if not why not?

[Via NeoGAF]

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  • Wren Justin Umlauf

    Makes sense. Call of Duty has always been most popular on Xbox (since modern warfare anyway) but considering the millions of copies sold, 0.33% is still a decent amount and the game has only been out a couple months. Theyve also made more than enough money for this to be an issue.

    • Agent721

      I played both last years and this years version, and it appears there’s more players in the lobbies this year.

  • DragonSilths

    Yup, unlike the commercial COD Ghosts is a LAST GEN GAME. Commercial calls it next gen, but its still using the same 7 year old engine like every other COD. No point in buying an 8th Gen system for COD. Just look its 360 and PS3 that have the majority for it. You make it sound like the Wii U’s portion is crap, well PS4 and Xbox One may be better but still terrible. Plus people have made it clear they hate Nintendo, they would rather pay for online with PSN or XBL then play COD on a “Kiddy console” If they were to play it on Wii U they would lose the ability to call it kiddy, since they would be playing it.

    • Reason

      Pls shut up about game engines. As game developer I’m really tired of this you not even undestand how engine affect “graphics” and so on. They can not change engine just work more on models and textures and said that it is indeed new engine and you won’t even know. There so much wrong than players trying to make any conclusion based on engine marketing it’s ridiculous.

      • SethLaw

        Not trying to be mean, but as an english teacher, “your grammar is terrible.”

      • DragonSilths

        Okay I have to say a few things here. 1st of all it was hard to follow what you were saying. 2nd, judging be your name your probably the new “TruthTeller” troll. And 3rd I AM AN INDIE DEVELOPER YOU IDIOT. I have worked with the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U Dev Kits. I know my shit thank you very much.

    • D’Angelo Joyce

      I would rather pay for my online service. It has more stability and infrastructure and plenty of perks. I can’t lie mii verse is very unique. But that won’t add stability to an online game like dedicated servers will. I’d rather play it on my newest systems (I have all three) because it would look better, play better, and have more content. Plus I don’t like playing games on the gamepad (I know blasphemy…well vc console games are great on them…but I prefer my hd tv)

  • Petri

    So PC sold none?
    Also overall of those would be 100.01%?

    • rp17

      If true, those numbers are likely rounded. But really where is PC?

    • Jon

      the PC only sold about 300k copies. It is also very low

  • Justin Ordoñez

    I am not a pro at the video game market, but is it such a bad thing that third party games like CoD: Ghosts sell poorly on the Wii U? I read an article on Cracked, by a video game developer, I believe, who argued that these expensive 3rd party shooters are going to cause the industry to collapse on itself. Obviously, nobody knows what the future will hold, but it may not hold a place for franchise shooters. Nintendo may be unintentionally dodging a bullet by being in a different demographic.

    • Agent721

      Wishful thinking.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Never believe everything you read.

    • Zuxs13

      There were also similar articles in the 90’s that “blockbuster: movies were going to collapse Hollywood. They just find bigger audiences and more regions. It’s an article about some guys opinion not actual facts .
      It is a problem that it doesn’t sell well because when a company like Activision can’t even sell it’s “cash cow” game on the Wii U then why would they support it in any other way in the future. The less 3rd party developers to support the Wii U the more weight rides on Nintendo’s shoulders. If they are the sole company making games for the console it will become a failure because you will get one game every 3-6 months. That isn’t enough games to keep the console going.

      • Nathan Verbois

        Their other cash cow, and arguably the more important one for Nintendo is Skylanders. if that were to fail to sell well, than there might be a problem. Unlike what some fans and press might think, business savvy execs will look at the amount of sales versus the installed base. So long as development resources for bringing the game to Wii U is not too great and the return on investment is decent, they’ll probably throw next year’s installment our way as well. They haven’t had to put any money into advertising the Wii U version, and if there has been an increase in sales for Ghosts versus BO2 than that may signify a positive upward trend that they will continue to invest in (if only marginally) and see what happens.

        • Zuxs13

          Skylanders is a big money maker for them and very well on Nintendo consoles. I’m curious how much of a gap WiiU has over the other consoles in sales of Skylanders.

          They might not have to devote a ton of money a resources now to port an Xbox 360 version over to the WiiU, but what happens when the game is made on x86 architecture in the future and they have port it to the WiiU power PC, hopefully by then the WiiU install base will be big enough that 1% of total sales will be enough to make Activision money.

          • Nathan Verbois

            It depends on which platform they choose to lead with. PS4 and X1 early adopters are not likely to be very interested in Skylanders, so I imagine Skylanders games will still lead on past generation hardware, which the Wii U’s CPU is similar to, and be ported to current gen. If Wii U ends up the clear leader in Skylanders sales for the current gen, expect them to lead with the Wii U, and port across to the others as time goes on.

  • John Stevens

    I saw a deal at Wal-Mart during cyber Monday giving you 50% off a select Wii U game if you bought COD: Ghosts for Wii U. Seems like they were trying to drive up sales…

    I bought a Wii U for Christmas, but I’m not interested in FPS in general so I didn’t buy COD.

  • Lil J Moore

    Cod sucks and never improves. So I don’t bother with it

    • Reason

      Also Justin Bieber sucks! And ps4 rule xbox! MS is worst company ever! Apple is for idiots! Monkey see something on the internet, monkey repeat it in comments. Try using some arguments.

      • Lil J Moore

        No. Why Should I use a argument on a game that doesn’t deserve it?

  • Michael Rowlands

    looks like this will be the last cod game on the wii u and I bet ubisoft drops the wii u next year ….

    • Agent721

      God I hope not. At this point, I’ll be happy if the Wii u does game cube numbers.

      • Michael Rowlands

        wii u needs all the supported it can get and at the end of the day not all people got wii u just for Nintendo supported

    • DragonSilths

      So…we would miss out on…AC5 I guess and that’s about it. I haven’t supported Ubifail since Red Steel 2. Only game of theirs I am getting is Watch Dogs. Other then that I have no care for Ubisoft. Their “Support” of Wii U has been them hiding behind a false smile. Making it look like they really want to support Wii U and put in their best efforts with all Wii U exclusives, and or multiplats. But I see through it.

  • Fernando Waters

    It is true, but if you know, Xbox 360 has more than 80 million consoles sold, PS3 has more than 80 million, wiiu has up to 5 million I guess. If you check in the probability way there are more probability to sold ps3 and xbox than nintendo wiiu, but if there was a wii version of that game imagine the number, wii sold out more than 110 milllion consoles… It is not a poor sell for nintendo it is a poor way to see the sell, why dont they put the real number in there. I think that this 0.33 percent is more than a 300.000 copies on nintendo. And If you check more carefull they are trying to manipulate the numbers to make people think that nintendo is lame, but I understand that this is a great console, Before nintendo make the wiimote there were no kinect and psmove, now they make two screen, and nintendo are again copied by the world.
    They don’t say that on the news.

    • darkcreap

      Actually, according to vgchartz, they are 80,000 copies, not 300,000

    • D’Angelo Joyce

      There job is to report the numbers. Why the conspiracy theory. The wii did sale 100 mil plus console but it had the worst attachment rate of the three, I.e. people didn’t buy much software on it.

  • Jon

    well, according to VG Charts (i know they are not the best)…. it’s about 0.59 % for Wii U….. so still pretty low 😛

    But overall, what do you expect. a Console that has never had the series on it until this year essentially and well…. everyone has an Xbox and PS3 already.

    • DragonSilths

      What do you mean? COD was on Wii U last year? BO2 and COD was even back on Wii…

      • shanafan

        BO2 was not on the Wii. Just the Wii U.

        • DragonSilths

          I never said BO2 was on Wii…I said Wii had a COD game…

      • Jon

        So black ops was on the Wii (not black ops 2 though)…. weird, I had never once ever seen it…. or even heard of it.

    • Saul Rivera

      Well I have CoD:Modern Warfare 1 and 3 on the Wii and Black Ops on the Wii…not to mention Black Ops 2 on the Wii U…still…I also bought Ghosts and only played it once…I feel as if it’s enough for me already..

  • palomino blue

    That doesn’t seem too bad to me. We’re only talking a few percent for the other next gen consoles. Everyone knew sales would be dominated by ps360 for a release like this.

  • darkcreap

    I bought Call of Duty Ghosts to play it with my cousin. I did not buy Black Ops 2, though. Too bad it is selling poorly. I like variety on WiiU. I like to buy third party games (ZombiU, AC4, AC3, Call of Duty, Rayman, Watchdogs, TW101, Lego City, some downloadable titles, plus some VC titles, etc).

    I think it is really sad what is happening to third party software on WiiU. As much as I love first party titles (I have New Super Mario Bros U (+ Luigi U DLC), Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, Zelda Wind Waker HD, plus VC titles), it is necessary to have a healthy variety.

  • James060394

    The Wii U version apart from the great off screen play and split screen modes is unfortunately isn’t well supported like the other platforms.

    No Elite support, no Cod App support, No DLC support – All the same as BO2. Unfortunately it’s a vicious circle with Wii U third party games, why pay more for an unsupported version if you’re a COD fan when you can pick it up on the other platforms which are supported?

    Besides, with the recent releases, why would you want COD Ghosts on Wii U anyway? Super Mario 3D World and Zelda anyone? 🙂

    • prettypinkpanacea

      That’s exactly why I didn’t purchase it. If a gaming company wants to bullshit about delivering dlc, then I’m not interested in giving them my cash.

      • wiiucompl

        The “standard” (without DLC) version is just fine. Il like to play sometimes 3rd party games on Wii U. CoD Ghosts after BO2 is just good to see for our console.

        Please Nintendo – use sometimes same number of details (leafs, dust, particles in the air, fire, puddle etc. ) like in this “crap CoD Ghosts” in 1st party games – number of Wii U sold will increase.

        • prettypinkpanacea

          So you say. I say it is just a rip-off. There is no technical reason they could not supply nintendo fans with the exact same features as the other consoles now. Using the size of the user-base is an excuse because if the user base was so small, then they shouldn’t bring the game to the console in the first place.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      beat Zelda ten years ago and SM3DW is meh

      • audi lover

        Zelda beat you 10 years ago and now you cant face playing it again more like

        • stopthinkact

          Which Zelda were beating in 2003 little kid, emulated majoras mask with quicksave/quickload buttons?

          I been smokin’ Tachtites non-stop since the 80’s.

          Go back to your Micro$oftbox you pro.

    • Agent721

      I’m doing all three at once! And the reason for the Wii U is the awesome tablet support, which the other two do not have. I much prefer that than any DLC, bs app support or elite crap. As a former COD player on the PS3 & 360, I think the game is just fine on the Wii U in comparison. None of my buds ever bought the DLC anyways, and I could care less about an app or elite support. I care about the gaming experience. I have a great time playing online with a buddy without the annoying split screen as the tablet gives you two screens to play with. COD on the Wii U is simply a lot of fun due to this. And this is coming from a guy playing BF4, on a PS3, at the exact same time.

      • Mark Bruce

        Agent 721 … does this support 3 player split screen wherein one person can view the gamepad and the other two on the TV? Black Ops 2 didn’t support it, but if Ghosts did, I’d be all over it!

        • Suraj Alexander

          Ghosts only has up to 2 player split screen on all the consoles.

        • Agent721

          Suraj is correct. I wonder if there’s a limit on how much you can stream at once?

      • bizzy gie

        The point isn’t to accept mediocrity. It’s ask why we should even have to deal with it?

        After I played BO 2 on 360 after playing on Wii U all the time, I noticed all the features we Wii U gamers don’t have.

        Why are we paying the same $60 yet getting less content?

        • Agent721

          I can ask the same thing about why the rest don’t have off screen tablet play. To me, that is worth much more than DLC or a silly app, but that’s my preference. If you prefer those, by all means game on the other consoles. For me, its about the ability to play online, with friends/gf, and not having to put up with a split screen.

          • stopthinkact

            I couldn’t agree more, the tablet controller makes games way more immersive imo. Apps are for when you’re somewhere else wishing you were playing games.

            Way less people own a wii u, and many of those that do are families that want the big nintendo franchises. While this game is on my list, I’m the only one playing it so it’s not a release night kinda game for me and my wii u…not like Mario 3D world was (fun game btw) or Zelda (hyrule warriors, or whatever they name it) will be.

          • bizzy gie

            It’s different though. The devs put that feature in in the beginning and were done with it.

            The other platforms continue to receive support such as more gun skins, more maps (the already repetitive game gets even more repetitive with the same ones), Nuketown 2025, stream support, and DLC zombie packs.

        • stopthinkact

          It’s not less content it’s different content.

    • RecheDiazrivarola

      Therefore I will buy the black ops 2 to see how and why it is cheap, and
      if to Nintendo the supports the rest of thirds would have to improve
      gradually make

    • Martijn Plasmans

      Not everyone likes both franchises.

    • Justin Smith

      Ghost is confirmed to get DLC this time around

      • Christopher Acuna

        not on the wiiu

    • abe

      was going to get ghost for Wii U but then I discovered it had only 2 players offline multiplayer (on all formats) so no purchase from me. I wanted a cool multiplayer Wii U FPS guess I’ll look else where

      • kutral

        it has 4 offline multiplayer on all formats, the format that it has only 2 is online

  • Oliver Barraza

    I didn’t buy a Wii U for another bland shooter.

    • Agent721

      True, but many will not consider a Wii U if its not there. I have a buddy planning to buy a Wii U over the other 2, and one of the reasons is COD. If it weren’t available, he would probably pass. He loves Nintendo, but doesn’t want to be left out in the cold on big 3rd party releases.

      • Oliver Barraza

        I don’t deny options are a good thing. Or that people can want them on the wii u. I just didn’t go for the wii u because I wanted a COD. PC is my third party platform these days.

      • D’Angelo Joyce

        I believe this third party developers will stop supporting last gen consoles this year. It’s likely that the next COD will have a new engine and take advantage of the current new hardware. Given that it unlikely wii u will see another one (because the hardware is only marginally better than last gen systems), unless it’s gimped.

  • SkullScience

    I have CoD:Ghosts on Wii U, it is a very accomplished version of the game. The sales figures figure looks worryingly low, but what may be more relevant would be the uptake of the software compared to how many people own the hardware. It is rather unfair to compare sales on a platform that has sold 80 million worldwide, Xbox 360, compared to Wii U which has sold approx. 4 million. It is also worth pointing out that many stockists, like Gamestop, where reported to only stock one copy per store. This is not the first time that issue has been reported on Wii U software from Gamestop and limits its ability to be freely available.

    • Marcel Pérez

      Then compared to the PS4 and X1 versions Wii U sales are still abysmal

      don’t try to make the situation seem less bad than it already is…

      • SkullScience

        It was a launch game on those consoles, uptake would naturally be much higher for those versions. It was even bundled for many of those consoles and I suspect would be included in the sales figures.

    • Agent721

      Here, here. I bought mine at gamestop & I got a look like I was an Alien. One clerk didn’t even know it was out for the Wii U.

  • mar laguna

    Its not only no support for the game we have that it only sold 4.3 million where are they gonna sell if they ate not that much box sold so i do belive this rumor

  • Majora’s Mask

    if it pays the price of porting they dont care and will probably release the next cod also on wii u

    • darkcreap

      Yeah. Problem is that if sales are extremely low, then we will have a problem. I bought the game this year to play with my cousin. I did not buy Black Ops 2, because we had other priorities (ZombiU, AC3, Mario, etc). I honestly hope it sells well.

  • wiimenonowiiu

    I just lost interest in this franchise

  • RyuNoHadouken

    wow…i had BLOPS2 on Wii U…we had a nice little community on there…always found MP games no matter what time of day…this is surprising…but Ghosts does suck tho…Wii U owners probably didnt bother with it because they know they wont get any map packs, just like BLOPS 2

  • Yen

    Didn’t they also take out a ton of the game for the Wii U version?

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    As a call of duty wii u player this doesnt suprise me at all, i knew it had bad sales on nintendo and previous cod titles like bo2 didnt sell either good on wii u, but i actually dont play call of duty because its fun the whole time wich its not, but more because there are some friends their, i always have more fun with nintendo games, so i really hope we could maybe get metroid soon!

  • Adam Fox

    Call of Duty Ghosts was also the WORST in the series…the scores and sells are reflecting that….its the worst selling, in fact, according to something I read online, Activision could lose their license to the game series over this one. I’ve always hated the CoD franchise…..the only one I could stand to play at all was BlackOps (first one) b/c of the zombie mode…..screw the campaign and screw multi-player. If i want a game to play with friends or relatives, i’ll get one that does not require me and the other person to have a console and a copy of the game and only can talk to them via headset….I would much rather have a 2-player (or 4-player like Goldeneye) split-screen where the people are next to me when we play. I miss those days of ordering pizza and having folks over to play multi-player video games….it was MUCH more fun that way….I have made a post in the past where I said that back in the N64 days, i had friends that liked Goldeneye and wanted to play Multi-player but didn’t care to buy an N64 just for that…so they just bought their own controller to bring to my house and we’d play multi-player and stay up all night playing it while listening to music….one or more person would bring their favorite CD to the house and we’d crank it while playing……the good days of playing multi-player games…

    • Wren Justin Umlauf

      Call of Duty has 4 player split screen local multiplayer and 2 player split screen online multiplayer. In fact the best ways to get that old N64 Goldeneye feel in today’s gaming is to play a game like Call of Duty and/or Halo IMO. I cant think of any other games that can give you that friendly competitive “Im gonna kill you” type of feel. Call of Duty might not be the best game, but its multiplayer is fun and addicting for those that like Run and Gun shooters. I’d take Battlefield any day over COD, but when it comes down to playing locally with my friends, COD is usually a fun game to play

      • dangrammarman

        Sadly, it’s only 2 player local now.

        • Wren Justin Umlauf

          Wow… Just googled it. I can’t believe they would do that… I guess this is more proof that Infinityward just doesn’t f’in care anymore. How in the hell do they expect people to have fun with 1v1? Bots? Now I’m really not buying this game. At least Trey Arch was trying with BLOPS 2. Guess I’ll wait to see what the next game is like.

          • stopthinkact

            Battlefield’s always been better anywho

    • audi lover

      Na the best cod was cod 2 on 360 8 years ago delt with real war and real history

  • Agent721

    I bought it for the Wii U, as I love the ability to play online with a friend, without the hassle of a split screen. With onE player on the tablet and one on TV, it creates a gaming experience close to GoldenEye on the N64, whereas you can play in the same room with your friends, but now also online. This has let me play with my friends when they come over & has even let me play with my GF, who previously never tried COD. Due to that function alone, I will never buy COD on any other console. I do play BF4 on the PS3 though.

  • Will (ishigum)

    If I were to buy Ghosts it would be for my PC not my Wii U. I opted for Batlefield 4 instead for PC. If you want a shooter that Nintendo fans will dig think Goldeneye, think 4 player split screen battle in the same room.

    I play Nintendo games to play them with my friends and Nintendo is the only publisher that is focused on 4+ Player same screen/split screen gaming.

  • Hezkore

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this were true.

    People don’t buy a Nintendo console to play Call of Duty.

  • Saul Rivera

    I bought one…and my friend bought a copy too for the Wii U..and the friends who I have on my list because of BO2 also seem to have bought the game…now with that out of the way….it’s been the worst decision I’ve made =_=

    Put the game on once and never played it again…..

    • Zuxs13

      why not? no one was on? or was it a bad game?

      • Saul Rivera

        Bad game overall…bad graphics…maps are too huge to find anyone..and the weapons damage don’t seem to matter much..they all kill in the same amount of hits =_=
        Have not played the game after an update they have done though..

        But I have been playing CoD online since the Wii with Modern Warfare Reflex and 3…and Black Ops…than on the Wii U with Black Ops 2….so seeing how it kept getting more fun on multiplayer I expected much of Ghosts…but I felt it went a few steps backwards =_=

  • jjbredesen

    What i get from this is that Nintendo gamers don’t want to buy shit. COD games are not bad, but i am pretty sick of the same shit every year. The games have almost not changed since MW1.

    The 360 and PS3 has a huge installbase compared to Wii U so the news does not suprise me.

    • CEObrainz

      Well I’ve played ghosts on the XBone and I’ve got to say it looks much nicer than I expected. The gameplay is smooth and the multiplayer is slyly addictive as the other games in the series, so much that I’m considering getting the game for my Wii U.

      • jjbredesen

        Well i am glad that you like it, Il not buy it now but maby later. btw just finished a link between worlds 3 days ago, (spoiler) there is no mm refrence in the story… 🙁 but there is a interesting quote from a npc in lorule, that has nothing to do with the main plot, what do you make of this??

        “Though we have seen the world crumble before us, we must not give in to the corruption of thievery! Monsters can keep you strong! They are your only salvation. my son! You must don the mask! Don the mask!”

        No there is no main plot spoiler in the quote, just a random person i lorule with a mask on. There is also a guy next to him with the Keaton Mask on. (not on the picture)

        • CEObrainz

          Seems to be a reference to that tribe in Majora’s Mask, perhaps these are descendants of those people? Or maybe a person who found out about them and picked up their way of life? I haven’t played it yet, so this is pure speculation with no evidence to back it up.

          • jjbredesen

            Yeah well i dont have anything, and i have finished the game you find them in lorule and thats it, no mentions from anything. But do you think its a mm refrence or am i just being stupid?

          • CEObrainz

            It sounds like a MM reference for sure, the whole staff and mask setup seems to hint some sort of tribal influence as well as that phrase “Don the Mask!”

            “It is an accursed item from legend that is said to have been used by an ancient tribe in its hexing rituals. It is said that an evil and wicked power is bestowed upon the one who wears that mask.” — Happy Mask Salesman (Majora’s Mask)

          • jjbredesen

            😀 I can’t belive my eyes my heart rate is skyhigh right now, dam check out zelda hyrule warriors trailer:

          • CEObrainz

            I thought that was epic as hell. Saw the direct through my Wii U and the stream was near lag-less. Also I’m trying to theorize where this game would fit timeline wise….assuming it’s canon in the first place.

            A Pre-OoT game would be kind of awesome, for instance the main guy is Link’s father or a person who knows his father. But it could also work as a Post-Majora’s Mask game as well, so that Link has gotten more powerful and returns to Hyrule to find war everywhere.

            But this is most likely not canon anyway.

          • jjbredesen

            Yeah it is fantastic, but i am not sure it is a game that will be in the timeline it is not a core game i think it is more of a stage based beat them up thing donno. But is will be epic!!

          • CEObrainz

            Yea, hopefully you can play as Zelda/Sheik and others too.


    If this rumor is true, then im not all that surprised. I have Ghosts for the 360 but when im in need of dudebro CoD fix, I go straight to BLOPS2!

  • lonewolf88

    idc if its true yeah its bad for nintendo but cod doesn’t get me going now destiny will probably have to get it on pc. anyways its still only a rumor and could easily had been made by some sony craz dude who wants nintendo to fail and thinks this will do it. thats happend a lot.

  • Zuxs13

    I doubt its accurate but its still sad. Although so was the game as well.

  • Nintenjoe82

    I blame the fact it was never advertised.

  • Louie

    They should be glad they sold even this much!

    I was contemplating giving this a miss after the tedious and boring MW3 and the underwhelming BO2, but I then changed my mind as I heard some of the improvements to the franchise that were coming our way (better story, next gen graphics, cover system, dedicated multiplayer servers, destructible environments and not forgetting of course the next generation fish AI)

    I also thought I should support 3rd parties on Wii U and as multiplayer is the biggest part of COD and I usually enjoy it I would get for Wii U as the online is free (which is great, especially now that the PS4 is charging for online features which really bugs me!)

    But of course like every COD the improvements are minimal and implemented poorly, the next gen graphics are anything but, at its best the characters and textures look average and these only apply to the main characters, most of the enemy soldiers and environments look terrible with textures lifted straight off a PS2 game rather than PS3/Wii U.
    the destructible environments are restricted to a small handful of set pieces and the fish AI was S**t I could actually swim through a fish and it still wouldn’t move.

    People expect a certain level of effort and time put into games especially people who play Nintendo games (I waited 8 years for Pikmin 3 and it was completely worth it!)

    These statistics DO NOT show that Wii U owners are not interested in investing their hard earned money on mature 3rd party games, what it DOES show you is that you need to put the effort in to create a sequel that actually improves on its predecessor in meaningful ways not just adding a few minor improvements and balancing out the tired and familiar game play, only to try milk the cash cow further by adding minimal downloadable content to an unfinished game.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      And, seriously, why would they put AI on fishes?! What improvement does that bring to gameplay experiences? Is it worth taking time, resources and manpower into that feature? Is it something that is gonna make people interested into buying that game, into choosing it over its predecessor? Is it really necessary?!

      For people who usually buy Nintendo games, the features integrated into every title are supposed to help improve gameplay experience, or simply give that feeling of uniqueness that can’t be found in any other game (until someone decides to use that same feature in other title – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Is that fish being capable of moving away because it has an AI integrated really something unique? Super Mario 64 had it without wasting time/resources on AIs.

      And before anyone complains about my comment, if you’ve seen how the developers bragged about it, that IS the selling point of this game!

    • John Andalora

      No one- I repeat, NO ONE – in the gaming industry is gonna look at this and say “they should be glad they made that much!”

      All they’re gonna say is “It’s not worth it to make a game on Wii U.

      And, as much as we hate to admit it, a lot of the mature games or third party games have sold extremely poorly on Wii U. Remember Splinter Cell?

      Even when developers put less into the game, no one is gonna say “oh, well that loss means they need to work harder and then more people will buy it.” They’re gonna say “It’s not worth our time to give them anything, since they aren’t gonna buy it anyways.”

      It’s a shame, too. Wii U could use better 3rd party support.

      • Rinslowe

        I think the muliplat boat sailed quite some time ago on Nintendo platforms. And at least for me as a multiplatform owner it’s not a big deal. W101 aside being a brand new type of game and a niche genre at that, I’m more interested in how something like Bayonetta 2 is going to fare in sales…
        Nintendo’s real strength is in their own IP’s. And that is a fact for better or worse. One thing is certain their games are phenomenal. Recently I’m thinking specifically about WWHD and SM3DW + Pikmin 3…
        But I think another strength due to lack of interest in third party ports, considering low sales of those releases – would be exclusive third party content. Of course if Bayo 2 tanks in sales and I sincerely hope it doesn’t, but if it does, then that idea is just as futile. If it succeeds in selling a reasonable amount of copies and units then this is a better way to go than looking at ports. It would be a more expensive way for Nintendo as I believe studios would not be too interested in making exclusives for the same reasons they are reluctant to make ports and would likely seek investment from them. But it could be a better way to market Wii U and it’s strengths as an exclusive title console already due to Nintendo’s IP’s…

  • mac

    720p 😛

  • pedro rosado

    i bought it , the game is terrible(in all consoles, not just on wiiu), activision NEVER made dlc support on the wii and wiiu, So it is perfectly understandable sales are low…. but this is a percentage, i bet sales numbers on ALL consoles are low.

  • Jared Garcia

    Given that most advertising went to Microsoft and Sony, the Wii U version selling any is a sign that these are some hardcore players. They’ve picked that version over ones that would’ve easily had larger number online matches. Last I played it there was a thousand online.

  • Michael Ocampo

    I actually think this is an awesome game (from what i’ve played at my cousin’s house a lot) with the multiplayer and extinction. It’s DEFINITELY worth checking (whether it be on Wii U or other consoles) out if you’re an online multiplayer and/or Call of Duty fan in my opinion. Extinction is SOOO MUCH FUN and I really hope that the Wii U version gets some of that Downloadable Content love.

  • Ashman997

    To be honest I don’t think this is big news to anyone if it is true COD is just a game for people who’s gaming skills need work to feel like they can actually compete against veteran “real’ gamers

  • coatlesscarl

    So… Wii U owners have good taste?

    • Thomas Fitzgibbon

      Well since COD: Ghosts is currently the best selling game on the all-new PS4, that would appear to be the case hehehe.

      • wiimenonowiiu

        And what kind of launch line up choices ppl have on the Ps4 lol

        • Christopher Acuna

          My thoughts exactly. The launch line up for PS4 and XONE are not that impressive…IMO. Not any more impressive then Nintendo’s launch line up.

        • audi lover

          your right im waiting for diablo 3 that’s when ill buy one

  • gamesplayswill

    For fuck’s sake Wii U daily, this is a rumor and at that a negative one! I could understand the rumor part, but why is everyone so fixated on doom and gloom?…

    • Kenshin0011

      You should be able to take the good and bad, doesn’t mean doom and gloom

      • gamesplayswill

        There is too much bad, that is my point. This website it for Wii U and Nintendo fans, the fact that they upload doom and gloom frequently annoys me. I can live with it, just not very well.

        • Kenshin0011

          A true Nintendo fan wouldn’t stick there head in the ground and be oblivious to reality. Again, a true fan is proud of Nintendo, their products, and the wonderful games they make while being open to constructive criticism. It only helps Nintendo to see that their fans across the web are only concerned for their well being, not demise. This site strives for wii u to succeed and provide us with ANY news, good or bad, concerning its ongoing life

          • gamesplayswill

            You are missing my point. It is constant. Hence why I sad frequently. I just do not see why they’d bother with negative RUMORS. If it was negative news: go ahead, we need to know. But rumors? F*ck it! We really do not need to be thinking about stuff like this. It is my opinion anyway. I will leave it at that.

          • Kenshin0011

            First of all its not as frequent as you insist. Second, I don’t consider this article doom and gloom in the first place. Third if they never posted any rumors there would barely be any articles because game industry news is very heavily rumor influenced. I.e., a rumor surfaces and then someone reaches out to said company for official response if it’s true or not.

  • thedeciderU

    i own and have thoroughly enjoyed (200+ hours) black ops 2. i am not historically a cod-head, meaning i don’t own any of the other games and got into this one when i bought a wiiu. i bought it on a whim just to see if i liked the online multiplayer element everyone seems to be addicted to since cod 4 (or earlier?).

    i enjoyed it a lot, but i’m not sure i need another cod game right now (especially since GTA V and SM3DW just released, not to mention Rayman Legends), and honestly, critic and player reviews for ghosts were fucking terrible. if i get it as a gift i’ll play, but for now that’s about it.

    it does bother me that nintendo owners ask or even seem to beg sometimes for third party games, but then no one seems to buy them. no, i’m not a hypocrite: i have ac III, cod blops 2, nfs: most wanted u, zombiu, rayman legends, tekken TT 2 U, re: revelations, and most are good/great games (some better than others). the next third party game i know that’s coming is watchdogs, and i plan on buying it at this point. as long as it’s not ac III. that’s my least favorite wii u game by far. many issues. i should have done my research.

  • Jarno Doggen

    ghosts wasn’t available for the wiiu in many stores in the netherlands.. that and it not being mentioned on many ads for ghosts.. doesn’t suprise me very much

    • cThreep

      True, all the black friday ads I looked at in November had discounts for Ghosts and it only showed the box art for the xbox and playstation consoles…never a picture of the Wii U version. If you want a game to sell on a console you have to make people aware that it’s available.

  • JB

    I made the mistake and bought Ghosts. It’s not a bad game, but I wasn’t really impressed either. But this article got me to thinking, how many of the Ghosts sells for the new gen were upgrade sells? I personally opted for the 360/One Digital Combo for 70 bucks. I’d imagine some of the hardcore CoD heads out there that didn’t want to miss a beat opted for that, which could sort of artificially boost the attach rate to the PS4/One versions. The 360/PS3 numbers aren’t in the least surprising. Really the Wii U numbers aren’t surprising either.

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    Its possible. I mean, just look at how many people is online right now, I think there are less than 5000

  • Jimmy Dean

    Wii U slow sales because of no third party support and not enough good third party games because of Wii U slow sales because of no third party support and not enough good third party games because of Wii U slow sales…. etc

    And Marketing.

  • NkoSekirei

    cause the game is broken period especially with the spawns,big maps,to many god dam campers,also the hosting is horrible especially wen the host leaves during the match instead of finding a new one it rather just kick everyone out and counts it as a loss.Infinity ward screwed up big time on ghosts.

  • Antar Rodríguez

    activision deservs it, the game is really bad, and what did they expect after the black ops 2 treat they gave us?

  • iamserious

    COD is boring.

  • Alienfish

    Considering how crappy the last game was for Wii U (undersupported at least) I fully understand this outcome.


    Of course I got mine 😉 this game is AWESOME !!

  • Donaald

    So, slow news day, huh?

  • alex toschi

    Crappy game. Sold like half of what Activision projected, who cares how much sold on the Wii U? We need the 3rd party support but the gaming community obviously is tiring of the COD cash cow.

  • SethLaw

    In other news, I’ll be playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I prefer they’re guns over CoDs

  • starwars360

    I think Activision don’t care about Wii U low sale for this game version. Activision had told before they still love Nintendo and want supports Nintendo.
    Activision had bought updates for CoD Ghosts.
    Activision will still bring new CoD game for Wii U as well The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Skylanders 4 also coming Wii U in 2014. 🙂

    Activision seem happy that CoD Ghosts sold great for other systems and I think Activision still accept Wii U low sale for this game so they can happy support fans for it.

    They had plenty money so they not worry about one version console sold badly.

    Also they had confirmed to bring DLCs for Wii U. They happy with it. 🙂

  • Rinslowe

    Considering the overwhelming size of last gens combined install base of nearly 200m consoles (HD twins). This matters why?

  • InsaneZucchini

    It probably doesn’t help that it’s not uncommon to find your local Gamestop only has 1 or 2 copies of third party games for the system if any at all. The Gamestop my brother usually goes to didn’t have Splintercell when it was released outside of a single preorder, nor did it have Assassin’s Creed 4 when he tried to get that.

  • MetroidZero

    On the opposite side of the spectrum, Battlefield 4 is broken…especially on PC. Oh goodness gracious; the game has more crashes than a NASCAR race at Talladega.

  • angel

    If they at least gave the first dlc half price or even free on the wiiu u version that might bring some new comers or we should atleast get the maps even if we do not pre order

  • Josie the Sketcher

    Well…at least there’s something good about this – less kids swearing on the mic.
    I don’t do First Person Shooters anymore so I don’t really care about this. Too many blood and gore games out on PS4 and XBOX ONE which is why I prefer the Wii U. I miss the PS2 days

  • BrandonIsAGod

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. With the lack of support for the game on the Wii U from the developers, I can’t be shocked that the game didn’t sell well if it’s poorly supported. Maybe if it got the DLC packs it’d sell more copies. It’s not Nintendo’s fault at all in this case.

  • yoshii

    i bought the game on wiiu and the clerk asked me if i was sure i didn’t want the xbox or playstation version…

    • Wayne


  • LordYukYuk

    Unfortunately, publishers will see this and think 3rd Party games don’t sell on Nintendo systems when that really isn’t the problem. The problem is that THESE kinds of games don’t sell. The Nintendo audience doesn’t care about COD, Splinter Cell , GTA or the next Madden. I’ll tell you the type of 3rd Party stuff that will sell: Street Fighter, Sonic, Megaman, Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Persona. Those games would sell because they’ve proven to be successful on Nintendo platforms, they appeal to Nintendo’s base. Unfortunately, outside of Sonic, nothing I listed is coming to Wii U in any form. None of these 3rd Party publishers, in the west or otherwise, seem to understand the Nintendo ecosystem.

    • only god can judge me

      after playing splinter cell blacklist on the wii u I definitely can say it’s one of the best games on the wii u this gamepad is useful in so many different ways everything is at your disposal with just one touch on the gamepad you can just switch your arsenal and never pause the game at one moment its sad that a great game like splinter never really saw the time of day on nintendo when I clearly see the effort ubisoft put forth in making a really great game and use of the wii u gamepad sometimes I can’t blame the developers.

      • LordYukYuk

        It may very well be an amazing game but that isn’t the issue. Splinter Cell will never sell well on Wii U or 3DS for the same reason Viva Pinata and Banjo-Kazooie didn’t sell well on Xbox 360. It just doesn’t belong there.

        • Virus6

          I thought Viva Pinata sold really well? The released a sequel and even had a TV show for it.

          • LordYukYuk

            The sequel and show were attempts by Microsoft to make the thing “work.” They really tried to make Xbox a family console and used Rare’s family friendly franchises as a beachhead to take that audience, it didn’t happen. I loved those games but the best they ever did was garner a cult following. There’s a reason we haven’t seen or heard from that series since 2008.

  • Virus6

    I wouldn’t have bought this game on any console. THATS my problem. There is also the issue with Nintendo games not getting the same content as the other platforms. I would not be surprised if that contributed to it as well

  • Diengo

    If that is true then it just proves that the WiiU gamers are the wisest. Who wants to buy that crappy game?

  • PremiumSaltine

    After getting zero DLC with Block Ops 2, I don’t want to shell out more money and end up with no DLC again.

  • It might have made its way onto my to buy list if it was available on the estore. Unfortunately I’m far to lazy to be switching disks about. It joins Darksiders 2 as a game I might have gotten on estore.

    Fact is, even if it was on the eshop, there are a few other full price games I’ve not got yet which I’d rather get first. Pikmin 3, Splinter Cell, unsure about AC4, I’m really tempted to rebuy the brilliant Deus Ex: HR again just to replay it with the Directors cut refinements.

    I’d like to have at least one good FPSer on my Wii U but another COD game doesn’t excite me… My next full price game’s probably going to be Splinter Cell.

  • bizzy gie

    Off topic: Why did Nintendo make Wii U sooooooo freaking dependent on the GamePad? It should just be another controller that, if damaged or lost, can be fully replaced a Pro controller (if NEEDED).

    I get that the controller is like no other and is arguably the most forward-thinking controller to have ever existed, but it shouldn’t render your console useless if damaged or misplaced.

    Recently, my charging cable stopped working out of nowhere. I treat my Wii U (and all its accessories) like royalty. I have no idea how it malfunctioned. I had to angle the cord just to get it to charge. Then it stopped working altogether. I threw it away and have no cord. I haven’t been able to play my Wii U for weeks and the cables aren’t sold individually in retailers. Not to mention that the cord officially stopped working on the day I got my internet back. I have no idea how long I’ll go before I can play my console again.

    I have no means to shop online and my phone won’t charge so I can’t call Nintendo. I’m NOT asking for solutions from you guys. I’m simply stating that Nintendo NEEDS to make Wii U less GamePad-dependent. I get that that’s the whole angle for Wii U, but including the controller with every console should be enough.

    Oh well.

  • Skelterz

    well im in the 0.33% cause i have it me and my friend got it the same time thoroughly enjoy it i mean i got it cause every so often its good to shoot guns lol but err its no mario or zelda lol.

  • Dave

    This is no wonder. There was near zero advertising for the Wii U version, and very limited stock. Few knew the game even existed. Clerks at stores would claim it didn’t, and those that did know were left with no place to actually buy it. It just wasn’t stocked. All the while there were huge displays advertising the game on the other platforms, with not Wii U logo anywhere.

    On top of all that, it’s a poorly supported version. Activision outright lied about the frame rate, there was a terrible texture bug, zero engine improvements over blackops2, and no dlc support. You would think that after a year’s time, they would have improved the engine. They did not. They did nothing but let it collect dust.

    This isn’t the fault of Nintendo or the Wii U. What does Activision expect?

    I tell you what I expect though, I expect the Wii U to take the blame, and I expect 3rd party support to dwindle even further.

    Poor sales of 3rd party games on Nintendo platforms, is the fault of the publishers, not Nintendo. It is not simply the job of Nintendo to expand the install base, but also the job of publishers to cultivate an audience for their own games. They have failed miserably in doing this on the Wii U. In fact, they have cultivated the expectation of a halfhearted attempt, and nobody is buying it. Now they are in a position where there is a lot to prove on the platform, because now there is a prejudice against 3rd party games established. That’s due to the insistence for cutting corners on the platform. So now publishers are getting exactly what their giving, squat.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Shame… I know how uninspired CoD is but it’s a great port. The free online, Miiverse and Off TV play make the Wii U version better than the others.

    “I think it would be a real shame if the statistics were to be true but
    it wouldn’t come as a big surprise considering the lack of marketing
    Nintendo has put in throughout the year.”
    Damn straight, I know a lot of Nintendo fans aren’t keen on these games but many gamers out there are and as I’ve said before a TV ad showing CoD, Mario, AC4, WD, DK, B2, Kart 8 etc all on one system (with free-online, off TV play great graphics etc) would do more for Wii U sales than anything else. With games like CoD and AC driving up sales of XBO and PS4 Nintendo would be wise to publicise the fact that they have them too and for $100 less than a PS4 and $150 more than an XBO, Wii U sales would rise I’m sure of it. Doing this would be a great way to please 3rd parties showing that they can do well on Wii U and that Nintendo does care about them doing well. As well as showing to gamers that Wii U has great games for all audiences (not just kids) with an unrivaled list of exclusives.

    And to everyone saying that devs shouldn’t cut features from Wii U games well I agree but would you have used CoD elite anyway? Doubt it, as a seasoned CoD player I don’t give a shit about it and wouldn’t it cost extra anyway. Excuses excuses, no offence.

  • Noah

    Not surprised at these numbers. It’s kinda like saying, “MANswers gets better ratings on SPIKE than it would on Disney channel.”

    And that’s a good thing.

  • Rick Valenta

    I didnt buy my wiiu to play call of duty. If I wanted to snap into a slim Jim with my bros and play me some cod I would have got a 360!!

  • Rich Garriques

    im not surprised 360 heads buy call of duty games cause thats all 360 is known for fps games which is contributing to the dumbing down of the gaming industry and its standards for reaching popular opinion among young teens with mindless shoot em up violence that teaches nothing other then to run around shoot and kill other players with perks. this should not affect nintendo at all when it comes to third party dev support.because the people that buy call of duty games , the majority of them arent real gamers and are casual gamers that probably just buy a system in order to play call of duty and battlefield nothing else. ladies and gentlemen that is whats transpiring and that is whats wrong with todays game industry.